Common - Hungry Lyrics

Yo, niggaz don't want none of this
Niggaz know they can't fuck with this
Turn this shit up just a little more

I walk the night in rhymin armor, bomb a nigga like a winter coat
Have him on Death Row searchin for an Interscope
Yet I sparkle like Irene Cara
Symbolize dope, like sirens do terror
Mariel just had a baby someone else decapitated
Flashbacks of past raps make me so glad I made it
Players is gettin traded
I drop a gem off, them who's style is jaded
My juice is grated
Shit is so bangin niggaz say it's gang related
On philosopher's rink of thought, I've skated with precision
Crews is gettin split like decisions
Com will let it ride in collision
Vision like Coleco or tele, I battle stars in stellar...
Regions, my thought scheme was my like my offspring
Now, it's teethin
My reason of rhyme applies to season and time
Season of mind, body and regions divine
In mom's cookouts, I'm leavin the swine
Verbal vegeterian, squashed beef with Ice Cube
Came in this rap life nude
Now I'm fully clothed with flows
You tricks can't hide behind expensive cars and clothes
Old niggaz I expose like Luke does hoes in videos
With classic material, imperial and rugged like
Got mag, but my slugs a mic
You fake like a smile, like a hug, I'm tight
Skip ladies, this is rip a muthafucka night
Oracle arouse, niggaz don't even run for cover right
Downtown interracial lovers hold hands
I breathe heavy like an old man, with a cold can of Old Style
Hold a Stone Isle profile
Mix between Malcolm X and Sef when I go wild
Hold mics like a second nut until the second comin
Hummin comin towards you with power like forwards do
Hip hop, you my bitch and like a Ford, I'm Explorin you
So, wack niggaz be cool, with them, I stay cordial
Flowin room temperature, cats is presumed miniature
Like golf. Soft like Tiger Woods
And real nigga angles I've stood with ways that's geometric
Don't need to rob banks with dike broads to Set it
I levitate to the occasion, lounge like a lyricist
Rhyme wise, you a rest haven
You sat by the door spooked like I was Wes Craven
You need to do more deletin and less savin
A praise in hell, raisin heaven
Like the bill on my pager leavens
What you should have known from day one
You will on day seven

"Hungry hip hop junkie in the city" [scratched x3]

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Common Hungry Comments
  1. BlackWolf channel

    My type of track!! Salute! Common Sense is much needed in 2020 there is too many brainless and sickness beings on Earth...

  2. dynamic


  3. Nigmatics

    No ID taking a page outta RZA’s book for this beat.

    Dondre Greene

    Crazyy you mention it. Because I can honestly SEE GHOSTFACE ON THIS TRACK!!! HE WOULD OF OUTSHINED COMMON!!

  4. Basil Thompson

    Have him on Death Row searching for an Hasbro

  5. J B

    Soul Dog!

    Dusty Crates

    J B Can’t Stop Loving You

  6. #LaJuanBland aka PIMPADOCIOUS

    I want this beat so bad

    Dusty Crates

    #LaJuanBland aka PIMPADOCIOUS The sample is by Soul Dog - Can’t Stop Loving You

  7. Edouble Douglas

    Underrated Legend ...

  8. Donovan Jones

    🔥 🔥 🔥 burning my house down

  9. Golden Child

    Common is a Real Man
    and So Intelligent.

  10. Adam Moreira

    Back in the day, I remember this seguing from Invocation in the same video.

  11. Rob DJ Ville

    Some wack ****** be cool, with them I remain cordial...

    Dondre Greene

    🔥 🔥 Songg. But something missing. GHOSTFACE!!!!!!!! THIS WOULD OF BEEN A PERFECT FEATURE TRACK FOR HIM!!!

  12. Donkey killa 4life 303

    Hiphop u my bitch like a Ford I'm Exploring you!! 😁👌

  13. Robbin Hatchett

    Common sense is the G.O.A.T.!!!

  14. Realnigga Turner

    One of his most underrated tracks

  15. liloreolil

    Only 12k views?!?

  16. SL Smith

    What you should of known from day one you will on day 7 !!!!!

  17. Mark Lopez

    this is too hard

  18. DJ Element

    you need to do more deleting & less saving!!

  19. C-AltiveTV2

    “What you should have known is what you will on day 7.” Find me here & there. If I do send this one out, get the word out that way. €-]

  20. Robbin Hatchett

    Common sense is the G.O.A.T!!

    Lance Kelley

    He's not the goat but he's damn good😉

  21. k-the-i???

    The 3 people that disliked this track need jump off a roof. Wtf??? Really??? This song??? 🤷🏿‍♂️

  22. Shanequa Brinson

    go back to these beats common!💯💯💯

  23. Popeye

    Didn't really feel the album as a whole but this joint and video is fire!

  24. thAbstract

    "My rhyme scheme is like my offspring/ Now it's teething/ My Reason & Rhyme/ applies to season and time/ Reaches the mind and body in regions devine/ At rhyme cookouts, I'm leaving the swine/ Verbal vegetarian/ Squash-ed beef with Ice Cube/ Came in this rap life nude/Now I'm fully clothed with flows/ You tricks can't hide behind expensive cars and clothes"

  25. potentialrandom


  26. dynamic

    Deadly lyricism by my favorite Rapper

  27. Fidelb33r

    Everything he Said was pure 🔥🔥

  28. Common Crystal45937

    Every Secret Thing we have.

  29. jxst

    Wow haha music ...good

  30. Jeffery Barbee

    Me and my wife love common almost equally 😧🤣

    Maglore Saleh

    Jeffery Barbee u & ur wifey are awesome couple...unfortunately mine knows him only as actor lol

  31. Deuz

    *C* *O* *M* *M* *O* *N*

  32. Gee Money

    Definite Classic. Jay Z  had to go get No ID so he could finally rhyme like Common Sense.

    ray brooks

    Gee Money fact!!!!!

    Robbin Hatchett

    Well, Jay said on Moment of Clarity "Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common sense". So you could probably hear the influence from Hova's earlier projects.


    And he still can't

  33. Kenneth Sanders

    No I.D. is a fuckin genius...

  34. Andre Jones

    Rip a muthfucka night

  35. GodsConnect

    hungry hiphop junkie in the city

  36. MusicJunkiePlus

    Underrated song off an underrated album.

  37. Gandalf The Black

    Common never fails to disappoint🐐🐐🐐 to much heat

  38. Ya Kil

    One of DOPEST line for me in Hip Hop: SKIP LADIES, THIS IS "RIP A MOTHERF***ER NIGHT"
    As a teenager freestyling, rap battles, I could relate to that line BIG TIME! Hungry Hip hop junky in the city... yeah indeed.

    Jimmy Benyoucef

    Ya Kil I read your comment as Common said it ;D

  39. Ocean Sage

    Common's rappin hard af here

  40. Nathan Fulcher

    HUNGRY Hip Hop Junkie in the City WHAT

  41. AnesuAspya Mapako

    i love this joint

  42. Abel

    i'm hungry for this song

  43. DAUKSZ



    Tx Dauksz fuck bitch,You and Lil pump .l.


    Ager NC lil pump>common

    koda fett

    That's way too much trolling kid