Collins, Edwyn - Dilemna Lyrics

Dilemna, that's me
That's me all over
Dilemna, that's me
That's me all over

What is my world?
Is it real or is it fiction?
But years gone by
Like a flaming ember
Sometimes I ponder
I'm happy or I'm blind
No no no
I can hold it, I can taste it

Dilemna, that's me
That's me all over
Dilemna, that's me
That's me all over

What is the point?
Is it joy or is it heartache?
Hopelessly lost
I'm on the main road
What is the point?
Get on with my life
Years go the dreams
Understating my mind

Dilemna, that's me
That's me all over
Dilemna, that's me
That's me all over

Dilemna, that's me (Dilemna's running over me)
That's me all over
Dilemna, that's me (Dilemna's running over me)
That's me all over
Dilemna, that's me (Dilemna's running over me)
That's me all over
Dilemna, that's me (Dilemna's running over me)
That's me all over

Over and over and over and over
And over and over (Dilemna's running over me)

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Collins, Edwyn Dilemna Comments
  1. Sari

    Its spelled "Dilemma"

  2. PublicWifi

    One of my all-time faves. 63k views is an insult. Love this song. Hope people discover it soon.

  3. Random Light

    He's an artist

  4. rAndom light

    never met you but idid

  5. Marko Cvetkovic

  6. dundee520


  7. Ely78Fairy

    minute 0:12 the landscape looks like a painting by Van Gogh, "Starry night over the Rodano"

  8. Carmina GARCIA

    Merci, Edwyn Collins!
    C'est immense:
    vous- même, vos musiques et chansons, votre amour de la vie, tout ce que vous nous donnez à découvrir, cette grande volonté de partager tant de bonheur après ce qui a été tant de malheur...
    Mille fois bravo!
    Je vous ai retrouvé, je découvre cette nouvelle étape et j'aime ce que vous faites!
    Vous avez toujours le même charisme, plus fort encore...
    Mille fois merci, Edwyn!


    +Carmina GARCIA Bien dit

  9. Ruby Roberts

    Love this song so very, very much!

  10. Stéphane Cappi

    I saw him in Switzerland during the 90' .. It was a great show in a small place... Now I know why He was absent during theses years .. Respect man .. And continue .. You have still fan who loves yours songs....

  11. Der Rucksackfranzose

    My most beloved musicvideo in 2013.

  12. Ross Downing

    You are so wrong. He is such an underrated artist, you might not like all his music, but he has been a creative force behind so many great artists over the last 35 years and the quality of his music, lyrics, references and ideas make him one of the best composers of our age.

  13. Ben-Trousers

    Nicely shot vid.

  14. Hubert Brömmelkamp

    great. !

  15. gtrsuite

    In a strange way, I really like his voice, BUT he is truly a 1-hit wonder. "A Girl Like You" is that hit/great song. I mean, where's the Fuzz!

  16. Ely78Fairy

    I love you!!!

  17. marcjrwoods

    Great song, I'm happy I caught this on the radio, and that you've posted Edwyn's vid

  18. Don Etheridge

    Brilliant Video of the dale great music

  19. jiffcat

    fuck you madonna, fuck you robbie- that sir, right there is what you call a come back.

  20. Fiona Mackenzie

    The video was filmed in Helmsdale in north Scotland

  21. baztechs

    Yeah ogvert, thats where I heard it first. On when I was getting for work again today. Always a nice surprise

  22. Ptr Pr

    We probably don't realise how lucky we are to still have the great Edwyn Collins making music like this.

  23. baztechs

    This song is actually amazing. Potential for song of the year, hope this gets AirPlay. Edwyn and Morrissey should work together! If your listening Edywn...

  24. Evese

    This is just so, so good.

  25. Victoria McAleer

    Cheers Floppy - thought it looked familiar :-)

  26. floppyd0g

    Yes - north east Scotland I believe.

  27. Victoria McAleer

    Is that Scotland in video ?
    Cool tune

  28. viennafm

    fantastic. chapeau!

  29. R. ROOKSBY


  30. nunhes gz

    sempre emocionante!!

  31. Davnar Ragnar

    Warms the cockles of me heart ...what presence!

  32. floppyd0g

    Back with a new album - but you're right - he's never gone anywhere, apart from Helmsdale.

  33. Nils Geylen

    I hadn't but I will, thank you.

  34. josh Coulton

    Check out Orange Juice for more of his stuff, if you haven't already that is.

  35. Andrea Serra

    I want this singed in chinese

  36. Nils Geylen

    Been playing this over and over.Never knew the guy except for Girl Like You -- in the early 90s? Great musician, and well done on the recovery. Kudos.

  37. Roland Wolff-Riviera

    both video and song are pretty awesome!!!

  38. floppyd0g

    Edwyn is back.

  39. robin

    riight! XD

  40. radokhlebov

    A Girl Like You

  41. sasibawaty supha

    อย่าคิดว่าแค่คำพูด บอลลูน จะใช้ขังจิตใจกุได้ ไม่มีทาง เพราะกุไม่ได้ไปนั่งนาบหน้าพ้อง ใครๆทั้งนั้น กุเงี่ยน กุอยาก กุหงี่ กุเครียด กุหงุดหงิด

  42. sasibawaty supha

    กุเครียดกุดิ จะมาวุ่นอะไร สร้างปัญหาไป อยู่อย่างนี้ก็เอาอย่างนี้ไม่เครียด เมาแล้วหลับสบายกว่าจะนอนกินนำ้ตาว่ะ จะไปสนใจคนอื่นไม มากคนมากเรื่องไม่พ้นหัวกู เจ็บตลอดเซ็งอย่าเสือก เดี๋ยวกุกัดนะ แม่งหมากุยังจะกัดกะหมาอยุ่ พาลแหลกเลยนี่ตัวกุ ตัวจริงๆอารมจริงๆ ระเบิดเว้ย

  43. cable c

    Not sure what he's saying but sounds nice

  44. Paul Desca

    I know what it's like to have a brain hemorrage.