Common - Stolen Moments Pt. III Lyrics

Hey , hey, hey, hey,
Hey, who dat? Hey, who dat?
Hey, who dat? Check it, what
Hey sucka nigga, whoever you are [x2]
Hey sucka nigga, hey sucka nigga
Whoever you are, whoever you are

Fuck waitin under my skin, the situation is scrapin
Somewhat like the girl X-ratin
It's hard to be patient with no VCR or PlayStation
Knowing your Rockports, somebody may be lacin
Make me wanna leave the city when I can't take a vacation
Without somebody breakin in my demonstration
For some South side information, I search the Nigga-net
It certain things about this I ain't figure yet
Dirt, the guy who stayed with me and had a set of keys
Because his job had been stopped smokin weed
Thursdays is off days, he usually watch his seed
For him to have done it, a babysitter and a car he would need
The stripper broad, my TV and couch, she couldn't carry it
Unless some nigga helped and that's who she'll get buried with
She was vegeterian and she wouldn't have cooked chicken
I confronted her with it, to her story, she was stickin
The plot thickens, as we drove in search of this hype
Who I ain't know by name, but I knew by bike
Chances of him breakin in, chillin and eatin
Are about as slim as he is
Though I knew where he lived
In his house with three kids, one I was cool with
As we roll, I told the guy, turn on the music
Just as I thought I closed in on one suspect
The nigga who did it popped the tape in the deck

[Excerpt from a movie]
Just tell me why. Don't lie to me man, just tell me why
It's the money, alright?
Just tell me why
It's the fuckin money, alright?
Reynoldo, shoot that piece of shit

Know what I'm sayin. Word up
It ain't sweet when you do that shit [x7]

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Common Stolen Moments Pt. III Comments
  1. RDoubt96

    This is the best Stolen moments. The beat is so captivating

  2. Christopher Bellamy

    “This Beat I Thank You For This Beat”

  3. quasar jenkins

    Classic shit, miss these days of raw hip-hop.

  4. lifestraight

    No lie one if my friends in high school said this beat was wack. We not friends no more lol.

    Vernell Thomas

    If you can’t feel this I definitely can’t be friends with you! You did well sir. Tip did that shyt!

  5. Ndea Monk

    These few verses, the layers of that beat, Q tip, that bro singing in the back.... Man listen

  6. TSLClothing MEC

    such a dope underrated artist

  7. Aaron Creagh

    I like Pt.1 and 2 better.

  8. Terrell

    used to bump this shit hard in 10th grade. I miss the 90's like a muhfucka

  9. juniornac1

    This beat man. When I heard this on Pandora I was just frozen. Beautiful.

    Ndea Monk

    juniornac1 for real, that beat is 70s/90s/grimy / nice

    5 o'clock



  10. Samuel Allen


  11. Brandon Hamilton

    Still love this song

  12. Barry Jordan

    This is my joint, this was a slept on LP

  13. mac frausto rosas

    Cold ass 3 parts fuck every one that be on that b96 rap

  14. xAxRxSxExNxAxL

    how does this video have 34 views?!?!?!?!?