Cole Swindell - This Is How We Roll Lyrics

The mixtape's got a little Hank, little Drake
A little something bumping, thump, thumping on the wheel ride
The mix in our drink's a little stronger than you think
So get a grip, take a sip of that feel right
The truck's jacked up, flat bills flipped back
Yeah, you can find us where the party's at

This is how we roll
We hanging round singing out everything on the radio
We light it up with our hands up
This is how we roll
This is how we do
We're burning down the night shooting bullets at the moon, baby
This is how we roll

Yeah, baby, this is how we roll
We rollin' into town
With nothing else to do we take another lap around
Yeah, holler at your boy if you need a ride
If you roll with me, yeah, you know we rollin' high
Up on them 37 Nittos, windows tinted hard to see though
How fresh my baby is in the shotgun seat, oh
Them kisses are for me though, automatic like a free throw
This life I live it might not be for you but it's for me though

This is how we roll
We hanging round singing out everything on the radio
We light it up with our hands up
This is how we roll
This is how we do
When the world turns ugly I just turn and look at you, baby
This is how we roll
Let's roll!

We're proud to be young
We stick to our guns
We love who we love and we wanna have fun
We cuss on them Mondays
And pray on them Sundays
Pass it around and we dream of that one day

This is how we roll
We hanging round singing out everything on the radio
We light it up with our hands up
This is how we roll
This is how we ride
We slingin' up the mud, cuttin' through the countryside, baby
This is how we roll

Yeah, this is how we roll
You know, this is how we roll
This is how we do
We're burning down the night shooting bullets at the moon, baby
This is how we roll
Yeah, this is how we roll

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Cole Swindell This Is How We Roll Comments
  1. Colton Garber

    Yee yee Cole awesome job

  2. Jennifer Dijames

    Cole,I never heard you sing that song before. F G L, What do you think? He's amazing.isn't he?

  3. big swish vlogs

    Still better than the original

  4. Tracijo London

    This how we roll ✌️🤩

  5. Lynnemargaret Phillips


  6. Rex Morgan

    FGL is better

  7. Willim Mccabe Mccabe

    Good Song

  8. Jennifer Dijames

    F G L , I Haven't heard that song from him.just you and Luke Bryan.


    My mom had 2nd row seats in COLUMBIA!! she loves u!


    My MOM LOVES YOU!!! We are from SOUTH CAROLINA!!!! GAMECOCK NATION!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Daytona200

    This is good, but I prefer FGLs though

  12. Ian Hort

    Country is the best

  13. Zachary 02 Racing

    it may not be as good as fgl but i still love it

  14. 550 jetski

    Best song ever. I like Cole's version better.

  15. cailea rhea

    This is stupid I like Florida Gloria line better BOO😡😡😡😡😡

  16. Cindy Mclendon

    I love this version of this song

  17. Meleia Bare

    Its good to have friends. That was what I had in mind. How I started? a thought. dam how far it went. Tylor Swift/Tm Mcgraw highway dont care/humble and kind/luke/you :)/FL/Ga/Old dominion/Brthrs osbrne/bllerini/pardi/lanco. over 300 lst few yrs. Its great to have friends. It all seems surreal now to me. I would really appreciate an opportunity to maybe have you sign a picture of my cousin TJ Black whom passed away September 5 2015. I would give it to his mom and his dad. SHerry n Tim Black. Moving on would help me emotionally. WHatta ya thank? still prayN n hldN the faith. hard t explain wouldnt even try anymore. Meleia

  18. Josey Spergon

    I like hie version of the song he wrote it this is how it is suppose to be be sung..Don't hate the writer..

  19. Zachary Hain

    Really Cole? Really? First Roller Coaster and now This Is How We Roll? Not cool bro. Not cool at all.

    The Sweaty Yeti

    he co-wrote them

    Nikkye Hoffman

    His entire 4th down home sessions album is cover songs

    Valerie S

    Songs he wrote.

  20. Taylor Jeansonne

    You should've left it to FGL

    Kiley Sullivan

    go away jerk

  21. Matt Baldwin

    Couldn't understand some of the lyrics when FGL sang it and now I do, great song and obviously some great song writers

  22. Betty Owens

    Love it

  23. O'Connor Productions

    This song trash, FGL was way better and more hype.. shit this is like school nerds who think bout school trying to get hype... shit 😮


    O'Connor Productions this song was co-written by Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan

  24. Lee Olson (Student)

    not cool florida georgia line is way better


    I think both are pretty cool

    Adriana Allsup

    Lee Olson your so sweet and right 😃


    Lmaoooo HELL No THEY NOT

    mackenzie warren

    Lee Olson (Student) stay away if u wanna be negative he isn't tryna steal it he was doing a cover he don't need negative people like u so get outta here with your negativity

    mackenzie warren

    57HarleyDavidson right

  25. Lee Olson (Student)

    what the heck

  26. Tx Rebel


  27. john sailor

    he made the song better

  28. brenda L golden

    Great Song Cole 💕

  29. Jamie Shields

    Great song you crash FGL and Luke on video with remix

  30. Misty Dobbins

    I love this song Cole and your sexy voice love you ❤❤❤💏

  31. CamoRose91

    😍😍 love this song and coming form his voice. I'm in dream land hehe

  32. Alana Clark

    Cole originally co-wrote this song with FGL and Luke Bryan. I get it now, you're just re-releasing the songs you wrote, but just singing them yourself. Got it.

  33. Shamara Janes

    I know this song of my heart

  34. Belen Juarez


  35. Martha Brown

    U r amazing #coleswindell

  36. Suzette Pittman

    You're so awesome

  37. Suzette Pittman

    You copied over Florida Georgia line but I still like it

    Alana Clark

    He co-wrote this with FGL and Luke. He's going back and re-releasing them, just with him singing them.


    Umm he wrote the song


    His next album is him going back and singing what he wrote for other people


    Once thing that bothers me with country fans is that they aren’t even true fans they are just ignorant like you ...

    Shaun Nestor

    Not necessarily true as 5 people who are probably all country fans out number the one fan who is "ignorant" about it. Stereotyping an entire genre's fanbase doesn't exactly work well

  38. Andrew Mclaughlin

    Cole Swindell me and my Friends love. All of your song 🇺🇸✌👍

  39. Teddy Long

    Love it even though it's not FGL but you're one of the best Cole

  40. Preußen Blau

    Great song, great artist, great region. Even in Ohio I love the south, and their music. Keep makin life good, Cole!

  41. suppup88

    Made the really stupid Florida Georgia Line losers sit down because you made their song better!!!

    Dooku Sloth

    He wrote it


    +Suppup88 Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell Co-wrote this song and Florida Georgia Line aren't losers

  42. NASCARlover2002

    He does a better job with this cover song. Hell yeah!


    NASCARlover2002 it’s not a cover if he wrote it

  43. Danny Boy2003


  44. Rapala 101

    He fixed this song

  45. Andrew Blair

    He's a great and awesome singer!!!!!

  46. Lisa Hrycyk

    That smile 😍😍

  47. Makayla Case


  48. Kelsey Hackmann

    Absolutely phoneminal loved it keep up the awesome songs 💖💖💖💖💖