Collin Raye - Twenty Years And Change Lyrics

Jim played piano in a band called 'Angry Witness'
Out to fight the system in the fall of '81
Like all his friends he felt peace
Could we have for the askin'
It was just a matter of convincing the old ones

They broke up on John and Yoko's anniversary
Went seperate ways like most bands do
Same ol' frustration when they saw
The times were not a-changin'
Jim warmed up to the cold hard truth

Jim plays piano, a simple weekend warrior
At a cosy little mad spot just a few blocks from his home
He wakes up every mornin', has breakfast with his children
Sweet wife smilin' at him, thinks how good my life's become

This past Thursday was their 14th anniversary
Owned their own sweet home since '92
Monday through Firday
He sells those new lots off the highway
Wreith on the door, Red, White and Blue

Sometimes he wonders how did one man get so lucky
And what happend to his anger and his vow to heal the world
In just over two decades he has watched the earth revolvin'
Now just simple problem solvin', twenty years and change

How long did I love you before my heart stopped breakin'
Since the night I stood there shakin' when you ran out of my life
Now I think it's time I told you, even if you show no interest
How I came to feel forgiveness and finally set things right

It was twenty years, two months and five day this December
You wiped your shoes off on my heart
Hard to be realistic to betray a kid so idealistic
Flames of faith put out in the dark

Then one cold mornin' a real live frosty Friday
I turned to the pain beside me and I realized it was gone
I tore up all your pictures, never thinkin you might find me
Time to put that junk behind me and wonder why it took so long

Now here you stand on what would be our anniversay
Tellin' me how tough life's been on you
No satisfaction for I realized we've lost all attraction
Movin' on is all that's left to do

God, I feel so foolish for what seemed so devastatin'
And the love I had for hatin', was a tragic waste of time
Somehow I feel like laughin' with that free weight lifted from me
Oh, how wisdom does become me
Twenty years and change

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