Collier, Jacob - Bathtub Lyrics

I am the galaxy
I feed the universe
Within all the atoms. (I am)
I am Regina
I move the waters
Of infinity. (I am the)

I deal in stardust (We love it! We love!)
I dance with time (I am the)
I feel the movement
Of everything divine. (We love it!)

Shout if you feel me
You've been living your whole life knowing nothin' 'bout me.
Now that you know that
I've been giving you all the love that you want from me
Rise up the mountains
Cause you know that there's nothin' 'bout you makes you different from me
And as you reach outside yourself you will find me.

You light the sun above
You turn the moon around
Designing all the seasons. (I am)
And when the stars of love
Are what I'm thinking of
I'll see you there.

I deal in music (We Love it! We Love!)
I dance with rhyme (We Love it! We Love!)
I feel the movement
And everything is mine. (We Love it!)

Shout if you feel me
You've been living your whole life knowing nothin' 'bout me.
Now that you know that
I've been giving you all the love that you want from me
Rise up the mountains
Cause you know that there's nothin' 'bout you makes you different from me
And as you reach outside yourself you will find me.

I am Regina
I move the waters
Within all the atoms
And the eaves

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Collier, Jacob Bathtub Comments
  1. FPV Jawa

    Becca be premium wifu material that’s for sure

  2. Ришат Ишбулатов

    so fun! Thank you!

  3. Allen Lark

    what is this song about

  4. Jazz & more음악 다큐 보실래요?

    One of the best creations that I've seen and heard in my whole life. 💓

  5. Trommelschule - Yngo Gutmann

    So funny. Thank you both

  6. RianRafaiel


  7. Graham Cobden

    1:21 he knew about area 51

  8. Dam Roth

    This is so creative and full of color :)))

  9. ThePlasticJones

    I attempted to describe this to someone who hasn't heard it. I said, "Peter Gabriel would have it on repeat."

  10. modifiedcontent

    Still the best track he's done so far

  11. Cake

    It's been two years and I still can't stop listening to this song. Just too addictive

  12. Noah Heyl

    Dude the lyrics.. Now that is someone who understands spirituality. Very beautiful

  13. Bluebee Majarimenna

    We looooove!

  14. The Button

    I just keep coming back to the joy that lives in this song. It's music is as deep as its lyrics are. I think 'as you reach inside yourself, you will find me' is about as profound as commercial music gets. Somehow in amongst all that , is a funky, catchy chorus that again, takes you where you least expect to go . . and this clip makes me smile every time.

  15. Greyson Niles


  16. Ian Tan

    Wooohooo! Naruto Run!

  17. ronata johnson

    This is so magnificently amazing. I hope to one day be a part of something so great. Well done. More please.💖🎶

  18. Rickard Gustafsson

    Worst video i have ever seen

  19. Marjorie Vandyke

    Suggest video disclaimer: may cause spontaneous acts of joy and creativity when Becca and Jacob are in vicinity of each other... just sayin.

  20. Franck1017

    So much freshness ans créativité... I can feel love love between these two. I could’nt take a dumb grin off my face all along the video, thank you so much...😸😸😻😻

  21. Boycott CW books and movies

    THIS is ART

  22. Stuart Rochabrunt

    No one says anything about the work implied in recording the vocals at a very low speed, and then accelerate those videos and align them to the real speed of the song. Only that deserves a Grammy or Oscar, you name it.

  23. Antônio Montemuro

    You made my day ♡♡♡

  24. YuleGenesis

    I feel like these lyrics capture something really wise. The lyrics to this video talk about the one who is the universe but then also states that nothing about it makes it different from each individual. Sort of like the phrase that a lot of people say about "all is one". Once you know about it, it gives you love. If you think everything (the universe) is really the same thing and the same as you, then why wouldn't you experience love? People seem to experience fear when they perceive something as different from them. Similarly, people experience love when something seems more familiar and they perceive it as apart of their essence and ideals. And the music is also amazing.

  25. thesingingyears

    Wonderfully crazy

  26. nasm boyd

    The naruto run though at 1:23😂

  27. Natation Future 34 Mada

    It would be lovely to hear you two cover "extralovable" by Prince, prrobably the most lovely song ever about shower :)

  28. Sheldon

    Okay now i need someone to perform the dance with me

  29. No Name Girl

    Make kids show please!!!!!!

  30. Blue/Two Paint/Hands

    Def reminds me of Sledgehammer, this is really nice!!

  31. alaxus ñaflen

    I love it.

  32. Pearl Joy Perales

    0:55 Isn't it supposed to be in a bathtub?😊Hmm...

  33. Vinemoon

    I love it damn

  34. Gordon Bird


  35. Julian Mint

    Becca Stevens is her name . Nope . Becca Collier!!!!


    she's married. not to him.

  36. Гуннар Крель


  37. mixedsignals


  38. Ashikpas Maxiwa

    I've been searching for a long time... The divinity of all seems so close, yet so far.

  39. Alexander Reid

    the bit at 1:13 has been playing in my head all week

  40. Angie Kawanishi

    This is so amazing it's giving me headache

  41. Rielly Morton

    Absolutely incredible, I love the energy. Not to get poetic, but it fills me with this interesting combination of emotions that seem to encompass the essence of life. Not sure I would have really gotten that impact without the video which is fantastic :)

  42. Ilia Tilev

    I'm totally obsessed with this.. ♥♥♥

  43. Andrew Walker

    I like the mix up of the intro of "Regina" from Becca at 3:04.

  44. Groove Machine Music Production

    Damn you good man! That synth bass is off the hook!

  45. Evan Wu

    Could someone tell me who is that girl ?

    Alexander Marc

    Becca Stevens

  46. Alberto Cavada

    This video is so lovely

  47. Skai Easterling

    So creative as always

  48. Prateado Illuminando

    I'm still waiting for the extended play version from 3:20-4:20 stretching out and deepening the bass that comes in at 4:09

  49. Peter Flatenthwack

    Ps kh dumdudum

    Ahah 🎵

  50. Vilde Kristine Nilsen

    Cuteness overload

  51. Timliu92

    That is one of the best things I have ever seen and heard in my life.

  52. Army-Gears Snowy-Neverland

    One teacher, at uni, advised that I should listen to you. (I am writing a folder about creativity, invention and interpretation in secondary schools - in France, we've got a music class in secondary school, and I've just been promoted part-time teacher) Frankly, I feel sad I didn't know you earlier. That's fantastic.

  53. Max Kozol

    Ah yes. A simpler Jacob time. Obviously it’s still mindblowing, but no one had ever even known what/who a Djesse was, and never imagined just how crazy of a journey Jacob was gonna start to follow. ^-^ but this still is still just as powerful today as it was when it came out initially

  54. cpcnw

    Wish Jacob would do more assisted dreaming stuff...

  55. Flávio Giannini

    It's hard to imagine how everything was homemade, all this animation. It is great! Great animation, great production of timbres. One day I'll have mics to try it, to make my own sound library.

  56. datom

    made me happy just to be alive

  57. Marius Braun

    This one kind of reminded me of Peter Gabriel's music videos from the 1980s, such as "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time". Love it!

  58. Caleb Gonzalez

    As if I didn't already love Jacob...then he ran like Naruto :') loooooooool

  59. MorrisUK

    This is very Michael Jackson-esque

  60. dylan foley

    i use to be so creative and i stoped cause of work and all that but fuck that you inspire me to find that person in me again im gonna create everyday and not to be good or bad just to create thank you you mad scientist of sound youre my inspiration

  61. Fernando Letcha

    great bass line.

  62. kohlrabenschwanz

    reminds me of michael jackson somehow

  63. Fluffy Marshmallow

    Hmmm................creative 😄

  64. 1TomDevine

    This makes me realize that great things are happening and it's a good time to be alive.

  65. Roderick T

    Love the production!

  66. Dr Bruce Crawford MD

    So great. Live the sole vibe.

  67. Sheldon Cooper81

    ONE of the Best music videos i ve ever seen in my Life. I love music that i cant put in a genre. Oh and i love the danceing.

  68. Sheldon Cooper81

    This must be amazing with Headphones on.

  69. MrKkprince

    Please, you two..have a child together. Just for for the glory of music. :-)

  70. Peggy-Sue

    Absolutely speechless (esp at the video, like my brain is struggling to process everything that it just took it) Everything about this is so original! Ugh, finding channels like this on youtube is just so rare, I'm so lucky to have stumbled across yours!

  71. Frizzy


  72. Evan Moore

    mad cute 😌

  73. Oliver Seddon

    I. SHIP. IT.

  74. Deborah Andrade

    BRAZIL HERE, love u guys 💚💛

  75. Grant Reeves

    that's some nice funk! really nice writing!!!

  76. Yann Guilbert

    What a beautiful work ! I feel inspiration from Michel Gondry in the making of that video ;)
    Still so amazed and impressed by the beauty and maturity of your work, Jacob (and Becca here of course )!
    Cheers !

  77. Lukas The Infinite

    This boys and girls is a very definition of creativity.

  78. Lunicium

    When you and your friend are both equally weird so you can be weird together

  79. Scott October

    Under rated!

  80. Павел Макаров

    I can watch and watch, listen and listen! It is masterpiece!

  81. Freddy Chops

    so awesome whoa

  82. Tom Sundog

    'created over one year' dude imagine if he lost the file after all that time

  83. Michelle Olua

    this song just give me joy. Am i the only one?

  84. Michael Blum

    Wow. What joyful music!

  85. Dominic Humlie

    Bill Wurtz?

  86. Yolanda Groeneveld

    Awesome fun!!!

  87. Shola Adesina

    Am I the only one that big Peter Gabriel 'Sledgehammer' vibes from the video, and kind of the music?

  88. FishyLogic

    Reminds me of the music video for Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel.

  89. TooleyPeter

    Self-indulgent nonsense.

  90. mitsuhiko fukuzawa

    The harmony of Rhythm,Chorus & Visual Effects. It's Cool! ,great!

  91. Andrew Tucker

    I don't get how you can put in such raw musical talent and come up with call-centre hold music

  92. Jaakko Mäkinen

    Let the spirit soar free out of chains of formality. Kudos to you!

  93. Mauri Dennison

    The serious question is..😮.Where do I get those parachute pants?? I neeeeeeeeed them 😥

  94. Ray Buffer

    Amazing, in so many ways.

  95. matias Neptuniano

    Marvel:" infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history

  96. Lance Barker

    Yes. Thank you. More. Please.

  97. guesswhatmusic

    just letting you know that this is an ultimate bop and it's my most played song on apple music ok bye

  98. Ao Shen


  99. Yasir Azhari

    Very bill wurtz

  100. Евгений Колобков

    What's going on in your head. You're a genius man.