Collective Soul - Adored Lyrics

I can say this life is
Much better today
Everything turns right if
Wrong gets in the way

Yeah I've got the feeling
It's something I find hard to explain
See I wasn't looking

But girl I'm glad I fell in your way

Then she says oh boy, oh boy
Count your lucky stars

Count what you've been wishing for
Oh boy, oh boy
Count the life you lead
Count how you are now adored

I can say the sun
Burns much brighter today
I can see my path though

Clouds darken my way
Yeah I've got this feeling
It's something I find hard to explain
See I wasn't looking
But girl I'm glad I fell in your way


She said she was tired of

Watching me just wilt and bleed
She said I'm like Jesus
I save those who do believe
Do you, do you believe?


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Collective Soul Adored Comments
  1. Jay k Collins

    I love and miss you more than you will ever know my love. I was a fool! Hopefully I will see you again one day... love Georgia!

  2. Brittany Brown

    Played this song for my sister after her the cemetery! ❤

  3. John Surabian

    ! ---__--- !

  4. nyirahabimana delphine

    I wanna cry! This song has melted my heart!

  5. John Surabian

    ! Adored !!!

  6. hector valdivia

    this song, like many many others, remind me of the love of my life.. She is gone now and I didn't realize it then, but I should have counted my lucky stars that I was adored, then maybe I would have not fucked everything up. because when they leave, it hurts not being adored like she adored me - hurts like hell...

  7. reinggo brajamusti

    saya menyukai lagu-lagu dari collective soul sejak tahun 1995 , tepatnya saat pertama kali saya dengar lagu dari collective soul yang berjudul "the world i know" , lagu yang luar biasa , demikian juga dengan lagu ini , "adored" , sukses selalu buat collective soul

  8. NatureGirl

    That is a beautiful song, I absolutely Adore it.  Thank you for sharing.  =)

    Chris Kerr

    None better. When music touches ur soul.....there are nothing better

  9. Amii Gabbitas

    👌Rip on That Bong...Earbuds in.... Go ANYWHERE YOUR HEART DESIRES.....

  10. lightmagnet1961

    A Spiritual Band. Maybe in some of their songs. Religious lets hope not. Religion only breeds closed mindedness and hatred. Just be happy to listen to Ed's masterpiece's

  11. Corry Borges

    Ed Roland musicolgy at it's best

    Rick Nelson

    Ricky nelson...this is the most beautiful song ever..collective soul..amazing job!!


    Love this song a lot !!!

  13. Brad Watson

    I have seen collective soul this time will be number 6 never have I been disappointed one of the best bands ever put them in the hall of fame

  14. crazy69 defiant one

    beautiful brings tears to my eyes . ...

  15. Jenn Marie

    Everything Ed Roland has a hand in is Absolutely Genius. He has this way of pulling you in with his voice and inflections, and that place is my sanctuary. Thank you Sir Ed for the gift of seeing into your soul.

    August McManus

    Jenn Marie I agree Jenn. I have been following Ed and Collective Soul since 96. He is brilliant and honest. I finally had the pleasure of meeting him in 2016 after a concert. He was walking through the crowd and I recognized him. I called out to him, and he came over and put his arms around me. What a blessed soul.

  16. Rick Solis

    I send this to my are my everything as the song title says...know that you are "adored"....

  17. willow woods

    special song for a special someone. much love.

  18. George Sabacajan

    Collective is my favorite musician band

  19. George Sabacajan

    Collective is my favorite musician band

  20. Fiona McAllister

    I wish you could buy this on Itunes

  21. Darwin J. Ortiz

    excellent song! :)

  22. Crystal Jones

    Absolutely love this song. One of our favorite songs to our soundtrack. Jeremy John who I am completely in love with.

  23. Karea Shaver

    Love Collective Soul

  24. BAAMMzZ

    I do know that, but that still doesn't make them a faith-based group.

  25. Craig Nicewicz

    It's simply about love, finding someone when you least expect it. Someone that completes the puzzle...

  26. Kayla Melenka

    I luv it so those who hate it...GET A LIFE!!!!

  27. Adam S

    best song ever :)

    Rick Nelson

    Ricky Nelson..

    This is the most beautiful song ever..collective soul you are amazing..nice job!!

  28. Cesar Lozano

    You are right about the Roland's father been a Methodist minister, but the song they compose for him was Crown I believe, anyhow this is a great song!

  29. Johnny Grim

    Actually... Every song means something different to everyone... It may have been a relationship with a girl to the singer/writer... but the listener has the right to think of it in his or her own way, I really don't find that retarded... I find it legitimate, reasonable, rational, logical, sensible... But then again... That is just my view of it...

  30. DontTazeMeDudes

    How's about everyone just begin their comments with: "To me, this song means...." and shut up. PERFECT.

  31. STLMaddawg

    I agree with you that they are not a faith based band. However there are a lot of references to spirituallity in their music. I have been listening to them a lot lately (have three of their earlier cds I haven't listen to for quite awhile). Listen to the song Maybe and Shine to name two. The songs are not about God, but they make references.

  32. BAAMMzZ

    I just wanted to respond to you all, I myself am not a very religious person, but I do understand, respect, and love that people can find themselves wrapped in a faith. But this song is not about Jesus or any form of Christianity. Collective Soul is not a faith based band, and if just referencing Jesus Christ or God of any religion makes a song faith based, then almost every rap and hip-hop song would be religious, and they clearly are not.

  33. Günther Biselli

    What a Band,CS are fucking great!
    Thanks for this song!! Regards from Black Forrest!

  34. TheJuanpiferco

    you sir somehow managed to ruin the song for a little while, but fortunately it is so good that it was amazing again in a moment

  35. HeartlessofKairi BrandiSweetie

    o.e This song is about a relationship. You people are retarded.

  36. C G

    the first time I heard it, the same thing happened to me :)

  37. va patzie

    I'm with you man, theres no need for Warhole and his needles :)

  38. DontTazeMeDudes

    Ed, you rock, you genius you.