Collier, Jacob - Intro Lyrics

Sing, sing, sing, sing, sing
Ba-dee-oh, ba-dee-oh

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Collier, Jacob Intro Comments
  1. Serhat Özmen

    Home again ♻️

  2. 金羽鹏

    so fucking beautiful

  3. Negazul

    I fall in love with your work

  4. Misaki Matsumoto

    I couldn’t catchup my brain when I first heard.

  5. Tahj Playlists

    those transitions

  6. Chris Haller

    LOVE the gentleness of the song filled with harmony and meaning. We love this depth and beauty , it makes the day more beautiful and happy. JC thank you for sharing your joy and beautiful melodies with all of us!! May you never stop being so inspiring. Seek the things above

  7. FredTanAustin

    i hate your face and your music sucks


    April Fools Day isn't for another couple of months.

  8. Elia Vincenzi

    1:08 God, is this the Heaven?

  9. Gaston Arrieta

    Starseed Jacob! 💫

  10. Jenda Šmerda

    Ou, that is one of the best clips I have ever seen!

  11. Joe Murnan

    When people say the world needs to be unified in peace through music, this is the best guy to do it.

  12. afloatingstone

    Album of the year.

  13. pikajoo ok

    I like i from thailand i fill like all yoursong i am 37year

  14. seleniau

    Jacob presidente!!!

  15. Jamie Stainer

    *lads of Alnwick intensify*

  16. Fede

    i love this, i live for this

  17. Giovanni Ravaioli

    How many likes am I allowed to press?

  18. olivier jung

    Love you !

  19. Brian Reid

    This is like nothing else. In a dark room, eyes closed, headphones on. What an incredible experience.

  20. Relflow

    thank you, once again jacob.
    and here's to many more moments with the most important part of the universe.
    Looking at oneself, with earnest joy and pride at what has been accomplished.
    And to celebrate the best part of ourselves.

  21. Leo Telles

    28 people are insecure musicians who have yet to accept Jacob Collier, Give em time. Used to be me too

  22. Definitive Entertainment

    Intro is hella “Dead Poets Society”

  23. Pat Lauderbaugh

    My man! So glad to have found you. Love your keyboard work et all.

  24. Michael Lewinger

    Of course. Rebeca and Jacob, a pair of legends.

  25. Emran Plays

    Your instrumentation and musical knowledge is like no other. Your live vox are definitely not for me. Love your creative genius.

  26. Bryan Galan

    Gracias por esto

  27. waltzguy14151

    Man this guy is so freaking talented. And an amazing and generous soul.

    But listening to this record is like a hellish granola nightmare. I lasted the first three songs and then I was like, “ahhhhhh get me outta heeeeere!!”. Hope his next record is less world Music vibe and back to the funkiness and less appealing to geriatrics. My 11 and 14 year olds love his first record, (which I considered a personal victory) but when I played this they were like, “is this Disney music or something?”. I asked them what they meant and they said it sounded like the soundtrack to Lion King. Instead of going so expansive on influences (and using instrumentation so dense) maybe he could narrow them down and make some funky ass tunes again. “Savior” is pure genius. Or he could do a straight jazz record. Or anything that has some straightforward songwriting. So a guy tuned to the first record hears this and it’s music you might play for those extremist granola new agers.. you know.. the ones born in the 60’s. 50’s. Music so happy it makes you wanna put an ice pick in your ears. So before it completely wrecked my mood, I deleted it from iTunes and played some much needed Tigran Hamasyan who is doing revolutionary things with music. Jacobs first album is revolutionary. This is just... so easy to listen to it’s a hard listen. Still give this a thumbs up because I support Collier and his music. But I’d have exactly zero interest in hearing this live. Am I the only one who feels let down after such a monumentally wonderful first album?

  28. Andreina Texier

    This song remembers me, Skylark , sung at some point by Dinah Shore, Ella fitzgerald, etc..

  29. Edward Kenaway

    I'm a metal head for life but sometimes you realize that it's time to chill out for a bit


    Same. Hearing Steve Vai on this album validates this attitude as well. Quality music definitely does not depend on intensity. I love some death, thrash and black metal bands but this is just pure undeniable beauty.

  30. eschelar

    Recorded between 2017 and 2019...

    He was recording parts of this 2 years before it was recorded... Now that's some long term planning!

  31. Pierre W

    Nice music but his voice sounds like a cow mooing :(

  32. Jill Shilcock

    Studying hard for an extra qualification in Art .... an then I came across this and gave myself permission to put the books down and listen.......... WOW - I feel so much better now .... thank you so much xx

  33. Paul Zarvis

    Thank you Jacob Collier. Saw him in NYC 3 yrs ago and was blown away. I think the world has given us another talent the caliber of a Mozart or Beethoven. I do not say that lightly. But this kid effortlessly plays incredibly complex chords and melodies that are other worldly and he does it on the fly!! His ear is absolutely off the charts stunning and his ability to throw in chord substitutions and play outside the box is scary good!! Yep! We have another genius prodigy in our midst. Take care to listen because they only come around every couple hundred years.

  34. Johnny Machado

    Obrigado por tamanha genialidade!

  35. Vitalik Demko

    Hello Jacob, just interested, can you compose music with one note? I know it's possible but it would be nice to hear it in your interpretation :)

  36. Harry Miller Music

    Beautiful way to start an album! Gorgeous peaceful tune.

  37. Sam

    Glad to see a good recording from 2019 who hasn't fallen victim of this nonsense that is the loudness war!

    The air and soundstage in the mix is fantastic!

  38. Leeboy

    From 5:15 my world becomes perfect

  39. Frederik Krenzer

    4:38 sounds like Mike Oldfield

  40. Kit Cotter

    Jacob's music defies pidgeon-holing into any one genre... I love that... makes me feel more comfortable about my own reluctance to do same, lol !

  41. 4ng 3l4

    feels like home

  42. TEISAN

    Personally speaking... this is the best song on this album for me.

  43. vakho kurdadze

    As I believe, you are the guy who's constantly searching for new, and unfamiliar music, with non-traditional arrangements of notes, if you haven't checked Georgian (country) folk music please, please check it out and harmonize

  44. Subscribe to Ban Bass Tabs

    after moonriver
    this was my favorite


    This is so beautiful....when my time has come...this one! 💝

  46. Jonas Pasche

    Sometimes I'm a bit hesitant clicking the play button on a J. C. song because I already know that it's going to touch my heart at levels rarely experienced, and I fear starting to silently cry a bit because of the beauty of these sounds. Then I click play. Then I start feeling it. Then I silently cry a little. And it's okay. Thanks, Jacob.

  47. Michael Contreras

    Sounds like sleep therapy music but dumber


    Just want to say thank you for this beautiful music.

  49. Nicholas Corkeron

    Very nice.

  50. Laurence Long

    5:16 is very hideaway!

  51. minigrok

    Happy birthday Jacob!

  52. Alex Campos

    Espectacular as usual... Jacob Collier a Brilliant Mind..

  53. Pejman

    Mr collier your interest in microtones is a reason that I think you should research or just listen to Iranian classical music.

  54. kuo seamon

    I can't wait to see the show in September.Greeting from Australia.

  55. Eden

    Can I request Bohemian Rhapsody? :)

  56. Richard Rodgers

    I always desired to experience Jacob with magic mushrooms, and watching this with headphones, I can. Bless You...

  57. Mustafa topi

    Verse 1]
    Sky above
    What are you dreaming of?
    Seems like you're all alone
    Do you feel free?

    [Verse 2]
    I can see
    More than is clear to me
    So come one and open me
    Let me feel free

    So open up your care
    And leave it everywhere
    And every now and then (Every now and then)
    You think of home again (Home again)
    Home was always waiting for you

    I don't wanna start this all alone to sing
    And sing it all away
    Gonna stay [?]
    I'm a gonna blow the winds of change
    I'll never go astray
    Gonna stay [?]
    Gonna stay [?]
    I don't wanna start this all alone to sing
    And sing it all away
    Gonna stay [?]
    I'm a gonna blow the winds of change
    I'll never go astray
    Gonna stay [?]
    Gonna stay [?]
    (One, two, three, four)

  58. Doug Glener

    This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. Deeply moving. Thank you, Jacob!

  59. Louis Menard

    Awesome metric modulation at 4:45 : the main pulse of the short "pipe only" moment becomes a 3 against 2 polyrythm for the next pulse, which provides the feel of everything being slowed down. Heavy stuff.


    There is no rhythmic modulation there. It's just all different articulations and accents of normal triplets, or 12/8 if you prefer that. The entire second half of the song from the banjo/guitar on is all the same general subdivision/tempo. The melody+drums are just very syncopated at times and he also sings slightly behind the beat.

  60. Julia Citkowski

    This whole album could have been the soundtrack to Lion King tbh

  61. Uchawi Beatz

    This guy is a fucking (excuse my French) GENIUS

  62. SeanFenlon

    I hope devoted @JacobCollier fans hear the Samsung "Over the Horizon" around ~3:33 :-)

    "Sky Above" and "Over the Horizon" is the same, but different. ;-)


    Check that second link... here's the mirror image of 3:33:

  63. Miguethor

    The beggining of this reminds me of Grizzly Hills and Howling Fjord music, if anyone played World of Warcraft.

  64. Emmanuel SOURDRILLE

    First of all, it's just amazing. This album is already taking a huge place in my playlist.
    I just cant' stop listening to the middle part of this particular piece. Can't get this out of my head.
    If someone as chord for guitar I would be very very grateful !

  65. Nathan Hamer

    I'm a blubbering mess 😢

  66. Rod Veldt

    Let’s talk about this intro...... I get goosebumps every single time I listen to it

  67. Devika K

    This music makes me believe that happiness and peace still exists in the world, even if I cannot feel it right now.

  68. Tom

    On my initial listen of the album, Intro/Sky Above is definitely my favorite. No song has hit me the way that has, no song has spoken to me with such intense emotions, ranging from both closeness and nostalgia to joy and celebration. It's quite disappointing that only a few songs have been able to make me cry upon every listen, but by God Intro/Sky Above has found its way into that list. There's just so much to be unpacked from it, and somehow, without even paying attention to the lyrics, it speaks to my life better than words. It's exactly like a hug, it can be to comfort someone who's sad, or to be an embrace of the joy, or the closeness of love. Wow, what a work of art.

  69. Splangus

    *Search Google for "Kathryn Tickell"*

  70. razis henry

    With maro? My musician crush..

  71. Anna Greshnykh

    I thank you so very much!



  73. Matthew Sullivan

    I love how you describe the creation process briefly in the description. Great music!

  74. Steven Harper

    Man, I m going through a tough time personally. And I played this track and immediately put me in a peaceful mode I hadn’t had in a very long time. I thank God for you and your music. You have no clue..

  75. / jaz /

    Beautiful body of work, inspirational. . . thank you!

  76. Alberto Cavada

    Breedcob Breedlier on its truest breedest form

  77. OneMoreMeme_INeedYou

    Wow. Djesse vol.2 is blowing me away.
    The layers of textural buildup at 1:05 to 1:25 is hair raising.
    The way your fingers lift off the guitar strings to create that squeak used at
    1:15 is such an amazing textural effect and the way you layers them with reverb/delay and have them bounce around the audio channels. Sounds like drops of rain ripping in water.

  78. Patryk Bujna

    Northrend vibe!

  79. totok aura

    Such a beautiful music...

  80. Francesco Defendi

    Definetely a Jacob Collier’s style song! 👍🏼 from the very first notes... and I like it.

  81. Harry Gordon

    brilliant brilliant brilliant album

  82. Pedro Soto

    I'm lovin it

  83. Donswolkje

    It's so calming~

  84. Peppers

    Jacob and his sounds of colors always impressive.

  85. Ray Stein Media

    WOWWW man!...It's almost like your tune "Hideaway", but with different transitional flavors of twists/spins yet so intuitively well put 2gether, but way SOOOOO exciting to listen to if you will on the perfect well carved out progressions/arrangements or slightly outa the box a tad bit or maybe in spots by raising the bar in context past the ceiling in the sky, but totally SICKKK n TIMELESS my friend!!!!!!!....STILL, brilliant work from the genius yet SOOO young knowing beyond the your roots what you already stand for in life & knowing that your totally capable of & already in the same class as our mutual friend & ***HERO*** from way back in the day on my end, Herbie Hancock...Right???... Or your possibly beyond his culmination already that Herbie had stashed in his cryptic sauce since day one ever since the day of myself studying the , "George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept For Jazz Musicians Playing Outside Of The Box"????...LOL...You are my FAVVV in the Bizzz brozki & it's driving me crazyyy/elnuttsooo, Jacob bc U will always be the caring one that loves to lend out a helping hand even if your way to busy to instruct others on how to achieve their goals musically///theoretically, but you WIIl always be *GIGANTIC MONSTER* on this mundane planet @ your most loved deserving craft 4EVERRR bc U paid your dues already even after I pass!!!!!....Don't worry I'm NOT going to drop dead yet for a LONG ass time...HAAA!...Seriously brother, you are your own mastermind behind your complete package you have already bc U earned it!!!!!!!!!!.... --------#NewMusicBrewingJacobCollierStyle @ RSM #RaySteinMedia

  86. JTB

    breath taking

  87. Ilia Tilev

    Love it! ❤

  88. XanBcoo

    *Sees new Jacob Collier video

    "Ugh, I can't listen to this yet. I have to wait until I go home to use my good headphones."


    XanBcoo haha, so relatable

    Richard Berent

    It should be a misdemeanor to not use good headphones. You miss too much. All the bug noises and crackle!


    "ugh, i cant listen to this yet. i have to wait till i go home so i can cry."

  89. arinetic

    this makes me feel all sorts of good feelings and im IN LOVE

  90. BillyBongwaters

    Chilling from the start.......

  91. Vinícius Albricker

    A piece of soul...

  92. Victor Gorlach


  93. richtroxler

    Anybody else notice the "Say Ladeo" nod to Bobby Mc'Ferrin around the 4 minute mark?

  94. Ben G

    i think sky above could possibly be the best song on the album?