Collier, Jacob - Lua Lyrics

Vou-me embora ver a lua
Ver a noite a passar até o sol nascer
Diz-me que vens p'ra me ver
Diz-me que vens p'ra ficar
Já não sei se espere por ti
Se estou a sonhar

Vou-me embora ver se encontro
Uma parte de mim que perdi no teu céu
Diz-me que vens p'ra mostrar
O que deixei por aí
Diz-me que queres e que não
Que não é sonho meu

Oh, if you only could see
What you mean to me
Tomorrow will come
You will wake and you will see
That some things cannot be
What we want them to be
See the light, see it all around my head oh
See the light, sing it all the way home
See the light, see it all around my head oh
See the light, sing it all the way home
See the light, see it all around my head oh
See the light, sing it all the way home
See the light, see it all around my head oh

Oh, if you only could see
What you mean to me
Tomorrow will come
You will wake and you will see
That some things cannot be
What we want them to be
See the light, see it all around my head oh
See the light, sing it all the way home
See the light, see it all around my head oh
See the light, sing it all the way home
See the light, see it all around my head oh
See the light, sing it all the way home
See the light, see it all around my head oh
See the light, sing it all the way home

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Collier, Jacob Lua Comments
  1. oelkiluk

    Its looks like a medley btwn Mozart and Tom Jobim

  2. La Jo Ba

    This reminds me of a Clare Fischer production.....Bravo!

  3. Anouman

    ooh, the presence of that cello as it comes in at 1.30+! Wonderful playing and sound engineering

  4. Allana Araujo

    isso é fenomenal

  5. Steve Watson

    Is it allowed to click the "Like" button more than once?

  6. Bradley Ivander

    This is an equal comparison with garlic infused french fries. C'est si bon!

    Elonike Verina

    that you got from your favorite Greek restaurant yo

    Elonike Verina

    and suddenly wishing you were Greek

  7. Mathieu Baude

    5:13 Makes me thing aboir Sade so much at this moment... It's crazy !

  8. Анастасия

    So tender, so transparent and intimate, gentle and multi dimensional. It’s creation of time travel and light of a present moment...

  9. nicebluejay

    8:02 simply gorgeous

  10. Danae Crosley

    If God were to appoint a single person to be ahead of the music in Heaven, I think it would be Jacob Collier.

  11. Wontaek Yoo

    can we get a translation from a native portuguese speaker? can get a general idea from google translate, but would really appreciate an accurate translation of maros lyrics

  12. Felipe Rodopoulos

    carai mané, que video brabo

  13. Wontaek Yoo

    I love how every musician involved in this session can't help but crack a smile when they hear those sweet notes cascading down

  14. Ricardo Sousa

    É portuguesa ca*****!

  15. Tay07ism

    Jacob you musical genius this is 🔥 beautiful 👌

  16. mr_torle

    The violin/cello duet reminds me of Dvorak (9. Symohony, 2nd movement).

  17. Dylan Decker

    I wanna be on whatever beach these cats are on, it sounds so nice.

  18. Aziz Ghani

    He plays also so sweet old school style,,,,,,, juat plan GENIUZZZZ

  19. DMNK 154

    I don't think I can properly describe how this song makes me feel. Wonderful is a good start, but the feeling is so much fuller than that one word.

  20. gabriel s

    what a bealtiful bossa nova! hello from Brazil!

  21. Undraiks

    It's like a hot summer day, when I stay home alone and walk my filthy floor, barefooted...

  22. Isabela Rissetto

    Como não amar?? Alguém me diz!!

  23. Another Ideaman

    Crazy good!

  24. Lee Tee

    I've heard Maro live in concert and can 100% say she sounds just as beautiful if not more , as she does in this. Smoother than butter, amazing!!

  25. LatinBellyGoddess


  26. Arkadt dos santos e silva

    Top das Galáxias!

  27. ItchyKneeSon

    I thought this was going to be a cover of the Bright Eyes song.
    Silly me...

  28. Jan & Jannike

    This is beautiful and her voice is like 🍬🍭 🍡! So tasteful!

  29. Diário de Chipz

    This is the next level of the music

  30. Lucas Lopes

    Quando estás a ouvir a playlist e de repente aparece uma música cantada em Português!!! :o

  31. TheJay

    Just get a room already, daym.

  32. Cam Knopp

    Amazing sound quality

  33. Lee Smith THAT’S why the Piano was invented!

  34. Sue BAKER


  35. laconja1

    FRIST CLASS ALL THE WAY 👏👏👏 Love this and the Introduction is GORGEOUS 👏👏👏BRAVO !!!

  36. kohlrabenschwanz

    Is this his mother playing the violin ?

  37. Jinho Choi

    Jacob's mom is on the violin section :D

  38. Yustine Saptarini J

    this is freakin beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllll

  39. Ben Rubio

    Jacobs Phrase at 6:20 is so immensely satisfying.

  40. Luciano Nogueira

    Bossa de grandes pitadas britânicas kkk.......ficou interessante!


    Mother Collier on violin ‼️‼️

  42. Adam

    Her voice is captivating.

  43. Kyrre Bugge

    gorgeous :D im missing the backup singers though..

  44. Edith Harris

    So beautiful

  45. La Bolsita music

    Wooow !!! wow so nith song

  46. Nick Athanasiadis

    this is jamming time amigo lets go baby

  47. Tyler Smith

    Wtf @ 7:04 it sounds so much like he used a pitch wheel on the piano. I’ve never heard a piano “bend” sound so real

  48. bella201288

    Great !!! As always.....i wonder what Claus Ogerman will say, listening to this treasure

  49. Luiz Carlos

    Viva Tom Jobim, viva Vinícius de Moraes!!

  50. whatisy

    So beautiful!!!

  51. Katia Carvalho

    perfeição divina

  52. Wired Weird

    Fun fact: That’s Jacob's mom Suzie Collier, the second violinist from left with short hair 👐

  53. Johannes Pöhlmann

    I don‘t know how many times I have seen this video. I watch it at least once a day. Wonderful.

  54. Patricia Costa

    I am speechless which is the point, I think, excellence at its best !!!!! Thank you

  55. José Bernardo Aramayo

    When some body think have heard the top, suddenly appears sounds like 'Lua'. Would be an enormous mistake try to clasifie style, texture or whatever. So, we can say, it is the top of masterpiece, a personal masterpiece, like Mozart or Stravinsky or beethoven quartets. Simply is a great expression of composition, poetry, sounds, and unexplored lanscapes of music. A geniuos simply saying when is a pizzicatto necesary to feel tenderless, and, with out words, is top of wonderfull music, music, multiplied armonies.

  56. Глафира Глафира

    "Ты — шелест нежного листка,
    Ты — ветер, шепчущий украдкой,
    Ты — свет, бросаемый лампадкой,
    Где брезжит сладкая тоска."

  57. Victor W.

    Every note is played with so much care and intention. It's really lovely

  58. Amara Amine

    so talented, bravo

  59. Robbie Nohra

    Sounds like a decadent blend of the intro to D'Angelo's Really Love and the feel of a slowed down harmonized version of Pink Floyd's San Tropez.

  60. Roberto Dellepiane

    The best of peace!!!!

  61. Michel Vicentine

    Que coisa linda!

  62. Rock Moule

    Musicaly perfect, but I can't stand his voice...sounds like he's yawning all the time 😅

  63. jouge

    super beautiful, you're going places jacob

  64. 7 13

    how do i find music like the part where maro sings?

  65. Lucas Chacon

    I enjoyed the Jacob Collier Experience two weeks ago here in Chile 🇨🇱
    Easily the best concert I’ve attended in my life. He and his band are just phenomenal musicians and artists. It was a very special venue, because of many reasons. It was the last concert of Maro as part of the band (she will face new challenges next year), the last concert of Jacob in the year (until April or May I think), and also it was an oasis in the middle of the chaotic moment Chile is living right now. Jacob dedicated a few words for us, telling us to keep on fighting for what’s fair. Not only a great musician but also a humble and genuine human being.

  66. Régis De Almeida

    Beautiful Song! Amazing!

  67. Ivo Caponio

    That's fantastic!

  68. Terje

    Just great ! BIG smile :)

  69. Laura van Driel


  70. razis henry

    Too beautiful.. George Michael will sing this song in heaven..

  71. Katrina Kroja

    Ok wow such an intelligent, tender approach to music. I'm glad.

  72. Muyiwa Praiseworth

    This gives me memory of a Nostalgia that never was

  73. Pederasta

    Holy fuck. My country!

  74. Ricardo melo

    Que lindo, fico muito feliz por ver essa versão dessa linda obra , língua portuguesa, saudações Brasil !

  75. Jonathan Yarbrough

    That shaky bit on "wake" at 4:56 feels so personal, even more so than his music normally is.

  76. neuronmind

    Food for the mind and pure ear candy.

  77. Raphaela Lopes

    música maravilhosa! muito linda e singela, me lembrou o MPB aqui do Brasil.

  78. Cole Perkins

    It’s like the further out you travel during a song, the more satisfying it is when you return back home.

  79. Ja Fla

    When I witness individuals debating the musical parameters or characteristics that define minimalism I too think small — as in a phenomenon named after Napoleon. This is the soundtrack of the balletic Mousa Dembele a few years back when he dominated the center of the pitch for Tottenham (SPURS).

  80. Eamon Browne

    Maro just melts you with that voice, dayyum.

  81. Tarun Kanojia

    Did I just see Bohemian Rhapsody - Part II

  82. Raquel Faria


  83. Joabe Alves

    Thanks bro for this music

  84. Kristina Zhang

    Jacob looks like fell in love

  85. dr-kka

    I think the word 'live' is a bit of a stretch here...

  86. Gonzalo Martínez

    The fact that this acsolutely Brazilian-influenced music is sung with a Portuguese accent gives the song an extra layer of complexity

  87. Simon Mitchell

    Her voice is reviving my cells.

  88. Ane Walsh

    que saudade de Jobim!

  89. capt fifi

    This is it right here

  90. Alessandro Ribeiro


  91. Natalie Ahearn

    Wow. Speechless.

  92. Laura D'Amico

    Il ragazzo che sconvolse il jazz....Jacob Collier...jazz del futuro....straordinario!...laura♥️👍

  93. Bruno Moitinho

    Muito lindo! Parabéns pelo trabalho.

  94. LERU Ricardo

    Ficou linda esta bossa-nova...o sotaque da cantora ficou encantador! This bossa nova was beautiful ... the singer's accent was charming! Tom Jobim adoraria, com certeza!

  95. brian teh

    That lady's voice is so sexy.

  96. Dana dela cruz

    Please make more music like this!!!

  97. I S R A

    this is something I only hear in movies.

  98. Lice23

    This sounds so amazing, just wow
    I'd absolutely love to see a collab between Jacob and Tim Bernardes