Collier, Jacob - Woke Up Today Lyrics

Woke up today my mind awhirl
From head to toe with endless feeling
Tried to explain just what I see
You say to me I must be dreaming
You called my name the way
I wished you would in my imagination
Now every single thing around me
Filling me with this sensation

In my searching around
I've seen so many faces
Now I've found the one I needed
And the sun is rising

I woke up today
Like I wanted
Since you walked my way
Found my strength to feel it
I woke up today
Heaven knows it
Found a girl who makes me see


Spoke up today about the things in my life
I didn't think I needed
They flew outside my window pane now
Pain is not to be kept a secret
These walls are built for no resemblance
To the things I treasured dearly
And now the thoughts just clear the way
Oh baby I see you don't need me

In this crazy old world
I've been so many places
Seen how we're all gonna need some shelter
When the sun is sinking

I woke up today
Like I wanted
Since you walked my way
Found my strength to feel it
I woke up today
Heaven knows it
Found a girl who makes me see

I woke up today
Like I wanted
Since you walked my way
Found my, found my strength to feel it
I woke up today
Like I wanted
Since you walked my way
Found my, found my strength to feel it
I woke up today
Like I wanted
Since you walked my way
Found my, found my strength to feel it

I woke up today
Like I wanted
Since you walked my way
(Just like I wanted to)
Found my strength to feel it

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Collier, Jacob Woke Up Today Comments
  1. Akhil Indurti

    That harmonica is some dogshit.

  2. Matista217

    reminds me a lot of bill wurtz!


    I need more music like this in my life, Can anyone help me with this?

  4. Lukas S

    percussion sounds a bit overcompressed/distorted :(

  5. Victoria Quinn

    I feel like there’s so much going on in this guy’s head and alL of it’s amazing

  6. tarloupio

    Steely Dan, Level 42

  7. Juce

    It's like Bill Wurtz but with conventional lyrics lmao

  8. Blake Vehrs

    This is definitely inspired by Thundercat.

  9. Oscar Lloyd

    when you realise the part at 2:47 is in 11 and try to count it.... you realise how great jacobs mind is

  10. Achenar Myst

    He‘s definitely got the funk 🔥

  11. Conundrum Of Esoterica

    Bill Wurtz is that you??

  12. Samuel Plazas

    Who woke up today?

    Mr Leok

    Lol Thanks man

  13. Rachel Norris

    The Funk... it's so powerful...

  14. Ludus

    Production is so insanely detailed

  15. SehrSehrLangsam

    check out the transcription of this

  16. Guillermo Curubeto

    You are pure talent and good taste for music. Master!!!

  17. Mʌx

    still underrated

  18. Ben Jammin

    After listening to this a million times I almost felt the 11/8. ALMOST

  19. james blake

    you could make a religion out of this...........................

    George Russell Music

    -No, don't- *yes*

    Cristian Tentella

    Hajanga is a deadly lazer

    Bruno Neureiter

    @George Russell Music there are already too many

    Bruno Semi

    Yeah go on.

  20. Splangus

    1:57 sneaky

  21. Freakybananayo

    Sorry, but there's no way this wasn't inspired by Mario kart.

    Bruno Neureiter

    It's jazz fusion my man


    @Bruno Neureiteri think he's saying 1:15 might be inspired by maple treeway


    I know sure as fuck IM inspired to death by the classic 16 bit Mario Kart soundtracks compositionally.


    Shankara Scott why Knower? i know the band, but why?

  22. Damien Lee


  23. Udbhas Mitra

    Crazy Bill Wurtz vibe to this.

  24. Andrew Dev

    I like it, sounds like a Thundercat

  25. Andrew Tucker

    Prodigal talent, but I really want Jacob to strip back his instrumentation, go and live somewhere across the world and get his heart broken (sorry J) and write an album about something

    Martí Solé

    "sorry J" jajajajajjajajaja


    That's terrible.

    peter g


  26. Cesar Fernandez

    Cause God, God made you Funky!!

  27. flonny

    tutti difficilissimi, sei un genio Jacob!

  28. Aquathrone

    Holy fucking shit

  29. Kris Owens

    Better than coffee

    peter g

    right on, this is my "morning mood, ready to face the day" song

    Bruno Semi

    @peter g what kind of morning mood is that?
    How can I learn that superpower?

  30. Samuel Osaroekiye

    wow, man...this should have a name bigger than music

  31. ThyLiquor

    See the current live show. Sell the house and go. This is the prodigy that is going to change music for the rest of your lives. He's about to hit and I know there's a single that's going to be like Frampton in 76 or Don McClain in 73. Is it time to move your music forward? Mr. Scott, warp 7 please.

  32. Neil Raouf

    Jacob: Just one question that I have never heard you being asked:
    Do you know and maybe apperciate Allan Holdsworth?

  33. Gabriela Martínez Jiménez

    Amazing guy!

  34. Paolla Martins

    "i woke up today.." From a trip From the future? Best artist and Músic in many decades!

  35. עמרי מורן

    2:55 DAMN that voicing is stylish, a bit of oldskool never hurts

  36. Adam Clark

    Everything you do inspires me to be a better musician, and to test some limits of structure I've never strayed from. Please continue to be a regular source of music, some day our grand kids will be reading about you in music appreciation class.

  37. j e

    like clockwork every two weeks my favorite song of his switches enjoy your two weeks woke up today

  38. Capt'n TwinkleStar


  39. Kunde

    absolutely amazing! what a talent and inspiration this guy!

  40. ExecutionSommaire

    Let's be a wee critical on his work, past the obvious genius etc. I think he should not go full solo, but instead record with other awesome musicians (and live, as much as possible). These songs sound a little too "perfect" to me, lacking spontaneity and humanity. Being able to play quite godly whatever instrument you pick, doesn't mean it's best to do everything yourself.


    Also I don't know if Jacob had some real sadness in his life yet, it looks like he's always pure joy, but I guess that's how everyone should be at this age (I wish I had had that, anyway). Hope that someday he finds himself in position to write melodies and lyrics as simple but also as beautiful and significant as something like "You don't know what love is" ;)

    Ravi Seenarine

    ExecutionSommaire 1 - for a live scenario? That's a reasonable thing to say. He's experimenting at the moment, and maybe the one man live show will take more root in the future. He sure as hell enjoys it, and it does well, so I think in his position he's taking the handful of negative reviews of it and tossing them to the side. In the studio? I totally disagree, if it were other musicians he would just be another Hiatus Kaiyote. Not that they aren't incredible, but what sets him apart from groups like that is the fact that he's one person.

    2 - I'm positive he's felt sadness. I just think he's made it a point to not make it clear what he's experienced - a song like In the Real Early Morning doesn't exactly detail a specific thing that he might have experienced before, but it sure as hell is sad.

  41. andremakesmusic

    Sounds like Knower but 10 times better.
    Jacob always surprises me

  42. Liz Bond

    yesss this is my JAM
    certainly buying the album very soon

  43. Inmate_I

    Almost as if my hand was attracted to that subscribe and like button.

    Marie Loiseau

    There's a diagnosis for that.

  44. J. Andrew Gonzalez

    My favorite album ever!! You're a gift for the world Jacob. By the way, congratulations for the Grammy.


    love it !

  46. Javier Pizarro

    Can now say this is a song by 2-time Grammy winner Jacob Collier!

  47. Ed Kawalec

    Gotta buy your album. best thing I have heard! Totally blown away!

  48. Robert Haraway

    This changes what I thought I liked in music in a big way; thanks for making me less of a snob!

  49. Andreas Basigkow

    Whoa, that good? Really? I'm I dreamin'?! Now I got a dry mouth, 'cause I couldn't close it...


    This kid is a damn prodigy I'm 23 and I'm so jealous of this kid's musical wizardry on every single level. God if only he could do some work with Steve Vai...

    peter g

    you're gonna love 2019

    Email' s

    Steve Vai just recorded guitars for his new album or something, he posted it on instagram. Vai is also featured on Moon river

    petre Tepner

    I'm 53 and I'm just as jealous.

    petre Tepner

    mistype: 63

  51. Ed Lucas

    This mows down everyone else's debut solo album done at the age of 21.

    Oh that's right. Most people don't --can't-- do that.

    This utterly kicks ass.

    peter g

    "bright size life" - pat metheny


    Tubular Bells _ Mike Olfield at the age of 20...

    Eggy Noggy

    @LadyBegoña I think Mike was actually 19 when he was recording it and played nearly all of the instruments. But yes..... Mike oldfield was truly universes beyond. That album was so far ahead of its time and it still holds up today. Whats amazing is that....... That album was not even slightly pretentious. Mike was simply being Mike and he almost didn't want us knowing he was playing everything.

  52. Tyler Putnam

    Love you

  53. ma ko

    Hey Jacob, I wanted to say that I enjoy your videos and think you are really skilled and talented.

    I don't believe everything you say about how much of the recording process you do yourself. Production value is really high and just learning how to do that, in addition to learning and practicing all of these instruments to the level you perform them is insanely time consuming. You must have a really great support system of musical friends and family supporting you. I have done the same thing, with essentially no support system, over a similar time frame (5-6 yrs) to develop an album. My situation is different in that I am not nearly as talented as you are at a lot of these instruments, and my production ability is pretty limited since I am not able to afford to learn (or even pirate) the best software like Protools or Ableton, with no audio production mentorship. That is why I am skeptical of your production skill, because it seems TOO good!

    That being said I also think despite your great chops and aptitude in music, your arrangements and original music is very overloaded with skilled musicianship, and lacking creativity. Some of the arrangements (of covers especially) include some very technical and nice use of time and syncopation, but in general they sound very cluttered, busy, or hard to follow. This is a good problem to have because since you are so good at adding MORE to the mix, its much simpler to now begin to take things away slowly and become more musical in your arranging and performing. For example I think "In My Room" is one of your best piano solos because it actually uses space and lets more of the notes mean something, as opposed to a song like "Fascinating Rhythm," where the piano solo was electrifying and you could feel the fireworks, but the solo was breathless - not a single pause.

    I know from personal experience how difficult it is to receive constructive criticsm in the arts, especially when you're doing so many things well already. However, I think by at least considering what I have said, and perhaps the musical principles and philosophies of greats like Duke Ellington and Miles Davis (to name the most famous and easiest examples), you can grow and mature into an amazing artist.

    Thanks for reading, hope you are doing well. Thank you again for the great art

    Ed Lucas

    There's always time to take stuff away in the name of judiciousness but only one chance to blow people away with your first album like this album does. May as well throw a party to let everyone know you've arrived.

    I think he nailed it on In The Real Early Morning.

    Ravi Seenarine

    ma ko One of the more notable issues I have with your comment is the soloing thing - Fascinating Rhythm was a fast swing, and the piano solo happens at the climax of the song. What did you want, half notes? There's a difference between rambling and having enough information to continue speaking.


    He does it all himself, did you watch his livestreams of I harm you?

  54. Sandra

    Here because charlie puth tweeted it ! and i love this !

  55. Tala Issa

    who came from the Charlie Puth tweet?😂

  56. Vrabeatzz

    This album is just pure genius! Thank you! :)

  57. Commaso Tasadei

    Man your music is the freshest and lovely thing I've heard around for years...glad there's a soul like you doing great music for people around world , peace!!

  58. Leandro Loan

    This is very good, man! Renaissance!


    Very beautiful.

  60. ADaviii

    I know this doesn't really have a classification with regard to genre, but can anyone here give me a good idea of what is close to this type of music? I REALLY like this. That bass line is amazing.

    Jakob Rothoff

    Great isn't it? His influences for this are Take 6 and a bit like Dirty Loops as well...


    ADaviii I would add earth wind and fire for sure. His harmonic and melodic hands are reminiscent of theirs, and Also yellow jackets, perhaps even Dave and Don Grusen. he's just taken so much and rolled it into one

    Marie Loiseau

    We can all agree that Jacob's field primarily is the unholy trinity of jazz, soul and funk (going by his background with stevie wonder). What _I_ personally tend to hear is a lot of jazz fusion (it's in the name), but also some ages past FM funk stuff, especially the chip demoscene with BotB, if that's your thing.

    In the end, I believe his approach is just a modernisation of old school style mastery of jazz, south american and african rhythms and groove studies.

    I can't give you a single name, but I believe jazz fusion is your best bet at this point. Chick Corea is a good place to start. If you don't mind electronic music, do check out Ubiktune's FM Funk series.

    Reactionaries gtfo

    Jazz fusion bby


    A very progressive and eclectic jazz fusion. If you like this kind of music, then you may like to try this old progressive rock band Gentle Giant :-)

  61. Lina Hawk

    good morning :-)

  62. SirCharles

    Do an NPR Tiny Desk concert man... would be epic

    Café Volúvel


    ashwin yenigalla

    I just imagined him playing all the instruments at the same time and singing with a harmonizer on tiny desk 😅


    He just did one!


    Just did a few hours ago. Your wish came true.

  63. Zakia Simmons

    whoever pressed the dislike button is crazy. He has mad talent. This is real music.

  64. Marisueksu


  65. Shawn O'Donnell Music


  66. Erratum

    Sounds like the mix of Stevie wonder with the meaning of life.


    Erratum and earth wind and fire, take six, yellow jackets

    Ved More

    Erratum this is after joint/acid, material

    Jeffrey Durrant

    all my favourites combined in one who ears bring tears for joy!!

  67. Ben Hershman

    this is so amazing. everything about this is perfect to my soul. my ears love this more and more every time i hear it

  68. Anthony Rivera

    God damn this song was perfect for a bad morning. It just gets you in a good mood and going.

  69. Ariga Kyohei

    Killin' it !!!!

  70. Will

    Simultaneously catchy and proggy as fuck. I love it.

  71. Fairbien A.

    Ahh !! Jacob .
    Jacob ! Jacob is not Good Oh .

  72. A Person

    new alarm clock

    Ñeeedrooosss miracomotecontradices

    jg lopez mira amigo la cocha de la lora , vos viste lo que hace aznar con el mundo?? Humilla a este puto , pero kapa son amigos

    jg lopez

    Ñeeedrooosss miracomotecontradices mira Bart, este es un loquito

    Ender Doge

    Ñeeedrooosss miracomotecontradices Pedro Aznar y Jacob Collier?

    Tom Burns

    Don't! You'll ruin it for yourself.


    At the very least, you'll get this dreaded feeling whenever you hear it, like, of impending "WAKE UP" vibes of doom

  73. Pedro Serapicos You piss off and overjoy every composer every step you take. Brilliant


    Everyone who thinks he doesn't suck at music.

    peter g

    we're all salieri now.

  74. deathcannonx

    This is just incredible. some of the most amazing music I've heard in quite some time .

  75. Marcia Saldanha

    5 músicas de uma só vez <3

  76. Narr Eph

    I love you Jacob, I just do.

  77. ifeelverygood

    Multi instrumentalist seem to have a very distinct and unique sound. This reminds me of prince, and even though I can't say that I'm a fan, for me ever since his MJ cover his sound has been too chaotic, I have to hand it to Jacob it's different. More power to him


    Have you listened to the other songs on the album? You might like some of them better.


    Since it's one human handling multiple avenues of expression, it probably means less ideas are "compromised" if you know what I mean? Like, in a band, you have people assigned to a different instrument individually, so every idea expressed in an instrument is a single person's idea. But since Jacob has such mastery over all these instruments, each instrument can express the exact same idea. That's probably why his music is more different, unique, and at times chaotic. He does a fantastic job of translating what's in his head into real sound.

    Jeff Durrant

    I really agree that he does not have to negotiate his ideas through the minds of others but the word chaotic is misleading!
    uninhibited is what his music is and all the better for it


    @Jeff Durrant
    yeah chaotic has a bit of negative connotation.
    Uninhibited is a much better word, you're right.

    natty boyo

    Multi instrumentalists sound one dimensional to me. Its like baking a cake and missing vital ingredients... Flat and bland..

  78. Kay

    And the award for trippiest song ending goes to:

    Jerry Reyes

    not bad

    Navi. . .

    His audio videos for his album is trippy.


    @Ivan Vera yes, that too XD

    Ved More

    this is after marijuana material


    @Ved More thats called music

  79. Laura Blanco

    Love it!! Congratulations on the whole album by the way, I've been playing it non-stop since I got it! Such an inspiration, keep going Xx