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I'm touching high and convictions strong
You've got that [?] side shade groove like a bomb and disarm [?]
Yeah my piston's high, and your engine roars
It's a tight turn baby that can't be ignored

Got to go, Got to go where this song leads
Got to go, Got to go where this high leads

How am I gonna leave you in a moment like this?
How am I gonna leave you when I want you like this?
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?

Those crazy words mixed with truth and lies
You're a camouflage trouble right before my eyes
I see angels in blue, you see devils inside
It's a new world order like a service denied [?]

Got to go, Got to go where this song leads
Got to go, Got to go where this high leads

How am I gonna leave you in a moment like this?
Ooh ooh oh ooh, Ooh ooh oh ooh
How am I gonna leave you when I want you like this?
Ooh ooh oh ooh, Ooh ooh oh ooh
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?

It's hard to settle in when your moving round, boy
Your world lifts you up, they bring you down (Down)
Down (Down)

Got to go, Got to go where this song leads
Got to go, Got to go where this high leads

How am I gonna leave you in a moment like this?
Ooh ooh oh ooh, Ooh ooh oh ooh
How am I gonna leave you when I want you like this?
Ooh ooh oh ooh, Ooh ooh oh ooh
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?
Ooh ooh oh ooh, Ooh ooh oh ooh
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?
How am I gonna leave you when I love you like this?

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Collective Soul This Comments
  1. addictedtochaos

    My current musical obsession.

  2. Gordon model94 jr.

    !st CD I ever bought was the red cover one by these guys(Hints, Allegations and things left unsaid) Good to see new(er) music from them.

  3. heavychevy383

    my new FAVORITE collective soul song ...actually, my new FAVORITE SONG period! ...been jammin to u guys for years & u Never disappoint! god bless ya fellas!

  4. Mike Honneywell

    WHAT YEAR IS IT NOW ????????

  5. Vien Tyo

    Thanx God
    YOU always be with them
    To create the music for the world...

  6. Jeff

    I enjoy dancing naked to this phat song

  7. EJT0002

    Don't know why I just found out this album was released in my 15th birthday

  8. Mary Lou Miller

    Rocking away to the tracks from the album in Canada!!! All favs!! One of my go-to's when driving across the country last summer on vacation, 10,200+kms! Thanks for coming along on the road trip!!

  9. Mike Kelley

    Can't wait to see you guys in Birmingham in July 2018 !!!!

  10. Carl Davenport

    Anyone else have an issue with this song on their CD. I know CDs are old news, but this song skips on the CD. Since the first time out of the package. In all 3 cars, different CD players just this one song. Weird.

  11. Caryl McCarley

    Collective Soul is the Best Alternative Music..They ROCK🎶


    Saw them live 10 or 11 years ago at a festival where Metallica performed, they have some amazing stage presence, made the entire stadium feel like a small club

  13. Rudi Yap

    muantabbbb abizz..edan pisan..collective soul is the best lah..

    Vien Tyo

    Pasti atuh...
    Collective soul gitu loh...

  14. Generic Gaming Commentator 827

    Nice pun in the description.

  15. RickyGames

    I included this amazing song on my Groove playlist to be played on #ForzaHorizon3 :D

  16. david chavez


  17. Marlena Noia

    I love this Band such a rocking & soul band just bought their new album it is so awesome

  18. Claudia Sepulveda

    I have listening your music since I remember. from Chile with love. now living in Sydney. when in Australia???

  19. Sarae Walker

    love it

  20. Radka Neubergová

    to je nářez, paráda!

  21. vikas gandhi

    I am from India and a die hard collective soul fan... keep such music coming... please tour india

  22. Georgiana Sieler

    Love CS. Have seen them live several times and they put on a solid show!! To me the live show is harder rock'n then the cds. love it!!

  23. Richie Herlinger

    Just discovered this album. Great to hear new music from one of the best bands of the 90s, and after all these years, you guys have still got it! Great album.

  24. Yulfa Islaini

    rock yeaaaahhh, miss u ad

  25. Angela Zambito

    I luv you guys...your music makes me happy :)

  26. Keith Moran

    great songs by the compression is out of control. Stop the loudness wars!

  27. Probably Not Your Worst Nightmare

    Can anyone possibly help me find and/or create guitar tabs for this? I realllly want to learn this song on guitar but I can't find the tab anywhere.

  28. John D Robinson electronic drums

    i'm only here for johnny rabb's excellent drums...rock on!

  29. jeanne sailor

    Great Sitting in a Traffic Song on The Way Home From Work!! Each and Every Night Of Course at 4.30!

  30. Lisa Hope

    YESSSSSSS \m/ I am so happy to see this! Keep on rockin'! Love it!

  31. Raymond Bronk

    You Gotta LOVE These Guy's

  32. plasticobolha100

    thanks mr  roland...

  33. jed777b


  34. Jeff L

    These guys get better and better as they go.

  35. socialcody

    Collective soul is real rock music, never fails . 10/10 most people might argue with me , but some people think elvis when they think rock music , i always have thought Collective soul when i think rock music , that's me . always awesome vocals and playing , even ((((LIVE)))) they sound the same live as they would on a CD release , even acoustic is top notch !

  36. David David

    Ed is love love, love and the absolute love. He is nothing else but everything. Ed is ed, Ed is life...<3

  37. Larry Bosel

    went and seen Them in Reno last Friday still Grest

    David David

    +Larry Bosel Okay i think dean did not gig with them

  38. Maria Jose Gonzalez

    Buenos Aires!!!! yayyyyyyyyy!!!!

  39. Cathy Ryan

    Seen them in St. Louis with Sammy and The Circle...ABSOLUTELY ROCKED!!

  40. Dave Carver


  41. Dorothy Dotson

    Saw them last night in Indy. Awesome show! The whole album is stellar.

  42. cwwmediadude

    This is OK folks, but certainly not as good as Dosage or Youth or Blender or the others. Its just ok and sounds like the old stuff, so no new ground broken here...

  43. Tommigun 2021

    I think this album is too awesome for people not to hear it. Unfortunely controversy and sex sells. I always sing “This” with, “How am I going to leave you when I’m horny like this”! Even though This is already out for the first single, I would change some of the lyrics and change the name of the song to “The Horny Song”. The next single should be “Confession”. I would make a video of what every guy hopes his wife or girlfriend is, a great homemaker, and a whore in bed! In the start of the video, Ed Roland would come home wearing a suit and briefcase, while his wife is baking cookies. Then when the guitars kick in, Ed is tied up to the bed, while his wife is getting raunchy and doing a strip dance for him. In the slow parts they are lovey dovey, and the loud parts they get really raunchy. The last slow part, I would have Ed looking at his wife, while they’re in church, and then when the guitars kick in she is pouring candle wax on his chest in shape of a cross. Let me know what do you think. I just don’t want a great cd like this not be heard! CS should be playing Arenas And Stadiums, let’s make it happen!

    Geddy Friedman

    You're friggen hilarious dude! But take it easy on whatever it is you have there.

  44. sonic jet

    This kinda sounds like Queens Of The Stone Age " Little Sister"
    :) but I still love the new and improved Collective Soul

    sonic jet

    +sonic jet And I mean the song "This"

  45. Waylin Van Halen

    heard this live in Deadwood baaap!

  46. Megan Lane

    Fantastic album!!

  47. Shotgun Vengeance

    I really like this song!

    David David

    +Shotgun Vengence Ed shares love as always, even to Dean.....

  48. Dave Carver

    go ed go

  49. Wilson Alexandre

    Tradition, Without Me, Memoirs of 2005, Contagious........are the best tracks!

  50. Bob Man

    another great CD Good Job Ed and the rest of Collective Soul. Great Time in Deadwood!

    David David

    +Bob Man Ed and the rest without Dean of course
    Do not be foolish...

  51. Fran Yaj

    this is the worst COLLECTIVE SOUL album..... there's no soul in the music or lyrics. See what you guys did when you let them continue

  52. Jon McCauley

    Already pre-ordered. See ya in Texas and keep em coming guys!

  53. Jayme Fretta


  54. Luney Nuney

    I love them so much

  55. Kevin Tatum

    again unsurprisingly badass!!!!

  56. Vicki Bishop

    Love this!

  57. Matt Ferreri

    This song (and what I've heard of the rest of the album)is amazing

  58. ja8ames

    Not to be Mr. Negative, but this song really doesn't do much for me. Anyone else out there who feels that way? I want to stay engaged with CS, I just wish that the new music would speak to me like the older stuff did. (I like "AYTA" more.)

    Oskar Huamolle Vera

    +ja8ames i am a peruvian csoul fan for all the time..but you are right...anyway lets wait for the whole album..they might have many surprises as ever...dya remember burning bridges?, forgiveness? she gathers rain? ok time to cry :)


    Yeah, some of the lesser-known album tracks have been the best, for sure. : )


    +ja8ames I agree. I like the other two songs out so far a lot better. I think AYTA should have been the first single.

  59. Sang ChoDockZ

    still missed +Ross Childress melodious guitar..overall, yeah, back to old +Ed Roland rock style..

  60. Aryell Caesar

    cannt wait for this new album... #finishwhatyoustarted

  61. Debra Lee Baugh

    How can I ever leave you? When I love you like this ! ! ! ?

  62. Cyn Díaz

    This days is just getting better... new CS Album I haven't been aware of!!!!

  63. Grape koolaid

    Oh man, new collective Soul. Great news.

  64. wosterlee

    How am I gonna leave when you make music like THIS!!!

  65. slymmkredible

    Y'all stay kickin ass. Got my tix to the Orlando show!

    David David

    +slymmkredible Burn them, Dean will be there too..

  66. grungemetal1996

    Loved this at the IL state fair concert

  67. Grant420

    They don't put out too many bad songs glad they are back

    David David

    +Grant C. The bad songs are by Dean, he's got some problems, it is not so easy but Ed still publishes his Songs
    Ed is love. Ed is life, Trust him.

  68. Dale Meredith

    I'm SOOOOOO excited #CollectiveSoul!  Thanks for the entertainment and touching my soul.... Got my ticket for SLC!  Can't wait to see ya!  Be safe! #SeeWhatYouStarted

  69. Herland Jimenez Pinto

    If @Ross Childress is not playing, it's not collective soul

    Pedro Pazmiño

    @Herland Jimenez Pinto True, but CS without Ross is also alright.

    Kelly Curtis

    I read complaints every now and then about how the band isn't the same without Ross Childress.. Well, it has been 11 years so it's time to move on. Jesse Triplett is a very competent guitarist.

    lee muncy

    we do have to move on but when you use the term "competent' to describe CS's Lead Guitarist, theres something wrong with that

    Mike Kelley

    We met Jesse on the Rock Boat. Very nice guy. We met his family at Eddie's Attic at a Sweet Tea show. The Triplett's are awesome people!! My wife and I have seen CS in concert seven times since then and Jesse has gotten better every show. We love Ed and the whole band!! Ed's other band The Sweet Tea Project has put together some great music too.

    Vien Tyo

    @Mike Kelley
    Thanx for your imformation..
    Makes me better
    God bless them
    N you too

  70. Jeff

    I thought Blender was the last really good album.

    Naveed Ahmed

    +Bruce Wayne (Batman) Blender was awesome but Youth was pretty amazing too

    David David

    +Bruce Wayne (Batman) Nonononono, every album is an anti-Dean


    +Naveed Ahmed You're right. Youth actually was pretty good.


    +Euinsdaf Dean Roland's band, Magnets & Ghosts, has put out some pretty good songs. Check out "Hearts Of Everyone", "Like A Sunday", and "Light My Flame" if you haven't already.

    Vien Tyo

    All Album are awesome, pretty good
    No one to be hated
    Thanx God, thanx CS

  71. csoulbrasil

    eager to hear new album

  72. foo dongo

    Sounds awesome!! Im still missin Ross Childers shreddin!!

  73. GoodHippy

    Good Friends of GoodHippy Collective Soul is one of the most underratted bans to come out of the 90's !! Not only does their music rock But on personal level these guys ROCK !!! much Love and Respect to you All.

    bigboost Laser

    @GoodHippy don't think they have never bad cd, its a shame don't get a lot of air time on the radio as they should in our area, so much cool stuff!

    lee muncy

    the JK guitar era was not their best

  74. Little MaryXD

    I can't wait to hear their new album
    It's another hits to rock the world

  75. Prabhat Kataria

    been waiting a while for this

  76. Rodney Caudill

    Collective Soul still rockin!

  77. Zephas99

    You made my day - very stoked right now!

  78. E Torres

    Oh collective soul.still my favorite band of all time.when is the album release date?

    Zac Z.

    October 2nd I think.


    +drake mallard Yes, release date is October 2, 2015; it is the 3rd, and I just got mine in the mail from Amazon today. Love it! Thanks Ed and the guys!!

    E Torres

    It is a great glad October is finally here

  79. Chuck Parks

    Another great track!  I'll never forget seeing you years ago (a few weeks before you Shine'd & skyrocketed) on a Thursday near St. Louis.  Never met a better group of guys & was very fortunate to be there when you blew the roof off the place that night.  Been to all your stops near St Louis & am looking forward to seeing you again with Sammy next month.

  80. chas717

    Really good to hear new music from Collective Soul! If the rest of this CD is this good, it is a winner!  Still 'rockin after all these years.

    Jeffrey Johnson

    As good sounding as all the other stuff! Rock on!

    Stephen White

    +collectivesoultv Just got my copy, and it is great.

    CJ S

    over 20 yrs..still rocking..loved em when came out..great album..supposed to go see them tnite at paradise in Boston by stuck at small of best there!!

    Vien Tyo

    I'm with u...