Collins, Phil - (Love Is Like A) Heatwave Lyrics

Whenever I'm with him
Something inside
Starts to burnin'
And I'm filled with desire

Could it be the devil in me
Or is this the way love's supposed to be

Just like a heatwave
Burning in my heart
Can't keep from cryin'
It's tearing me apart

Whenever he calls my name
So slow, sweet and plain
I feel, yeah, yeah, well I feel that burning flame

Has my blood pressure got a hold on me
Or is this the way love's supposed to be

Just like a heatwave
Burning in my heart
Can't keep from cryin'
It's tearing me apart

Sometimes I stare in space
Tears all over my face
I can't explain it, don't understand it
I 'ain't never felt like this before

But that doesn't mean it has me amazed
I don't know what to do, my head's in a haze

Just like a heatwave
Burning in my heart
Can't keep from cryin'
It's tearing me apart

Don't pass up this chance
This time it's a true romance


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Collins, Phil (Love Is Like A) Heatwave Comments
  1. Michael David

    Phil looked so happy.

  2. Rob Moir

    good to hear Phil Collins sing something more upbeat for a change

  3. Zaqueu borges leal silva

    Phenomenal Martha Reeves e The Vandellas' cover: song by Brian Holland/ Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland.

  4. Dominik Pagórek

    In these days is so hard to find legends like this iconic man. Phill and Genesis! :D

  5. Aurélien Charpy

    I think there's a problem with the description of the video translated in french haha : "(Love Is Like A) Heatwave" est une couverture de l'original par Martha et le Vandellas", or "Achetez l'autobiographie de Phil "Not Dead Yet" et The Singles: une collection de tous les 45 scénaristes de Phil Collins" XDD

  6. Alvaro Arana

    Irritating voice.


    Ohhhhhh dance

  8. junior

    The man I'm trying to be exactly like especially with his awesome drumming

  9. Torsten G.

    einfach einer der Besten Musiker ***EVER***

  10. Steezy The Mayor


  11. Adrain Woods

    Love this such a fun song and looks like he’s having fun 🥰❤️👏👏🙌🏼👏

  12. Angela Snyder

    Awesome sonf

  13. Anto

    Ti amo Phil.sei un genio.una voce che riconoscerei tra milioni 😘😍

  14. Lynnie Heal

    Brilliant thank you always to PhilCollins for his music .

  15. Patti Brown

    He has such a wonderful voice. He did look like he enjoyed himself.

  16. 68blues

    Old Phil can belt out Tamla Mo' and no mistake.

  17. Retrodee

    Brilliant!! Sounds just like the original.

  18. solfrid Berg


  19. PeterSun Vibrations

    You are an amazing musician, thank you for all the music and songs that you gave us. Blessed be <3

  20. Vivi Sotelo

    Mi amor platónico! Besos querido.💕

  21. Charo Gómez Ruvalcaba


  22. bass0111

    Who is the woman at 0:39?

  23. Lady Ortica

    Great show!

  24. Lukas Nosek

    Jedeš bomby Phile 🤩👍🏻

  25. BluesJay

    Remember Flint! Vote Blue Collar Democrat!

  26. Rodrigo Moreira Fernandes

    Phil is the best! Forever!!

  27. Cendrine Victoire

    Awesome !!!

  28. Franz Fuchs

    Der Beste auf dieser Welt

  29. Bob Hager

    Joan Osborne has a better rendition on YT

  30. daniel mcdermott

    This man has no shame.

  31. john mccarthy

    Will Somebody Please do something with this guy ?

  32. Blue Print

    Ouch. Give me Martha Reeves and Linda Ronstadt. This sounds embalmed.

  33. Katherine L. A. B

    Love him 😍

  34. Charo Gomez

    Qué buena rola!!! Y la interpretan con tanto feeling!!! Trasmiten tanto vigor y sensualidad!!!

  35. Tamii Minaj

    Phil Collins the best!!!
    I love the song.

  36. Adam

    Dusty version just as good

  37. Walton Simons

    what an absolute tune! cant help but put a smile on my face 🔥🔥

  38. Marg H

    Mr collins amazing doin album motown stunnigs wander if he can cover do nortern soul music to wow tears but happytears ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  39. lej-down gasp

    Legends of Tomorrow - Mick Rory xD

  40. TheBigHase

    Version by The Who is the best imo.

  41. RL R

    What an absolute PIECE OF SHIT.

  42. nicky the cat

    Thousand times better then the original song itself.

  43. David Tananta

    Me encanta Phil Collins, y todas sus canciones, gran versión la que hace de esta canción, pero me gusta mas la de Joan Osborne, su potencia vocal se luce mas.

  44. Geoffrey Guns

    I have listened to this album and watched these videos dozens of times. Great sound and just like the original. Super!

  45. Steve Avers

    the weathar sure is hot this week - mid July 2017

  46. alvaro orozco

    love it ........

  47. Wesley C

    You're the legend, Phil

  48. Yas Daiana

    It's great when you're 15 but you have enough good taste to appreciate Phil Collins music 🙌🏼



    M. Oliveira

    Yas Daiana well done! When I was your age I start to listen to good stuff too. Your taste won't change . Thank god !

  49. Les Martin

    So pleased Phil is getting out and touring again, its where he needs to be and singing songs like this too

  50. Ace Alvarez

    get your ass up and dance!!!!!!!!!

  51. Edjane Silva

    Phil Collins the best!!❤❤

  52. Ruben Pinon

    Love this cover done by Phil,sounds good !!!!!

  53. Arlene Hill

    As someone says, he looks like he is really into this, as well as with everyone else playing, singing in this. Like his physical gestures,
    throughout the song directly taken from Motown singers and other African American performers. Yeah,
    Martha and the Vandellas did it first, but his rendition is great too.

  54. Eloi Sabater

    Thank you for that amazing cover Phil. You always make me feel happy every time I hear it, It doesn't matter how bad was the day.

  55. George Martin

    sounds like pro tools recording, 9 trillion edits, very white bread and honestly this is really played out..enough already...why do i need collins covers of motown songs...? no thanks...

  56. Dan Goodbad

    can't hurry love part 2

  57. Frank Driscoll

    You know whats one thing i don't get. How come he retired after this record. I mean, look at him throughout the video. He looks so happy. Why did he just throw it away for a while?

    Dan Goodbad

    partly due to illness but he's back now

  58. The Lamb

    This is frankly sad. Completely pointless. His voice sounds worse than ever. Doesn't work. An unfortunate coda to an incredible, peerless career.

    The Lamb

    @Saulo León This version wouldn't pass muster on "The Voice", "The X Factor", "Britain's Got Talent", "Eurovision Song Quest", and so on. Let alone make its way onto an album by one of the world's most prominent singer-songwriters of the popular ear. It's supremely lightweight, poorly performed, poorly produced. A disaster and tough to swallow for long-term fans like myself.

    Saulo León

    @Israel Did 9/11 I'm a long-term fan like you, I grew up with his music and this album is so fucking awesome

    The Lamb

    @Saulo León Hmm...well, everybody has his own personal opinion, that's what make the world so interesting. This album to me is nothing but a late-career cash grab, a lazy, hastily-thrown together karaoke run-through of tired old standards performed with no real heart or soul. Just blah and barely worth spending money on.

  59. Michael David

    God bless Berry Gordy for introducing us to Motown. One of my favorite genre's of music.

  60. Jim Foster


  61. Mauricio Black

    Those are the original Funk Brothers!

  62. NovAn_21

    Glad he's back with his new album!

    The Lamb

    ??? "Going Back" released in 2010 - six years ago...!!!


    Sorry I didn't know 😀 thx btw

    The Lamb

    @NovAn_21 TIme is flying...6 years can go by in the blink of an eye!

  63. Ali Morgan

    Love it lol

  64. Fernando Henrique Silva

    Muito show esta música!

  65. Flor Liz

    Gosto muito !...

  66. hans eins

    Daumen nach ganz oben!!!!

  67. Neus Pelaez

    :D Amor verdadero !

  68. Michael David

    I cant believe how close it sounds to the original. He even managed to get surviving members of the funk brothers who played on the original version of heatwave. Phil once stated in a magazine that he wanted the songs on going back to sound like the originals. They really do. He never leaves any stone unturned at all. Holland-Dozier-Holland must be really proud of this fine musician.


    The only original member of the Funk Brothers that played on the original 1963 recording is Eddie Willis . Bob Babbitt , one of the greatest bassists of all time replaced the master of all bassists James Jamerson in 1969 . Ray Monette is an original member of Rare Earth that left the group in 2003 , when Joe Messina retired . Since this recording , Bob Babbitt passed away in 2011? due to a brain tumor .

    Jean-Poutre LeMelomaneAverti

    Then we have Joan Osborne version, which sounds even closer to original material.
    Strong love for almost all covers, btw

    Michael David

    @Jean-Poutre LeMelomaneAverti I'll always love the original but Phil did a fine cover of it.

  69. Steven Harris

    Great job covering a classic. No one does it like Phil!!!

  70. Denton Williams

    What was the reason that this is in a lower key at roseland since these happend only a few months appart? just wasnt as easy to sing it live?

    Michael David

    +Denton Williams probably to save his voice for further shows. everything is always easier in the studio

  71. totolarico75

    joli cover de Phil

  72. Nao Réminiscence

    love it so much (I discovered it in the movie sister act ) great :)

  73. woltar9

    Love it

    don papani

    nice love it

  74. CIGANY

    I LOVE HIS VOICE . i love him

  75. Gacho

    Best singer in the world

  76. Anna Marcinkowska


  77. Marina Madus

    Ich habe schon viele Konzerte gesehen. Aber Phil Collins war das Beste. So perfekt ist keiner.

  78. Phil Collins

    Who remembers Phil performing "(Love Is Like A) Heatwave" at Roseland Ballroom, NY on June 23, 2010? Check out the official music video! #philcollins  

    Alejandra N

    .I could not be there.  :(

    Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz


    Ismael Ciulla

    I did not even know that he played a gig for this song

    Linda J. S. Anderson

    +Phil Collins I have never been to a concert. But that doesn't stop me from searching for you online. Heatwave. I remember!

    Katherine L. A. B

    It is such a blessing this genius is among us 😍
    Long live to the legendary #PhilCollins

  79. Cassy Siempre

    I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Vickie Hibbard

    I love Phil he can sing great job phil

  81. Julia Paiva


  82. Margarete Loeschke

    gonna share this

  83. dntlss

    I love how he says "Heatwave" at 2.32,  ive seen this boy in concert many times,with and without GENESIS, if hes in your hometown ever again you owe it to yourself to go,all these great musical monsters are fading fast,sad .   

  84. Michele Nardes Daniel


  85. George Barros

    Beautiful song. Marta Reeves & The Vandellas 1965 or Phil Collins  2010


    July 4, 1963 this was #4 on Billboard's Hot 100

    Roy Chivers

    George Barros I was lucky enough to see Martha Reeves and the vandellas at the west cliff theatre Clacton on sea essex

  86. cristal02469

    Beautiful song... Linda música

  87. David Carreño

    Esta cancion siempre me pone de buenas. Transmite buena vibra Phil Collins

  88. Victoria Roberts

    Love this song

  89. cegolau

    Phil is just a monster, I think he farts musical notes.

  90. Manny Orbiz


  91. яυву ѕ. в :

    I like this song...... ♥

  92. Cindy Porter

    Damn he;s still fine.

  93. Ms. Trini

    Awwwwww, he looked so happy when he made this video.

  94. Đức trần ngọc

    Shit. I’ve just come to be really green with envy of my nephew. He has actually been unattached permanently. By some cheat, he’s got a model to deeply love him in weeks. How can that be thinkable? He told me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone exquisite told me that… I’ve never witnessed him so positive. Sort of makes me sick.

  95. Renato Rovetta

    The Great Legend !!!

  96. MilMascarasvideos1

    cool horns.

  97. DrCerebro

    He seems to understand english perfectly?