Collier, Jacob - Time To Rest Your Weary Head Lyrics

The time has come for me
To tell you all the things I really feel about you
Cuz lately time's been moving on
And every day we seem to grow a little older, too

The more I think of you
The less I seem to know the way I feel about you
And all I think is all I know
And all I know is all I want to think about is you

I used to think I knew it all
And that the love you gave was mine for keeping
I guess I cared too much for you back then
To see the simple magic of it all

I long to see the things we saw
When we were young and could not see so clearly
When all the world was just a blur of coloured lines
That I'd trace most sincerely back to you

And you'd say
Time to rest your weary head
Take your wings and go to bed
I know you want to know it all, my darling
And I'd say, sit me down and rock me
Rock me to sleep

I see the sparkle in your eyes
You say I'm beautiful and I believe you
And I will never feel more beautiful
Than when I'm wide awake beside you

I'll wander far and wide and wonder
How it feels to fall in love with someone
Without the need to show her everything I've learnt
About the world since you've been gone

And you'd say
Time to rest your weary head
Take your wings and go to bed
I know you want to show it all, my darling
And I'd say, sit me down and rock me
Rock me to sleep

There was a time, it seemed that time itself
Was free and would go on forever
Wanted to cling to it but now I see
Its fading is its greatest treasure, ooh

And you say
Time to rest my weary head
Take my wings and go to bed
I know you want to feel it all, my darling
And I'd say, sit me down and rock me
Oh, sit me down and rock me
Oh darling, sit me down and rock me
Rock me to sleep

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Collier, Jacob Time To Rest Your Weary Head Comments
  1. Calexito

    I've never ever cried so hard with a song in major...
    Jacob is not a musician but a feelings professional player
    I fucking love you Jacob... you changed the life of all of your fans

  2. Tom

    As much love as I have for the complex compositions and arrangements Jacob puts out, it is refreshing to finally see him truly reach to our hearts and speak to us all. We understand now, Jacob. Thank you.

  3. DMNK 154

    2:15 "Oh my god, the river's speeding up." -my reaction.
    "To speed up the passing of time." is a line from Make Me Cry.
    I love this video.

    DMNK 154

    This song makes me cry, and it's not a bad thing. I can't tell if he's crying himself at the end, or if it's the sound of his fingers sliding along the guitar strings, or if its a combination of both. I'm not sure it really matters what the sound, at the end of the song, is exactly, but I love that Jacob included it.

  4. Arjun Naik

    5:53 is either his guitar, his chair or a horse...

  5. Koen van Venetie

    black bird?

  6. Isabella Camoçato

    I don’t know why I hurt listening to this, it just makes me feel things

  7. jason Wilkerson

    Reminds me of Billy Joel's lullaby.

  8. Yado Freire

    I want to set this video as my pc wallpaper, i loved it <3

  9. sungrove

    as much as people focus on the harmony and structure of his music, i think we tend to forget the poetry that goes behind all of this

  10. David Murfin

    Simply beautiful

  11. Akw B

    It's nice that one can learn a piece by Jacob without requiring a choir

  12. Melanie Mergen

    Was recommended to me right as I’m about to go to sleep. I like the universe today :)

  13. Vicky H

    there is endless beauty that radiates from this song

  14. The Hope Andro Show

    Momma please find this song reaching your heart from mine wherever you may be roaming or resting. I can't help but miss you and long for new memories of you that we'll never get to make. Closure will never be mine when it comes to you leaving me so suddenly and unexpectedly. Hug me tonight. And hug me long. And hug me forever.

    Your Loving Daughter,


  15. Tanya

    i am acually crying right now. this is his super power. he touches our souls being so pure, talanted and honest

  16. mbkc

    What does mean "Set me down and rock me / Rock me to sleep" ? I'm frustrated because I can't translate nor understand it

    JZ B

    mbkc to set someone down is to sit down or to be placed down, rocking someone to sleep is, for example holding a baby and moving (rocking) them gently until they fall asleep


    @JZ B Thanks a lot, that's way more beautiful than I though ! :)

  17. Fellow

    It's so beautiful. I just broke up with a girl I loved, and even though this song makes me cry, it soothes me at the same time.

  18. Chris Neyman

    This feels a bit like finding safe harbor in a utopia that rejects the rules of the past or the shackles of the present and instead embraces the uninhibited joy of creation and harmony instead of destruction and discord. It is medicine for a weary head in need of relief. A wonderful gift.

  19. Michael Alderete

    I love the song, but this video of Sierra timelapses is simply brilliant.

  20. Gio Master

    i know he listened to coldplay oceans maybe

  21. Felipe Martins

    Incredible song!!! It seems this guy already lived a thousand years. Great artwork!

  22. rarethen9

    songwriting at its best, hats off

  23. Jas Bataille

    CW : description of PTSD syndrome and paranoïa
    I have PTSD and I just met the Love of my Life. It is still very hard for me to see her going back home past 10 at night, even tho I know very well she's a badass with more muscle than I'll ever have. It's still hard to fight to "fake flashbacks" depicting the most gruesome things happening to her. I am, thank God, *extremely* accustomed to lack of sleep, it's kind of part of my lifestyle, burned deep in me, to the point where I'm surprised to see that I wake up so early certain mornings (I got to sleep recently at 6am wanted to wake up at 9 and had to force me not to!). This... this is the only song which rocks me to sleep. Jacob, thanks for your gift to humanity. God knows I'm a tough guy. God knows I'm crying right now. Fuck yeah. Thugs cry too. You can't be afraid of your emotions again after you set your love free with THE person!!

  24. Francisco Gallegos

    Algún otro argentino se dio cuenta que está usando un poncho?

  25. Filip Vargek

    Unique , an all time legend !!

  26. Thomas Blethyn

    Dang, this hit me right in the feels for some reason.

  27. Harikesh Rao Ranganath

    If Jacob starts a cult, I'd join it.

  28. Anabella Viera

    Jacob, from this moment on I officially love you… <3

  29. Robs

    Dang I didn’t realize he could write lyrics too

  30. diego issac gomez

    wow que canción mas hermosa!!

  31. thomas herrera

    Thank you Jacob, I found myself along your lyrics, I think (we're going/have gone) through the same process, and the 3rd verse really spoke to me, the next step is going to be to learn appreciate it happened at all.

  32. Joseph Kim

    Amazing video, how were they able to capture the shadow movement on Jacob?

  33. Chika Dawson


  34. Bitrazr

    You know when you hear a song that makes everything bad that happened worth it - just for a listen?

    Yeah, that’s this song.

  35. Jacob Miller

    Yo what is the tuning for his guitar?

  36. dunjjkange

    This generation's 'Blackbird.'

  37. Studiofreq

    Nice! it affected me and made an already good day better.

  38. BRENDA Ferrell


  39. Eve Woehrling

    Favorite song on the album. Makes me cry, 10/10

  40. Lorraine Bowen’s YouTube!

    Such a beautiful and calming song... in this stressed out bonkers world....

  41. Isai Reyes

    is it ok to cry while listening to this song?

  42. Evan Marre

    Yikes, this is literally ‘he’s misstra know it all’ by Stevie

  43. Jim Brown

    Gorgeous to hear and see. Such beauty!

  44. GEMOTO

    Jacob is singing to Djesse.

  45. Jean Jean

    By far your best work the image are simple but speaks so much. This song, the lyrics so beautiful. I dont understand why this is not your most viewed video but you know for me it's a chef d'oeuvre, no doubt about that.

  46. Joaquin Maureira

    el conchesumare que estuvo parado una semana ahí

  47. Bernardo Semião

    What type of guitar is he using?

  48. Ian Tan

    if you see a guy standing still with back facing you in your backyard, in your country, just relax...

  49. Boycott CW books and movies

    This would be GREAT used in the TV series ‘This is Us.’ Perfect

  50. Porcaro4ever

    At 4:23 do y'all see that star 230th 10° left of center screen?.... pretty

  51. Johannes Jareteg

    Am I the only one who notices a connection lyric-wise between Becca Stevens' "JAC", their duet "I Heard You Singing" and this song?

  52. Kevin Courcey

    Really beautiful Jacob. Nice to hear you singing in your real voice.

  53. Ethan Purdy

    Ever sat and watched the light fade from the day, until it all becomes black and white? That’s this song. Masterpiece.

  54. Christiann Merin

    i'd be glad to know your thoughts about your meaning and interpretations about the song. it's just so beautiful

  55. Matteo Gazzolo

    Such a pleasure to enjoy this caressing music... thank you...

  56. auke Hofstra

    Oooh so beautiful! Can you enlighten me ? How 's your guitar tuned ? did you use a capo?

  57. Christopher Antone

    Wonderful emotion who cut the onions.

  58. Bebeto Tandane Jr.

    So beautiful ... And a bit sad at the same time :'(

  59. csilt

    Really really nice song and video. I need to get back in the Sierras, I miss them so much

  60. minigrok

    Anybody notice the hiss, and anyone can explain what for, besides that (to me) it's kinda soothing?


    he puts stuff like that into his recordings very intentionally. Make Me Cry has crackle from top to bottom, like a dusty vinyl old lp. Others have crickets or birds or rain, etc


    @Sondhead1 I get it, many thanks. I bet it's taken straight out of a (chrome?) cassette tape, it sounds just like it.

  61. Matt de Veer

    With this song, one man has singlehandedly cured my musical color blindness. Much love to you Jacob, and keep inspiring young musicians like myself.

  62. rarethen9

    Oh, how I miss her...

  63. Eugene Harris

    It reminds me of some of the English/Scottish folk songs, Bert Jansch style and Nick Drake too. It is nice to hear this influence that Jacob is showing and his voice works well singing this style. Beautiful song.

    Eugene Harris

    I hope Jacob got to stand in these places to see the views.

  64. Megan Chalmers

    I'm 0:18 in and already crying

  65. Yellow Engine

    This song reminds me of my grade 7 teacher who would sing a song on his guitar to the class

  66. Prince Detro

    I Love You Jacob, You're so perfectly Natural

  67. Jake Feldstein

    This song feels like a warm hug. Incredible work Jacob

    Dylan Decker

    I feel like so much of his music is a message of love, just like his idol, Stevie Wonder. It's just the best stuff to write about, the stuff of life and love.

  68. LearnLoads

    It's like someone sat him down and said, "Jacob, we love your clever, complicated harmonies and stuff, really we do, but why not just do something stripped down and simple, just you and a guitar?"". This is a little gem. I personally would love to see him come out from behind the multiple layers and do more of this.

    Achenar Myst

    Complexity and simplicity. It‘s all the „true“ Jacob.

  69. BrHarley054

    I think this is my favourite song of his until now. The intimate performance, the simple form, the touching lyrics and the beautiful chords. Thank you jacob for allowing us to experience this masterpiece. It's wonderful

  70. johndnicoll

    I love shots of space and the earth like that. If you flip your frame of reference, letting the stars be still, you can feel what it’s like to be on the earth as it rotates in space. Totally awesome.

  71. Fellow

    This is really beautiful.

  72. kritika goyal

    The music and the vocals 😫💓

  73. Amit Shakya

    masterful!!! how does this not have more views?!?!

  74. Raptor Underground

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  75. Chinkey Plum

    I feel like you were channeling Nick Drake there..... so beautiful, thank you!

  76. Jazz/Soul/Life Dude

    Best musician in the world giving a big middel finger to nietzsche, descartes and sartre hahaha

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  78. Noah Heyl

    Jacob is great

  79. anungla zoe

    so beautiful❤️

  80. Esteban Cuadra

    uh oh 5:37

  81. Benjámin Timár

    at 2:46 someone walked into the room while recording the song, and you can hear that Jacob turned to see who it was, and turned back at 2:50-2:51

  82. Bill E


  83. Leah Tamar

    What a poignant way to end this album. Honestly one of the most simplistically beautiful songs I have ever heard. The whole album is stellar, but this stood out to me.

  84. Mister Pumpkinhead

    Beautiful Jacob. Thanks.

  85. Cristián Díaz O'Ryan

    Jacob! I couldn't avoid the temptation to send you this video Here the musician is playing a "Guitarrón chileno". It is an instrument that can interest you!

  86. Parikshit Barua

    This is how I'd like the last day of my life to be

  87. Sacha Street

    I do believe this will stand the test of time as, without hyperbole, one of the greatest and most heartfelt pieces of music ever created. Thank you once again Jacob for really, _really_ doing your thing.

  88. Hoke Kellett

    This song has put me to sleep for the past 3 weeks. Thank u for this. I love you Jacob, you are my idol.

  89. music and mushrooms

    He is on a completely different level than other musicians his age. Beautiful.

    peter g

    He is on a completely different level than other musicians in all of human history.

  90. Mailli Atkins

    your amazing!! im doing a cover of your song right now. IT DEFINITLY WONT BE THIS GOOD!!!

  91. Kit Cotter

    Stunning video !

  92. Pebi Utomo

    This is amazing song i ever heard 😭😭 thank u so much jacob 👍🏻

  93. 8PedroFerreira

    Jacob please post a tutorial on how to play this!

  94. Garrison Lindsay

    This is beautiful. The imagery, the music, all of it together, just beautiful. One of my favorite music videos of all time.

  95. Noa Hara

    Why does everything seems to be connected😆 soooooo funnyyy

  96. Eric Lang

    Thank you Jacob.

  97. Ben Ellis


  98. Makis Makiavelis

    Those locations though. Man, I love the taiga biome! I wish I could have a small house and live there alone. A peaceful and simple life in perfect tune with nature. Sad truth is I would be bored or hungry or dead in about two weeks or so. So many ways to die in nature if you are alone and inadequately equipped. Such is life I guess.

    Achenar Myst

    Makis Makiavelis Not exactly taiga, it‘s California, Yosemity.