Collins, Phil - No Way Out Lyrics

Everywhere I turn I hurt someone
But there's nothing I can say to change the things I've done
Of all the things I hid from you I cannot hide the shame
And I pray someone something will come to take away the pain

There's no way out of this dark place
No hope, no future
I know I can't be free
But I can't see another way
And I can't face another day

Tell me where did I go wrong
Everyone I loved, they're all gone
I'd do everything so differently
But I can't turn back the time
There's no shelter from the storm inside of me

There's no way out of this dark place
No hope, no future
I know I can't be free
But I can't see another way
And I can't face another day

Can't believe the words I hear
It's like an answer to a prayer
When I look around I see
This place, this time, this friend of mine

I know It's hard but you found somehow
To look into your heart and to forgive me now
You've given me the strength to see just where my journey ends
You've given me the strength to carry on

I see the path from this dark place
I see my future
Your forgiveness has set me free
Oh, and I can see another way
I can face another day

(I see the path)
I can see the path
(I see the future)
I see the path from this dark place
I see my future

I see the path
(I can see the path)
I see the future
I see the path

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Collins, Phil No Way Out Comments
  1. born free

    its ALWAYS darkest before the dawn. There is a many a winners, who quit while the gold challis was in the their grasp. In the dark it is impossible to see how close you are to success, so you just have to keep going. You, and I, have to give it just one more day. We have to get up another time because, only god knows, just how close we are to success. The only difference between successful people and failures is that the successful person just kept getting up, while the failure quit.

  2. Mikayla Smith

    Oof right in the childhood. Brother Bear is such an underrated Disney film.

  3. Alfonso Garcia

    This is really similar to my life.i have been through some harsh situations. Like this.

  4. Jerwin Sablayan

    2019 - 2020

  5. Mary johnson

    Kaladin nooo

  6. Eyeoftheshadows

    Koda....I did something very wrong.

  7. Curt Caine Cobane

    There's no shelter from the storm inside of me

    Yeah.. that cuts the deepest..

  8. C.J. Midgley

  9. Robbie Abramson

    I feel old 😅I’m 21 and I remember seeing this in theaters and half of you don’t even know the movie 🤦‍♂️😒

    Chris The Phoenix

    I watched this movie so many times as a kid.

  10. nathaly ruiz

    Aburrida jaajajaj

  11. WeabooNation


  12. Adventures of Critter Girl

    This is random but, doesn't the beginning of the song remind anyone else of Jurassic World? Like how Claire and maybe the people who made the Indominus felt after getting so many people killed ?

  13. carmella lilly

    Love this movie and the sequel.

  14. Charles Francis


  15. Mattie Laper

    Aspen Film Society In Association With PorchLight Entertainment KCET Los Angles Film Distribution

  16. Mattie Laper

    Aspen Film Society

  17. SuperMarioWilliam

    and the past cannot be changed


    @Erik Olson yeah for the worst

    Erik Olson

    @SuperMarioWilliam or for the better. Don't be so negative.


    @Erik Olson im not, its called being a realist

    Erik Olson

    @SuperMarioWilliam while I see the realistic point of view, I'm more of an idealist. The future can be changed for the better or the worst, but I'm holding out hope for the best possible future, and I'm also trying to help out as much as I can to make sure it'll be that way. You should try it sometime. 😡


    @Erik Olson i mean things r getting better...kind of

  18. SuperMarioWilliam

    "no hope, no future" well u know what they say. one mistake in the past, can change the entire future

  19. Awesome Trixie


  20. Joao Machado

    Como eu te amo Mónica 😊

    Mónica Costa

    E eu a ti meu amor... o amor da minha vida 💙

    I see the path from this dark place
    I see my future
    Your forgiveness has set me free
    On and I can see another way
    I can face another day!

  21. Dingaan Nkomo


  22. WarriorGecko04's Channel

    This song can make anybody cry sometimes.

  23. Steven Higgins

    Kion (obviously) Elsa, Jim, possibly Kusco, this could fit a lot of Disney characters. Hell, it could fit Riku from Kingsom Hearts.

  24. Tai-Fu Lin

    18 July 2019, Kyouani arson attack, 33 clerks died.
    26 July 2019, Ex-h site termination due to SJW attack.
    God please save us from the darkest hour.

  25. Loki

    I love this movie but the part were koda see's his mother still gets me even though i know its coming its so beautiful yet heartbreaking at the same time

  26. Melissa Fantato

    Phil Collins has done so much beautiful songs for Disney love him

  27. Melissa Fantato

    This song makes me cry cause I can relate to the feelings

  28. Diamond, Vijana the lioness


  29. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Brilliant vocals by the great Phil Collins!!!

  30. Reuben Guttenberg

    But kenai said sorry to Koda for Killing Koda's mother

  31. Reuben Guttenberg

    Kenai did blame himself for Killing Koda's mother

  32. Diego Carlucci

    Your mother's not comin'...

  33. mrprojoe1

    brother bear is by far better than frozen cause there is so much more meaning in this movie and the songs alone are better

  34. Anna Piema

    Awesome sound

  35. Mattie Laper

    MPAA Dolby Surround IATSE

  36. Mattie Laper

    1 Balto
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  37. hches98

    Who else has had a broken heart??

  38. Bella

    Am I the only one who keeps only thinking about Kenai and Koda??

  39. Freddy the creepypasta We're death is magic

    Take notes Frozen, this IS real music

  40. Mercedes Harley

    I swear this song is my life... I know I've hurt people and no matter what I do I know I can't turn back time

  41. Špela Bošnjak

    This is exactly how I feel about myself when people say to me that I am strange... but there is a path for me to find my future... I can face another day with people that I love by my side.

  42. Tiluxan Balagopalan

    Emotional pain distress can be tough to let go of even for me it’s hard cause I stress and feel distress sometimes

  43. Manuel Orozco

    This is the first time I’ve heard the whole song without the sequence in the movie. Hearing this as an adult and not the 11 year old boy inside me who saw the movie on desert trip with his family, I think of No Way Out as Brother Bear’s version of Somewhere from West Side Story. In fact I can picture this as a duet between Kenai and Koda after the latter confesses the death of the former’s mother in a future Broadway musical.

  44. Carlos Collins

    Going through a break up recently made me want to listen to this

  45. Phaedra McNeil

    This is by far my favourite Disney movie

  46. Colourful 999 Real

    Phil Collins

  47. Tiluxan Balagopalan

    Emotional song about regret and remorse

  48. hglorianne

    Ozpin RWBY

  49. Misty Demorrow

    I can't help but think of Varian from Tangled the Series, as he is being reformed.

    Manuel Orozco

    Misty Demorrow I love that show. I hope it comes back from it’s long hiatus next month in time for my birthday. Because hoping Varien reforms is one reason I’m not going to stop watching. I love Mandy, Zack, Eden, Jeremy, James and others.

  50. JuLewIse Travel vlogs

    I love this song so much😍 but I can’t get over the fact that the dutch translation of this song is better... I hear it in english and I think like: wow this is so beautiful... but when I hear the dutch translation... it just grabs me... it’s like there is more emotion in the dutch translation, because it’s all said a little differently... but hey, still love this song and this movie😍

  51. sgauden02

    Kenai wanted to kill that bear in revenge for what happened to his brother. He got it. But instead of bringing him satisfaction, it brought him misery beyond his wildest dreams.

    Manuel Orozco

    sgauden02 I didn’t expect it to happen the first time. The 2000’s maybe gone but Disney is still full of surprises.

  52. SilverHeroOnline YT

    I know depression....cuz I’m depressed......

  53. Rick Cool

    This is my song

  54. Cindy Conception

    🙂I still love him..his the only moron I know...and his my bubblegum.... I we'll grow old alone... If I'm not with him. He's not with me too. And I was soo happy to meet you , the incredible meaning of unbelievable.. bubblegum..

  55. MrGabeanator

    msmojo brought me here

  56. jesus torres

    This song reflects to me in a lot of ways

  57. Chris The Phoenix

    I have found a song for my past regrets.

  58. Best Anime Hero

    *Ultimate **_Try not to cry_** song*


    u thought that was hard not to cry to? try listening to lets just live

  59. AutisticMC

    if people understood how Autistic and special needs people REALLY felt, maybe we wouldn't be bullied so much. but they don't, they don't look through OUR eyes and see what we see: pain, sadness, hurt. All we want is to be accepted, and we're NOT.

    Manuel Orozco

    AutisticMC I have autism too. And have not been physically harassed

  60. WitchyWoman1024

    As much as I love Brother Bear, this version of the song reminds me so much of my fight with Depression.

  61. Quentin Quentin

    I give up.... are you listening f*cking “god” you win... I GIVE UP!!! you were right, there isn’t way out! 🖕🏻

  62. King jayy

    I'm still in my dark place 😢😢😢

  63. Sarah Thorne

    This film is so underrated and so is Phil Collins 💖 My go to song 💖🤧

  64. Syah Aziz

    It's 12 am and I'm eating trifle while listening to this.😖😦missing home.

  65. Kaizen

    Лучшая песня Фила Колинза! С любовью из России

  66. Crisp Biscuit

    2018 anyone?😊😇

    Manuel Orozco

    Crisp _Biscuit 2019

  67. Listen Heart

    I can’t but feel so emotional towards this song right now than anything, why does Disney have to do this to me? It’s just amazing

  68. Chris J McCarthy

    this was my dads song he always played man I miss him and this song reminds me of him

    Olivija Strandjord

    James McCarthy Do you still miss him?

  69. •b0wnsy girl•

    Phil Collins voice has so much emotion to it, like you can really hear him singing from his heart, not just this song, it’s all of them❤️❤️

  70. mrprojoe1

    F*ck what the critrics say about this movie cause they dont mean the true meaning of this movie cause it teaches so much

    Olivija Strandjord

    mrprojoe1 Agreed, but please don’t use that language. The F bomb.

  71. Amber Palin

    suicidal song telling them to commit suicide called no way out what is this Esme smit telling people to kill them selves that low of the lowest

  72. Shareef Naeem

    Like in Brother Bear, this song still made me want to cry, but the song actually became happy at the end, so this version of the song is an emotion changer

  73. Candis Fitzgerald

    This makes me want to cry😭

  74. Jonny BassÄm

    I song this to my self most nites in jail...

  75. Alex is a e s t h e t i c trash

    fucking brother bear

  76. Adason328

    Kenai: Koda I did something really bad.

  77. BriLovesPatrick Briones

    This song should be the soundtrack to "Bates Motel"

  78. Gary Jones

    So glad you found your happy place Phil, stay strong!!

  79. Mandy Candy

    I had come here from the movie Brother Bear (as I assume most of us have) and after listening to just the song without Keni's story, I feel that this is a perfect representation for the regrets written down on a suicide note before an attempt. Feeling lost, hurting people, "can't take back the things I've done". Then it talks about finding the light that every mentally-stable person says is coming with hope. They find the light, and life is amazing.

    But then I think about those of us that we have been to Hell and back, we've gotten medical help, we've tried asking for help and talking about our problems, and yet, the light that we hear about is merely a myth to us. "There's no way out". I couldn't have said it any better myself.

  80. Ricci K


  81. Game_ Central

    They don’t make these movies no more

    Manuel Orozco

    El Viperr408 Or do they

  82. blossom beauty

    I still going through it. I just waiting for Jehovah to take away the pain. I am still stuck in life. 😔😭😟🙁

    blossom beauty

    I still waiting on someone to forgive me.

    Pedro Lopez

    Follow Jesus path. He shall cleanse you from all the negativity you have.

  83. lala alal

    How I wish phil collins should be the singer of brother bear 2😩

    Manuel Orozco

    lala alal Partially why I still refuse to watch the sequel

  84. Benj47 Llorty

    still makes me cry, lyrics is my life i feel so sorry for myself i wish i was not born at all

  85. T U

    I am serious

  86. Riba Ganiey

    I decided this to my papa

  87. Sadie Mormon-Horn

    I don’t like this song. It reminds me of dark times. Depression and Suicide.

  88. Viickii Campbell

    This just popped in my head, amazing song, even now I still love brother bear 😩😍

  89. Windrunner Radiant


  90. Calvin Torgerson

    This song will depress adults and frighten small children.

    Pedro Lopez

    I don't see how this song can frighten small children. They should understand how sad the song is, not how scary it is.

  91. Francis Murray

    I m listening to this in 2017
    thks to my parents for showing me brother bear and in 2005 i've got a little brother and now im the big brothertaking care of him

  92. TNTMASTER807

    This fuckin song just sets me off on my way isn't bad but this tops them all 😭

  93. LowkomotiveMcSwagger

    1 = brother bear 2= tarzan 3= treasure planet 4= lion King 5= Hercules and best real life movie narnia

    Pedro Lopez

    Real life? Do you mean "Live Action"?