Colette Carr - Nilly Lyrics

It's like I slipped -and fell – scrapped my knee – On Gold
Lived to tell that he rapes the beat Untold
Faced with hell cause The graves are deep –
So all you lil suckers don't crack a peep- go back to sleep
4am still slappin beats tap ya feet- yah it's hapaning
Your jumpin Turn it up it's bunpin! fire Burnin up or something
I'm loving, bass knocking! That's nothing! Bays poppin!
No stopping beat is talking kids listen in got the streets go rockin
Go numb Go silly
Go dumb Go Nilly
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Hold up- hold up it's perfection see
Got the master standin next to me
Gunna blast ya with complexity
This bass just straight affecting me
Feel it feel it in the depths of me
Step by steps I be reppin the
N.I.L.L.why I love u freak
U beats just so unique
Unique- Unique you need a Nilly on the beat
U make-makin like a triallion a week
Mistake if you ain't chill in with we
Case we are-
Nilly on the beat- cCarr
Ain't no stoppings beats this hard
Ain't no stopping Nilly on the beat
GO numb Go silly
Go Dumb Go Nilly!
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)
Come thru with me- getta thru
We B on V ahead of you
We see that we are bettah too
What can I do?

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  2. hey im yokez

    there’s a reason she got dropped from interscope

  3. raviolibird5

    J U B I L E E

  4. Nik Richh

    7 years later......

  5. Shrek

    Who's here from Jubilee

  6. Felipe Airoso

    Nilly=Niles Hollowell Dhar=KSHMR. This should be released on dharma worldwide

  7. Eren Neseli

    2019 and we still want her back

    hey im yokez

    Eren Neseli no


    It’s 2020 now

  8. pierre cliche

    COLETTE CARR VS K.FLAY playlist out now on my page type 👉🏾 Pierre Cliche , click on the wolf, then click on playlists .

  9. rainbow cloud

    I love it

  10. Geo Saleh


  11. Sue Black

    Ik I'm late here but this song is one of my Favorites like dam

  12. Adam Garcia

    This is it Nilly on the beat

  13. Zaeem Mir

    Nilly silly lilly

  14. MisterQuizzz

    This shit is fucking COOL !!!!!!

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    Amo essa musica😍❤

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    You remind me of Lady Sovereign

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    Nilly on the beat 😘

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    Hello from Rihanna's video to Bad girls

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    Shaterr townsend is queen of the World of course I remember you saying that the company the beats the best of lucky

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  24. Anisha Fountain

    fuck you iiidav cd sass

  25. Senchael Clements

    just became a fan she go hard

  26. Ilias Salhi

    ONE year ago today I got to meet cCarr and although i didn't get to party with her,
    this music video is almost just as good! Maybe even better?
    Mo butter, me better.


  27. Mario Z

    ok she got that off!

  28. gillianbyrdable

    Dope beat (:

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    #Make it Go!

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    Great Like it!

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    Nice vocals & video

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    por que deixar essa musica eu amo realmente 👌💜

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    nossa pelo menos uma brasileira

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    Like it!

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    awesome video.

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    This song is pretty cool

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    That's amazing 💚 😂

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    always awesome! 😉

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    i do too

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    I loved the words of the song. nice beat nilly

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    Ну да.

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    Isis Dias D

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    Abdullah Adam

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    i think you sould go back to this style of music . Like your first mixtape

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    ZikoPat78 like These Zombie Psycho Track 😍

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    hey Colette, remember me? cool song, xtra loud

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    this is from 4 years ago and everything about it is in the now. she has always been a couple of hops skips and jumps ahead of the game. #oggoer #ccarrstreetteam #skitszo4skitszo #makeitgo @makeitgo

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