Como, Perry - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Lyrics

When I was but a youngster
Christmas meant one thing,
that I'd be getting lots of toys that day

I learned a whole lot different
when Mother sat me down
and taught me to spell 'Christmas' this way:

'C' is for the Christ child, born upon this day
'H' for herald angels in the night
'R' means our Redeemer
'I' means Israel
'S' is for the star that shone so bright
'T' is for three wise men, they who travelled far
'M' is for the manger where He lay
'A' 's for all He stands for
'S' means Shepard's came

And that's why there's a Christmas day!

And that's why there's a Christmas day!

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Como, Perry C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Comments
  1. Jhan Kline

    Thank you coming from northeast ohio

  2. Apollo Jetic

    At this time of year remember, an act of kindness can take a second of your time, but be felt for a lifetime. Merry Christmas!


    Apollo Jetic A lovely thought, even better to be kind at any time of year 🤗..

  3. steelersjourney11111

    Perry Como Was The Best Christmas Song Singer To Me Growing Up !!!

  4. Susan Risker

    Thank you All Legends of Music for posting this! Wonderful addition to our Christmas celebration. Miss this classy singer!

  5. Cynthia Ennis

    Merry Christmas everyone! ✨🎄🎁☃️🍪🛷⛸🧤🧣⛄️❄️🧁🥂🍾

  6. phillis parrott

    I grew up listening to Perry Como, Bing, Dean, Frank, Andy, Lawrence Welk Show. Classy Music.

    Cynthia Ennis

    phillis parrott me too! Merry Christmas! ✨🎄🎁⛸🛷☃️🌟🛷⛸🧤🧣❄️✨

  7. Becky Wauer

    I have fond memories of his Christmas specials. He is truly missed.

  8. Stephen Magyar

    Birdlynn, I feel the same way about remembering my mother in law. When she was in hospice care and I was alone with her at night, I'd play Perry Como songs in hope she could here him and give her peace. Good luck and good health to you.

  9. claire bunt


  10. Pam Spencer

    One of the smoothest, classy male singers there was. My little Italian grandmother LOVED Perry. His music brings so many sweet memories of my childhood Christmases.

  11. Bill M.

    Anybody who disliked this obviously doesn't know who Perry Como is! He/She also probably doesn't know who Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Pat Boone, Ray Conniff, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, and Andy Williams are, to name a few.

  12. Åsa Unbeck

    Thinking of his album brought memories from my mom playing it on the record player.. Priceless!!! She's only with me in spirit now. Thanks for the memories

    Kevin Beck

    me too asa oh god we wish we could go back one last time great times

  13. birdlynn hubbard

    I love this. My mother loved Perry Como, and now when I listen to him, I could still share some warm, Christmas spirit with her even though she is gone. I am very sick right now, and this music is what is bringing me calm and peace, just what I need. I miss the old singers, days, and times...but I am grateful to still listen to the best!

    USN Corpsman

    YouTube is good for this.....all the old times dreams and memories are here. I wish you well. Merry Christmas

    Kevin Beck

    i wish you well and nobody can beat the good old christmas we had listening to perry bing and frank. once again i wish you well this christmas time xx

    Barbara Moore

    Yes indeed! Happy happy memories of Mum ,Dad, and family, Mum and Dad with Our Lord, but in our Hearts, Along with Perry!

  14. Elaine Sawyer

    Whatever is good true and just.....think....on these things......

  15. Elaine Sawyer

    Great music...

  16. Mike Sheep

    This music reminds me of Christmas as a family, but more because my father liked how Perry sang

  17. Stephen Armiger

    Thank you so much. I was a little boy when I first heard these songs. Seventy one years old now. Bringing back pleasant memories.

  18. Austin Aragon

    These songs are fire 🔥🔥🔥

    Donna F

    My whole childhood are in these songs. It's what we decorated the tree and the whole house to. Love Perry Como.

  19. Robert Dikes


  20. fool1shmortal

    The childhood Christmases I was old enough to remember we’re in the ‘80s, but this kind of singing was what was playing when we decorated the tree—and I’m glad it was! It was Bing Crosby, Gene Autry and him. Thanks for uploading!

  21. abigail Taylor

    Thank you very much for these traditional Christmas carols, by one of our favorite singers. Happy Christmas to everyone, including youtube, my dear friends. Love everyone, and wish you God's best.

  22. Damian Devaraj

    No one can make songs like this forever more

  23. Julia Kieffer

    I don’t like Silent night

  24. magicmakem73

    My parents used to have the ~ Christmas with Perry Como album. Once you heard it playing on the record player, you knew it was beginning to look a lot like christmas ;) listing to these songs, makes my childhood memories come flooding back. Merry Christmas everyone.

  25. Djuana White

    Here's wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas 😁

  26. Kevin Pepper

    This is Pretty Damn Cool of you..... The whole Legend thing Only sunk in when I was 16,,,, maybe 17. Perry was my 3rd cousin and Truly, A Loving Soul. My Grandfather only had so many stories about him, It's Not like they were Brothers and hung out Every day. All I know is, He was a Likable Chap, A Loving Human Being and He is Honestly Missed!! For All that care enough to express their kindness and to the people that Uploaded his music, A Very Heartfelt Thanks To Everyone!! You are All Appreciated as much as you Appreciated Him. Sincerely Yours...... Kevin Como.

    Mike Como

    Perhaps we're related somewhere along the line Merry Christmas

    Kevin Pepper

    @Mike Como Well hell man.... If you are related to Perry Como, then yes, we are definitely related..... I have NEVER met another Como that I wasn't related to and knew pretty well. ALL through my school years and up until now, I never knew another Como, So this is kinda odd and cool. Merry Christmas Mike Como.

    Mike Como

    @Kevin Pepper It's not a common name that's for sure my dad always said we were related to him

    sebastian gnanarajan

    Very good Christmas songs

  27. Sergio Mambrini

    Magica musica. Fantastica. Grazie

  28. Hilda Pena

    Perry como classic christmas songs cd fu

    Kevin Pepper

    Nice 1...... He was an Awesome Human Being!!!

  29. Laura Poulin

    These songs are classic and bring back a wonderful time in my life with my grand parents listening to this music on the record player

    Kevin Pepper

    Yeah, huh?! He was so much more than christmas music though!! He was the man, when it came to Big Band. He also took ALL the Talent in My Family. LOL. He was my 3rd Cousin, my dad's 2nd, and my Grandfather did know him quite well from what I gathered. He did have a wonderful voice.... I have a great speaking voice, a Radio voice if you will, but my singing lacks talent,,,, kinda like trump lacks empathy, and brains, and a sense of humor, and a business sense, and a twitter filter or any kind of filter...... Oh yeah, anyway, Perry's music was usually played at my grandparents house, but at christmas time, it was Always On!! MEMORIES!!

  30. Bob Boneham

    Who the hell gives this music a thumbs down!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  31. Harold Hoffmann


  32. Theodore Brown

    Thanks for these lovely Christmas songs.

  33. Avacado Holick

    i’m related to Perry Como!! on my mom’s side of the family

    Kevin Pepper

    Really?! Well then, we are related..... Perry was My Grandfathers Cousin, my dad's 2nd cousin, my 3rd cousin. He was a wonderful soul, an awesome human being. A very giving person and he is Fully Missed.

  34. CMWASC

    Love these old songs. They make me want to curl up in a blanket with some Christmas cookies and watch Christmas movies. Good times.

  35. Chihfeng Lin

    Such an all-time favorite. No where else can be found today.

  36. donna toye

    Just listening to these songs bring back my memories of my child hood in the early 60`s miss my mom dad

    Diane Crane

    donna toye sa

    Diane Crane

    Same here, miss my mom and dad, dad loved Perry Como x


    sound just like me.

    Vanessa Dial

    Thinking of his album brought memories from my mom playing it on the record player.. Priceless!!! She's only with me in spirit now. Thanks for the memories!!!

  37. Roland Good

    Get real homes the man is a legend

    Kevin Pepper

    Nice 1..... I think that makes me an Eighth Legend, as he is my third cousin. LMAO. Anyway, he was the best.... On Every Side of the game.

  38. Ian Galvez

    Christmas season is coming🎄🎆🎁

  39. Sourney Linnane

    Brilliant, love , Perry Como, my kids, had him on from Dec 1st every morning with their cereal!!!🎄🎄🎄🎄

  40. Brian Dombroski

    Crosby, Sinatra, King Cole, and Como...Christmas

    Bill 3

    don't forget Dean Martin

  41. Jakie Bourg

    14 Dislikes? Just go to HELL if you don't like these songs.

    Willy Nakit

    been there...dint like it either

    rusty shackleford

    Wow. How Christmasy of you.

    Willy Nakit

    @rusty shackleford I'm sure it was a typo but i wanted to point out it has 2 "s"' as in christmassy

    Jan Gade

    These are the islamic watchers.

  42. Zoltánné Fehér

    Csodálatos karácsonyi énekek voltak.Köszönöm

  43. Michel Karam

    The king Perry Como. Thank you for this lovely Christmas songs.

    Josephine Rubacha

    Love you Perry

  44. JK studios

    It's snowing where I live

    Laurie Gill

    Where do u live?

  45. bebot tandan

    Thank YouTube for the memories.


    Fantastic Christmas songs! They are so good!! I love them indeed!!!

  47. Rose Hudson

    thank you for Perry Como songs. He was always a favourite of mine. I thought he had such a lovely gentle and relaxing voice I have tapes to remind me of him. .Rose.

  48. Marilia Pantzari

    Fantastic Christmas songs ! Thank you !

  49. Judith Tasty

    very good song. thank you so much ..

  50. Susan Cohen

    Thank you so much YouTube for
    These wonderful Christmas songs
    I love them merry Christmas YouTube