Collier, Jacob - I Heard You Singing Lyrics

I heard you singing
Underneath the moon
Sleepyhead, go to bed
I hear your footsteps
Walking by my room
I'm okay, here to stay

I saw you making
Angels in the snow
Late at night, wonder why
I see you laughing till morning
Looking all aglow
Meant to be, you and me

Said all along
You wanted to be free
Don't you cry, learn to fly
I know you're ready
For the light to see
Close your eyes, say goodnight
Count to three, follow me

Follow me, fall in love
Follow me, fall in love
Follow me, my love
Follow me, fall in love
Follow me, fall in love
Whatcha say, my love?

Follow me, fall in love
Follow me, fall in love
Follow me, my love
Follow me, fall in love
Follow me, fall in love
Whatcha say, my love?

Follow me...

All of your love
Is rocking me to sleep
Endlessly, cradle me
I'll catch you when you
Fall into a dream
Follow me, count to three
Say goodnight, close your eyes
You and me are meant to be
So go to bed, you sleepyhead

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Collier, Jacob I Heard You Singing Comments
  1. Luigi Russo

    wonderful <3

  2. Marcello Sedita

    I heard you singing underneath the moon
    Go to bed
    I hear your footsteps walkin' by my room
    I'm okay, here to stay

    [Verse 2]
    I saw you making angels in the snow
    Late at night
    Wonder why
    I see you laughing till morning looking all aglow
    Meant to be
    You and me

    [Verse 3]
    Said all along you wanted to be free
    Don't you cry
    Learn to fly
    I know you're ready for the light to see
    Close your eyes
    Say goodnight
    Count to three
    Follow me

    Follow me, fall in love
    Follow me, fall in love
    Follow me my love
    Follow me, fall in love
    Follow me, fall in love
    Whatcha say, my love?
    Follow me, fall in love
    Follow me, fall in love
    Follow me in love
    Follow me, fall in love
    Follow me, fall in love
    Whatcha say, my love?
    Follow me

    [Verse 4]
    All of your love
    Is rocking me to sleep
    Endlessly, cradle me
    I'll catch you when you
    Fall into a dream
    Follow me, count to three
    Say goodnight, close your eyes
    You and me are meant to be
    So go to bed, you sleepyhead

  3. Sakura Kinomoto

    My friend made an amazing animation of this, y'all should check it out.


    Sakura Kinomoto link?

    Sakura Kinomoto

    Crotea :)

    Faith Quinn

    Aww! Thank you for the PSA 🙏🏼

    Sakura Kinomoto

    @Faith Quinn Ahh you caught me. You're welcome :)

  4. Elia Vincenzi

    9 people didn't hear you singing

  5. André Valente

    As a friend of mine once said, there are 2 kinds of people in the world: the ones that know that Chris Tile is the greatest mandolin player in the world, and the sad rest.

    Jacob is clearly in the first group.

    If you like music (which you must, since you are listening to Jacob), go check out The GOAT Rodeo Sessions.
    (GOAT in capitals is from my creative liberty, as it literally describes the group).

  6. Filip Vargek

    Unique , an all time legend !!

  7. Nathaniel Lee

    I can hardly handle this. Brilliance!

  8. peter g

    becca's whimsical giggle at 0:12 is everything <3

  9. Samuel Saunders

    This is an important melody

  10. niwals

    Click. Like. Listen. Attempt to like again. Comment. Relisten.

  11. Tdog

    I love ittt

  12. Devin Shamel

    This song sounds so natural and peaceful

  13. Innis B.

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us all.

  14. David Dieffenderfer

    2:17 one of my favorite moments in music

  15. Henk van IJzendoorn

    A tasteful addition to the classical repertoire of the worlds’ children’s songbook! Translate and go, Jacob!

  16. Rafael Borges

    I feel like everyone who likes Jacob have at least a decent musical knowledge and then there is me.... Trying to understand why his music makes me feel so grateful for music


    Rafael Borges same!!! 😩

    Charles Bowen

    @Rafael Borges, the point of music is to enjoy it. You enjoy Jacob’s music, because it makes you feel good. It connects with something inside you that is important to you, something in your life experience. That has a purity to it, and so you’ve got the point of Jacob’s music. He’ll be happy about that, I’m sure.

    Others enjoy Jacob’s music, because something connects with their life experiences. Different experiences from your. Some whose experience includes musical study may enjoy its rhythmic complexities, harmonic novelties, or melodic flow. They may enjoy how Jacob evokes musicians they admire, or theory they’ve studied hard to master, or instrumental techniques they recognize—or that they don’t recognize. There’s purity to that, too.

    But the purity of their enjoyment is the same as yours. After all, that’t the point.

    And it’s all good.

    Musicc Man

    Could not have said it better. Thank you!

  17. jaydoebud

    I love how simply knowing Chris Thile was on this Jacob's probability of interacting or having Edgar Meyer play with him is that much more possible.

    André Valente

    knowers will understand.

  18. Tom Overton

    Does the opening section remind anyone of the film Coraline? :O

  19. susannahXD

    yep, definitely should go to bed

  20. Akan3

    the sweetest thing ever

  21. Uri Tibon

    Just like in Chopin and Tschaikovsky - you'll never notice 5/4 is an "unusual" rhythm unless someone points it out.

    Kamil B.

    Where did Chopin use 5/4? I totally missed it...

    John Palermo

    @Kamil B. Piano Sonata No. 1, Third movement

    Lautaro Vinci

    @John Palermo I also noticed it! Melody is definitely in 5/4 but harmony is in 5/8

    Michael Essig

    Is it 5/4 or 10/8?


    Its 5/8

  22. Mike Lemmen


  23. gilles7

    beatles ;)

  24. SeanFenlon

    The interlude ~1:42 = some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life. :-O

  25. Alessandro Manno MUSIC

    The Best

  26. Connie Law

    gentle, sweet, pure, true, light...

  27. Luke Hsieh

    一...二...三... 晚安 😴

  28. Dave Austin

    Such a natural sounding 5/4 composition

  29. ChannelRalph

    Now thaaaaaaaaaaat’s pretty!

  30. Ignacio Giortin

    thanks <3

  31. TTj

    People often say this is in 5 because of the accompaniment, but the equally spaced notes in the verse actually resolve after 10beats (2 bars)
    This means it can be counted in 10. I think the Melody is so good because it's so natural and accessible to non-musician ears

  32. TTj

    Dat detuned gong sound at the beginning and end though!

  33. TTj

    I love this so much!

  34. TheRealMetalmeal

    The smooch at the end is so wholesome 😙

  35. Gus Rockeman


  36. Carl Powell

    The melody and the key changes are perfect

  37. Tidemann Xperience

    Love this music!!! Great song!!😎🙌🏻

  38. Paulo de Tarso Porrelli

    Wonderful 🎼🎼🎼🎼

  39. Tyler Jenkins

    Wouldn't have chosen anyone else than Becca and Chris to accompany Jacob on this if I could!

  40. johnnovotny52

    Wow! This is a beautiful collaboration.....

  41. quistunes

    Nice 5 groove.

  42. rabokel

    Babies put to bed with this heavenly lullaby will be ...

  43. Marcus Manderson


  44. William Love

    Jacob on Live from Here when?

    j e

    he was there in novemver, they played a pretty crazy good hideaway

  45. idriss ice

    i dont think he is a human anyway

  46. Hassan Iqbal

    the magical world of Jacob Collier, we love to stay here

  47. BLĀKE Ň

    Looks like Chris Thile is making his way through the rounds! One minute he's getting crazy with Vulfpeck in a red racing suit, playing "Daddy's got a brand new Cessna", to then hopping across the pond to play delicately with Jacob!

    peter g

    i don't know how to tell you this, but a lot of these collaborations are done via internet; no need for any pond-hopping these days

  48. Sebas Musician

    So beautiful chord progressions and modulations

  49. Cinepool Sounds

    Jacob makes me proud to be associated with music...

  50. Adam Payton


  51. Daniel Bohon

    A bit tin hat, in this one

    Andy Wright

    Or he's exploring microtonality which is much more likely

  52. Cesar Saura

    That middle section is one of my very top spots in the album. Magical

    friesiaman s

    i hear you, haha....... :-)

    i just discovered this guy when watching him on tiny desk - i love those concerts, found so many fine musicians from them........

    say, who is that on the picture?

    greetings from germany

  53. Yattahable

    2:53 felt like a hug to my ears

  54. Tony Winston

    Now its time to say goodnight, good night , sleep tight, - Beatles. I'm against most of the recent copyright decisions recently - 'blurred lines' for example. It's just to difficult to write something that isn't somewhat derivative of some other work. This tune draws heavily from beatles white album final track.

  55. Mik Parsons

    Thanks Jacob and Becca and Chris - and all the wonderful musicians you collaborate with. So glad to be able to share your journey, albeit from my sofa !!

  56. Gordon Chan

    Although 'count to three' rhymes, I think 'count to five' makes more sense.

    Uldis Barbans

    @GuyWhoLikesTheSnarkies14 the "follow me, fall in love" vocal segments starting 2:28 are 6/8 long, which messes quite a lot with the 5/8 metre for me; admittedly it catches up with the beat by addition of 2 eighths.


    @Uldis Barbans I'm just going to the start of that vocal part (approx. between 2:29-2:30 to be exact), even though the instrumental passage started at 2:18 are basically the same as in the vocal part.
    Well, I'm not sure how did you interpret it as 6/8 but soon as I found the pulse which began at a tiny instrumental moment before the vocal come in (but after the chord change), I immediately started counting in 3+2 (5/8) through it with no problem except on part at 2:38 (the same as the instrumental bits you've pointed it out to me) which quite tricky since the keys changes a lot on that part.
    I think the rhythm on that part can be counted as 3+3+3+1 (6/8 with an off-beat of three and one 8th notes) but it can still be counted as 3+2 if you're focused a bit more on your counting than the melody.

    Anyway, that's how I did it.

    Sulfur X

    The time signature.

  57. alon raichlin

    Jacob your an inspiration

  58. alon raichlin

    11th commentttt

  59. GuyWhoLikesTheSnarkies14

    Jacob Collier and Becca Stevens feat. the mandolin genius Chris Thile..

    In short, this song is nothing but magic!

  60. Blue Faith

    the song defenition of uwu

    albouy albouy

    Jacob je voyage dans ton monde féerique. I don’t know where you are all going but I am just following you wherever you go. I am so grateful to you all. Magicians you are. I am crying like the sensitive kid I will always be. Merci. C’est magnifique.

  61. Adam W

    Everything little thing he does is magic 😜

  62. Dustin Clark

    Jacob just earned a million respect points for collating with my favorite musician on this earth, Chris Thile!

    Captain T Original

    And "collating" with a musician is very uncomfortable and difficult! Arms go together (I guess) legs intertwine...
    I got nothin...

    Dustin Clark

    Captain T Original oh damn, interesting auto-correct... I’m leaving it 😂

  63. Misael Werneck

    Wow! Heart-warming song 😌

  64. morgan neville

    this song makes me go 💘💓💕💖💝💞💗💘💖

  65. Adam Dorfman

    So magical Jacob!!💛

  66. Capella_11