Conan Gray - I Know A Place Lyrics

I know a place we could go
I know a place where there aren't any roads
Where the grass is always greener
And doesn't scratch your fingers
I know a place

So come with me dear
The halogen hum hurts my ears
Swim in the spring
We could be free

Cause I know a place we could go
No one has been there, and no one will know
There it is quiet, forget the violence
You've tried so hard to ignore

Oh, I know a place we could go
Unpack our bags and we'll call it a home
The sea will sing our minds to sleep
I know a place we could go

And once we get there we could stay
An old shaky house, our lives would be made
And I don't know all the answers
But you look like December
There we could stay

I'm tired of fear
Grasping for safe, familiar
You are like me, oh, could we leave?

Cause I know a place we could go
Far from the highways, far from that home
Seep in the silence, safe in our minds that
We try so hard to control

Oh, I know a place we could go
No one will notice once we are gone
Up in the trees, laugh on the beach
I know a place we could go

Can we go home?

Cause I know a place we could go
Deep in the forest, out of the storm
Our souls could be freed of the disease
That everyone tried to destroy

Oh, I know a place we could go
No one has been there, no one will know
The sea will sing our minds to sleep
I know a place we could go

Could we go home?

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Conan Gray I Know A Place Comments
  1. Nico Cervantes

    nostalgia... NoStAlGiA... NOSTALGIA... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... happy tears... my child is all grown up... he is no longer small and obscure... he WILL go mainstream... everyone will know who he is... he WILL be a household name...

    Is anyone else having a mental breakdown listening to this song???🥺😢😭

  2. bella soleil

    ringing in 2020 with this work of art

  3. lizzie

    can i please visit this place?

  4. alyssa barlow

    you’ve come so far. we’re so proud.

  5. windex volleyball

    2020? :):(

  6. pizza artz

    2020 and i still cry everytime i hear this song

  7. cudi,the champ

    me? crying? pf whaaaat

  8. Pauline Bouix

    This song brought me to tears in less than 10 seconds, it really brang back old feelings I didn't even know I had

  9. Beebo Ree

    this song always makes me cry bruv

  10. Konik Polny


  11. Emma Brannen


  12. d a n i e l

    listening to this in 2020 is so odd because conan has grown so much. i remember when i would watch his vlogs constantly and they brought me such happiness and comfort. they still do, of course. it’s just different now. neither he or i are the same boys we once were and it’s nice to grow up with him. seeing him age at the same time as i do, watching him grow not only as an artist but also a person; it’s so wild. i’m really proud of him

  13. d a n i e l

    listening to this in 2020 is so odd because conan has grown so much. i remember when i would watch his vlogs constantly and they brought me such happiness and comfort. they still do, of course. it’s just different now. neither he or i are the same boys we once were and it’s nice to grow up with him. seeing him age at the same time as i do, watching him grow not only as an artist but also a person; it’s so wild. i’m really proud of him

  14. Raydashie Twi Twi

    First song of 2020.......
    It's one of those nights were in gonna be up for a while....

    2020 huh

  15. i f f a t m a h b u b

    2020 Jan 1, :') who are with me in this new decade

  16. Addi S.

    This song just brings me to a place I wish I was so badly. I always listen to it to get away from everything and I cry every time I hear this song. It just hits me hard. I cant even describe it.

  17. Disco! at the Panic

    Anyone watching this in 2020. we should all start a book club or group therapy or something we're all going through the same shit

  18. findingtrøyler

    please put this on spotify :(

  19. Oliwia Kalińska

    Ale cudooooo

  20. Sara Robles

    I went to his show in Oakland about 2 weeks ago and when he played this song it was so so beautiful 🥺

  21. cudi,the champ

    i go to sleep listening to this song every night still tyvm

  22. quack

    this is how i get to sleep

  23. Katie Liss

    this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen/heard

  24. Yves Dimitrov

    I can’t express how much pain yet happiness this song brings me

  25. rebecca!

    the scenery, the vibe, your voice, the song, ah I love everything so so much.

  26. Max McCloud

    The most beautifully powerful music comes from writing for yourself. Thank you for sharing your wonderful song.

  27. mark ten

    i got so emotional when he performed this at his concert 🥺 i love this

  28. tutajgabi

    i missed this shit

  29. Kennedy Pernell

    It makes me so happy, but at the same time it reminds me of the people I no longer have in my life so I get sad, but then I just get inspired and want to go sit in a field by myself and sing this song to the sky.

  30. Linnea Beaudry

    conan if you see this, please put this on apple music

  31. Kloee Rane

    Little did he know that two years later his life would change

  32. Anamaria C

    I took my 16 year old son to see Conan, in Oakland. This kid is amazing. I love his music 🎵. Conan sings music for the soul.. I simply love 💕 his music.

  33. MC-Clips 5813

    today I was feeling really depressed more so than ever before and listening to this song helped me so much

  34. Ashley Mutter

    i used to listen to this song while doing art projects like 2 years ago and it just popped up in my recommended and i havnt heard it in years and the nostalgia is wiiiilllddddd

  35. Isabella 98

    Why did this song make me feel like there's a weight on my chest

  36. Liane Hakem

    this song feels like a big hug. i sent this to my gf she loves it and wants to dance to it in the dark

  37. Cat Bell

    if you’re reading this in 2019 it’s one of those nights huh

    star hunter

    Cat Bell maybe

    Leyna Richards

    true 😪

    Isabella Urrea Inzunza

    Actually yes lmao

    chickenz are number 1

    2020 now. and yes.

    Madison yelton

    2020 and yes

  38. Izee Butcher

    just watched you preform this live. best. day. ever.

  39. jjamiedela

    watching this now is incredible. development is possible. you’re doing amazing, conan.

  40. Yamile is that

    I saw/heard this song played live today, and I cried. It was beautiful. The moment was so precious and I loved it.

  41. D D

    when he played this for you in concert because he was threatened by murder in his sleep if he didn't... he's come a far way lol

  42. Sxgar heehee

    brb I'm going to cry

  43. audrey faye

    this is one of the only songs that immediately makes me cry :,)

  44. Matteo Bautista

    here after he performed it at his concert🙈🙈

  45. Tayler Veliz


  46. Kasia J

    so underrated

  47. Kasia J

    pure art

  48. Mariaxp1 •

    This song hits different live

  49. Grace Maré

    Play this at my funeral please and thank you

  50. Anri

    I listened to this song when I was in a really bad place where I felt so much pain and loneliness. this song is just so beautiful and it helped me so much in so many ways. Now I listen to it, it’s like my ears remember the feeling I had in those times of being bad place but found light in it and the light looked brighter than ever. Thank you Conan for always bring light in my life 🖤

  51. Larissa Tavares

    i love u

  52. brooke

    i saw him and denver and this song made tear up too much. once he got to “can we go hooome?” i was finished. it to hard for me. i moved to colorado from california and i hated how i couldn’t see any of my friends everyday. i just miss my friends and my hometown and the views i could see from my window. while i was at the concert i was crying to hard. thank god us fans support each other. i cried into countless shoulders, having people asking if i’m okay. i felt loved and cared for. thank you conan for making amazing music that i could relate to in so many ways. i wish i could tell you that in person. thank you for helping me through the years.

  53. Trinity Trietsch

    wanna know something f***ing crazy? he sounds even better in person... i just wanna know how.

  54. Marissaa


  55. The Wachtels

    the way he paused at the end to appreciate the song and think about it... wow 🥺

  56. Haley Alfred

    Who’s still here 2 years later

  57. Macy Fleischman

    bonan killed conan ;/

  58. alivia tolley

    ily and when u sang this at the boston show i cried

  59. c o o l k i d s

    It’s crazy because I used to say Conan was my favorite YouTube but now I refer to him as my favorite singer. Seeing him grow over the years has been beautiful. The other day he performed this live at his concert and it was insane. It brought so many happy memories of staying up late binging his videos :,)

  60. Mckenzie Pittser

    I saw him tonight, and I was crying the entire time he sang this song.

  61. Isabella

    I wish I was there ...🙂


  62. Julie Wiedemann

    This song is so incredibly beautiful I always put it on loop and just let it play for hours it is wowowow <3

  63. Lilly Kieswetter

    Omg... Your voice is a blessing, I love you Conan 😭💕

  64. Yippy Tay

    Dear Conan... visit your old Originals and please make an official album for them. :) Just reminding you we still love them... and always will.

  65. Lêsmøn ღ

    So I have this best friend which I met online. We've met 5 times now. The last time he come down, we both fell asleep together listening to this song (The Cavetown cover).

    Right now we're counting down for the 27th of December. We're going to be spending new years together! :)

    Robbie, if you're reading this.. I love you and I can't wait to see you again. <3 :)


    Åmi :3

    hi uwu ily and see ya in december :))

    Lêsmøn ღ

    @Åmi :3 :DDDD ILYT

  66. Alisha

    protect him at all costs

  67. austin harvey

    i mean, i liked it but ngl i really didnt care for this part 5:11

  68. austin harvey

    this song gives me that feeling. and yall all know what feeling im talking abt.

  69. Leah Kath

    he sang this at the orlando show on nov 20th :,)

  70. s a m a r a

    hearing this live last night hit so much different knowing and viewing his growth from this to now.

  71. btlbugcone

    this is the most meaningful song in the world to me. not exactly good things.. but every time i hear it it takes me back to a place in my life that was so important and so simple and immature.

  72. sofia

    i still watch this every night to help me sleep <3

  73. gabriella rose

    i just watched this live at a concert i have been looking forward to for 6 months, it was absolutely breathtaking. love you conan <3

  74. Ashlee

    i remember listening to this 2 years ago and was like “this talented boy gonna go to places” HELLO IM EMO!!

  75. Mine Cookielover


  76. Oldtop 12

    This song is so peaceful. I can close my eyes and not really worry about anything but this lovely place inside my mind.

  77. mäyä rivera

    just saw him in concert last night. this song made me really emotional

    Hannah Marie

    mäyä rivera same I was about to cry

  78. Aleks F

    idk if this is right but in conan grays song the story he talks about him and his friend wanting to run away and i think this song is about them and them wanting to run away

  79. Majo Grech

    I went to his concert here in New York the other day and he played this song... and when I tell you I cried like a baby

  80. emma m

    thank u for performing this in detroit, it was beautiful 💕 much much love

  81. mads

    I know this comment sucks but I miss this conan :-/

    Åmi :3

    me too ;///

  82. Joanie O'Connor

    just saw this live and i’ve never seen anything more beautiful:’)) i luv you with all my heart.

  83. Alyssa Bonia

    Please release this on itunes

  84. Saige Forsberg

    I can’t believe this was almost three years ago, he’s grown so much and I’m literally so proud of this human being ❤️❤️

  85. ok boomer

    please release this on spotify 🥺🥺🥺

  86. Ace

    He sang this at the NYC concert last night and I’ve had it stuck in my head since then

  87. Elif Rojin Arslan

    it is really good

  88. fuckaroo the kangaroo

    Conan has grown so much since this video, it is mindblowing. This song will always have a place in my heart. Conan's new music is amazing, im glad I have been through this journey with him. I wonder where we will go next...

  89. Tamirez Natividade

    Hey just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it luv u <3 seriously

  90. p-b Lover

    Everyone say thank you to the fan that threatened to kill him if he didn’t sing this at the concert

  91. Artsy Sock

    This is the perfect setting for this song.

  92. Gabriella Perdikis

    Who came here from August and the Rain Boots?

  93. max xx

    i don't know if i cried while listening to this because i'm sick and my face is dying, or because conan's just THAT talented

  94. thenamesyancy

    Had this song stuck in my head a couple weeks ago and listened to it out of the blue. Saw him earlier this week and he said someone requested this song on Twitter and played it. I smiled and sang along. Kinda weird how things end up playing out.

  95. caydencex

    i’m crying

  96. No Lookin

    they were my best friends and now they’re gone. they hate me. all of them just hate me. i have some of the greatest friends but i miss them. i want to talk to them but they’re forever gone. i listened to this song while they were in the same room having fun. they hate
    me. we never said goodbye. but they’re gonna forever and i’ll never see them again. only on the train when we go to different school. we don’t even look at each other.

  97. emma !

    we are getting a studio version of this song on his debut album and im gonna go cry bye