Color Morale, The - Between You And Eye Lyrics

And now I know there's a place in my mind I go.
Secluded, where my head is quick but my heart is slow.
I bottle things up for too long waiting on someone to find me.
I'm a message lost in a sinking sea.

We all want to be found and held so close
so all that we know that is broken falls back together.

No one is ever going to believe in yourself for you
and every false belief that you think is true was put inside of you.
Imperfection and not accepting who you are, I'm guilty too.
Your imperfections make you perfect to me.
Now learn to just stay you.

Everyone you know is fighting a battle of their own.
Now do unto yourself what your neighbors never show.
What a world we live in we’re falling for everything and anyone but us.

You just want somebody to love the hell out of you
but you will never find that kind of love in someone before yourself.

We all want to be found and held so close
so all that we know that is broken falls back together.

No one is ever going to believe in yourself for you
and every false belief that you think is true was put inside of you.
Imperfection and not accepting who you are, I'm guilty too.
Your imperfections make you perfect to me.
Now learn to just stay you.

I understand you more than you think I do.
Stop looking up to me start looking up to you.
Imperfection and not accepting who you are, I’m guilty too.
Will you spend another day believing what the world wants you to?

No one is ever going to believe in yourself for you
and every false belief that you think is true was put inside of you.
Imperfection and not accepting who you are, I'm guilty too.
Your imperfections make you perfect to me.
Now learn to just stay you.
Learn to just stay you.

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Color Morale, The Between You And Eye Comments
  1. JTM Conceptions

    This album was such a drop off from Know Hope. It really bums me out. Know Hope had such a dynamic sound with a set direction and themes that built up to just one big work of art. You can tell a lot of soul went into Know Hope. This one though, the guitar sounds flat and less inspired. The drums are generic simple bass snare, bass, snare, bass, snare beats with nothing interesting going on with them. He took his singing from the dope gritty rockish style to something more pop like. His screams sound shot, and strained. And then there's the lyrics. They are good, but like I've said before, very uninspired. Know Hope had some of the best lyrics I've read, and because Garrett seemed passionate about what he was saying. He seemed to be pouring them from his heart with anger, sadness, etc. And it worked so well. This album kinda just falls flat, cause I don't think he was as inspired to write them. I think the point of this album was more to push further one what fans liked about know hope instead of to write something passionate and write something worth writing. And I think it shows very obviously. Sorry for my rant, 4/10, will listen to Know Hope again.

  2. Cody Sam

    I love thos song!

    Especially when I drink!

  3. david laurin

    This song cant't be played quietly! My co-worker are gonna be used to IT.

  4. xMiyazakiAkira

    yoooo \m/

  5. Léuh :3

    2017? R.I.P 🌹ROCK🌹all 🙏bands🙏

  6. Shane Peterson

    I don't understand how anyone can hate on Garret. The dude is so nice and passionate about music. Plus he is unlike any other artist out there. His rap-like yells are what makes him original and authentic. You feel the anguish and passion in every breath. This is true music here.

  7. James Parks

    These guys were so good live at skyway yesterday .. Great performers . Tight sound.

  8. Faboi

    I just wish the song was mixed a little better the guitars drown out the vocals I like his singing but come on

  9. Gabriel Saenz

    was posted on my birthday!!!

  10. gladiisTV

    This album and this particular song are the pinnacle of Garret's cleans. Now that Clip Paper Wings is out it's different, but this whole album had literally the greatest cleans ever from him. And now that Aaron is doing the uncleans (and he's amazing at it) Garret can focus on his cleans. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to Desolate Divine.

  11. metalhead684

    love this song

  12. Mario Cipriano

    That chorus sounds like something right out of a Sevendust song.

    T-sparks Daniel Granados

    Mario Cipriano kinda sorta

  13. gman35 35

    stopped listening to this band a while have they changed a lot and not really for the better tbh. just my opinion so I'm sorry.

    Tristen Polkenhorn

    dude I totally agree like there first 2 CDs were the shit. but from then on they started trying to be come mainstream I feel. just like word alive.

  14. darian smith

    Saw this band live and they are awesome just the best energy and sound

  15. Di Lung Move it Ya Fool!

    I once stopped listening to this band. I'm back. That's how good they are.

    JJ Bergstedt

    +William Foley he doesn't do lows because it was damaging his vocal cords. Humanniqan was before they had their sound dialed and that song is still considered to be one of their classics. Love the band and they are amazing guys. You can hate if you want but they still destroy shows and records. If you can do better, show us.

    Will Foley

    If i can do better? What are you 13? Because thats the logic of a 13 year old. Do sports analysts all have to be better than those they are analyzing? Garrett gives the mic away and his vocal chords were being damaged because hes a bad screamer lol.. Check out some good bands who dont make excuses

    JJ Bergstedt

    @William Foley
    Whats your problem? Why are you fighting so hard? Ive found a keyboard worrier! I know the guys personally through my family. What garret said about his vocal chords being damaged was completely true. Frankie from Emmure did the same thing, but he just kept going and ended up needing surgery. Garret stopped when he needed to and Justin, and later, Aaron took his place. They arent a band that focuses on screaming, but rather use it as accents. Not the right band to fight over, bro.

    Will Foley

    Frankie Palmieri is just as bad as Garrett lol.. And the only thing i have a problem with is saying Garrett is a good screamer live lol Justin Hieser shouldve been the lead vocalist since 2010. #GarrettLearnBass

    Will Foley

    and again, you damage your vocal chords by not knowing how to scream properly... So why did he and the frontman of the biggest joke of a band since Asking Alexandria share such struggles? hmmmmmm

  16. Kaylie Mancino

    Amazing! I met Garret last month and I told him how much he meant to me. E was the sweetest person ever. I love this band so much<3

  17. martyrformadison

    If you dig The Color Morale check out our latest song "Lonely Homes & Dial Tones"!

  18. XraxkillerX

    Fuck all these negative comments. TCM is amazing

  19. Awake

    I actually like everything about his voice specially his screams there so unique
    Mix with the lyrics and cleans perfect for me anyways

  20. Brittany Evans

    They opened for nothing more in Atlanta. And i really liked their sound

  21. Paul Napoli

    I think this guys voice is epic hes making the stacks, and for the guys who are talking shit your prolly flippin burgers so you have no room to talk at all about how good he is.

  22. Jesse Bartlett

    Maybe the reason people have issues hearing him in concerts is because he pushes the goddamn mic away from his face so fucking much.

  23. Anthony Armstrong

    I know his vocals have changed, but this guy has such an original style for this genre, and it's so emotional. It's basically post-hardcore mixed with early 2000's alternative (i.e. Rage Against the Machine)

  24. xX_Squll_Xx PVP

    This video, made me inspired, thanks for the music, and the vid! ;)

  25. Kaio Henrique Silva

    Have discovered this band listening to We Came As Romans! Fucking awesome

  26. Freakyfyed

    Know Hope is better

  27. Taylor Sparks

    I really like the positive message being shown throughout this album

  28. Zak

    What the heck happened to this band

  29. Miranda Yount


  30. NeThZOR

    What happened with this band roflcopter this is ridiculous.  Now they sound like every other band out there.

  31. Sam :)

    We're the scenes of the kids in this video TCM as children? It's pretty amazing. I get to see them in 2 days at the Apollo Theater!! Go The Color Morale!!

  32. Kyle Allsman

    His cleans remind me a lot of Everyone Dies In Utah

  33. Kyle Simpson

    Band needs a new vocalist. I get the message he shares is important and means a lot to people, but I saw them last year on warped and he could barely make it through a song. Even with muttering half of the lyrics lol

  34. Jacky Mourner

    The best of song, i love it.

  35. Cassie Pacheco

    This is such a beautiful song it makes me cry when I listen to it♡

  36. Jared Tom

    keep making music that you create

  37. Adora King

    Beautiful 💟

  38. Bryanna De Vaney

    I don't like the negative vibe coming off this section. The song's great. The chorus is amazing. Why can't we just appreciate this?

    Swanton Bomber

    +Oliver-Vic Carquinn agreed !

    Will Foley

    Because they were one of the best heavy hardcore bands. Then garret lost his voice and now acts as if the change is some kind of personal change when in fact he just sucks lol... They're a manipulative band wasting Steve Carey's talents

    Will Foley

    +Oliver-Vic Carquinn more soul and intensity? Are you fkn kidding me? Lol.. More intense than a sponge in the ocean? Humannequin? They're not heavy or intense anymore because Garrett lost his voice and didn't want to run around the stage not doing anything anymore .. So he came up with this inspirational BS and capitalized on fan girls when he should just retire and let justin hieser(the real screamer) back in to do vox


    +William Foley I have known these guys for several years. I have played with TCM and Killer Apathy multiple times before and after the sign to Rise. Garett has always wanted to albums like this. The turning point was really when they toured with the Chariot. They all told me how inspired they were by those guys. I do not know where you are getting your information. But you are wrong. Sometimes you might be right. This time you are wrong

    Will Foley

    +DaxSkyrider what does that have to do with them being awful live and Garrett not being able to do Anthony anymore lol ..

  39. lettii_ ghost

    very good

  40. Scott Crawford

    that's an awesome song!

  41. Alex Suicide

    They'd be better if Garrett didnt scream..

  42. Luxus

    bella cazzuta canzone :D

  43. Samantha Hernandez

    TCM kill it with each song and video!! Seriously, this song is probably one of my top 3 of their newer album :)

  44. carlie sheppard

    There are a lot of negative comments, but personally I love this song and music video!

  45. Liam Rayback

    The Color Morale is my favorite band of all time


    You aren't alone

    Liam Rayback

    Thank ye. You have good taste

  46. Chelsea Dunn

    This song is a jam! I love the flashback, old school type videos in it too!

  47. Rachel Lipson

    This video rules, just like the album!

  48. william watchman

    My favorite song off of Hold On Pain Ends.

  49. Xochitl Hansen

    Man, of course they kill it in a new video. they are fantastic musicians!

  50. Nadav Guy

    Tha guitar in the beginning is tickling my ears

  51. lex

    Wow.  New favorite TCM video.  The song itself is perfect, but the video just adds to it <3

  52. TJ Hayes

    Love this video so much

  53. jessie jamieson

    I love the set up and combo of this music video for the song it's so perfect ❤️

  54. emobanana22

    You guys are the sweetest band that I've ever met, I had the amazing chance to meet you guys while you were on The Get Real tour and you guys talked to me after the show and even gave me hugs!
    your music is so amazing and I can't wait to see you again!

  55. meridithhelms

    Love this video! It's so unique and I love the concept!

  56. Liam Ramsay

    Last night I was at studio 24 to see beartooth dead hearts and the color moral. I love garret and he is such an inspiration for a 15 year old like me of this generation. I had a 20 minute talk with him after his set and ye probably one of the best 20 minutes of my life. The band were great and his screaming was excellent but I didn't think his vocals were the best but all in all he was pretty awesome no hate would still go and see them any day but Yeh can see where people are coming from

  57. Timothy Tellez

    WOW!!!!!! haven't really listened to this band but damn. That was cool. kinda excited what the rest of the album sounds like

  58. Evan Peterson

    This music video is great good message behind the song too!

  59. missguidedyouth

    going to be seeing this live in Glasgow tonight,couldn't be more hyped🙌

  60. Kassandra Sanchez

    This song is pretty amazing! the lyrics and Garret's cleans are really good.

  61. sircaptainMO

    what happened to this band? they sound completely different................ sounds like radio bullshit

  62. Raiden Sama

    Still don't know why the fuck people call this kind of shit "brutal" like there is anything brutal xD This sounds really gay, add some unicorns and rainbows next time.


    @Nick DeathMetal Lol, chill out. I haven't seen anyone call this brutal.

    Lexa Woods

    My guess is that you're 16 and your favorite genre is metal and you think you're the most badass, metal kid to ever live and that your music taste is the best in the world. Expand your music taste, there's music for every moment. Not everything has to be brutal.


    @Mark Medina or he's 50 years old and thinks just because he's been here for half a century he's had the authority to tell everyone what's "metal" or not.

    Swanton Bomber

    +Mark Medina I'm saying bro

  63. Irad Leon

    This video is so great ;-;, I wouldn't expect anything less from a great band's great song, it's a must watch c:

  64. Kathryn Milliken

    This song is amazing, and I love how the video is pretty simple overall, but still creative!

  65. cutie belle

    so excited for their new album!!! I love this song!

  66. Allison Milliard

    Just saw these guys last April, it was awesome to hear the songs from the new album live! Love the concept behind this video too, killer song =)

  67. LDaily

    Really like this track! Love the band and this is up their with my favourite tracks of theirs!

  68. Loren Jones

    I picked up this album when it came out last year and to be honest haven't listened to it as much as I hoped I would. This music video just reminded me of how much I love The Color Morale and thanks to that I will be listening to this album on repeat for a while now! Great video, awesome band, song and album!

  69. Jade Mourningfire

    Ive honestly got to say the color morale is one of my favourite bands. They mean so much to me as does their message. I know some people dont like them, but honestly they are so close to my heart and i cant wait to see them live.

  70. Samantha Jo Cretella

    Awesome song! Can't wait for the tour!

  71. Andrea's Makeshift Radio Show

    I like The Color Moral's style on this song, and how they mix a hard sounding intro with pristine vocals, they way Linkin Park does incorporating Chester's vocals and not hating on that, kudos to them

  72. Celia Mellow

    this is so great!!! i just found this band a few days ago and im so happy i did, this is amazing.

    Michael Barnett

    @Celia Mellow their first two albums are INSANE

  73. UltimateKakashi5

    So underrated right now.

  74. Jennifer Tickner

    Seriously loving this video. TCM hasn't disappointed me yet and I doubt they ever will. Hold On Pain Ends carries such a great sound that makes you want to listen over and over again. I'm really hoping I can see them live sometime, so I can experience the emotion of them in a show.

  75. Josie Breining

    I love this guys so much meet garret twice & everytime is just so emotional & wonderful at the same time i love you big bro cant wait to see what come for you guys in the future & hope to see you soon 💓💓💓💓💋💋💋

  76. Jinx Vexx

    As usual I love it!! I enjoy the vocals of TCM :D <3 <3 <3

  77. Rae Ann Baumgardner

    This music video blew me away, along with a great song!

  78. Anna Mai

    This is definitely my favorite song on 'Hold On Pain Ends' and this music video makes me love it even more!

  79. Marciel Santos

    I'm from Brazil love the sound of you <3

  80. Heather Pahlmann

    I really loved the new video ...Are the pics on the background of the bands childhood?

  81. Liam Connery

    Saw these guys on the AP tour last month. Such great dudes with some great music,a very positive group of dudes which is always a welcome thing if you ask me. Loved the video and the song,keep up the good work my dudes!

  82. Nick W.

    This is my favorite tune from this album, I have to admit.

  83. Craig Wainman

    One of the most inspiring bands out there. I've never known anyone go out their way to support their fanbase in a way that TCM do. Every song they write can speak to someone in one way or another.r I know from personal experience that they've helped me. Not many bands can be 3000 miles away when you're listening to them and make you feel like you're not alone.

  84. Feud

    Great stuff!!!!

  85. Louis John Hill

    not feeling the mixing

  86. jumpnow59

    The thumbnail of this video reminds me of a "Who's That Pokemon?"

  87. Genny Thomas

    Loveeeeeeeeee it

  88. Mariah Ann

    I have so much love for this band. Saw them at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh and it was such a memorable night - they put everything into their performance and they care so much for their fans. I love their message and it's things like this song and video that keep me coming back.

  89. WhoIsNoelle?

    Love it!!! These vocals are to die for *_*

  90. Yesid G. López Mejía

    Bienvenidos los cambios :D
    Me gusto bastante el vídeo \m/
    Aguante The color morale.

  91. joshua vanderworken

    I'll support him til the end. great video. The video itself reminded me of rough hand by alexisonfire

  92. Gaby Guzman

    Incredible guys!!!

  93. orel402

    Thats sicks,Love it so much !

  94. Warrior Tha Witt

    The video is too quiet

  95. Ashley Chuck

    They always put out the best videos. I love this one!

  96. Devin

    This is a great song \m/ loved it!!

  97. savvy b

    So many negative comments..
    So I'm going to post my opinion here. I saw The Color Morale about a month ago and this band has been my absolute favorite since 2008. And honestly compared to warped tour of last year, Garret's vocals have improved greatly and he puts his all in everything he does. And yes, I realize their sound has changed between the first two albums compared to Know Hope and to Hold On Pain Ends. But if you cared enough to understand the reasons of why the sound changed, then you wouldn't be so rude about it. Garret gets so much shit from people for his vocal change, but he feels more like himself doing vocals this way. I've met garret and he is hands down one of the best guys I've ever met and he's such a dedicated artist. He doesn't deserve the negative comments and neither does the rest of the band. If you can't accept the change of a band then you probably should stick to their old stuff or just don't listen to them at all. Because just like any other band, their sound will eventually slightly change over time.

    With that being said. I love these guys and everything they do. Thank you for, The Color Morale, for all the hard work and soul put into everything you do \m/ love the new video.

    matthew ferguson

    careful bud don't cut yourself on that edge has nothing to with not being able to perform it, artists change deal with it.

    savvy b

    awsderfgth12 you guys are talking about edge, whilst replying on a comment made over a year ago. ok

    matthew ferguson

    i mean i just saw it now and wanted to reply... your point good sir?

    matthew ferguson

    and im not talking about you im talking to william foley...

    Will Foley

    matthew ferguson don't be mad at me because Garrett throws the mic into the crowd for half the song

  98. Logan Sorensen

    Everyone is complaining about garrets voice.. have y'all even lustened to TCM before? Cuz that's what his voice is. And it sounds the same live. I just saw them a couple weeks ago

    Daniel Ginger

    They're complaining cause he used to be a beast of a screamer

    Logan Sorensen

    He still is!

    Daniel Ginger

    I love them regardless really, I can't really imagine the stuff they play now portrayed the same way as the old music they used to play