Collier, Jacob - Here Comes The Sun Lyrics

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Little darling, the smiles are returning to their faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Here it comes
Here it comes
Here it comes
Here it comes
Here it comes

[Jacob Collier & dodie:]
Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear

Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

It's all right
It's all right
It's all right
It's all right

Sun, sun, sun
Here we come
Don't you know me
Sun, sun, sun
Here we come
Going out in the
Sun, sun, sun
Here we come
Oh, we're gonna party in the
Sun, sun, sun
Here we come
Sun, sun, sun
Here we come
Sun, sun, sun
Here we come

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Collier, Jacob Here Comes The Sun Comments
  1. Gustavo Leiva

    Sí sí sí gracias

  2. Salma Knuters

    my ears are blessed :o

  3. fruitoson

    jacob: *has two grammys*
    jacob: wiggle wiggle

  4. Im Normal

    Bro, while I was doing the dishes, i was listening to his music and as soon as this came on the sun came out (It was cloudy before this played)

  5. horowizard

    Normally I enjoy Jacob Collier's treatments of popular songs but this one completely missed the mark. It's not at all in the mood of the composition and just goes nowhere.

  6. MsSmaika

    Great Jacob! Please check Dimash Kudaybergen, is any chance to have a project together! Both of you are so unique, just love it what you are doing🤗❤️

  7. B M

    It's not Here Comes the Sun when you change the notes and completely rewrite the song. lol.

  8. aah

    this music feels like a soggy april

  9. Michael Yamada

    being this good must be against the law somewhere

  10. Barron Daly

    This must have taken a fat ass minu to do

  11. Alycia Regino

    I'm lying in bed in pain because I'm sick, I stumbled across this video and you have no clue how happy this made me. Thank you, Jacob Collier & Dodie Clark

  12. Elizabeth

    i want his pants

  13. Drew Oda

    I think I just crashed into a wall of sound.

  14. Astrid D

    This is full of chaotic energy... a visual representation of my life. I love it.

  15. Roman Ponomarenko

    oh gosh, I need a smoke after watching this...WICKED

  16. Cecilia Carlsson

    This is so beautiful and fun omg I love it

  17. caspianxtrio

    3:16 Jacob you sneaky bastard, i see you dabbing ;)

  18. German Zablodski

    Phenomenal harmony and multi-voicing arrangement!

  19. Bootstrap Hookers

    Again, he does it again. And this time with a friend, who feels on the same wave length as him. Video is creative too. But as always, he's realising the possibilities and probably believes that he's only scratching the surface himself. But he's marked it deeper than most of us have done. Love and respect to Jacob and Dodie.

  20. Pink Giraffe

    I love this!!! 👍❤😄

  21. z95xacfn

    Astounding talent, scholarship and fun! Just delightful dance dodie!

  22. Spooons. LeSpooons

    You cant copyright this guys covers

  23. CHEXi

    My brain can just never comprehend the genius behind what my ears hear.

  24. Tiberius Octavian Star

    The age of aquarius is here !

  25. macvol01

    When you hear the change of the wind temperature

  26. Krystof Bristol

    what are those PANTS

  27. Costa Petropoulos

    Not my tempo

  28. Inathi Sirayi

    I didn't realize I need a cello until this song.

  29. Neo Glitch

    Do they make a key change with every "Sun, sun, sun"??? God I swear I'm hearing it change, but at increments my Western ears aren't used to hearing and it's amazing

  30. Awoken

    This video resonates swag.

  31. jema

    this is soooo incredible

  32. A Huddle of Penguins

    for the love of heck just get a bass with an extension.

  33. Thomas Crews


  34. Streunekatze

    such a funny video^^ and such a great song and cover of it

  35. Zach Smith

    2:43 what does Dodie see that we don't

  36. Daniel

    Jacob: "I've got some ideas for the music video"
    Dodie: "oh cool, I'll be right ov-"
    Jacob: "Bring your entire wardrobe"
    Dodie: "..."

  37. Breeze

    Wait. Is this from the Beatles? 1960's...

  38. mester orange

    1:44 THAT'S BRAZILIAN SHIT!!! love to see this guys uses some of the Beats from my country!!!

  39. Prince Chamberlain

    I'd seen this before but I had no idea who he was, I just watched because it's Dodie. Now I realise he's a crazy music scientist elf man

  40. Jan Jael Arguillo

    Jus 2 talented ppl hanging out

  41. catherinekaizen


  42. Macedonian Piano Master

    Till about 1 min its ok although there are some unnecessary notes on the guitar. After that you might as well call it any song. It sounds just like random chords tbh

  43. Meagean Halfacre

    I really need to know where I can get pants like the black ones shes wearing with the stripy shirt

  44. kieran arnold

    back again to watch this video for the 168293649210278595429205 time

  45. Ellen Moraes

    I cant believe you put one samba
    Love you guys this is amaaazing 🥰❤

  46. Shaun Cagney

    I'm mostly here for Jacob trolling the audience when he's playing chimes...

  47. selah Dittmer

    For some random reason I'm imagining the Bee movie

  48. Jordan Ramsey

    were you guys tripping on acid making this?

  49. Namrata Ganwani

    how many instruments does this man know how to play

  50. Tim Elwell

    Another wonderful collaboration between talented musician and songwriter Dodie and genius Jacob Collier. We've been privileged to hear Jacob with Becca Stevens, and Jacob with the amazing Snarky Puppy. How about the following potential collaborations:
    1) Dodie with Becca Stevens, 2) Dodie with Snarky Puppy?



  52. Alanna deSilva

    this entire video is chaotic good energy

  53. Federico Calderón

    Just Amazing

  54. Alo

    Where do you get your pants bro

  55. kss

    How their sinergy is so good wtf

  56. Koen H

    Where can i find such an Orange sweater?

  57. JR Vargas

    Your music 🎶 is relaxing 😌

  58. David Brown

    Dodie dances like Lucy from Peanuts

  59. this is adorable

  60. Hansoel .L

    I love this video so much !!!!

  61. André Moraes

    Dude, if i could I would live in the space between 1:22 and 1:34.

  62. Osama Number5

    Ok. Humans must live now!

  63. Norm C

    Absolutely brilliant cover. No frontier about where you can take a song Jacob.

  64. BROUS 7

    Musical revolution

  65. Joabe Nascimento

    O cara meteu um samba MT loko no meio de here comes the sun, bicho

  66. Billy Reapper

    This is awful

  67. guitar on sky

    this made my day!

  68. TokyoBlue

    I want Paul and Ringo to see this

  69. TooFabulousForYou X

    Okay but i ship

  70. thorndog100

    Wow !!!

  71. Lil Gibby

    What instrument does Jacob collier 𝐍𝐨𝐭 know how to play?

  72. mythirdchannel

    pure awesomeness :D

  73. Lucaz Nunes

    Can we talk about the modal chord at 1:25? That was beautiful.

  74. Invalide_Account

    3:16 the madman did it

  75. Ploopybear

    Wait, (feat. dodie) was a thing here? Why haven't I heard this one yet this is a collab in heaven T-T

  76. Step SMP

    Jacob coming in clutch with that rhythmic "falling down the stairs" feel.

  77. BRENDA Ferrell

    Such a fun video!

  78. Chetubesca

    Ur cpu must be good

  79. limposwe

    The ending part is so great in this!!

  80. Soy Dayana EP

    Como hace eso?? 🥺🥺🥺♥️

  81. Olli Estola

    Why should they be happy??? :(


  82. Trang Lam

    THE BIRDIE!!!!!

  83. Jean Jean

    This is pure Genius ...

  84. Maria Bruel


  85. Serge Hochard

    !!! Je les adore tous !!!
    Ça sent le bonheur !!! Le bonheur simple plein d'Amour et d'envie de vivre, (je crois que c'est mon côté "baba cool" qui
    J'ai oublié de te dire que j'ai eu beaucoup de bonheur en écoutant "mon Mix"
    J'ai envie de parler avec toi longtemps longtemps !!!! TE AMO ♥️

  86. Griffin Jurisson

    i hate everything this kid has done so god damn much it's all soullessly whimsical Disney fantasy movie soundtrack crossed with auto insurance commercial jingle bullshit

    Frank Rault

    So that's why you listen!

  87. GIGI GL

    Only Jacob can dare to touch the Beatles classics like this ! And like the Beatles, it's right in our face (and ears) ! Pure joy, thank you !

  88. Bluebee Majarimenna

    *Jacob Collier intensifies*

  89. Olivier Chauvignat Perso

    Thank your for this, and for the ending "à la Take Six"

  90. kayanatorx3

    I am binging your videos at 4 in the morning. My soul is being blessed, I am mind blown.

  91. Greg Gonzalez

    how does that place look real and a simulation at the same time

  92. Eline May

    2:17 never noticed this, but he says: "Djesse has a sky like a merry-go-round" oh those sneaky easter eggs!

  93. Sam

    Jacob: complex harmonies, absolute mad lad on the modulations

    Also Jacob: *_wiggle wiggle wiggle_*

  94. colourFlow

    Gotta love the moment at 0:50 when dodie enters on the left side, sings a vocal line and runs back sweetly!

  95. Mikey Shelton

    He’s so weird I love itt!!

  96. michael e

    Amazing, incredible, outstanding, stupendous, out of this world, you get the picture . . . the superlatives just keep coming. Such warmth in the harmony. Jacob, you are a one-off.

  97. Judah Kipp

    That’s a lot of videos.😳