Collective Soul - Hurricane Lyrics

Hurricane's in town
She left for a day than she turned around
Said she couldn't leave
Until the storm she brewed had covered me

Yea this day she feels alive
When her head and heart collide
It's just the way that she survives
And nothing's quite the same
Yea she's living for the change
One and only hurricane

Hurricane's so sweet
She offers up a truce underneath the sheets
She changed course again
Shelter from the Lord and future sins


I'm not helpless cuz she's so selfish
Yea I'm just trying to figure what to do
She keeps running while the world is stopping
Yea there's no telling what she'll crash into
I won't panic cuz she's so manic
Yea I'm just hoping she'll find some truth
Yea, I hope she finds some truth
God I hope I find it too

[Chorus x2]

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Collective Soul Hurricane Comments
  1. heavychevy383

    the most interesting band in the last 20-plus years! intelligent compositions, interesting change ups, witty lyrics, beautiful arrangements, catchy hooks, & vocals that reach in & grab u... nobody does it like collective soul does it! another fantastic album guys! thanx & god bless ya fellas!

  2. Orion M42

    The beat kinda reminds me of London callin by the clash

  3. RandomGaming

    the song makes me feel like im in a rock and roll hurricane

  4. lhoyz alcos

    nice music CS..START music hear CS BAND,,highschool 1995;;until now my favorate band..

  5. Tod Cornellier

    Such a killer tune..The one hit wonders just keep pumping them out...See you in August Collective Soul

  6. brap brap

    Oh my, has his voice ever matured nicely!

  7. Thomas

    Rush+Collective Soul=Amazing Collab

  8. Raymond Bronk

    They still Rock.... Love the Album ...

  9. chas717

    Thank you Collective Soul for keeping rock N roll alive!

  10. slymmkredible

    Good song but that little spoken part "a break in the action... timeout is called!" is just unbearable and out of place. With that said, I love CS & can't wait for the album and the show 9/29!

    Kelly Curtis

    I actually find the spoken parts kinda cool


    It's not as bad now as it was before for me lol. LOVE this album though! 

    jj bug

    from downtown! i love it

  11. Alejandro Robles Molina

    Visit Mexico again please!!!!!

  12. Tristen Shifflett

    this song, right up there with Shine for me

  13. bigboost Laser

    stayed true to there sound, this rocks!! worth the wait!!

  14. Sergio Daniel Buscalia

    Muy buen tema, de los 3 cargados es el que mas me gusta.

  15. Hespian Yeahboy

    LOVE CS!!! Have seen them so many times in so many places around the US and also in Canada (twice)! Ed and the crew keep on rolling and rocking!!! :)

  16. John Hingkung

    Greetings from India. Loved the new single. Still the same old classic Collective Soul signature.

  17. sam ax

    :-) :-) :-)

  18. sam ax

    Anticipating Awesomeness

  19. Michael OConnor

    The guitars are fun in this jam. Digging this album so far!

  20. Dan Sherwood

    Love me some Collective Soul. Great rock bands are so few and far between these days, it's awesome that they're putting out what sounds like could be another gem.

  21. Nurul Asri

    woaa... finaly

  22. Kelly Curtis

    Love the crunchy bridge and guitar solo!

    delaney smith

    the last 2 records, i will say the guitar playing is much better on this record and the following record Blood, than the previous player, no offense.

  23. Joe Smokonich

    i cant wait for October, seeing them live!

  24. Michael Herchenroder

    This song is awesome! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!

    David David

    +Michael Herchenroder thank YOU . and ed of course

  25. Rob

    This album is sounding great! Can't wait for Oct 2nd and Oct 31st!