Cole, Natalie - Reverend Lee Lyrics

This is a song about a very big, strong, black, sexy southern baptist minister
Who thinks he's got his program all together, until he meets a lady who lets him know
That he ain't got it all together, his name is reverend dr. lee
Reverend lee, he went to the water, and he prayed to the lord
About old satan's daughter, it seems in a dream, child, while he lay sleeping
She climbed in his bed, starts rubbing and weeping, ah, she was twisting and turning, hmm
She was begging and pleading, loving and burning, panting, breathing, ooh, ah, ah
Reverend lee, she said, lord knows that I love you child, but I would not even, no, no,
Place God above you, well reverend lee, he lifted his arms high
Said heavenly father, take me home to the sky, he said lord please don't test me
Not down where she touched me, my mind is so hazy

And you know my body is hungry, oh yeah, and then God rolled the thunder
And he hurled the lightening uh, oh, he seemed to be angry
Well it really was frightening, yes he was, oh the thunder grew louder
Darkened conditions, and just then a voice said, God cannot be petitioned
Just then the devil, oh he emerged from the water, and he said in that dry voice
Your God will not barter, reverend lee, he went screaming from the water
And he was hotly pursued by old satan's daughter
And she said, she said reverend, ooh, reverend, reverend lee
She said reverend lee, do it to me, she said, she said, uh, reverend lee
(reverend, reverend, reverend, reverend lee), I don't want nobody else to do it
Do it but you, do it, do it, yeah you, do it, do it to me

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