Colin Hay - Come Tumblin' Down Lyrics

I dropped a coin in the wishing well
It's been a long time dry
I watched that ol' greyhound bus kick up dust

As it rolls on by
I asked the man in the station
He said man just take a look around
We haven't had a train through here
Since it all came tumblin' down

Tumblin' down come tumblin' down
Tumblin' down come tumblin' down
Tumblin' down come tumblin' down
Come tumblin' down

I'm not a drinkin' man no more
But this one night I got lost
I've never been much of a dancer
But this I surely was
I made it out to the cottonwoods
Slept with my ear down to the ground
And in my dreams I could hear the screams
As it all came tumblin' down

Tumblin' down come tumblin' down
Tumblin' down come tumblin' down
Tumblin' down come tumblin' come tumblin'
Come tumblin' down

The corridors are all empty
And there's a child sitting on the stairs
She's seen everything there is to see
And somehow she still cares
We took a ride on the ferris wheel
Built from glass and steel and such
Now it's melting in the sun
And it's not worth all that much
Tumblin' down
I raise my hands up to the sky
Tumblin' down
As we climb to higher ground
Tumblin' down
Let's just keep on dancing
Tumblin' down
Until it all comes tumblin' down

Tumblin' down come tumblin' down
Tumblin' down come tumblin' down
Tumblin' down come tumblin' come tumblin'
Come tublin' down

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Colin Hay Come Tumblin' Down Comments
  1. Eric Santiago

    One of the most underrated writing geniuses in the world. I love his music. I'm a hard man. Sometimes in life you have to be to survive. But his music has made me laugh, cry, and wonder why!

  2. TgaSANZMag

    Just only discovered this track thanks to Max Merritt (minor note he is OZ based now but NZ born )

  3. Earl Lewis

    Great song !!!!

  4. Satanácio

    0/10 no blue haired naked girls

  5. Catherine Lewis

    believe it or not I asked Alexa to play Sibelius and she played you instead . A happy accident how come I have never heard of you love the music ... I am definitely stalking you now ( kidding ) when are you coming to the uk ....


    Catherine Lewis, if you know the band Men At Work then you know Colin Hay. He has been performing since 1978.

  6. John Fair

    Awesome!! Always been a fan!

    Jeff Baker

    This is so good!

  7. Humble Brag

    Great ! ! !

  8. Tom George

    Just saw his show in Spokane,WA awesome show, amazing band! Keep it going man!!

  9. Jeff Baker

    Joney's Jukebox brought me here. Amazing tune.

  10. bob hastings

    I get chills discovering your new music .Bless you for these gems .Keep on doing your thing brother .

  11. artvelcro

    Ya just gotta love this guy. What a talented singer and songwriter.

  12. Cali Braxus

    This is certainly the best song the Eagles never did.

  13. Ian Chapman

    awesome song and clip - Colin Hay is a ok!

  14. Giorgio Cisilino

    awesome video and song ,looks like u guys had blast making it.

  15. RJ Gronewold

    I looked up "authenticity" in the dictionary and there was a picture of Colin with his guitar

  16. Hidden Monday

    Saw him on Jonesy .....led me here......awesome work and i am hooked again :)

    Jeff Baker

    Same here. I was ready to be underwhelmed after Steve and him doing such a good version, but this video/song is fucking amazing. Videos are usually not too good, but damn this one sure is.

  17. James Caldwell

    Awesome! I love it.

  18. Phil Cardenas

    This song is just--JOY. Just makes you feel good like good music should.

  19. fran crisp

    nice song love the drum beat to this well done colin and michael g

  20. Jonny Ringo

    Does Ron Strykert make a cameo appearance in this video? I know there were "problems" between the 2 in the past but it looks like what I would envision him looking like.

  21. John Viera

    Great Show Colin so glad I got to meet you North Hampton mass.👍🇺🇸

  22. Barry Johnson

    Mister Hay is an incredible musician. His current catalog contains a wealth of world-class material that has not received the recognition it deserves. Looking forward to seeing him live (!!) in 2 weeks.

  23. Jennifer Naimark

    Colin - Thank you for a wonderful show in Norwood, MA last night. I appreciated your question at the start of the show to the crowd. Made me feel normal and so does this latest track from Fierce Mercy. Thank you for sharing your sober tunes. I only wish I could have thanked you after the show, but I had to run home.

  24. Bluesbabesrv

    Tonight in Portland, Oregon at Revolution Hall, so looking forward to this!


    WoW, what a great show. Audience participation during this song, so gun. Thank you #colinhay

  25. Nigel Davies

    A really nice song with Top-class sound production and arrangement, Inspiring Visuals and Colin hays unique and Unmistakable voice makes this a new Aussie classic! i Love it! It's a BIG Thumbs Up from Me! Thanks Col.

  26. Fran Crisp

    Great song love fierce mercy album

  27. Julie Parker Collins

    He still rocks it AND hits his notes!Just home from seeing his show at the Libbey Bowl in Ojai. LOVE that he shared the stage with his other, amazing talent! I'm Walkin Here made me cry!

  28. El Viajero

    Awesome!! :)

  29. DagenhamGilly

    I heard this on Joneseys Juke Box....its a great song

    Jeff Baker

    Jonesy was great with him.

  30. Marilyn Higgins

    Find myself humming this a lot. Love it. Amazingly well done.

  31. kennelly88

    Still performing great songs!

  32. Erlan Vieira

    I love Colin Hay much to always.

  33. The1pepsimax

    Colin you are most definitely one of the greatest live performers to have ever graced this planet! Thanks for all of the joy you have given us over the decades! You are playing & singing better than ever!

  34. Joel Wallenius

    He looks tired :<

  35. Dave Jarvis

    wow just discovered your new music after following men at work in the 80s , great stuff who would of thought that waiting for your real life to begin this beautiful world would come tumblin down keep up the good work

  36. UltraNico 17

    The Greatest Colin Hay !!!

  37. Marilyn Higgins

    Absolutely love this video. I see more in it more every time I watch.

  38. rodsshedmusic

    Absolutely love it Colin! And what a band! Cooking bass and drums.

  39. John Hoysan

    Looking forward to seeing you at Musikfest 2017 Bethlehem Pennsylvania

  40. NotOrdinaryInGames

    Well, shoot my dog and call me Sally! An actual music video that is memorable, and fun to look at?

    Jeff Baker

    I love the tune, but was surprised at what an amazing video it is as well. Really top shelf.

  41. George Hoffman

    Great song & fun video. Colin never disappoints :-)

  42. Charlie Ranger

    Greatest Dude ever!

  43. Kalle Kotelett

    Nice Song Colin
    Greetings from Germany 👋

    Fran Crisp

    Great first song with a nice hook

  44. Alex

    This is absolutely my favourite song off of Fierce Mercy. Great video to go along with it!

  45. docstone123

    Sounds like an Australian Jimmy Buffett. Been a fan forever. I'll be a wallabyhead.

    David Kroll

    Wallaby damned!! I like that idea!! I'll join your Wallabyhead club!!

  46. Lance Scott

    I admire you Colin, everything you write has melody and a great hook. Cheers 😀

  47. Courtney Sorrento

    I love the worldwide dancers! Great video, great singing, great playing! ❤ from Buffalo, NY, USA

    Jeff Baker

    Killer dancing in this video! Amazing tune.

  48. mrseaweed1000

    Had the pleasure of hearing this song done live by Colin on two occasions, sounds absolutely incredible when the crowd gets into it

  49. cuervo HN


  50. Derek B

    Been a couple of years since being able to catch a show and I really miss seeing you and Cecilia. As always your music takes me to a happy place. Keep up the great work and stop by in AZ once in a while! :)

  51. Betsy Bouchard

    Yes!  Yes!!  Yes!!!

  52. David Kroll

    another great song by Collin!!! can't wait to see ya in Cleveland this fall!!!