Colt Ford - Huntin' The World Lyrics

We hunt the world y'all, southern style
Just some good ole boys
White tail, monster bears
Country boys, makin' noise
Elk, Turkey, Pronghorn
It's time to get your hunt on
Bows, guns, havin' fun
Let's get some huntin' done

Everybody come gather round
Southern boys gon' lay it down
Better bring the kids, we gotta teach 'em
They're the future, we gotta reach 'em
We came to hunt, we brought some friends
Like Stone Cold Steve Austin
John Michael Montgomery might come on through
Picked here to hunt, right here for you
We've got the best poor staff around
Doug, Tom, and John coming to your town
With Troy Gentry, Brent, and Wooley
Josh and Heather, There's no one better
Old Mike Beatty, he's the man, the world record, y'all understand
With Greg Zipadelli, Hal and Ken
Come on y'all, let's go huntin' again

We hunt the world y'all, southern style
Just some good ole boys
White tail, monster bears
Country boys, makin' noise
Elk, Turkey, Pronghorn
It's time to get your hunt on
Bows, guns, havin' fun
Let's get some huntin' done

We lock and load, go do our thang
Huntin' the world for all kinds of game
Bears, boars, birds, bucks
Southern boys in camo trucks
Worldwide on the outdoor channel
So y'all tune in and bring a friend
We huntin' baby, fishin'?
Come on y'all let's southern style
Drink ya sweet tea up in the tree
Drop a 12-Point buck from a quarter mile
We bass fishin', hog huntin', turkey shootin',
Game runnin', mud boggin', camouflagin'
Puttin' it down, so y'all can watch it
Huntin' The World is the name of the show
Better ask somebody if you don't know

We hunt the world y'all, southern style
Just some good ole boys
White tail, monster bears
Country boys, makin' noise
Elk, Turkey, Pronghorn
It's time to get your hunt on
Bows, guns, havin' fun
Let's get some huntin' done

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Colt Ford Huntin' The World Comments
  1. Jazmine Prince

    Ok people my grandma loves this song lol we blasting it in her truck.

  2. Kyndan Price

    Its "we hunt the world" not "we are the world"

  3. Cam Gaw

    Friends at school: what did u do this Labor Day?

    Me: ‘bows, guns having fun let’s get some huntin dun!’

  4. _____ Lowwkeyy

    Met Colt ford in Oklahoma, Good Ole time.

  5. Daniel Gaffield

    Part of these lyrics are absolutely fucking wrong.. it's not we are the world it's we hunt the world.. clean your ear wax dipshit


    Who is here as of 2019


    i am country down to the earth and i love hunting turkey and deer

  8. Tommy Mcbride

    Hell yeah

  9. Jacob Byler

    Love dis man nos how ta sing

  10. devour43

    Never understood you boys down south, up here we drive our 4wd just to get to work in the winter, and we hunt cuz it keeps food on the table, never truly understood why you all brag about it

  11. Diesel Lover

    Cutting green heads boys yee yee

  12. Diesel Lover

    Shoot em in the face

  13. Big Tex

    Throwing this shit thru the speakers in country baby

  14. Cody Holland

    Hell yeah

  15. Nathan Martinez

    Bass Fishing, Hog Hunting, Turkey Shooting 🔫

  16. Reekid AaHAhHaAHAHA

    Listen to this every time we hunt

  17. Meghan Walker

    Southern style

  18. Rush Hawk

    Woo go Colt Ford😋

  19. Caeleb Warwick

    Fuck ye

  20. Johnny Kidwell

    u all ways here me show love for my mud big deer cold beer country girls butt

  21. Jessie Ferrell

    It says we hunt the world not we are the world 😂😂😂

  22. Trey C

    This might be the worst song I've ever heard. Like wtf

    outdoor vids

    Trey c. City slicker

  23. Gracie Smith


  24. god is my anchor

    This is the way I live

  25. Todd Smith

    the 149 dislikes are from PETA. lmao!!

  26. awsome chris

    I love this song and is true about us country folks

  27. outdoor vids

    colt ford is the thing

  28. Jacob White Jr

    Best song in the world

  29. Jacob White Jr

    best song in the world

  30. Jacob White Jr

    best song in the world

  31. M Garrett

    I love me some Colt Ford and have listened to him for years now but I'm really feelin the need to come ask what the hell is Southern style huntin? Because I've done both and they seem awfully similar to me. Except that the North has colder weather which equals less mosquitos and monster deer. My SC 6 pt looks like a dog next to my husband's Ohio 9 pt. I'd much rather hunt in the North.

  32. Shane Evans

    Mud time

  33. Shelby Rice-Anderson

    Country is the way to be

    outdoor vids

    Shelby Rice-Anderson. yes mam

    Johnny Kidwell

    Shelby Rice-Anderson want to hunt

    AK Plays

    Shelby Rice-Anderson so true

  34. Nate Hiner

    Lyrics aren't right. But boy do I love this song. Opening day of bow season in VA tomorrow! Shazam!

    Team 12 Vlogs

    Nate Hiner is

  35. Anna Teel

    best song

  36. Diggity Dog

    Xbox is not better then PS3


    i got ps3


    sell your gaming console and buy a gun

    Tony Feijoo

    TheJUAREZMAN I saw you comment on rebel son nd now here lmao. Nd I also drive a mustang


    Fuck u guys Xbox is asum

  37. Brett Loomis

    We are not hating on the song. We are just pointing out who ever wrote these lyrics is a dumbass.

  38. Megan Stafford

    yall haters can take your comment and shuv it up your ass

  39. Cory Wells

    butchered the lyrics


    horribly destroyed. we are the world? pretty sure its hunt the world cuz this song is hunt the world.... i mean how do you fuck that up? lmfao

    Jamon Marner

    Cory Wells shut the fuck up bitch

    Jamon Marner

    TiigAgiiN shut the fuck up bitch

  40. BeatAssDude

    man i miss my welding class so bad class of 2014

  41. Cam Bam

    Let's get sum huntin done😜✅

    outdoor vids

    Cam Bam yeah

    Matthew Yockum

    Yes man

  42. Skyelar Scene

    we is good for me cause this is my favorite song from the cd 

  43. durymax66

    If you're gonna put lyrics up for a song at least get the words right dumbass.

    Sarah Rozell

    aw shut up yall couldnt do any better

    Jamon Marner

    durymax66 fuck u

    Jamon Marner

    durymax66 u fuckin cityslicker

  44. un known

    I just wish it said catfishin not bass fishing cause real country boys catfish like me

    Brett Hulett

    But bass fishing takes more skill

    mason garrett

    Just fish for both lol they both good eatin

    tanner haight

    I looked at u profile and it was rap country boy for sure

    fart face

    Real country boys do both like me

  45. savannah MAy

    Just shut up savannahandbaes

  46. savannahandthebaes


  47. savannahandthebaes

    my dad is from tenesee and my roots are from there. I recomend not posting this song if ur a straight up yankee and use the word awesome. I dont mind you posting this but just dont say aesome in a counrty song thanks bye


    +Joe Garcia OK any way where do you live any way I'm just curious because you might have made a mistake if you live in the southern states or northern states like Maryland because some people considered it north or the south when it pretty much both any way I live in Florida

    Joe Garcia

    @cole wimberly I live in rural New Hampshire

    Joe Garcia

    @cole wimberly its a between Maine and Vermont.
    it borders Canada

    Joe Garcia

    @cole wimberly its rural north east new hampshire. 

    Matthew King

    if you really were from the great on Tennesse you would know how to spell it

  48. TheTacticalMethod


    Jamon Marner

    TheTacticalMethod ur just a stupid fucking mommas boy

  49. jennifer boggs

    Ps3 is better than Xbox if you like this just agree so i don't need to get pisses

  50. Hunter Patton

    2 weeks til huntin season. Lets get some huntin done

  51. Quentin McAllister

    This song is the boss

  52. redneck33914

    May not be from the south but we know how ta do it in the sticks in south east MI


    I hear ya bud living in the south all my life and i have seen all kinds of people from Michigan here. Some didn't know what a blue gill was but then again most of them didn't even look like they lived in the north

    bailey maclean

    @Minotaur20 getting that huntin done up here in canada too!

    cody rapp

    I'm from marshall

  53. Aly Tejpar

    I love this song

  54. Aly Tejpar

    I love this song

  55. Gracie Martin

    when it says josh and heather thats my mom and dad i know all them people :) 

    Sarah Rozell

    im sure you couldnt do better

    Johnny Kidwell

    Gracie Martin u look like miss Daisey


    She wishes it was her parents

  56. Sarah Morin

    I love this song😎

  57. TheGamerHillbilly

    list of my favorite songs kiss my country ass boondocks ride through the country hick town and hillbilly deluxe

  58. Logan Ralston

    What do y'all hunt

    Patrick Wessel

    for food to keep our family fed and plus it aint got all them chemicals and shit gotta love fresh meat ;)

    Cody Collins

    @Patrick Wessel
    And venison tastes better then beef any day.

  59. TheGamerHillbilly

    I might be a gamer but I work year around and I'm proud to be a hillbilly

  60. Emily's writing room

    this songs is awesome, country for life

  61. crazy ass rebel red neck

    Best country rap ever im a huge country music fan u could ask me who sings what song il tell y just lik u could ask me to name a singer wth a song

  62. Brianna Kilgore

    Country all the way!

  63. joshua pruitt

    hey if u country message me

  64. Derrick Earl Owens

    helll yea u country if u are message me

  65. nikkia yates

    me and my dad love this song

  66. Tyler ScoutSniper1945

    Best song ever

  67. Tyler

    fuck xbox live

  68. Laylac CassadyL

    It don't fuckin matter what color you are! You don't have to be a white person to truly be country.

  69. softball_27

    Then explain Darius Rucker. Has an amazing voice and IS country. :P country is country no matter what color

  70. ThePsychoFireAnt

    black people can be country biggest bass ive ever seen caught was by a black guy

  71. KingZead

    1 thing, 1 you must be retarded(No school is terrible)

  72. That one

    I liked this video cause of the song and cause XBOX 360 FTW!

  73. Rebecca Mencer

    hell yea

  74. josh4g63t

    southern boyz arw striaght up white folk fuck being equal . Its 2013 aint. No body got time for that

  75. xavier vanmeter

    thats freaking right

  76. krobey99

    Love this song

  77. Jamensan42

    Us southern boy's gon lay it down

  78. johncartersands

    @korfx04. Amen brotha. Or worse.., the north and west

  79. johncartersands

    Bow Huntin for life

  80. Brook Alexis

    country from my blue eyes to my boots! i agree with idrink yourbeer! git it gurl (:

  81. Savannah Lands

    Country 100% so suck that city people

  82. bassnbows

    You dont have to be from the south to be country. Ill be a country boy till i die. I like a simple life. work, bow hunt, bass fish

  83. bassnbows

    Since when?? Lol. If not, i must be an outlaw


    them ole city peole dont know what are missing

  85. sally price


  86. sally price


  87. gameboys4ever

    Ps3 is better than Xbox you Jew

  88. ryan harrell

    hunting the world thats all i do

  89. Shana Leonard

    Yall all no city girls cant beat us country girls!!

  90. legion1345

    Try again

  91. legion1345

    So why the hostility?

  92. legion1345

    easy there hardass.

  93. Heather Lynn

    mule riding cowgirl here!!!

  94. abby mulligan

    i love you colt ford im a ture country girl

  95. bo jackson

    sang this at talent show

  96. Sadie Shake

    haha my bf knows this whole song

  97. ffa princess

    Ever heard of Main

  98. 82bearhunter

    im going bear hunting tomorrow dipshit i live in west virginia