Company Of Thieves - Never Come Back Lyrics

Slow turn out on the corner
I will paint your picture and post it in the street
And you can best believe
I'll kill you like I want to
I will bury you in deep

All the thoughts I think of you are constant now
Stones will cover up your eyes and keep you from the sea...

Now everyone's on top of it
You're runnin' from a gamble
Even the nosy neighbors turn
I'll mark my lesson learned

All the thoughts I think of you are constant now
Crowds will gather in their black dress, sing a melody...

How you cleared the room that night, broke the mirror and spilled the wine
And when your mother died, made me sign the line
My body still, against my will

You're dirty, sick. I don't exist.

Ooh ooh ooh, ahh ahh ahh ahh
Ooh ooh ooh, ahh ahh ahh ahh
You'll never come back
You'll never come back!

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Company Of Thieves Never Come Back Comments
  1. Mister Pumpkinhead

    This is just a fantastic and dynamic version of the song. Absolutely amazing! I am glad there is so much of them here on YouTube for us to enjoy, it would be such a sad loss otherwise.

  2. Mister Pumpkinhead

    Such a dear company.

  3. Intrepid Winning

    WTF happened to this band?!
    It will never be the same..
    Glimpse of what was stellar

  4. CamboMaka

    I'm in love with this girl and scared of her at the same time.  She could leave me broke and brokenhearted and somehow it'd be OK because at least she was there for a minute.  Her voice takes me somewhere else.  Damn, girl.

    Eva Jerris

    CamboMaka I second that
    I’ve got a massive crush on her 😊

  5. canarycoalmine

    What happened to Brad? That guy was rad.

  6. Chrizma Hosler

    <3 their music!! I heard them when they were first getting big they rock!

  7. basement borough

    Been a fan since ordinary riches.

  8. Tim Mann

    I realy love CoofTh.
    But this hit remember me Cheap Thrills Joplin singing .I need a man to love.
    I hope Gen doesn't make the same way.
    She's so different from the time of Dary''s house.

  9. ii-v-i

    needs more views!

  10. pontepolentepontepi


  11. raiban19v

    hahahaaa old music is better than new music burn. nice one.

  12. tinaturnable5

    This band would have thrived in the 90s, but its okay if their 20 years late

  13. Coral Reef

    Love the hair, Gen!! :)

  14. NoShyGirlHere ♥•.•♥

    i second that emotion! Live performance ROCKS!

  15. Rachel Ann Cauilan

    @marcibm I would like to second this notion. I've been dying to see these guys live but something always seems to get in the way! I always hear they're a million x more amazing live, agh! Something about this band, man...

  16. marcibm

    Gosh I freaking love this!! CoT are one of the best bands out there!