Color Morale, The - Falling Awake Lyrics

In spite of my cheerful demeanor
I'm afraid to set foot in the world
We watch the same dead clocks
These small hands need to meet the larger again

And I chose a road, the one I didn't know
Now it has brought me here
The stories I've have gathered in travels,
I wouldn't trade for the years back

There's a war inside,
I need something to get me through this
Without you, am I ever myself?
The only thing holding us back is us
And ghosts from the last time
Are all the same

We can live again [x3]

All we can do is try and try and try and try to change
For ourselves

The night has been my covering
And the day is my disguise
But I can't seem to stay far enough away
From self created lies

For those of you who question your purpose
Look inside the eyes staring back at you
Past your devil
They long for purpose too
And maybe that's yours, I know cause it's mine

You are the second-hand air that I breathe
And these songs were made for you to sing before me
And they are more than just sound
And you are more than just an audience
This is the family that I've found

The night has been my covering
And the day is my disguise
But I can't seem to stay far enough away,
From self created lies

I chose a road, and now I know
Nothing will ever come easy

I chose this road
Staying asleep is worse than falling awake
I chose this road
Standing asleep is worse than falling awake

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Color Morale, The Falling Awake Comments
  1. Primeval Art

    Words cannot explain how amazing this is and how this band helped me through a lot and how much this means to me :)


    They're incredible, aren't they?

  2. Falling Awake

    This song and the title of it changed my life, and many others around ways that are indescribable. All I can say is thank you.

  3. Rafael Altez


  4. ZeroFox75

    Remains one of my favorite songs. I'm happy with their newer stuff, but I will always prefer their pre-2014 music. In other words, TCM before they left Rise


    I completely agree with this! Hands down my favorite song of all time! And yes I miss the old TCM I don't really like desolate divine, but hold on pain ends is good. Know Hope is really good! And My Devil In Your Eyes and We All Have Demons are by far the best ones imo!

  5. Geno Mars

    This is the Color Morale that I LOVE. Their style has changed so much these past few years. Know Hope grew on me after a while, but still not as good. Hold On Pain Ends was just pure trash. I'm sorry Garrett. I wish you had stuck with this heavy/melodic style.

    Overlord Audiobooks

    i know what u mean. i seen em live 3 times now and each time garret has been pretty terrible on vocals. its a shame because this music is just amazing and they are ruining it with hold on pain ends turning into garbage.

    Clay Whitfield

    +Male Feminist he's bad live? Dang I'm thinking about seeing them in Springfield

    Overlord Audiobooks

    @Clay Whitfield the instrument players are pretty good, its just garrett ain't too good. aint hating on the guy but half the time he don't sing the lyrics and when he does it is out of tune.


    Hold On Pain Ends grew on me, but I've always liked Know Hope, My Devil In Your Eyes, and We All Have Demons.

  6. Sabrina Tobar

    I might be crazy but a part in the beginning sounded like Hold On Pain Ends...

    Argenis Garcia

    You mean hold on pain ends,sounds like this 

    Sabrina Tobar

    Same thing xD you know what I meant

  7. cmreal9

    How can anyone dislike this ?

    Robert Galarza

    cmreal9 this might be too soft for them lol. I honestly fucking hate heavy ass shit like cannibal corps and that's not cause I'm a bitch it's because that's just simply not music(no disrespect)

  8. ThatsFuckingIntense

    This may be a dumb question, as I only acknowledged this band yesterday -- and, as the lyrics seem pretty evident -- but is this christian music?


    @Nathan Yocum They were never a "Christian band", however they are a band of Christians, or at least most of them are. Like Memphis May Fire is. They may not have clearly Christian lyrics like For Today or Oh, Sleeper. Instead they focus on morality and uplifting messages which are likely inspired by their faiths.

    The King of Dallas

    @SFxTAGG3 they we're indeed a Christian band as they referred to themselves on stage as so and as this album charted on the Christian charts. The rest of what you said is true. But in my opinion those two things would've made them a Christian band at this point.

    The King of Dallas

    @SFxTAGG3 not that it really matters. 


    Thanks for the info.  It was just odd to see that Strange Comfort -- which seems to describe an unsavory past -- was preceded by music describing that same past in such a different light.  If that even makes sense.  But thanks for the info.  Did I already say that?

    Matt Curtiss

    Garret used to be pretty outspoken about his faith. Watch the rise artist profile on him. It explains a little bit more than I can, but he is currently struggling with what he believes in. So you could say they were a christian band on these first two albums, but not necessarily any longer.  

  9. SFxTAGG3

    Wow, this album is freaking awesome! I know what I'm spending my next paycheck on!

  10. Joel Garff

    right!! everyone thinks that is devil music but they don't take the time of day to read some lyrics. So much meaning, heart, love, and passion is put into this genre of music.


    Straight fuckin facts

  11. Derek Haley

    How bout we call it metalcore, cus that's what it is lol

  12. SkyeB

    Screamo is not a term for "screaming" lol. You want to listen to some "screamo" go check out Glassjaw

  13. MoldyPickleChip

    The fuck do you want him to call it then screaming?

  14. Ariel Ortiz

    foeever my favorite tcm song.

  15. Antdant4435

    2:54 is one of the most amazing parts of music ever

  16. Adam Montague

    I met him back in January in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was the only person who bought a VIP ticket, and he talked to me about hanging on though all my depression. He literally held my hand the whole time as I was in tears. That man saved my life.

  17. QuiteFrank

    I miss this old screaming, they were so much better. Thier new stuff is alright, but not as good as this.

  18. Eduardo Magallanes

    My life in a nut shell...

  19. necromancer584

    this song needs more recognition.

  20. Jesse

    I like this album sooo much better than their newer shit. I wish they'd make another like this.

  21. DMV_ST

    dont take says seriously.. Its name is "Magicpony100".. nuff said. lol.

  22. Smellinglikefish214

    3:04 And on is just... Amazing.

  23. Z a k

    Thats interesting to me that people would rag on this shit, considering its actually pretty fucking metal. Some people just cant handle it man

  24. Overlord Audiobooks

    you are a legend amazing band cheers!

  25. WoeIsJesse

    check out I Divide...the singer/sound is very similar

  26. BuLLeT2431

    oh no dude hes not trust me. hes just talking about those arrogant assholes that choose to say things that they souly believe is true. which we all, including myself, hate. no harm to you friend.

  27. FallenVictim217

    Yeah well clean usually means auto-tuned and sounds even more terrible like we came as romans' old stuff.

  28. Overlord Audiobooks

    the start is sensational but the unclean vocals ruin it for me its apart of the wrong song if it was cleans all the way through they would be big.

  29. nússßaum

    discovering new music is the best

  30. Mars Bar

    I love these lyrics (:

  31. Jayce Valentin

    Theres a lot of wrong lyrics in the info

  32. josh Long

    i listen to wiz khalifa and cheif keif and shit like that but i love music like this!
    dont judge everbody

  33. sketchlock

    What's a "screamo"?

  34. 918Murphy

    I'll make that my top priority.

  35. 918Murphy

    Well most people don't liked to be called something they are not so I'm just using common sense. That's like calling Nickelback Metal.

  36. 918Murphy

    Okay? Just know that even the band wouldn't like it if you called it screamo but sure.. Look stupid in front of everyone.

  37. Benjermin7

    'Odd' is not always a bad thing.

  38. Guttural

    If it's odd why are you listening to it? LOL.

  39. Joel Garff

    i wish it was popular at my school

  40. Matt M

    I'm not sure why everyone freaked out at my comment.
    I like Make me Famous.
    I like The Color Morale.
    It's just music, everyone has different preferences.
    Shut the fuck up and enjoy it x.x

  41. cody sikes

    Sumerian already claimed those Asking Alexandria fanboys.

  42. RationalTheist4

    The Color Morale > Make Me Famous

  43. mattrbarker

    no actually they are recording a brand new cd as we speak!

  44. hoang linh

    fucking thank you!!!!! you deserve a fucking medal

  45. Benjermin7

    This type of music is considered 'popular' in my school now. It's so odd.

  46. Adrian Zamora

    did they break up

  47. Repo

    2 words to describe this song FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!

  48. Taemus O'Bannus

    I literally can't stand people in my school that make fun of music like this. Saying that it is emo, suicidal, and gay. It's not the fact that they are painfully ignorant, it is that they don't even bother to see the lyrics and meaningful message in it. The worst part is that they go and listen to Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj and THEN criticize something for what it is not.

  49. eli joe

    because of it's beautiful meaning and lyrics

  50. panelolli

    one of the greatest songs i´ve heard.

  51. SkullAvalanche

    damn i love the beginning part of the song ....hell, i love the whole song <3

  52. RationalTheist4

    TCM is the greatest! i love these guys so much!

  53. Samantha Oesch

    You're retarded.

  54. Bryan Ruiz

    i hate how all the comments are everything but how beautiful this song is. why?

  55. GreenteaToLove

    this is beautiful <3

  56. MyDudeBanana

    Its not screamo you dumbass

  57. Ryan Way

    too generic, its asking alexandria 2 with less talent. except asking alexandria is complete trash now a days.

  58. 918Murphy

    Bitch, don't call it screamo.

  59. necromancer584

    there's obviously 4 people who enjoy their mariah carey a little too much..

  60. Thief

    This isn't screamo, dude.

  61. Diani Drake

    why dont these guys have more veiws

  62. Do Not Pass GO!

    Impactful music happens when it ends without you even knowing so. That happened to me when i was listening to "Product of a Murderer" (OM&M) and just now again listening to this. :)

  63. Darkmanafest.

    Post hard core ... I like A day to remember , escape the fate , Woe Is Me , In fear and faith , Crown the empire, Motionless In White , And The Devil wears Prada .... I also like some other genre's of music but mostly Post hardcore

  64. Matt M

    What kind are you into?

  65. Darkmanafest.

    Ok first Opinion second it does have relevance on this video cuz it's posted by riserecords and his comment was making a direct request to riserecords ._.

  66. Darkmanafest.

    lol apparently not personally i don't like Make me famous or The color Morale im just searching for music i might like

  67. Matt M

    I just liked that band O.O I dunno why they flipped. xD I guess opinions aren't allowed on youtube.

  68. Darkmanafest.

    -_- I came here looking for music but it looks like this is going to be one of those bands where i can only find 1 or 2 great songs and no more Unlike the case with Crown The Empire because i Loved every last one of their songs! >.> and any pricks who want to down vote my comment for sharing my opinion go ahead

  69. Darkmanafest.

    I don't know why this comment received a shit load of negative votes all you did was mention a band

  70. Conor McCrory

    I was at a color morale gig, and the vocalist wasn't impressed by the lack of movement, so he punched my friend square in the face, it was pretty awesome. These guys are sick live

  71. TheKyleT1

    thanks for that

  72. xxRamenForeverxx


  73. ashton bowerman

    i love you

  74. charli .blu


  75. brobokan

    Sweetest band to ever come into the music industry.

  76. Josie

    Sounds a bit like Killswitch Engage @ 00:25

  77. Josie

    Why all the hate?
    You all need to stop crying over each others opinions.
    If you like it then fan-fucking-tastic, fuck what the comment below or above says! (Or how it's spelt -_-')

  78. shane richard

    people need to look deaper into the music fuck the genre fuk the sounds hear the voice hear the lyrics feel the music stop hearing it and feel what is being siad feel the emotion music is a self exsprssion my spelling sucks these guys are awsome cant wait to see them woe is me blessthefall and EMMURE!!!!!!!!!! april 9th

  79. OrangeCounty92

    @magicpony100 These are low growls not even screams.......

  80. leestewart

    This band is amazing! (:

  81. jimmaypah new to these guys, why do people hate them? every comment is about all the hate on them?

  82. Djeraldjents

    I don't mind any band at all. Just as long as they sound dope and their music is dope, im all good. This band is sick!

  83. Blah

    @magicpony100 O.o They are a post-hardcore band (according to their facebook), NOT screamo.

  84. Jacob Miller

    the color morale are just amazing. the first 20 seconds of this, and manumission are the best two things that ive ever heard. its ridiculos how great they are. just orderd their albums from merchnow. cuz i buy CD's to support my faverite bands unlike most people -_-

  85. FatedCircle

    @GeovaniSorto FUCK MAKE ME FAMOUS!

  86. Adam Reimer

    @magicpony100 -_- how did you get here then?

  87. Amber Eyman

    My favorite. <3

  88. Yusry Sulaiman

    good song good lyrics!!!!

  89. Backwood

    @MUSICVIDWIZ987654321 Out of who?

  90. tom Rigter


  91. jay hundley

    The Color Morale, is hands down one of the best bands...ever

  92. Nick Donnellan

    One of 5 good Rise Records bands.

  93. akasha quinn

    fucking addictive

  94. MusicAsMyEscapE

    They really need to make an acoustic version of this.

  95. Mario Gant

    @JimmyWABO Eeehh im just not feeling this song tht much, jst doesnt click with me besides the beginning and some of the parts in the beginning. it seems like the type of song that i would get tired of listening to after about 2 weeks. but its watever:/ but i do wish i could enjoy it like every1 else

  96. Thanh Cross

    great song!!!!!!!!!!

  97. MAK Fishing


  98. evilsoul34

    @JimmyWABO They arent really that unique there are many bands like this but they do sound good and the lyrics are nice and you can feel meaning in the voice