Common - Retrospect For Life Lyrics

Yo, we gotta start respectin life more y'all
You look at your brother man you gotta see yourself
Gotta see the God within him
Brothers gettin changed real quick over nothin
We losin too many of ours
Gotta recreate y'all
Yo, check it

Knowin you the best part of life, do I have the right to take yours
Cause I created you, irresponsibly
Subconciously knowin the act I was a part of
The start of somethin, I'm not ready to bring into the world
Had myself believin I was sterile
I look into mother's stomach, wonder if you are a boy or a girl
Turnin this woman's womb into a tomb
But she and I agree, a seed we don't need
You would've been much more than a mouth to feed
But someone, I woulda fed this information I read
to someone, my life for you I woulda had to leave
Instead I lead you to death
I'm sorry for takin your first breath, first step, and first cry
But I wasn't prepared mentally nor financially
Havin a child shouldn't have to bring out the man in me
Plus I wanted you to be raised within a family
I don't wanna, go through the drama of havin a baby's momma
Weekend visits and buyin J's ain't gon' make me a father
For a while bearing a child is somethin I never wanted to do
For me to live forever I can only do that through you
Nerve I got to talk about them niggaz with a gun
Must have really thought I was God to take the life of my son
I could have sacrificed goin out
To think my homies who did it I used to joke about, from now on
I'ma use self control instead of birth control
Cause $315 ain't worth your soul
$315 ain't worth your soul
$315 ain't worth it

[Lauryn Hill: two layers of vocals, same words]
I, never dreamed you'd leave, in summer
You said you would be here when it rained
[Common] Yo
Why didn't you stay

Seeing you as a present and a gift in itself
You had our child in you, I probably never feel what you felt
But you dealt with it like the strong black woman you are
Through our trials and tribulations, child's elimination
An intergration of thoughts I feel about the situation
Back and forth my feelings was pacin
Happy deep down but not joyed enough to have it
But even that's a lie in less than two weeks, we was back at it
Is this unprotected love or safe to say it's lust
Bustin, more than the sweat in somebody you trust
Or is it that we don't trust each other enough
And believe, havin this child'll make us have to stay together
Girl I want you in my life cause you have made it better
Thinkin we all in love cause we can spend a day together
We talkin spendin the rest of our lives
It's too many black women that can say they mothers
but can't say that they wives
I wouldn't chose any other to mother my understanding
But I want our Parenthood to come from Planning
It's so much in my life that's undone
We gotta see eye to eye, about family, before we can become one
If you had decided to have it the situation I wouldn't run from
But I'm walkin, findin myself in my God
So I can, discipline my son with my writin
Not have a judge tellin me how and when to raise my seed
Though his death was at our greed, with no one else to blame
I had a book of Afrikan names, case our minds changed
You say your period hasn't came, and lately I've been sleepy
So quit smokin the weed and the beadies and let's have this boy

[Lauryn Hill]
I, never dreamed you'd leave in summer
You said you would be here when it rained
You said you would be here when it rained
Ohh I, never dreamed you'd leave in summer
Now the situation's made things change
Things change
Why, didn't you stay
Why didn't you stay...
I, never dreamed you'd leave, in summer
In summer
You said you would be here when, it rained
When it rained, it rained
Ohhhohh I, never dreamed, you'd leave in summer
You said you wouldn't leave
Now the situation's made things change
Things change, why didn't you stay?
Stay, stay stay stay stay stay stay
Mmmmm, stayyy
Ohh why didn't you stay..

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Common Retrospect For Life Comments
  1. Dude Dude


  2. Tee Po

    This song used to get me in my feelings. Update still does.

  3. booognish

    This perspective isn’t expressed enough, the pro abortion proud is too radical to ever admit that there’s pain involved sometimes. I knew this girl, seemed perfectly ok day to day, then one night I saw her get so drunk and cry all night about the abortion she had.. and I mean all night.

  4. David Ooko

    One rule I live by: I never run from my responsibilities. My father taught me better. He wasn't perfect but he knew what must be done. If he failed then he'd fail mid-flight, not cowering in a corner. No child of mine will ever starve for as long as a I am alive and kicking. I'll crawl out of bed if I have to. "I am not ready." Pfft! Whatever tf that's supposed to mean

  5. Ricky Truong

    "We gotta see eye to eye about family before we become one" this is too real



  7. Latrese San

    Conscious rapper ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Ryah Glaspie

    Makes me think of J Cole I think the song is lost ones

  9. Craig Joyner

    2020, and I still love this song. Let’s have our kids and build families the right way!!!

  10. Terrence Brown

    This song is so poetic and it holds such a resonating message.

  11. pumakel1

    Come here everytime when I’m in the grieving process post break up

  12. Beverly Smith

    This take me back to a time. The good ole days

  13. Nelkon Nsamba

    The inspiration for J.Cole's Lost Ones👊

  14. Thomas Ballin

    It’s Damnn Near 2020 & Im Feeling 90’z Vibes 🔥💯 Common Too Underrated 💯

    Beverly Smith

    Like minds bro

  15. PJ Mills

    This Is Real HipHop!! Lyrics, Subject Matter & Dope Production!! Also Videos That Go With The Song. Timeless classic

  16. Ses Princess Priscilla

    Never have another Lauryn. Virtuous hip-hop Princess.

  17. Truman Burbank

  18. Eric Marcus

    Why didn't you stay #deep!

  19. Spectral V

    Man lauryn is beautiful in this video

  20. Antoine Townsend

    Common Restrospect Feat Luran Hill

  21. sleepy dank

    This is a true testament to how powerful and efficient he is as an artist. Remarkablly emotional, and meaningful vibrations manifested through each verse, pure poetry of life's struggles and blessings,evoke feelings of sadness and joy simultaneously

  22. L Dot

    2019 ANYONE???!!!❤️

  23. Aluca Jones

    How does this not have more views

  24. Jessica Shaw

    I love this song

  25. Akshen Picasso

    $315 ain't worth your soul

  26. PJ Mills

    How Do U Love HipHop & Not Love This? This is Real Life. LYRICS & SUBJECT MATTERS

  27. APDaBaron

    N Bush Wright fine ass.

  28. Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason


  29. Nisha Vee

    315$ aint worth your soul... 👌🏽

  30. soap john

    One of the realest tracks thats still so relevant today ,broken families of the missing fathers of our generation

  31. Snake-eyes

    U kno I had a vission were god woke up through my eyes and thought he was eating some chicken and it was him and his shawty Karen's aborted son know who caused it TRUMP aka edd wunstler the 3rd that's when hip hop died peace of mind



  32. Danielle L

    Glad I grew up during this hip hop age where lyrics were deep and told a story. The music these days is trash. 😔

  33. TheGQBrotha

    Pure Consciousness flowing. :)

  34. Al Manigault

    I want Common and J. Cole onna track🔥🔥🔥

  35. afroindia42

    N’bush Wright, Lauryn Hill...just two of the most beautiful women on the planet. Love this song and video...wish we could go back to proper messages like these.

  36. sai fai

    Thought it was Donny Hathaway, then it was Stevie Wonder

  37. Ty Davis

    Had to revisit this after watching Common freestyle with Ray Wimley.

  38. abcun17

    After all these years still and amazing track! 👍👍👍👍👍

  39. toofourtieshortie


  40. IamLolaGrace

    This is my FAVORITE song from Common!!! It is TOO REAL, I LOVE both this song AND the video. No, they were NOT playing in the 90's.... I'm talking NOT AT ALL! LOVE IT. CLASSIC!

  41. Crates is High

    Common can rest on his catalog knowing that he showed pre-dating #MeToo movements, advocating for #PlannedParenthood, as well as women (of color) as an accomplice and ally. God bless brother Lonnie.

    Business Straight business


  42. Realcoleworldd

    Its crazy I just heard this on shade 45 for the first time had to come back

  43. B L

    The war on women continues... 🙄

  44. Austin Edwards

    When music had so much Soul🎹🎶🎵🎧🎧🔥👐👑🎹🎵🎵🎤💯💯✊

  45. Liv life

    This song is so real on so many levels. Why can't society rewind to this age and time?

  46. Perverted Alchemist

    Common's first mainstream hit...before he went to MCA.

  47. atlsong byrd

    But everyone is mad at the abortion bill in GA this is an open letter to his aborted child

    P redeem

    atlsong byrd And what I find to be very sad is that common has changed his views on this issue and has become brainwashed like the majority of people. He is now fighting for so-called "woman's reproductive rights". Very sad day of moral relativism

  48. alexis carvajal


  49. RedDead Ear hustling

    😭 2019

  50. RaDiO FaLcOn

    So important in todays day .. 🙏

  51. Leatrice Singleton

    My current situation brought me here 😔


    I hope you are ok.

  52. Sleepy Lyric


  53. Jerod Tabb

    Classic Common....

  54. jenn Henry MAXWELLSGAL

    Damn .... deep!!
    Deeper today than all the years

  55. Ojay Strider

    Rap music just the way it should be

  56. Shamara Scott

    Freaking phenomenal

  57. Derrick C

    Pure hip hop that meant much. Spiritual wordplay. I love this era of hip hop. So blessed to hear so many greats. Peace Common

  58. LaChele

    See, this was more than hip-hop... It was soul music. Not because it's from the 90's, but because you feel it through and through. Brothas had so much soul and flavor. And we all know what Miss Lauryn Hill did for music.


    Facts ❤❤

    Benny Diction

    I swear, I see you EVERYWHERE😄. Every classic rnb or hiphop song that I reminisce, as soon as I read the posts you already been in there at least a month😄 You got good taste ma.


    I just love music through and through. I am music. Thanks so much.

    Benny Diction

    @LaChele You and me both, and you're welcome. Aight then..until we meet again on a different post.🎧

  59. Dapper Ant

    This should have more views! ✊🏿💯

  60. Catalin Burghiu

    thank you for teachin me real values about life. much love from Romania! common, your music always give me strength

  61. FullClippz

    substance. not allowed anymore. its not an accident.

  62. Sanelegiirl

    Common was fiinnnne n still is. Hehe

  63. Brandon King

    common is my big brother WORD

  64. Pj Mills

    One of The greatest Songs ever Made!! Listen & Feel the Truth

  65. TheShotnite

    dope like a spoon of brown sugar

  66. Shayla Cook

    Always and forever a HIP HOP CLASSIC !

  67. MR_J

    The fact that this song is not over a million views is a travesty because this song is so real and timeless.

  68. Lateshia Childs

    Classic song.

  69. Mo Shiggles

    Lauryn Hill was gorgeous in this video. RIP old Lauryn.

  70. M a

    Common. I love you. Shout out Cleveland Ohio 216

  71. DragonNomak

    back in 2004 2005 when i found out about Blade i used to have a huge crush on N'Bushe Wright

  72. Train 32

    Real hip-hop. I really miss this!

  73. Victoria Appiagei

    awesome Cool good music hip-hop real poetry Cool

  74. lovely One Today

    The wife he chooses, will definitely be special from God.

  75. OnyxXx

    Good music

  76. Tanisha Rattigan

    I'm gonna use self control, instead of birth control!!!!....take notes people!!

  77. Kevin Parker

    They don’t make um like they used to. 🙏

  78. Brandon Cujcuy

    My favorite theme of this rapper. Lyrics with a beautiful message and the hook is beautiful also the instrumental.

  79. abcun17

    Real Talk. You could always count on that from Common and Lauryn!

  80. Mirr Baby

    they are such amazing artists . & both tell MESSAGES through their music ! each & every song . two very inspiring individuals . 💓

  81. Skreach_x_Orchestra


  82. Aleena Andrews

    Still love this jam..kudos to Common and Lauryn Hill

  83. Nate God

    So disrespectful to only have 16k views.


    It was uploaded just 1 year behind, it'll get more views.

    Joypad Bandit

    This WHOLE generation is disrespectful. I'd like to know what did you expect from such a group of individuals?

  84. Raygen Brown

    They wasn’t playin games in the 90s! 😭👏🏽


    Not at all, it was special

    Business Straight business

    @MD5 🤣🤣🤣 sure was gangsta

  85. Victoria Anthony Music

    Awesome song!

  86. Bunme Bina

    All time favorite!!! Common never disappoint me with his Greatness!! And Mrs. Hill on here was just pure genius! ❤️🙌🏾🙏🏾💯 even the actress was phenomenal!

  87. Kulture

    Released: 1997

    Darcia Mbaye

    My son was in the video and it was shot on October 4 1996 I remember because it was my son's birthday the day of the video filming.

  88. Tracey Winter

    Omg. Listening to this song still brings tears to my eyes it's so emotional. I remember having it on tape and flipping it over to rewind on my walkman over and over. This is the first time I've seen the video and damnit I'm crying.


    I hear you, Queen! This Brotha has Been woke for the longest and his talent continues to evolve. He's someone I respect and he's worth hearing in person and on wax. He through down with this one and it just made me nostalgic as a mug to listen to this cut while watching this video.


    Necole Settles

    This is so real and feds my spirit. Thank you King Common and Queen Lauren


    same sis

    Attila Abri

    Same here..

  89. Max Jerome

    N'Bushe is finer than a mutha

  90. Kais B.GRGA

    Best story teller

  91. CheVíto Ly

    Uno de mis favoritos

  92. tumelo seadira

    I love the CD version..the last minutes where the piano cords are intense

  93. tumelo seadira

    This is my favorite Common song of all time. I was about 14/15 when I was introduced to this song, studied it extensively. Years later I found myself starring on this song. to think I knew better, the the irony of life



  94. Nick Kinuthia

    lyrical depth

  95. Jan Q

    Finally on Vevo. I love this song!

  96. TheUrbisoul

    Common thank You, this is gold.

  97. Abu haneefa

    Fav song to blaze with..

  98. Samuel Gathamuri

    Common and Lauryn Hill two of the greatest all time musicians. Great song

    Victoria Appiagei

    common Lauren hill awesome Cool good music playlist spotify