Collins, Judy - Daughters Of Time Lyrics

From the beginning of time
Like a heartbeat that never can die
Like the wind on the sea like the sun on the sand
Like a baby's cry
We've had a dream in our hearts
That gives us the courage to try
We must have a song that says we can be strong
We must reach for the sky

We are the daughters of time
And the sisters of a new day
Born in the labor of love
And the promise of tomorrow
We are the children of light and we are here today
We are here to stay
The suns and the daughters of time

We are no longer alone we are no longer afraid
We can reach out with our hands and our hearts
That's how dreams are made
Over the water so wide
Like a bird that sails on through the sky
We know the way to be the best we can be
And look life in the eye

We are the daughters of time
And the sisters of a new day
Born in the labor of love
And the promise of tomorrow
We are the children of light and we are here today
We are here to stay
The suns and the daughters of time

Just like the lady in the harbor shining bright
Giving her hope in the darkest of the nightJ
Ust like the lady in the harbor standing tall
Now we know we are together one and all

We're on our way to the stars
Nothing can turn us away
We will survive and our dream is alive of a better day
There is a way to find peace
Turning away from the past
With love for our brothers and sisters on earth
We'll have a new world at last

We are the daughters of time
And the sisters of a new day
Born in the labor of love
And the promise of tomorrow
We are the children of light and we are here today
We are here to stay
The suns and the daughters of time

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Collins, Judy Daughters Of Time Comments
  1. Bill Wheaton

    When I was a senior in high school - '76, a guy came to do a laser show. Lasers were still new back then, and he had a whole spiel while Bill Nye the Science Guy was still, also, in high school. And he hooked the laser up to his hi-fi and input a tone generator to 440 hz to modulate the beam and it made a perfect red circle on the screen in the gym. (red was the only color back then). It was really cool.

    I was already a fan of Judy Collins by the early 70s from her Wildflowers album my brother had. And so when science guy put her voice through the hi-fi it made as near a perfect circle as any human could. He said that of all the voices he's tested that her's was demonstrably the most pure in tone.

    I've never forgotten it from that day to this.

  2. Tsagiglalal

    -It was January 1971, I had just gotten my first set of headphones and was listening to Judy Collins "Whales and Nightingales" album. I couldn't believe my ears. The sound was so incredible. The last track was "Amazing Grace". Never to be forgotten.

  3. biakeyholedave

    Lucky enough to enjoy an unforgettable performance by Judy and Russell at the iconic Union Chapel, Islington, London last night. Only wish she could have sung Sandy's classic to make the evening complete.

  4. Tony W

    Wow, I'm speechless. What a remarkably beautiful rendition of an amazingly poetic song. What an unforgettable talent July Collins is.

  5. L.P. Pacelli

    Time is a cool stream overflowing its banks. Time is the life of each living creature flowing over the parched lives of others. Time is the forgiveness of anger, the passing of resentment. Time is the wonder of life and the mystery of death. Then one day we are gone, consumed by time and perpetuated by all life.

  6. James Tidwell

    her son commited suicide. How much we hurt for her..

  7. David Matley

    Nice version , but there is only one definitive rendition.

  8. Roger Shirley

    No Judy Collins performance is anything less than perfect. A voice from heaven itself.

  9. Spentmore Yearly

    A typical American sugary schmaltsy abortion of an English folk song. Gooey American

  10. Michael Lazarus

    The Wonder Years, 'Daddy's Little Girl", S4E22, brought me here to listen to this beautifully haunting song.

  11. Les Shrubb

    As much as I would love to say this is the best version of this song ever, I’m afraid it does not hold a candle to Sandy and Fairport’s rendition. If you don’t believe me, just check here, on Youtube. Sandy’s voice is haunting, and Richard Thompson’s guitar work is unique. Just saying...

  12. Kulsh

    This touched me deeply! Love this song. Love and adore Judy Collins

  13. Ken Jarvis

    Sandy Denny and the Stawbs did this song back in 1967

  14. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 76yo Aussie fan.

  15. Liam Gill

    this is such a great song!

  16. GeordieGroundwater

    The Financial Times wrote about this song in its regular "Life of a Song" column this past weekend's edition (August 31 - Sept 01). Apparently Judy Collins heard some sort of bootleg copy and recorded and released "Time Goes" well before Sandy herself with the Strawbs Neither versions caused much stir on first release. (Not helped in Judy's case as it was a B side on a single.)

    Personally, I don't think Judy's version matches that of Fairport's - with the magically soft guitar work of Richard Thompson - but it's clearly brought joy to many. Judy's acknowledgement to Sandy here is very touching.

  17. Renee Wade

    This song was made for Judy Collins. Sandy Denny wad epic, Battle of Evermore. But this was made for Judy.

  18. PeterR

    Sandy Denny no doubt made this her own.....a heavenly voice.

  19. Peter Lawless

    I absolutely love this song!!! Have loved it since I was just 14 when I discovered it on the flip-side of the wonderful hit of Both Sides Now by Judy Collins in late 1968 in Sydney, Australia. Love you always Judy Collins!!!

  20. thewordofgord

    Still lovely after all these years. Nice to hear Sandy credited so faithfully. Judy always gives the nod to others. Bless her, then and now (she's touring 2019).

    I. Crawford

    Excited! Going to see her for the first time this Sunday!

  21. thewordofgord

    Thanks for sharing Shiva. Lovely memory.

  22. Ron Johnson

    i think i prefer the original

  23. Anotheryou21

    The most heavenly beautiful voice I have ever heard.

    Carroll Izard

    Her voice is gold!

  24. Kevin Schwartz

    Gave me chills!!!

  25. Nora Zarvos

    Beautiful rendition,

  26. manrico fiorentini

    fine, but nobody like the voice of SANDY DENNY the best female voice on the earth!

  27. Ray Winsor

    Beautiful song and beautiful lady.

  28. Lauren Behl

    I never paid much attention to this song until I heard a cover by Eva Cassidy,a beautiful soul gone too soon and largely unknown when she was living.


    Timeless!!!! <3 <3 <3

  30. pentangle4444

    I was at Wolf Trap that night to hear Judy's performance including her version of the Sandy Denny classic.... Sadly, Sandy fell down the stairs at age 30 and died a few days later in 1978.. She was inducted in the BBC Radio Folk Hall of Fame in 2016 with her daughter Georgia from Australia in attendance. Sandy's husband, Trevor Lucas, died at age 45 and he was a great folk ballad singer in Australia and also played with Sandy on Fairport and Fotheringay.

  31. Al Heitzer

    I always luv'd Judy Collins' voice. Why I never heard this before is beyond me? Thanks.

  32. Spentmore Yearly

    PS. But this is American TV so what can be expected other than schmaltzy crap.

  33. Spentmore Yearly

    Out o
    Out of key and makes a mess of the phrasing/timing. What an absolute travesty of a beautiful song.

  34. mark totton

    She was born in 1939. And still hits all the notes and sounds like an angel!

  35. caroline n

    Beautiful tune ♥️ I first heard this song from the movie A Walk on the Moon ❤️


    So very touching this rendition Thanks for posting

  37. Deeptangshu Das

    Heart touching song, soulful voice, and poetic words in the comments section. What a treat !!

  38. Felix Hurtig

    I'm sure that Mrs. Denny is proud of your rendition, wherever she is

  39. carrychris2010

    If this dosen't not move you then I don't know what will.

  40. Ronald Strange

    This will be played at my forthcoming funeral (I am 82!) which will replace Buddy Holly's "It doesn't matter more". It seems so unfair that one woman can be so beautiful with a voice to melt your heart. Sadly, any talent for anything never affected me but I have had a reasonable life with two daughters and four grandchildren so I must have got something right somewhere. Love this so much. Play it regularly..

    W S

    Ronald Strange Play the Sandy Denny original this is cheesy shite.


    Good for you ! how awesome! I just saw her and David Crosby and I thank my best friend of 50 years who introduced her to me so long ago. (we're both 66)

    Ronald Strange

    Point taken. Please remember one man's meat is another man's poison. Love Sandy's version but appreciate the excellent and generous comments regarding song's origin. Also, the backing is perfect. Regards,

  41. Eli Malaga

    Queen of singer song writers

  42. Kimberly Upton


  43. Gerardo Neves

    Linda voz linda cancao,

  44. Michael McCoy

    Her voice is timeless. Listening to Judy is like being suspended in time with the most beautiful female voice in the 20th & 21st century. Anyone can get a year's worth of goose bumps letting her singing get into your soul. A marvelous performer!

  45. Anthony Ryan

    Listening to this version makes you aware how brilliant Sandy Denny was.

  46. Seamus Darcy


  47. John Hills

    Wonderful invocation of the metaphysical 'flow of the stream of consciousness' inhabiting the soul of us all if we but recognise it and appreciate it. Sandy D who composed it; Nina Simone who recorded it and the angelical voiced Judy Collins all draw out the rich resonance of this way into the mystery of being.

  48. Louise Kush

    I saw Judy for the first time in the fall of 1969 at the Masonic Temple in Detroit-since then at several venues-the most UNWORLDLY at an outdoor venue where her voice floated for miles!! She will always be the ultimate singer for me-even if so many of her songs make me feel melancholy not only because the years have sped by but because of the lyrics of her best ones. I ACTUALLY got to meet her at a bookstore about 15 years ago and was so starstruck that I told her I loved how she sang "Leaving on a Jet Plane", yes I did-but she was very kind, and we laughed.

  49. betahifitoo

    Judy Collins has recorded a new version of this song, with Stephen Stills on electric guitar, coming out on September 22, 2017 on their Stills & Collins album called "Everybody Knows."

    Veggi Vet

    Judy performed this tonight in Albany, NY, along with Stephen, and her voice still sounds utterly perfect. Superb version here and live as well.

    Barrette Carole

    Thank you for that info! I keep coming back to those beautiful songs of my youth and feel sad about today"s music a lot of time...knowing some fresh recording is available is fantastic! Have a good day!

  50. Marcortlieb

    Heard Judy Collins' version before I heard Sandy Denny's. I'm forever grateful to her for introducing me to Sandy Denny's music. Sandy's version is definitive but I still have a soft spot for Judy Collins' version.


    and to recognize the greatness of Sandy Denny, this wasn't even one of her top five best compositions ! Poor Sandy fell down the stairs and died a few days later in 1978 at age 30. I was lucky to have seen Sandy and Fairport perform twice in NY in early 1970s. See Rufus Wainright doing Sandy's song at the 2016 Folk Awards in UK in front of Sandy's daughter Georgia.

  51. Edward Lacorte

    How can you decide who's version of this Awesome SONG is better when IT'S been sung by two Earthly Angels?!?! This is musical Gold!!! Sandy would be proud I'm sure!!!

  52. Joe J

    Classy, beautiful, amazing.

  53. Wilfried Mathias

    Eine sehr schöne Version.
    Dennoch: Die Stimme von Sandy Denny ist unerreichbar!

  54. Youk Youk

    Judy Collins possède toujours cette Merveilleuse voix ! Et ce Don d' interpréter la chanson d'un autre avec Grâce et Beauté.

  55. Gerardo Filho

    essa para voce minha eterna namorada.

  56. remziye kavrak


  57. Roxanne Wheelan

    another legend that was my heart....I admire and love her to pieces....thank you Judy for those times I needed your music and lyrics the most <3

  58. Dennis Hartnett

    Judy Collins is an artist of extraordinary beauty and grace. I first discovered her music in a  record bin ca. 1972 by way of my brother. I was 13 then; next year I'll be 60. WHEW! Who Knows Where The Time Goes is RIGHT! So many friends and family passed on; so many good souls gone by way of HIV. Judy knows the secret: we must keep going, keep trying no matter WHAT. And God knows she's had some terrible challenges thrown her way: I will always admire her courage and strength to meet life head on, to keep he sense of wonder; of play; to not become hard and bitter, and to still find life an adventure. God Bless You, Ms. Collins. Please keep making magnificent music.

  59. John Feliu

    The lark.....................god grants us...thanks mom.I'm learnin

  60. David Ben-Abraham

    Even in old age, Judy Collins is absolutely amazing. Her wonderful voice makes our lives a little more pleasant.

  61. Gail Williams

    I remember hearing this first in "The Subject was Roses."  I have loved it ever since.  Sandy's original is wonderful, but Judy's is other-worldly.  Just astonishingly beautiful.

  62. tony bennett

    She turns back the clock, but then again maybe it didn't move on for her. Her voice is still mint fresh.

  63. dave skerritt

    The first time I ever heard of Sandy Denny was when she was featured on 1 song off of the 4th Led Zeppelin album, of all places. I got into the Fairport Convention later, and then was sad to hear Sandy died so young. It is good to see the beautiful Judy honoring her and still singing this song.

  64. Patti Heatherington

    beautiful.....beautiful.....beautiful....."who knows"

  65. John Feliu

    She ain't right.........the bird put the bite on me.....i'm 65..She's wonderful.. I wanna chase her around the yard..true story.she gets better..And ain't hard to look at

  66. Gerardo Filho

    bonita voz. linda cancao.

  67. Susie196921

    Such beautiful lyrics and melody sung by the beautiful voice of Judy Collins.

  68. Bill Knotts

    Her voice is too heavily enhanced electronically. Listen to Sandy Denny.

  69. Jane McGrath

    Irish singer Mary Black does this song beautifully.It was from the singing of Mary Black I heard this wonderful song first.Check it out music lovers.

  70. Mike McDonald

    My favorite version of my favorite song.

  71. amalfi348

    Who knows where the time goes... it travels with incredible speed and offers no recourse to those trying to hold-on to "what once was."

  72. Marilyn Armstrong

    Saw her in concert this year and last. Amazing. Just wonderful.

  73. Liza Rhodes-Reese

    always takes me back to the 60s

  74. John Appleseed

    I love this song so much, Judy Collins, Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention, so beautiful!

  75. Treebard

    No one can sing like Judy Collins. Her voice never seems to age! <3
    And extra points for that glorious suit!

  76. Charlene Mangaldan

    She sang very well on this version of the song

  77. Skeeter NYC

    I've always liked Buffy, Dory, Laura, Joni, Marianne, Melanie, Nico, Sandy, Grace, Janis, Carole, Carly, and Joan Armatrading waaaay better than Joan or Judy. However, kudos to Judy for her great interpertations of some of the aformentioned laides work. Also, lof=ve that Judy gave Sandy her due during the introduction.

  78. Karen Prager-Eaves

    Still an absolutely gorgeous voice!!!

  79. Tomo San

    Beautiful...thank you.

  80. Cindy Maes

    Drive me crazy.

    Eileen Fila

    Cindy Maes

  81. John Feliu

    We love miss Judy..i just wanna hug her

    B F

    John Feliu hi

    John Feliu

    Irish Tomfoolery I say.............When I die I want this song.But fair well to Tarwathy is my most. Thanx BF.............Judy's voice.I'm pixcelated..But I think she would like to have some peace too and not work so damn hard..I wouldn't put up with it. My good friend Joe, His cousin Glenny Fry fell ain't shit. health and well being is......We RETIRED and do what the hell we please...We both cut the grass.........My lawn mower has more HP......So the Great Race is on.....LOL..But we always hang out together.... We're stll suckin air and pissin our grandkids off.Secret Garden are the kind of folks she's talkin about.......and we are them...

  82. Fox1nDen

    learned this from a songbook in 1971, has such lovely melody for ironing out the ruffled places where we take losses too seriously. love does not die over distance or time. but it does escape our grasping will to keep it near forever. maybe truest love somehow requires a temporary separation by and by. just to prove it endures.

    steve harris

    you write mean phrases Fox, ...Ironing out the ruffled places where we take losses too seriously... a temporary separation..." a pleasure to have read your thoughts...

    Wendy Mac

    I like that phrase, thanks for the share Fox. Have anymore good ones.

    Audrey Zumsteg

    That’s very profound....

    Good News

    Reading this made me well up. Perfectly said

    Connie Forbes

    Fox1nDen your words profound

  83. pete5332

    Always brings a tear, beautifully sung and the lyrics get more relevant as I get older.

  84. Pamela Huggett

    Judy Collins' voice and beauty never change

  85. Cindy Maes

    She sound so beautiful.

  86. Peter D

    Since Judy mentions Sandy Denny, her she is. Can anyone really do it better than this?

  87. Percy Eichenauer

    Für leoni u Mike ...

  88. eva camille thoroughman

    It`s as if she`s handing out bouquets that seem to be the most fragrant of roses but are the saddest achings. I accept and keep and water them; treasure them away and look at them throughout the years.

  89. Johannes van Hoek

    Extraordinary beautiful voice

  90. WindOfTheWisp

    Wow...just wow...what an incredible performance of this song! Super fantastic piano accompaniment & bass guitar (?) solo, too. (I purchased this album when it first came out & fell in love with this song, but more recently I have associated it with the movie "A Walk On The Moon", since I saw it a few years ago. The song appears during a fairly sad part toward the end of the movie...check it out if you haven't seen it...excellent flick...Woodstock era, vacationing in the Catskills...great nostalgic stuff!)

  91. TheKeetkeet66

    Eva Cassidy does this the best.

  92. Kathryn Nandi

    Love judy Collins singing this song it just puts you in a nice peaceful mood.

  93. Ricardo Freitas

    beautiful voice

  94. pete5332

    Astounding, moved me to tears.

  95. Joe Bananas

    The original is still the best. Not a patch on Sandy Denny.

  96. Alan Bates

    Too beautiful for words...

  97. Rik Ferrarri


  98. mjanovec

    I don't care for the lyric change from "evening sky" to "morning sky." The mention of the evening sky is key to the lyrics, signaling the end of the day and thus the passage of time. Also, Judy's rendition has always seemed a little too flowery and gentle, while Sandy's version (from Unhalfbricking) has more soul and sadness to it. Richard Thompson's guitar also sets the mood perfectly:

    Beta Hi-Fi Archive

    I think it was a mis-memory of the lyric during this particular performance. What the song is referring to is the change of seasons. Doesn't really matter if it was morning or evening sky; the birds were leaving town.

    If you think this version is too flowery and gentle, you should check out her folk-rock version, with Stephen Stills on lead electric guitar, the original studio version on her "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?' album.

    Paul David Martin

    Agree absolutely. Judy has a superb voice but just seems to drain songs of real emotion, as she did with Joni's Both Sides Now and some of Cohen's, a real shame.

    Liz Klosowski

    If I may use a comparison between music and painting, I feel Judy uses pastels and sweeping strokes, and creates an impressionistic piece. I don't feel she drains the songs out of real emotion -- she just expresses her own interpretation of the song.

    patricia S

    Don't agree with that at all...why these silly comparisons?  It makes more sense that birds would begin their migration in the morning, not evening.

  99. Roger Shirley

    A powerful performance by a wonderful singer..Absolutely faultless. Her voice is a gift from heaven. Wonderful.