Collier, Jacob - Once You Lyrics

Once, you needed somebody
To hold you close to your body
But I'd already gone
Once, you listened for someone
A voice to soothe your aching heart
And I told you goodbye

Time passes us by
Seems like our day is gone
But I know, in my heart, I'll always care for you
And you'll care for me
And I will always remember the world we shared
The road may be long, long, long, long
But someday, I'll hold you close once more

Time passes us by
The sun in your eyes is gone
But I know, in my heart, I'll always shine for you
And I will always remember the world we shared
The road may be long, long, long, long, long, long, long
But someday, I'll hold you close once more
I'll hold you, hold you once more, hold you once more
I'm gonna hold you, I'm gonna hold you, hold you
Hold you once again
The road may be long, the road may be long, long, long
Long, long, long
I'm gonna hold you

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Collier, Jacob Once You Comments
  1. James Swisher

    I am a life long musician (could never be this good) but I have NEVER made popcorn to listen to an album in my life. Hours of entertainment. Visions. Beautiful

  2. Érico Schmitt

    Another great song that could have been better with someone else singing!

  3. Tahj Playlists

    makes me feel like I can breathe under water

  4. Fellow

    I'm going through some difficult times, because I broke up with someone that I truly cared about. But Jacob's music, and especially this particular song, has given me an incredible amount of power and relief. His music reminds me that life goes on. It's both inspiring and soothing, I feel like crying and laughing at the same time. I really look up to him as a musician, and I hope that some day I could write something even remotely as good as this.

  5. Omar Salazar

    All minute 5:00 is just epic

  6. Nuria Kouwenhoven

    this song moves me so much. I'm probably going to die in a couple months and I want this song on my funeral, to tell everyone I'll see them again, eventually...


    please live!

  7. こめ


  8. morrisbag

    Brilliant, touching, sweet, warm, sad, stunning

  9. Alexander Acosta Osorio

    I'm gonna hold you

  10. 거니거니

    Lyrics..just tore my heart. It reminds me of my ex

  11. Isabela Nightingale

    This song makes me love someone I've never known, miss a place I've never been and remember something I've never lived
    Jacob has this power of making me happy for something and I dont know what this something is

  12. Macom G.

    Completely blown away by the music AND the visuals ❤️🌌

  13. Lucas Brenelli

    Thaís is so more than beatiful. Incrível.

  14. mrbigg151

    There's not enough words to describe the emotional journey you lead any listener're way ahead of your time and I'm mad I'm recently hearing your work smh.

  15. Margarita Keudell

    Puedo estar escuchándote horas

  16. The BIG Girl Life

    This starts off so 'Somewhere over the rainbow' then goes over to the dark side and travels back up that rainbow again. And that's just the intro. To. My. Soul.

    On another note (pun totally intended), I wonder what Jacob and Dimash Kudaibergen would make of each other. I feel like they'd create a whole new world if they put their alien powers together ;-p

  17. Andrew Steier

    Sensual as all getup.

  18. Crea

    jeez stop cutting the onions

  19. Ryan makes Lemonade

    This song should be in a Disney movie.

  20. harry searia

    I almost lost it and started balling 🥺.
    Who's slicing onion's?

  21. Journeyman Music

    stellar !

  22. itsteganyay

    I could listen to this song forever :)

  23. KittX

    To me Jacob is outstanding not only because complexity (but I got absolute hearing, so maybe it helps a bit), but the energy he gives. A lot of music nowadays, including music I really love - is still whining. I used to love some indie/electronic male singers, they are very talented, but the energy they spread is very depressing. Someone wrote somewhere that Jacob is "too light" that it's not relatable, and needs a good heart break. IMO the world is already full of that kind of music, pease listen to almost anything else. There's a lot of pity music, there's a lot of bitter music. There is a lot of introspective and atmospheric music - which embraces the feeling of loneliness, but coloring it as something beautiful, makes you into the "lonely observer" mood, and that is a great music. But I've been listening to it for too much, and it sucked life out of me. Jacob's music brings life back. Hope it won't stop.

  24. juli a

    Indescribably beautiful. Thank you and God bless you 🌟❤️

  25. Too Many Edits

    This is the most beautiful song ever, no contest


    honestly, I feel exactly the same way, for real

  26. Joseph Baray

    I have no adequate words to describe how I feel after hearing this Exquisite Transformative piece. Thank you, Jacob Collier!

  27. Beatrix Lastofka

    I've been listening to this song for 2 days in a row now and discovering more and more beautiful sounds, notes and feelings <3
    I'm showing all my students the beauty of his songs his voice and his harmonies; hopefully we can show the future generation that music erases the ugliness of this world we're living in.

  28. Takuma Okamoto

    this is the most beautiful song that i had ever heard i think
    i was really moved when i heard for the first time
    i am a japanese man.i really want jacob to come tokyo again!

  29. Toni Smith

    I am so in love with this genius!!! This song is just MAGIC!!! Brought me to tears....

  30. Тимур Бережной


  31. madbebopper

    Quite an amazing song, musically, as well as lyrics and what an orchestration, not to mention the great vocals displayed here. I've heard it dozens of times and I still hear something new. Why isn't this heard on jazz radio? Seems like the radio station managers can't deal with this, but why not? This is the cream of the crop of modern music today. Go ahead, JC.

  32. AliothSenator

    I can hear Sinatra here; unbelievably devastating and beautiful composition.


    Indeed so! I was just thinking that. Same vibe as "September of my Years", similar orchestral colour.

  33. Meagan Alexander

    No one is going to talk about the fact that the genius mother of the genius is playing alongside the genius, making this genius squared??? (Not to mention an INSANELY talented orchestra on top of that.)

    Stephen May

    Meagan Alexander, thanks for clarifying who Susie Collier is! Wasn’t sure of the relation.

    Meagan Alexander

    @Stephen May Of course! :)

  34. Mʌx

    4:55 - 5:57 completes me

  35. Proghead88

    Jacob, I truly believe you will be remembered like Bach, or The Beatles, not that it matters that much to you I'm sure. But your impact will be huge, which hopefully makes everything you are doing that much more rewarding. I (we) can't wait to hear Djesse Vol. 2, 3 and 4! And anything else you feel like doing ;)

  36. Thomas Elwin

    Beautiful... but have you heard the beginning of 'The Guillemots' album - Through the windowpane??

  37. Katie Billes

    Only just came across this after watching your live stream with dodie. Just waw. Listened to it in the dark with eyes closed and it put me into such a beautiful space. Thank you so much Jacob for emphasising the power that music can have ❤

  38. A M

    I wonder who that magical person he always writes about must be..

  39. A M

    This sounds like an epic disney song of 2098

  40. Pau Solé-Vilaró

    Good for studying in the background

  41. Ilia Tilev

    That's amazing!

  42. Tristan Rujano

    How can people be so talented?!

  43. Caleb Montgomery

    First time I thought i could see my grandad after he passed. I don't think a song has hit me so hard.

  44. Lucas Landry


    This helps me release the weight of stress and deciding my future. This makes my mind so much clearer. <3

  45. jaydoebud

    I would ador seeing hearing Jacob collab with Edgar Meyer.. Whew can you imagine?

  46. Akumos

    If a song was an IQ test :^)

  47. Vickie Thurston

    Love Jacob! Can't wait to see him in concert May 16th.

  48. madbebopper

    Jacob - this is a gorgeous melody and a hauntingly beautiful orchestration. Your resolutions just before the vocal begins are fantastic!! This melody is one for the of the most captivating melodies I've heard. You keep blowing me away, brother, I just cannot get enough of your music. I hope that one day I will be able to add some saxophones to one of your songs or projects. It would be a pleasure to collaborate or add some saxes to a song of yours one day, perhaps....Thank you for the beauty and depth that you weave into everything you do!!! You are brightening the music world with so many things that music today so desperately needs!

  49. Dawn Muir

    Exquisite! The great songwriters like Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern would be proud to call you one of their own!

  50. Max Teitelbaum

    does he composes all this music by himself?

    Alexander Marc

    I believe so.

    Richard Rodgers

    @Mʌx He composes, arranges, plays most of the (non-orchestral) instruments, and is his own recording producer and engineer.

  51. Ilia Tilev


  52. aa ss

    Intro of this song is similar with it of Gone too soon by Michael Jackson. I love it‼︎

  53. Trendy Bug

    This music is super inspiring! Very different which I love! And a nice relaxing feel to it but still has energy. I just want to play my Harp when I hear your music. Or even just sing like it is a never ending story.

  54. Pedro Marcos Volf

    So nice... Always

  55. Raphael Santos

    Wish Jacob composed for a Disney movie/musical one day so his music would be more apparent to younger kids and would get to be familiarized to this level of music and then we'll have more chance of more little Colliers advancing and contributing to music.

  56. Mohamed Maghrabi

    how come this doesn't have a billion views!

  57. DeanoPiano

    Powerful... 😢 just got back from seeing you live in Manchester UK and now I’m on a JC marathon, mental gig btw.

  58. Captain Falcon

    Almost one month to the day this track was released, I lost my dog to an ugly battle with Cushing's Syndrome which ended with renal cancer. I turned to Jacob's music for comfort, and this song's lyrics hit me on such a visceral level. I had been strong for the sake of my family until I turned on June's livestream transcription of this song, realized what I was listening to, remembered the lyrics, realized that it couldn't be a coincidence... and spent the next hour sobbing in my wife's arms. It was the quickest I have ever felt myself emotionally break.

    I really needed that cry. Thank you, Jacob.

  59. music through rough times

    Dodie are you here???

  60. Kerry good... god !!

  61. Graham Lerch

    This is just astonishing.

  62. Arron Powell

    I'm not crying - you're crying..

  63. Bradley Bird

    This masterpiece and your cover song "as" have to be the two most incredibly beautiful, pure and tearjerkingly wholesome songs I have ever heard. You are changing lives with the love in your heart.

  64. wikichris

    I would love to here this who has a more mainstream singing voice. Obviously he is amazing but the deep breathy vocals are not my personal taste.

  65. Jennifer Purcell

    Oh what incredible star bursting, heart beating beauty

    pure brilliance

  66. Honeyplum

    Yep, cried hard. No idea what to say to Jacob when I meet him Wednesday... Yeap I always cry when listening to your music! Such a blast you must be really happy to hear that you constantly make people cry! lol, all jokes aside it's an honour to spark any kind of emotion in people with your music but still... have no idea what to say to him... inspiration?

  67. Michel Lalive d'Epinay

    saw him live for the first time live last night in Zurich... love and admire him even more than before

  68. Drakkar Lukain


  69. Braddles B

    This song touched me like no other song has.
    Even though it sounds like it has come out of a Disney film.
    Somehow, someway, this song has reached the inner depths of my heart and pulled on the strings.

  70. RR Greenwood

    As a singing/composing/playing mom with an arranging/composing/singing son, I am so touched by this loveliness.

    shelley martin

    I absolutely am I'm with you there, my son's off at Music School, I'm a professional musician, and I'm going to see Jacob Collier March 6 in Nashville!

    RR Greenwood

    @shelley martin My son's at Belmont...yours? (3 kids from his HS choir here in NJ are at Belmont!) Hope you have a blast at the show.

    Achenar Myst

    Thank god for motherhood and music-hood. 👩‍👦

  71. Harry Miller Music

    devastating... dang

  72. Stephen Docherty

    Insert a million gushing hyperbolic comments here

  73. Ester ?

    Im melting

  74. Obstsalatissimo

    Suggestions for songs to arrange:
    Bill Evans: Peace Piece,
    Nick Drake: One of these things first, Pink Moon, and others
    John Martyn: Bless the Weather (and many others)
    Apart from that: Thanks for your wonderful wonderful Work!!!

  75. That One Bassist

    This is ridiculously beautiful. This is one of the only songs to ever actually make me cry. The harmonies are so dense and rich. You know when to use just the right amount of spice in your chords to give it enough edge so that the resolution is stronger. Like holy smokes, the changes in this are just gorgeous. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for this truly beautiful piece of music.

  76. ailurophile

    Sounds like a song that could come from the old classic Disney movies <3

  77. Jake Harvey

    June Lee just posted his transcription of this in case anybody is interested! Wonderful song. Few songs give me such emotions and, as always, June does a wonderful job on transcribing this masterpiece :)

  78. S S

    Very unexpected from such a young artist. This song is amazingly beyond boundaries.

  79. jet

    dodie anyone?

  80. Susanne Kirchharz

    no comment ❤

  81. Nia Jessie

    This one gives me Willy Wonka vibes. So beautiful!

  82. Hyun-Su Kim

    I've been not engaged in religion in entire life at all but this is even kinda religious. I almost cried at bus on the way home

  83. Monique Castelli

    Anyone else sent here by Dodie Clark?

  84. Zoe Thomson

    Cried RIGHT at the end

  85. amelia j

    This is the most majestic thing I’ve ever heard

  86. Tired Watermelon

    dodie's newest video brought me here💛

  87. Henrik Amalia

    I took this as dodies very personal "try not to cry" challenge, but I miserably failed. So Beautiful <33

  88. BillyBongwaters

    I love this one so much....It's truly a Masterpiece.... And the dynamics are perfect...

  89. arilu

    this was so goddamn beautiful i'm crying

  90. Phoebe Wren

    Beautiful; I feel so grounded yet I'm soaring

  91. Louis Moron

    Anyone else here from dodie? Absolutely beautiful

  92. Clara Li

    (dodie brought me here hi)

    M i r a

    Same 👍

    Monique Castelli

    Clara Li omg me too! I just commented the same thing lol

  93. riley s.


  94. Jay Liebenberg

    Who else came from Dodie’s new video?


    which one?

    Jay Liebenberg

    The I love music one

  95. Shakiel Bloomer

    sent by dodie. this song is so utterly beautiful. wow

  96. Peach Tea

    Jacob Collier’s music is just so inspiring for me because I believe it is the closest to pure, raw expression I’ve ever heard. In a world like today’s, that sort of thing feels a bit hard to come by. It reminds me to always stay true, genuine, and to always pursue what I love. Thank you, Jacob, truly.

  97. Mark Johnson

    I'm hearing expressions of emotions in this piece that I have felt but never before heard so articulately expressed before!

  98. JLMusic

    Hey man you should so do a room-tour/gear-rundown video