Collective Soul - Hollywood Lyrics

Summer it never leaves your face
You've got the sunshine
Bright-eyed California
Cotton candy taste

Yeah Hollywood
You know I love you more
Than one man should
Yeah Hollywood

Kiss me kiss me good

Oh pretty stars
They love to sparkle for you
You've got that hip lock
Lay it back
Animated groove attitude


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Collective Soul Hollywood Comments
  1. jason Messick

    And yall think this is about the town...lmao

  2. Christie Parden

    Just found this and I love it 😊

  3. Jake Juggernaut

    This song came out in 2007-2008 but sounds SO 90's!

  4. Mark Delurski

    People just don't get these guys, they rock. When people ask who my fav bands are these guys follow Corrosion of Conformity, Led Zep, KISS, Metallica.. and then people are like who the hell is Collective Soul?

  5. Ronald Charles Epstein

    The diner must serve very good soup.

  6. Travis Conomos

    Well this piece of shit song sure didn't age well. There is definitely a lot of "kiss me good" going on in (((Hollywood))). Weird, man.

  7. Neil Swan

    Catchy man!!!!

  8. Cheyanne Taitano

    The nfl was playing this for the rams vs vikings game so I had to shazam this lol

  9. Matthew Powell


  10. Hope Lines

    This should have 1.8 million views! It's timeless.

  11. Matthew Powell

    🎉🎊🎉🎊🎧🎧🎹🎹📽🌍🌎🎶💚LA...7.13...The Witching Hour Costume Party..🎊🎉🎊🖒🖒

    Kimberly Roubicek

    Love this band

  12. jamesaubuchon65

    A total sell-out to Satan!!

    gray wolf

    What u mean by that I want to know


    @gray wolf don't play his game he's trollin'

    Patmos Revelation

    @gray wolf I believe he means Hollywood has sold out to satan; he is correct.

  13. Matthew Powell

    Music 💚👨‍🚀👍

  14. Jonathan Vernot

    Collective Soul joins the Power Pop generation, and it tastes so sweet.

    sammy romero

    Jonathan Vernot right!!


    And people freaked that they sold out...turns out they hadn't at all..kept cranking out deep music after this. This is just some fun pop. Ain't nothing wrong with that :)

  15. NJGuy1973

    Is it just me, or does this sound a lot like "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies?


    it does! I can hear similarities in the melody


    NJGuy1973 With a smidgen of The Cars.

    Hitoned Sob


    Hope Lines

    It's a mix of "Sugar, Sugar" (Archies), the Cars and that distinctive Collective Soul style!

  16. Luis Casanova De Utrilla

    Oh, kiss me, kiss me good ;D

  17. Rayna Medeles

    Ahh Love It (:

  18. Bence Mojzes

    Hillywood show comic-con bought me there :)

  19. 76devl69

    Bob was funny though

  20. 76devl69

    My cunting generations teen angst in semi adult form ..look most of you assheads have no taste in music and you all have soft bodies from overprotection shut up and listen you never even played Dodgeball ya all first place puss

    Jake Juggernaut

    You were obviously drunk af when you posted this

    indigo DIRK

    And they all got Participation trophies on top of it ...

    indigo DIRK

    And they all got Participation trophies on top of it

  21. Trevor Furlong are sooo right,how do they get away with this????

  22. silverkingukable

    My company convention is down LA October time Tom Dreeson coming lol

  23. Chris Prosser

    Some songs are just flat-out fun to listen to.. this is one of them

  24. RoCkeRsByMySide

    collective soul got really, really poppy... i still love them though!

  25. Rose Tennant

    Judgment Day Part One.

  26. Pauline Weiss

    what a loving tribute to The Cars

  27. DonnySpielberg

    It's my song too!! :)

  28. 6672rock

    One of the best pop tunes I've heard in recent years. Simple, to-the-point and a catchy melody to boot.

  29. silverkingukable

    Yep this is my song