Colin James - 40 Light Years Lyrics

Put your feet on the dashboard baby take a ride and c'mon
There's nothing left to lose but the moon now the money's all gone
And when you get back
You get back down
Wait all night for you to come around
I'd like to get to know you but you're 40 light years away
You can come a little closer but you're 40 light years away

What you gonna do honey now that the sun's gone down
Trying to find love when you're living in a one-horse town
I've had the blues
For 14 days
Cause there's a hole in the sky and it's here to stay
I'd like to get to know you but you're 40 light years away
Want to get to know you but you're 40 light years away

You can watch 'em come and go yeah they come and go all night long
Buffalo girls, blind Willie burn the dance floor down
Way down...
Well it's a long dark road baby where you been?
I keep knocking but I can't come in
Came to get you home but you're 40 light years away
I need to get you back but you're 40 light years away
I want to get to know you but you're 40 light years away
I need to get to know you but you're 40 light years away

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Colin James 40 Light Years Comments

    His tone sounds a little like Mark Knopfler's here.


    More than 'a little' I'd say - inspired by 'Down to the waterline' perhaps?


    this video kinda looks like colton ford lol


    but hes older and younger looking



    do bbking > the thrill is gone with ?


    DUETS > lol DO ITS > lol bro ROCK THE HARMONY ;)


    years are showin bro but yer voice is solid and brings me back to the day Keep it real and rockin

  7. Brooke Williams

    Saw you at music fest yesterday :) you were awesome! My friend helped you park where you needed and was bragging, have a great day!

  8. Trenton Garreau

    Great work Colin Great song

  9. Shayke Speeer

    One of the best live shows I've ever seen. The man can make guitars sing like few others can.


    Great show in Halifax last night. What a tight band.

  10. erika fleck

    Saw his show friday night in Quebec city.....
    He just gets better and better....problem with a pedal thing and he was without his guitar for a song or just showed up what I have always thought....his voice is just awesome and guitar or no guitar - stage presence and craft....amid a few laughs....goes down as my e.

  11. Robert Warren John

    Well I took my wife last night to see one Mr Colin James April 2nd /19 and what a show wow. As always the music left me breathless, what a show man from start to finish, The sound was great keep doing what you do...

  12. Judith Gaminek

    I saw Colin James in concert for the 4th timet in Winnipeg March 30, 2019 - LOVE HIM!

  13. Nancy Nash

    oh oh colin... yer an ole man now... looks done run right on out the winder... lol.. bet cha don't get the 2 and 3 sums anymores huh? lol

  14. wyldn8tive

    Sounding good, looking good, awesome as always.

  15. Adam Ryan

    Also notice during the solo you can see the pickup selector change positions between different camera angles lol

  16. Adam Ryan

    Reminds me of the newer Clapton material

  17. Albert Nazmutdinov

    Bravo, teacher !!!

  18. Mark Abenstein

    He is a treasure. Regina Rocks

  19. maceonut

    I found this song by accident and WOW what a Great tune so I bought the CD and guess what the CD was just as Awesome !!

  20. F J

    Smooooth …..

  21. eder feder

    Who's that harp player ? Damn

  22. Peter Weyers

    That is Tulsa Sound!

  23. Barbara Lee

    I am hearing strong elements of JJ Cale and his proteges Clapton and Knopfler in this great piece of music. Colin has aged magnificently. Time to listen to his latest stuff.

  24. Craig McCauley

    Cool guitar!

  25. sexypoetry

    quite good...j j cale, clapton, knopfler....

  26. marie Brigitte Sevaistre

    awesome ! ! ! thxxxx !

  27. MD Bookings

    Steve Marriner on Harp....nice!

  28. Dave Pressland

    Loving the whole album. Been driving around Snowdonia for the last few days with it on repeat. Great stuff!

  29. Tengiz Einsild

    That is one of the most boring songs about nothing that I had ever had to hear, when it poped up as an advert in Janis Joplin mix I had on. This sound even worse in comparison.


    WTF makes you think that you're interesting? You are trite and impolite. Take a hike, mtherfker ;)

    Tamara Rietveld

    This song very softly kicks hard ass. Move along

  30. Bill Morgan

    My ears like a lot. Nice , dancing blues. :)

  31. Ana Garcia

    Marry me

  32. DJ McNeely

    Sounds like a collaboration between Dire Straits and the Nighthawks! Awesome!Can't wait to check out more of Colin James.


    That would be absolutely wicked if Mark Knopfler & James would Collaborate together..What would say to that??

    Joe Katzman

    When you do check out more of Colin James, I can promise you that you won't be disappointed. He's a hidden Canadian gem, and a criminally under-rated talent.


    *SWEET ...*

  34. Deborah Johnson

    served this fellow a burger at a local greasy spoon I was working at in the early 90s. Blues power house from way back, he was touring the Maritimes university set, came in the restaurant and asked me, what town am I in? He put in his road time for sure. A great guitarist!

  35. hitchinaride94

    I usually don't appreciate ads, but this came up and I'm intruiged! :)

  36. Mandy Morrison Hamilton


  37. John vandenHeuvel

    Nice work Colin, loving the new music, thanks for continuing the journey.

  38. Mandy Morrison Hamilton


  39. Fred Goeres

    Oh yes great, i like :-)

  40. Penni Hall

    OMG I'm in love again!!!! Wow is right!!!!!!

  41. Nancy Bouwma

    Looking like a silver fox Colin!  Nice addition with Jesse Winchester and Steve Mariner in there!  Love this sound!

    Therealqueen Bee

    Smooth as velvet......timeless tune. Classic. Tasteful as per usual my man!😎🤗😍😘😇

  42. Franny jarrell


  43. Liza

    wow ! :)

  44. Stéphane St-Pierre

    ah Colin James! toujours aussi agréable a écouter et quel musicien. Cette chanson a mood qui fait sourire