Collier, Jacob - Hideaway Lyrics

Take me anywhere you want to go
You know that my love is strong in my hideaway
Softly like the calm that follows storm
Find what I've been searching for, all along in my hideaway

Even when I close my eyes darling
I will always stay wide awake in my hideaway

Touch me
Like I've never loved before
In a place that I adore
In my hideaway
I know
Whichever way the wind may blow
There will be a place for me to go
In my hideaway
Whether you be lost of found
Darling, if you've gone astray
I'm on my way
To my hideaway
My hideaway

Down going down
Down falling down
Down goin down
Follow down

When the rain falls
Falling down to the sea
Flow that river
To the depth of me

Let me
Feel the sky and feel the moon
Let me sing an honest tune
To my hideaway
Wherever I go wandering
I'll find a home in everything
In my hideaway
Maybe you can come to stay
And I will meet you here someday
Far away
In my hideaway

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Collier, Jacob Hideaway Comments
  1. Michelle P

    His voice is soooooo beautifully unique <3

  2. Raven Beard

    Jacob , if you're reading this, please explore the sound of the portuguese guitar :)

  3. Jay Navarro

    “Jack of all trades, master of none. But better than master of one”

    Jacob Collier: ???

  4. VNCNT music

    Why are there dislikes enabled for any of his videos...

  5. Alex Richter

    0:15 6:35

  6. Bryce Bradford

    What drum is he using on the left?

  7. ACooke108

    I got news for ya...this is real progressive music.

  8. Dylan Decker

    A perfect blanket of harmony and polyrhythm. Complexity in the form of simplicity. Pure coziness.

  9. xXItz RubyXx

    I closed my eyes listening to this song and really listened to the instruments. They took me to Italy, Paris, Hawaii, a rainforest, a beach- i love this song

  10. Tamika Runako Masuko 8B Bavnebakkeskolen

    Who is here from Tiktok 2019. But this is an amazing song

    Cat Job

    what user did you come from?

  11. lg bnvds

    Anyone here coz of til took?

    Cat Job

    what user?

  12. Chipper McGee

    This has become much more a prayer for me rather than a song.

  13. Shreenath Sahu

    902 dislikes... are those people can't even clean their Wide Sses on their own

  14. murdahorse

    beautiful. strangely enough in places it reminds me a bit of "may this be love" by jimi hendrix

  15. Aminadab Morales

    How is this not more popular?

  16. Brody Pack

    Jacob: let's change the tuning mid-piece!

  17. Hardik Sharma

    4:56 could it be... the lick?

  18. suhwan hong

    4:56 the lick returns

  19. random formless person

    How can someone be so genius.I am speechless

  20. trombonemunroe


  21. Eric Ransom

    When you can't trust your friend to record the part right, so you do it all yourself

  22. Joel Maldonado

    jacob collier and jesus molina duet

  23. Илья Гаврюсев

    I really don't know, how u doing this, but it's awesome 😍

  24. Agustín Carou


  25. Big ole Boi

    What is even the time signature?!?!

  26. Stephen Wong

    is it weird that i dont like his music?? :((((

    Stephen Wong

    its just weird

    patrick glynn

    No, our musical preferences are completely subjective and ours only. That said, music can grow on us with repeated listening so perhaps give it another go at some later date.

    Stephen Wong

    @patrick glynn true, it has grown on me a bit, but the reharms and whatnot (sorry, i just started learning jazz chords) fly above my head in a way that i dont find beautiful. There ARE moments, however, when i can say that this man is so goood, even though i know he is already waaaaaaay better than me


    Stephen Wong I know what you mean.. there is a difference between something being impressive and enjoyable or genuinely touching you.. he straddles that line but I don’t like his vocals for example and some songs are way too harmonically ridiculous

    Stephen Wong

    @bh617 his vocals sound like robots imo...doesnt sound like his natural voice...but rly its just the lips bothering me lol

  27. TokyoBlue

    How many different instruments can he play?!

  28. trentmorrison

    Talented musician but the lyrics are horribly cliche ridden like it was written by a 12 year old. The vocal harmonies are not very good.

    patrick glynn

    trentmorrison The lyrics are cliched but the vocal harmonies are top-notch: excellently arranged and sung perfectly. It's no surprise that he has won Grammys for his vocal arrangement and has collaborated with Take 6, one of the greatest vocal ensembles of all time.

  29. Dan Hanrahan

    The lyrics are a string of clichés but that don't make very much sense. But people don't really pay much attention to lyrics, for some reason.


    found the lyrics-lover

  30. Dan Hanrahan

    Really don't care for his voice.

  31. Chika Dawson

    Jacob: *knows how to play every instrument on earth*

  32. Chika Dawson

    Jacob: *knows how to play every instrument on earth*

  33. Pia Loreto Díaz Sepúlveda

    Increíble! Lo vimos en Club Subterráneo, Chile ✨✨

  34. The Dolphin

    This guy's sense of visual and video construction is as creative-genius as his musical virtuosity. And if he wrote this piece, well ....

  35. Katdestroyer 1

    Guitar tab any one plzzz:(

  36. Manolo Resendiz

    beautiful hugs from mexico

  37. Alex Martins

    Esse cara é um ponto fora da curva. Hertz que o diga

  38. acoustic

    i wonder if anyone with perfect pitch would be able to tell that this song slowly transitions from A = 432 to A = 440.

  39. Steve Burnt

    I have a feeling that he just scratches a surface of a new wonderful world of infinite micro-tonal music melodies, chords and transitions.

  40. Steve Burnt

    Every next time I hear this, my brain learns to process this music a bit more and more.
    This piece needs to be listened many times to be understood.
    Nice !

  41. Bijou Drains

    Just found Jacob through "THE CASUAL JAZZER" on Instagram. I feel as though my life has been enriched. Hope, beauty, youth, talent, more hope..... amazing work

  42. Cillian Reilly

    I want that big drum thing. Anybody know what it's called?!?!

  43. Hardik Sharma

    Can someone help me out with what polyrhythm he's playing on the percussion at 2:26 and 3:36? It's a 5/8 on the ghatam like instrument, and a 3, I think, on the shaker kinda thing in the first one, and the second one feels like a 4 but I have no idea what he's actually doing, but both of them sound so beautiful, it's crazy

  44. Dude Man

    This dude appears better than he is guys. Once you learn a few instruments you can fake your way through others. God this is gimmicky like gotye but if they made Disney music soundtracks specifically for choir kids.


    Dude Man lmao

  45. Valeria Devilat

    Desdoblamiento nivel wooow para show en vivo

  46. ConzoplaysMario

    1:57 almost forgot to hit the top of that weird thing

    You'd almost say he's a human...

    Lewis Aitcheson

    I wonder what instrument that is...

    EDIT: Someone in the comments said it was an Udu, which is correct.

    Zach Foell

    I saw that first watch. Makes me giggle

  47. ItnaBada Channel

    i don't feel myself intelligent enough to even comment under his video.

  48. Dan'l Bentley

    This is what you look like when you've got the world by the tail.

  49. 1955 Doc Brown

    I’m watching this drunk and it’s insanely good

  50. Maro G

    Superb, You are kind of the "Musical Genius"

  51. Jarred Krasman

    How can people dislike this. Even if you don’t appreciate the music you should appreciate his devotion to music, learning all these instruments, and his voice. YouTube’s algorithm just hitting me right in the feels once again. Technology CAN be so amazing.

  52. Cillian Reilly

    Sounds like autumn

  53. RonPaul Revered

    You really remind of Nat King Cole.

  54. RonPaul Revered

    This is some Prince level goodness. Bless

  55. Darth Bob

    His songs give me this amazing unexplainable feeling. He is a pure musical genius. He has made me want to study music more than anyone I have ever listened to. I can only dream of making music this good.

  56. Jassu Guitars

    Listening to you makes me uncle who passed away many years ago sitting beside me and we r enjoying all the classic music songs on a stary night wowww jst awesome

  57. ryuoh121

    I'm in awe!

  58. NME

    Spend hours to figure how to count from 2:27 to 3:07 just to figure out its just a 5/8 and the maracas has been trying to mess me up all the time.

  59. LaMont Melrose

    My only regret is, I came to the party way the hell tooo late. Collier, I'm sorry bro - should've been hip to you years ago - #missedout

  60. Akash Goel

    Does anyone else think there are way too many sounds than necessary in this song?

  61. gusbin

    This song makes me feel like I could fall in love again

  62. you can breathe easy

    you are the tear that forms in my eyes

  63. Denis Cadieux

    What a genius !

  64. Denis Cadieux

    @adam DeBeard, lol

  65. Desmond

    He's obviously talented but I can't understand how people listen to this

    Jimmy Bob

    It's good


    @Jimmy Bob i disagree entirely but I can't hate on anyone who likes it.

    Jimmy Bob

    @Desmond Yo I respect that. We all have our own opinions


    what dont you like about it?


    @MrSmash64 It's too slow paced for my taste and his voice is drowned out by the music. I can't quite put my finger on the other parts but it's definitely just not for me.

  66. David Brown

    What is the percussion instrument he plays on the left side?

    Lewis Aitcheson

    It’s an udu.

  67. broccolihart71

    Love the song. Thanks Jacob.

  68. 1955 Doc Brown


  69. EivindTM

    You can nod your head to it in any beat you like and it will be correct

  70. alistair Cornacchio

    For anyone that is wondering this is the drum

  71. Bobby Harrell

    Between this, Reggie Watts, Bill Wurtz, and that music genuis TedTalk, I'm beginning to think that there's a musical awakening that is happening on a spiritual level.

  72. Snorri Bjarnason

    Some Van Morrison vibes here.

  73. The Longranger

    Anyone know what that percussive clay instrument with the skin is, on the left hand side of frame?

    alistair Cornacchio

    I need to know

    Lewis Aitcheson

    It’s an udu.

  74. Skinny Legend-Raini

    I’m here from Graenolf so ✌🏻


    Ha saaaaame I remember you :)

  75. Sarah Adams


  76. Hercules R&B

    Esse bebe na fonte da musica Brasileira!!!

  77. Deniz Costa

    2:27 what compass is that? 🤔🤔

  78. Valentine Ruffieux

    This man is a real alien...

  79. Elliptical Catten

    music: (is in a key)
    jazz musicians: how about a key change?
    jacob: how about a *tuning* change?

    Adam Meredith


  80. Tobiasz Fic

    Proof that it's not about what kind of mic you have but about what you sing into it

  81. World Trad & Ethno Folk Channel

    ❤️ 😮 👌🏽 🌻 ✨ 💚 ❤️ 😮 👌🏽 🌻 ✨ 💚

  82. wtfellification

    which percussion instrument is that?

    Lewis Aitcheson

    It’s an udu.

  83. Ricardo Zumaran

    but ...

  84. Ozzy MGB

    I was introduced to the music of Jacob Collier via MuseScore. Someone had transcribed the introduction to this very song, and I was like "how in the hell can someone play a polyrhythm that complicated?"

    ...Well I still don't know how, but I see now that it's possible lol.

  85. Stickman Cartoons

    He has way too many siblings that look the same.

  86. James Harris

    Gaddamn those off-beats... toe tappingly tight.... sceptic turned fan here...

  87. Pablo López-Ortega

    I really really don't want to take away from this song, but can we for a moment reflect on the lyrics "touch me in the place that I adore"

  88. MMM

    if magic had a sound, this would be it.

  89. Old Uncle Bob

    Of my Top Ten favorite musicians, Jacob is #1 through #8.
    Of my Top Five favorite singers, he is #1 through #5.

  90. Vijay Gusain

    Sick music...doesn’t make sense to me...this happens when you are too talented and cant hold on to keep it simple...absolutely unnecessary stuff!

  91. Cindy Joseph


  92. Arbizumbao

    Non sabes tocar highway to hell roscon

  93. O Walls

    you should try out for american idol bro

  94. Cédric Tremblay

    Ok the guy can play music....but have you seen how many shirts he got...that's insane!!!!