Collin Raye - Anyone Else Lyrics

Baby I bought wine and roses on my way home
Yeah I know we can't afford it but life doesn't last too long
This world has gone half-crazy
And knocked us both to our knees
I'm fumbling for the words to try to tell ya
I love you for hangin' onto me

When anyone else would've been long gone
Packed it up and headed back home
And not a soul would blame you after what I put you through
Yeah anyone else would've gone insane
Called the game on a count of rain
Anyone else, anyone else
Anyone but you

Mayday baby, all the rivets popped loose, it's a total tailspin
Too much grindstone, too little time with you
Girl, you know it's wearing thin
Baby let's trade in these teardrops
For warm kisses on skin
You got a drawer full of IOU's
And it's high time you called those things in

When anyone else would've been long gone
Packed it up and headed back home
And not a soul would blame you after what I put you through
Yeah anyone else would've gone insane
Called the game on a count of rain
Anyone else, anyone else
Anyone but you

You've passed up so many chances
To walk right out that door
Instead of dodging a champagne cork
And watchin' the wet clothes fall to the floor

When anyone else would've been long gone
Packed it up and headed back home
And you can hide behind a Cheshire cat grin but you know it's true
Yeah anyone else would've gone insane
Called the game on a count of rain
Anyone else, anyone else
Anyone but you

Anyone else
Girl, anyone but you

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Collin Raye Anyone Else Comments
  1. Makeba Grant

    Very good artist but very under rated

  2. Jeremy Wanawan

    Ilove this song...ever

  3. hard most

    country music is really a meaningful music.

  4. Imemine

    I used to go see all this concert when I was younger and I have to tell you I'm still in love with this man

  5. Trevor Bourgeois

    Love this song.

  6. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin Anyone Else Would've Been Long Gone Anyone Else Anyone But You

  7. Mitchell Mathes

    83 dislikes from 83 dumbasses with bad taste in music. Great song #CollinRaye

  8. cyndz

    anyone else??

  9. Gramma Dee

    THANKs for all your beautiful songs.& voice to do them

  10. Danielle Taylor

    Still listening in 2018 ♥️

  11. helen coachman

    Travis Tritt 🎸 Whiskey Ain't Workin Anymore Live Marty Stuart

  12. Debz Balutoc

    I love country music...

  13. Denabella

    This song is my boyfriend and me. So many times, so many chances, he could have walked away from me, and I wouldn't have blamed him. But he has still stuck around for nine months. I honestly didn't know if we would last this long.

  14. Moses Karema

    Very Beautiful is all I can say. Oh mai...

  15. Randi Schlecht

    My second favorite song from this man. How can anyone not like this man


    Randi Schlecht he’s highly underrated

    Anthony Williams

    Saw him in concert in San Diego in 2001. He sang this it was an awesome concert in a different time of life


    Anthony Williams wish I had that opportunity to see him. I remember seeing his videos on CMT back when CMT showed music videos 24/7 back in 2000. That’s how I got into his music.

  16. Russell Solomon

    this is truly SOUL music.. because it makes me mad, happy, tearful, and joyful.. _russel's Fiancee.. (forgot my password).

  17. Jennifer Yates

    My oldest son is named after this man! I love u Collin Raye!!

  18. Mrross Hebrank

    I wana make country Songs like these I have talent lol I may know someone to make it happen one day


    Good luck!

  19. Chelsea Dawson

    reminds me of my marriage

  20. Derek Oxenreider

    Collin Raye the singer > Colin Ray the pitcher

  21. Keith Sage

    who"s the babe?

  22. Benjamin Sullivan

    Am I the only one who thinks Collin Raye kind of looks like Peter McCallister, the dad from Home Alone (played by actor John Heard)?

    Brandon Cruise

    I've thought the same thing.

    Wade Baker

    Damn now I will never unsee it 😂

  23. donkey boy

    what is it with these awful internet slangs. they are so overatted

  24. Bob Beef

    if I was a singer I'd never be famous eat her that'd my luck

  25. Allen Hadden

    Wish My ex had heard this song before...

  26. Rickstah Andrews

    I had forgotten about this song but heard it on prime country on satellite. Always loved it and easy to sing to. Anyone know who the blonde is? Most beautiful plumber ever.

  27. gary sawyer

    Written by the so underrated Radney Foster.


    Any true fan of country music knows who Radney Foster is, and the truly amazing songs he's written and performed over a very long career

    Robbie Stewart

    Kindlegolas Check Out The Song Drunk On Love That Brooks & Dunn Recorded That Randy Wrote Darryl Foster

    Steven Yazzie

    Foster and Lloyd... Radney Foster and Bill Lloyd...late 80's, early 90's

  28. Dave Wollenberg

    That's Floyd ELLIOT Wray. ACC's #40 song of the '99 survey year. Collin hit #4 in Billboard.

  29. Arkansas Kid

    How in the hell u have my YouTube Wtf

  30. John Gardner

    Nice song, but this video is horrible!

  31. Arkansas Kid

    Oh give me back my facebook password moms to otherwise I'm turning you in for slander

  32. Arkansas Kid

    Darling your a sorry boyfriend your a sorry person all you do is hurt people you pretend to be innocent and all you ever do is make everyone else a victim. A victim of your lies your abuse your mental abuse you're just cruel I feel sorry for the next person who stupidly falls for you

    lonely heart

    I hear u on that one sounds like my ex

    na a

    @Darling Murphy are you an ex girlfriend of colin raye?

    Claire Baire

    That sounds familiar...

    Arkansas Kid

    Yeah most ex always leave u then try to get u back

  33. radney720

    Another great song written by my favorite - Radney Foster.  Thanks Radney and Collin.  I miss great country music like this.

  34. Tracy Wood

    I'm so jealous of this girl!!  ;)

  35. Dave Wollenberg

    Born Floyd Collin Wray.

  36. Korie Priddy

    love his work

  37. Cathy Sampson

    Love this song!!!!

  38. Sonya Young

    I love meaningful music!!!!!

    Rac But

    I knoww right

    Rac But

    Sorry about know two w

  39. Dave Wallace

    Thank you, Collin!! An outstanding song! Such great lyrics, music, heart, and soul. One of my very favorites.

  40. Bush63Master

    good and bad for me...Man of my word, We're really not that different, On the Verge, Love, Me....goes on and on...and brings this kicked around war vet to tears, of joy and pain, every damned time...but I wouldn't have it any other way!
    This Man should have gotten a boat load of awards!!! Scratchin my head about guess is he didn't play by their rules...just like me!!!

  41. Red46777

    This is going to play at my wedding love this. My relationship wasn't easy but we did it and now were getting married! I'm so happy!

  42. corey5978

    how did that happen

  43. rinsetwice

    I love this song and Collin Raye, I want the 80's 90's country music back!

  44. MMAFighter38

    This guy is so underrated.

  45. bob ouellette

    It's my life

  46. asaral gwapo

    nice song

  47. TheEnterprise87

    I love this song, had not heard it in years till I came across it today and i'm glad I did. Collin Raye is a great and very underrated Country singer.

  48. Jeremy Prunty

    Collin of the best singers to ever walk into a recording studio, every time I hear one of his songs on the radio it goes way of, i'm 19 years old now, but I remember listening to Collin Raye back when I was 3, 4, 5 years old, etc. I loved his music then and to this day I still love when a Collin song is playing, this song, is one of my favorite songs from him, please bring back 90's country, I miss artists like Collin Raye, Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery, Clint Black, etc.

  49. stan rich

    Man this song brings back good memories

  50. YTMsg


    JESUS CHRIST is the Light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Open your heart to Jesus Christ !

  51. Céline .S. Sauvé

    Odd. Why didn't they show the whole of "Chekov's banner" in there. You only catch glimpses of the weird blue thing with the white writing...

  52. Mike Holder

    Country music today should be named Country POP. It is nothing like the good ole music from the 1980s and 1990s. Sure miss them good ole days.....

  53. Jimmy A.S

    its a beautiful song, i miss the old days the song of garth brooks, alan jackson, tim mc graw, john michael montgomery, dixie chicks. those are country superstars during 90s. country song today is not as good as before.- country lover from philippines.

  54. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #40 song of '99.

  55. Emz BBello

    Amazing!..hide in seek.,sometimes by hearing music is cured for saddened moment of time..just itune to ur favorites songs',,...

  56. Jerry Lopez

    Thank Radney Foster. This is just one of the many great songs that he wrote only for others to get the glory. Good performance though.

  57. nicole11139


  58. Elizabeth Warynick

    So great to have a song about staying together and hanging tough! Thanks Collin!!!

  59. Chaz M

    A great Radney Foster signature song. Saw Colin in Bay City MI in 2011 on his acoustic solo tour with an awesome piano player. Got to meet him backstage and get pics. Still has his amazing vocal quality. Very personable with the audience.

  60. sande ization

    beautif!love from uruguay-southamerica

  61. sande ization

    beautif!love from uruguay-southamerica

  62. Alex Townsend

    @75630KaraokeStar He was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Great song Anyone Else and what a great car in the video you see that baby?!! What kind of car is that anyway?

  63. penn707

    Fantastic ( applause) your great Colin

  64. doobie gills

    This song and the video is fantastic, the woman is beautiful