Color Morale, The - Be Longing Always Lyrics

(I've got my father's teeth
And my mother's bite marks.
We are all victims of consequence.
And we can built it or tear it down
With the same two hands!)

(We all fail,
But we are not all failures.
Preaching to never fail,
We don't have to live like this!)

You live your life in shame,
(Chasing what was too far away!)
It's not a contest
And love can't be won.
You'll speak and you'll speak,
But not around to me.
Broken homes lead the way
For twisted tongues.

(Broken homes
Lead way for twisted tongues,
We will not be forgotten.
This will be the reason I refuse
To find to a way break this empathy.
We want too easy!)

(I found a foothole in the faultline.
There was only a voice,
There was only Him.
And this is what it said:)

I still love you somehow,
And I still love you somehow.

You live your life in shame,
(Chasing what was too far away!)
It's not a contest
And love can't be won.
You'll speak and you'll speak,
But not around to me.
Broken homes lead the way
For twisted times.

(I still love you, I still love you somehow!)

(I still love you somehow.
I still love you somehow
And I always will!)

(You've got a tape worm
Growing within your soul.
You're gonna have to dig it out alive.
Dig it out. Dig it out, dig it out!)

I still love you somehow,
And I still love you somehow.

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Color Morale, The Be Longing Always Comments
  1. Eich Aron

    3:36 the screams are amazing....epic

  2. White Dragon

    I've been listening to this band since 2009, I really like it until today!


    Flavio Ricci same

    Jay Motzer

    saaaaaame bro. I remember playing MapleStory for hooooours straight just listening to this album on repeat.

  3. Mad Bird

    never listened to color morale. But I think I just found my new favourite band now.

  4. Luke The Drifter

    ugh i used to die for this song

  5. xXTristenBlairXx

    I fucking love that SCREAM at 3:02, fucking epic!!!

  6. Nocturnal Productions


  7. LemonZeppelin

    One of my favourite songs, I feel sorry for people who have never heard this song.

  8. dietermoreno

    is it just me, or does anyone think that this song is religious and it is about we don't have to fail with no one to talk to there is always God to talk to and still loving God even though all of life's problems are growing a tape worm in your soul?

  9. Jez

    I love these guys, their lyrics send out similar messages as WCAR. They have help me so many times. Thank you TCM! Keep making great music.

  10. Wintercruise

    Love this song too much.

  11. Omar AlBader

    i hate it when they say "love" in clean vocals XD .... TCM \m/

  12. owmyears55

    meant to say aside from rise bands

  13. luna

    there is always a voice & it's always there & this is what it says, "I still love you somehow" "& I still love you somehow".

  14. Anissa Wilson

    Sounds like this song opened up with " I got my fathers dick and my mothers buttocks " LOL.

    Dayne Pestel

    Anissa Wilson I can hear it for sure. That's FuckN Awesome! lol

  15. Isaac Lampner

    It was released before it was finalized but for the most part it's right. Look how close it's been so far. Even on bands you wouldn't expect.

  16. owmyears55

    i believe heartist is most underrated band under rise

  17. Tyler Kotter

    That's not the actual list. They appear every year and they're never true. Anyone that believes those lists are idiots.

  18. Isaac Lampner

    Lineup was leaked December 8th.

  19. LemonZeppelin

    Inspirational lyrics

  20. Adam Pominski

    Know Hope

  21. dietermoreno

    Well before you say that he sucks in my video, I'm going to tell you that the sound guy there sucked he doesn't know the difference between an input jack, output jack and he doesn't know the difference between a speaker cable and an instrument cable. the mic was too quite and it was turned up at the end of the song.

    yes I am serious that is how bad the sound guy was. A band forfeited playing because the sound guy gave up trying to figure out why using a speaker cable as a guitar cable is bad.

  22. dietermoreno

    I don't think you have seen Garrett live.

    Live he is some of the best harsh screams I have ever heard.

    I personally think that this studio albumn digitally sterilized his screams, and I actually like his screams better on my own live recording at only 64kbps audio bit rate.

    He is so good he even sounds good at 64kbps (the audio bit rate of my camera).

    You try sounding good at 64kbps.

  23. dietermoreno

    If you can scream so good, then why are you not signed to Rise Records?

    If he can't scream, then why would Rise Records sign him?

    Apparently Rise Records thinks that he can scream?

  24. dietermoreno

    I like live better. I think this song sounds "digitally steralized" in the studio version.

  25. brycom23


  26. Zak Diesal

    You're saying "I promise I can scream lower/higher louder/stronger And do it ten times as long." Well to be pretty logical coming from a vocalist, his screams are pretty loud/low. Just because his aren't as low as Phil Bozeman's doesn't mean his vocal range will not allow him to do so. Just because in YOUR opinion you dislike this band doesn't mean you have to comment about bullshit regarding the vocalist when you have know idea what you're talking about. Ignorance annoys me..

  27. Benjermin7

    I honestly believe that Garret Rapp is one of the best harsh vocalists out there...They compliment his melodic vocals amazingly. I respect your opinion, though I don't like how you brag about your own vocals. =P

  28. cody cyphers

    The only fool present in this feed is you. Since you so bluntly stated your uneducated opinion, I'd like to see you step up and take the initiative to challenge Garett. The Color Morale does have a Facebook. Instead of being a coward and talking shit on a youtube video, take your talentless ass to the real deal and present your transparent vocal ability there. It will be a pleasant experience to see Garett degrade your non-existent skill, and put you back under the rock where you belong.

  29. Jake Richards

    I'll outscream that fool. Anytime. Any place.

  30. cody cyphers

    Unfortunately you're the only fool who carries this opinion. I wish Garett could scream like he does live right in your face. The only thing layered would be your pants.

  31. Veilofmaya

    Subscribing to riserecords is one of the few wise decisions I made in life. Life has been such a bitch lately, these bands actually lift my spirits and help me cope so much better.

  32. lucianollica

    This band has futureee!

  33. Sky

    We are all victims, of consequence.

  34. necromancer584

    not really, the name of the band is the color morale, not the colour morale. the words color and colour are words and both are correct, but since this is a name, it's not a word and is meant to be spelled how they have it written.

  35. Jesse


  36. Josie

    The riff @0.39

  37. Paul

    Color and Colour both work smart one...

  38. C.J. Dahlman

    This band is amazing live. I saw them for this CD release tour, and since I had been listening to WAHD over and over again, i expected some soft, melodic hardcore with so-so screaming. What I received was as follows: brutality, excellent clean and dirty vox, a high energy show, a punch to the face from a very fat man, and soiled pants.

  39. xXShadowNikkuXx2012

    checkout my amv for this just go
    to my channel or type this in the
    search below.

    Heroic Ace - Belonging & Always

  40. Sean White

    the devil in your prada

  41. Hunter Cucchiaro

    these guys have gotten so much better since their first album.

  42. tweety spears

    I litsen to this album more than there 2nd one

  43. Thomas Pflanzer

    This band left a great impression on me ; first time hearing them .

  44. wickedsalem658

    I still love you some how. <3 love that lyric.

  45. Luis Fonseca

    We're all victims of consequence

  46. Zick Scitt Swinn

    I hear that their lyrics are all christian-based. Which is totally cool, but i think they can be perceived either way. Religious wise, or just life wise... if that makes sense?

  47. mj16077

    @xbeautifulabuse HELL YES!!

  48. Sydney Leanne

    Dig it out!!!

  49. ReprogrammedToHate

    2:02 "I sit in a butty hole" LOL

  50. ReprogrammedToHate

    @PropertyOfHoliness AND I ALWAYS WILL!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. hurlexkid

    SICK! intro!

  52. PropertyOfHoliness

    i still love you somehow!!!!!!!!!

  53. The vocalist is dank as FUCK!

  54. bigdaddyfavaro

    I hate the singing but the breakdowns and screamers voice is brutal

  55. paxtonsmith

    it's really a shame this band isn't more well known

  56. ReprogrammedToHate

    @JoshLongify SOMEHOW.

  57. Treggify

    @ringthebellsnorth I think there's guest vox. maybe

  58. Treggify

    @mewkittyninja i wrote that to the wrong person. hahahaha

  59. Treggify

    @mewkittyninja i think there's guest vocals... maybes

  60. Hal Funkington

    @mewkittyninja you mad as fuck.

  61. kmart1276

    @JDMxGSRxVTEC i know exactly what you mean. it's like rise wants certain song styles. 2011 has made it really apparent with all of these weekly releases

  62. rustyshin

    Greatest intro!

  63. Zombiefreds

    listen to the intro with headphones on

  64. Samantha Jade

    I LOVE this song. :) Freaking SIICCKKK.

  65. David Cortese

    this is such a sick song i just uploaded a cover of this song!

  66. Jordan

    @Sanaale2813 Yeah, but bands like BMTH made changes that sound like natural evolutions. The Color Morale took away their epic sound from their debut and went with a more generic, trendy sound just like their contemporaries, it makes me sad.

  67. Jordan

    Am I the only one who thinks the new clean vocals really suck in comparison to "We All Have Demons"?

    I think the heavy parts sound as good if not better in some parts, but I think the vocals suck all-around now. They have the same singer, I dont understand why they did this.

  68. Josh Long


  69. mimsey


  70. oshilzl

    another amazing song
    can't wait for this album