Collective Soul - Georgia Girl Lyrics

She moved south as a child
She moved it from the Jersey Shore
Said she remembers the ocean

But she don't recall much more
She lived a contagious youth
Still she swears she has no past
She said she don't take love
'Cause that high it never lasts

Welcome to her world

Welcome to the world
Of my Georgia Girl

She offers up fellowship
To those that come from broken homes
Yeah she laughs in the crowds
While her heart is all alone


She moved south as a child

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Collective Soul Georgia Girl Comments
  1. Tommy LaVilla

    My favorite band seen them rock several times

  2. Jason Grimes

    Brothers and sisters very nice !

  3. Kevin Animal Casino Kev Casino

    Same first 2 notes as Listen!!!

  4. danny hay

    Listen to their music and don't feel good then something is wrong


    Sweet Tea tasted thru and deep in sound !!!!!

  6. Brenlee

    Love Love Love These Guys!

  7. Irate Chromosome

    this song is amazing!!!~

  8. Brad Watson

    One of the most underated bands around very good live

  9. rianda wibisana

    never get bored,...

  10. Charlie Anne

    I love this song