Collins, Edwyn - Little Things Lyrics

Your first breath
Your first pain
Your first tears
Your first year
Your first smile
Your first word
Your first step
Whatever's next
Your first school
Your first crush
Your first kiss
Consider this

It's not just happenstance
Or force of circumstance
God bless the little things
That make the bigger things
God bless the little things
That make the bigger things

Your first love
Your first lover
Your first time
Was like no other
Your first fight
Your first heartache
Your first regret
You can't forget
Your first bar
Your first drink
Your best friend
The bathroom sink

It's not just happenstance
Or force of circumstance
God bless the little things
That make the bigger things
God bless the little things
That make the bigger things

Your first flat
Your first debt
Your first taste
Of the worst case
Your first job
Your first boss
Your first paycheck
Now let's get wrecked
Your first house
Your first car
Your first child
And that's the story so far

It's not just happenstance
Or force of circumstance
God bless the little things
That make the bigger things
God bless the little things
That make the bigger things

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Collins, Edwyn Little Things Comments
  1. Smile Coco

    Gli angeli di charly😈

  2. Denden Ramos

    It's sounds like a spy is walking 😎

  3. elmer carreon

    Call me Lucifer Morningstar 😉

  4. BeeV Vnm

    God, I love this song ♥️

  5. Tijana Dmitrović

    Perfect from beginning to the end and very British like...

  6. MrScout0311

    Like many of you Lucifer brought me

  7. Andy Berridge

    Captain Morgans. 🥃

  8. Sank London

    This that original old skool UK shit strictly for real Londoners🤙

  9. Christopher Wisniewski

    I sing this song to my female dog, she loves it staring at me with a wagging tail.

    A Chirichello

    She humours u💋

  10. kamerzysta elopiotera!

    Whats wrong with this video??

  11. Dr Johnson Hungwell

    He'll sing a different song when the shit hits the fan LoL

  12. Sinbad 87

    This is a fucking classic song. A lovely woman at work brought me back to this song.

  13. Sara Kushner

    I loved listening to this song when it came on the radio when I was in high school. I agree with the comment of Bowie/Iggy/Elvia etc, do not know the Lucifer reference (though I’ve heard of them).
    Tame impala has a song “face it” or something like that, and it samples this. Sweet!

    Jack Pasco

    You mean 'It Might Be Time'?


    Esta entre los mejores solos en guitarra de la historia

    Ricardo Boada Acosta

    Estaba pensando lo mismo

  15. Attila Archer

    Das war ne geile Zeit

  16. rom cr

    Super j'adore !

  17. MegaColacho

    not only charlies angels or lucifer 1st came out from movie empire records

  18. Belvin Sweat

    Haven’t heard this song in years. Didn’t know the name of it or who sang it. Glad I found it.

  19. Breton Quentin

    this song reminds me great sex

  20. Harley Quinn

    Charlie's angels 2 brought me here 🌹🖤

  21. jessie jessie duero

    agartha realy exist...

  22. Danny Boyle

    Great to see him on the mend!

  23. Nico Torres

    I love this song 🎶🎵👏👌🔝

  24. bronson choco

    ca c est de la musique, ce gars est une légende

  25. Angel Banks


  26. Darklord gaming

    The devil brought me here

  27. Johannes Andersson

    This song brings back memories when I was a kid and used to watch this and other music videos on Mtv. Missing the 90's.

  28. Frank DeMaria

    This guy is great

  29. Jonny Weiss

    Super Fuzz 🎶

  30. Jonny Weiss

    Edwyn - “Epic!” Jonny Weiss “Highway to America.” 🚙

  31. Swastika Zero

    been searching for many years.. ahh thx god i foud it...

  32. TechMate HD

    Would like to know what immortality tastes like Mr. Lucifer

  33. Giancarlo belli

    bravissimo..grande...bello anche il video..

  34. Sylwia Granosik

    Ależ klasyk...

    Regarde Moi

    Are you American or not ???

    Sylwia Granosik

    @Regarde Moi ,no, im not american.😊

  35. F. Gaertner Bleicher


  36. ezzz42

    1994 in the house. Boom.

  37. Gabriel Kerjean

    Publicité . Garnier 2015

  38. Sheena DM

    From Morningstar

    Regarde Moi

    Are you American or not ???

  39. Liezel Schefferlie

    Can all you children catch a wake up please?? This song is a stand-alone from the 90s before you were born Nothing to do with Charlie’s Angels In fact the only ones I know were Farah Fawcett Jaqueline Smith and the other dark haired one haha

  40. Cowboy C Bop

    I wonder if Bowie actually did this at some point ( never released ), and this song just happened to fall on Edwyn’s lap ???
    I really do like it though . So Raw - great sound . Looking forward to listening to more .

  41. anarchy road

    Thank lucifer morningstar 😊

    Regarde Moi

    Are you American or not ???

  42. Deepak Gopalakrishnan

    Ongoing History of New Music podcast, anyone?

  43. Luca D'Antiga

    In effetti per anni ho pensato fosse un brano di Bowie

  44. Domonic Lott

    Absolutely stunning song by edwyn.amazing lyrics....imstill waiting for a girl like you!! Really great song!!

  45. Clofic C

    As a kid, I always thought he was an Elvis impersonator lol

  46. Leslie Chow

    Charlie's angels full throttle

  47. Jenn Marcellin

    2019 y pronto 2020 quien escucha estas bellas canciones ??

  48. Peter Darnell

    One word superb

  49. Dick Manitoba

    One hit wonders, gotta love ‘em!

    randy ambrose

    Chang'n the world one song at a time!

  50. Andrei Z.

    Holy shit I just fell in love with this song without 2 seconds of hearing it. Me my wife straight up! This is now our official song.

  51. Victor Delvigne

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎸🔊 💥🤣😂👍 collins ! i like !

  52. Yudha Adhietya

    i heard these track on Charlie's Angels

  53. Jon Griffin

    The devil in me brought me here.

  54. number one

    Holy Sheet! 🤯😂🤣 This song brings back memories of good but bad times.

    I'll never forget hearing this song playing while me and my girl was in Walmart 😆

  55. Calista Vicente-Bradley

    He sounds like an older Iggy pop!!

    Regarde Moi

    Are you American or not ???

    Calista Vicente-Bradley

    @Regarde Moi duh, lol. I'm native american. Half Guatamala. What're u and why do u ask

  56. Kaleah Collins


  57. Віталій Устенко

    Круто. Недавно открыл для себя Edwyn Collins,очень круто.

  58. Eddie Kaspbrak

    i wanna meet a man, kill him, bury him, then find another man and do the same thing while listing to this song

  59. ted nervander

    Cool låt av han.

  60. JFK

    (Shy_girl21) best slow dance on pornhub

  61. Smile Coco


  62. Candy Cain Churchwell

    Because there is no one else like me. Because I'm me 😁💋💋

  63. Nicholas Ranger

    That Was A Damn Good Scene From Charlie’s Angels 🙌🏽

  64. Charlotte Hanna


  65. girlstorm09

    of course he never met a girl like her before...i mean how many people ever met an alien mermaid?! X-D

    Jani Tare

    Or a Reptilian Shapeshifting "Girl"?

  66. Earlene Guthrie


  67. Nice Guy

    Black keys brought me here.

  68. joao pedro sousa moreira

    I've never known a girl like you before
    Now just like in a song from days of yore
    Here you come a-knockin', knockin' on my door
    And I've never met a girl like you before
    You give me just a taste, so I want more
    Now my hands are bleeding and my knees are raw
    'Cause now you've got me crawlin', crawlin' on the floor
    And I've never known a girl like you before
    You've made me acknowledge the devil in me
    I hope to God I'm talkin' metaphorically
    Hope that I'm talkin' allegorically
    Know that I'm talkin' about the way I feel
    And I've never known a girl like you before
    Never, never, never, never
    Never known a girl like you before
    This old town's changed so much
    Don't feel that I belong
    Too many protest singers, not enough protest songs
    And now you've come along, yes, you've come along
    And I never met a girl like you before
    It's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right
    Yeah, it's all right

  69. Sweet harmony 80's

    November 2019 🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙🎸💙👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  70. Max Stafford

    Acts like a player but has teeth like a meth head. Great song though.

  71. Jamie Cullington

    Brenda Arcand loves James ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋😘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  72. Ghost Heart

    You met me now, 2019,,,,,,, onward

  73. Mary Ryan

    I just love this, it's haunting and wicked all at the same time.


    Por casualidad te he acabado de encontrar te he buscado x mas de 15 o 20 añ finnn..por favor no te pierdas....

  75. Carolina Garcia

    Yo vine por la propaganda de lali con garnier jajaaj

  76. Katherina Rozas

    Publicidad Coloración Nutrisse Garnier

  77. Beanie Stranger012

    Any zenials here? Please everyone is listening to mumble rap I need friends

  78. Pelger

    I love this song, it feels so misterious, it makes me feel and imagine things I can't describe with words.

  79. Sheldon Drake

    an ode to shemale porn ; )

  80. kostakis2121

    Where are those voices nowdays?????

  81. Dumpster Diver

    Lucifer got me here....

  82. Joshua Beatty

    hi Edwyn. PLEASE. never make any more music

  83. Dicki Monster

    The black keys version brought me here

  84. legalize homicide

    This is such a good song

  85. Arthas DeathKnight

    Love the voice and the riff

  86. PAT Warner

    When I first heard this on the radio, I at first thought it was David Bowie. A friend thought it was The Power Station. We were both wrong.

  87. Michel Espinosa

    Yo llegue aqui por un comercial de shampoo! Hahahahaha

  88. dolph quick

    I like this song, but what the Hell did I just watched?

  89. EXO-Lay

    Empire Records 🙂

  90. Sam London

    Sound of the 90's, Empire Records soundtrack 1995.

  91. coco coco


  92. Hikikomori

    To me he sounds like Wheatley from Portal 2

  93. William Hayward - Painter

    Those lyrics make me feel like this song could work in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, what say you?

  94. Frank DeMaria

    Great song

  95. rizal

    When you're going to the roof top of your office this song plays in your mind

  96. Rambler Andy

    This song reeks of the 1960s, with its Spector-like production. First time I heard it back in the 1990s I thought it was some obscure re-issued single that had become popular due to advertising a product. It's quite classy. I like it.

  97. Co Cl

    *Mais qu'est~ce que c'est que ces Mecs* ? *Pour l'instant* , *à 20:5*6 , *leur plus 'belle' affaire* , *est un Hold-up avec Arme de Guerre* , *dont le préjudice ne s'élève qu'à* *80,000* *Euros* *ou un peu plus* , *mais guère plus* , *SANS gants* , *SANS Masque* , *SANS RIEN* *qui ne puisse* *QUE* *l'incriminer ou l'enfoncer* *!?!* *Et il repart Tranquille comme* *Baptiste* *à pinces et par le* Métro* *Parisien* , *le PLUS PROCHE* ? *Alors que le Métro qui est bourré de caméras de surveillance* !... *une supposition*, *qu'il ait bien étudié son 'affaire'* *toujours une supposition qu'il ait un bon fourgue pour y aller toute de suite après* , *une autre supposition qu'il braque pour 80 ,000 Euros de bijoux* , *montés*. *En admettant* … *Et c’est toujours une supposition* , *hein*… *En admettant qu’il soit SEUL sur l’affaire* , *ça LUI rapporterait*, *Net combien?* ... *à lui seul?*
    *Vingt ans de placard*. *Les bénéfices vont certes se diviser qu'avec lui~même* , *mais s'il s'avère qu'il ne balance ni son "armurier" ni son fourgue* ... *la réclusion va s’additionner avec lui seul*
    *c'est Automatique/Systématique/Mathématique* . . . ... *statistique oblige*
    *Alors Mettons "qu'il vient" de gagner* *10, 000* *Euros* , *pour une matinée de travail* ! *Dit comme ça* ... *ça fait moins nul* *Mais pour un risque Géantissime* *VINGT* *ans de Galères?* ...
    *Faut s'les Faire* ! ...
    *Surtout qu'il va se faire Harponner* , *c'est couru d'avance il ne vaut pas* *1* *contre* *1000* *sur le parcours* , *en faisant de telles conneries* *Et ce type appartiendrait au grand banditisme?*
    *C'est peut~pas le plus doué?*
    *Non VRAIMENT* ... *Quel Mauvais 'Théâtre que ce 'Théâtre' là* !... *Où les délinquants du Grand Banditisme* , *oublient les règles les plus élémentaires du simple voyou de base*
    *ÇA irait plus vite s"il ou s'"ils" laissaient* , *pour beaucoup d'entre eux* , *leur carte d'identité* , *ou leur carte de visite avec la dernière adresse connue* ...