Colin James - Man's Gotta Be A Stone Lyrics

Man's gotta be a stone,
Man's gotta be a stone,
A man's gotta carry that weight and get back home.

I got one life to live,
Baby, one life to live,
I gotta fill it up, so I can get back what I give.

Gotta get wise today.
I'm gonna have to find a way,
To work till I get it right and make it pay.

Man's gotta be a stone,
Man's gotta be a stone,
A man's gotta carry his weight and get back home.

Man's gotta see the sun,
A man's gotta see the sun,
He's gotta know another new day, has begun.

Man's gotta be a stone,
Man's gotta be a stone,
A man's gotta carry his weight and get back home.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Colin James Man's Gotta Be A Stone Comments
  1. Penni Hall

    Wheres the 7 haters so I can slap their ears

  2. Octane Art Canada

    Just saw you yesterday night at the blackfalds cp rail holiday train and you ripped into this song... Colin much respect, (I was the guy ya nodded too up close to the train car).. great job man you laid this track down and it spoke right to me... Ive been through a lot... the holiday train is a pretty cool gig... but to play this song was like getting hit by a bolt of lightning... It spoke right to me...
    Thanks Colin, I needed that push brother

  3. Ian Smith

    remember hearing this song come out new on Q104 in the morning while driving to school in my uncle's old '92 Volvo back in my senior year of high school. Would have been Autumn 2009. Leather seats, no power steering, and the right power window trying to go down would get stuck, and sound like an M60 being fired. Man's gotta be a stone.

  4. Adde 1997

    Damn 5 month ago sience my latest comment, time goes fast.

  5. Adde 1997

    nice song!

  6. Christopher Perry

    I'm working to get it right and make it pay. Luv it.

  7. green323turbo

    That Drum beat is f-ing awesome !

    Ian Smith

    agreed, so on point. Oldschool style recorded in 2009 means you really hear what's goin on

  8. Polentaccio

    Monster player but how does this not sound EXACTLY like ZZ Top's La Grange?? Right down to the solo licks. Here we have Sam Smith losing a suit for ripping off Tom Petty? How does this happen I wonder.... brutal, this is a rip.


    +Polentaccio .. True, but John Lee Hoocker invented the Boogie, and ZZ Top stole it from him, lol.

    Brian McCleary

    You re completely right, zz top themselves were sued because "LA Grange " stole the riff and rhythm directly from John lee hooker s "Boogie chillen" which was released inn 1948. The only reason the lawsuit was unsuccessful was because the court ruled that the copyright for hooker's song had expired, making it public domain. The riff probably existed before even John lee hooker s version, but as far as I know, the song boogie chillen is the first released record to use the riff

    tony sloggett

    guess you have never heard Slim Harpo`s "Hip Shake" if you think ZZ top invented these chord arrangements.

  9. David Simpson

    man this guy is a killer shredder; love it.

  10. Blues Rain


  11. Danny MacNevin

    I had the chance to meet Colin James when he played in PEI. He was really sick, but still found the time to sit with me and chat about SRV for an hour after the show. He signed my old Fender Strat for me... he's the real deal this guy! His blues roots go way, way back... so perhaps if you looked hard enough, you will probably find that this riff goes way back before all our time! Great tune, great guitar player, and great vocalist / songwriter! I say Keep up the great work Colin!

  12. Danny MacNevin

    I found this interview with Norman Greenbaum. (he wrote Spirit in the sky...) remember that tune?

    Question: I’ve got to ask, I always wondered about the similarities of ZZ Top’s, “La Grange” guitar riff compared to, “Spirit In The Sky.” Do you think that was just a coincidence?

    Norman:“... I think we all just ripped off the old guys from the 1920’s who laid down this beat. If you go back and listen to all the black music from the 20’s you’ll probably recognize all of rock and roll.

  13. SirDanOfHell

    Boring! Looks like a n00b who can't appreciate a great artist.

  14. 09Libertarian

    @itsonlyrcknroll .. so true, Colin is a phenomenal musician who has the respect of his peers

  15. lyanna1100


  16. City Lights

    Boring! sound like a rip of Can-Heat, on the road again

    Octane Art Canada

    City Lights should probably stop huffing hot loris farts

  17. AngryHatter

    This guy is the king of understated playing.

  18. jedimiah1234

    awesome song, 'nuff said.

  19. tambourini

    Wow! Tickles my ears!

  20. zosochile

    & zz top borrowed it from john lee hooker, etc

  21. Albert Nada Retro

    I've got ever album but "FUSE", this is really good, but nothing tops "Sudden Stop". His Little Big Band Albums are amazing too.

  22. Albert Nada Retro

    Colin is good friends with the boys from ZZ-Top, and has toured with them when they come to Canada. For me he is the MAN!

  23. loystloystloyst


    Ace and a half for sure.

  24. cloudybrain

    And la grange sounds like spirit in the sky by norman greenbaum who had the riff 4 years prior. Besides, I really really dislike the way the billy gibbons sounds in la grange.. feels like something is caught in his throat.