Collins, Judy - Running For My Life Lyrics

Riding the night train, New York, to LA,
Gonna go and get me some sunshine.
Clipping along t'ward the Colorado Rockies,
Leaving you behind me.

There's a cold icy wind blowing like a demon
Off Lake Michigan.
I'm going where the weather is warm and the heat off.

You burned me out and you did me in,
You beat me at the game
I can not win.

I'm going where the pace is slower,
The stakes are lower.
I'm running for my life.

Tomorrow I'll wake up without you.
I'll curl my hair, and listen to my heart.
I don't want to hear a word about you,
I'll do what I care to do,
I'll do what I dare to do.
I'm running for my life.

I can see the switch man out in the freight yard,
Waving his lights at my train.
Red fir stopping my heart from beating,
Green for driving me insane.
And the rain is pouring,
And the wheels are rolling past that Nevada line
I'm going where the weather is hot,
And you are not.

I played the fool I believed your lies,
I danced till I was nearly paralyzed
I'm gone and going.
I'm running for my life

Tomorrow I'll wake up without you,
I'll get a room with windows on the sea
I'll do all the things I could never do,
You never will find me here
Not a thing to remind me here.
I'm running for my life

Sky's getting bright with California sunrise,
Shining its light on my train
Drying my tears soothing my fears,
Taking away my old pain.
And the engine's rockin' and the wheels are talkin'
About the tracks ahead,
I'm going where the world is new and the past is dead.
You brought me low and you got me high
I'm leaving you with my bridges burning,
There's no returning.

I'm running for my life
I'm running for me life

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Collins, Judy Running For My Life Comments
  1. Mollie Downs

    THIS is the song I use to get psyched up for stuff.:-) Also like her version of "Memory" from "Cats" - though I don't think her voice is quite suited to that song.

  2. 向日葵

    I have been looking for this for more than 30 years.   found it tonight

  3. Madsen Studios LLC

    That build up at around 3:00 and then just to have it all fall back down suddenly.... SO GOOD.

  4. diego Fraschini

    Magnific Records Album ........... Fabulous

  5. webster brambles

    yikes haha :54-1:00

    Mollie Downs

    Yeah... you gotta wonder if it was her or the record.:)

  6. sstavsky

    Wonderful record!

  7. mark hayman-martinez

    One of her most underrated albums.  Long after she has left the stage, people will find this one.


    One of my favourites but I love Starmaker most..Her voice is angelic

  9. sstavsky

    Really good record! Bought the cassette in the 80's.


    i bought it too and lost it i do not know when

  10. paula dunham

    Great song!!