Cole, Nat King - You Stepped Out Of A Dream Lyrics

Stepped out of a dream,
You are too wonderful
To be what you seem.

Could there be eyes like yours?
Could there be lips like yours?
Could there be smiles like yours,
Honest and truly?

Stepped out of a cloud,
I want to take you away
Away from the crowd,
And have you all to myself,
Alone and apart.
Out of a dream
Safe into my heart.

Stepped out of a cloud,
I want to take you away
Away from the crowd,
And have you all to myself,
Alone and apart.
Out of a dream,
Safe into my heart...
Out of a dream!

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Cole, Nat King You Stepped Out Of A Dream Comments
  1. Sea Khan

    Farewell 2019 :)

  2. BVE

    THE coolest man to ever live.

  3. Flor Sánchez

    2019 October, thanks!!!

  4. Mahler7

    This is the only track on the Nat King Cole album ' Sings for Two in Love', that was not arranged by Nelson Riddle. This track was arranged by Pete Rugolo, who did a very good job with this song.

  5. Alan Witton

    Great song sung by a great singer! Pure class

  6. Giant Killer

    Wow what a song! Great quality too. Thank you for posting!!

  7. Jorge Ochoa

    literally you are a DREAM

  8. Truth Hitman

    Nobody sings this song like Nat King Cole.

  9. a7mma

    Basketball a love story brought me here


    So Very Pretty (Marcie) <3...Capt. Bart C. Fey.

  11. AUMOTmusic

    why is this video all white ladies though?

    Limagolf Limagolf

    And I can assure you Nat was not singing about or to a white woman! The gall to present this song in this way. GENTRIFICATION!!

    Giant Killer

    AUMOTmusic there would be today... 😉

    Allan Burns

    Actually, Lena Horne appears twice.

    dan wright

    You need to watch video again, I saw 3 or more :)

  12. keanestar07

    We sang this song in our play of Singing in the rain

  13. Nicholas McAllister

    I love Nat

  14. Eisen J Eisen

    Ole Nat King Cole one of the great love song singers and i am an old dreamer

  15. Milton Moore

    This is a nice up
    tempo version by
    the immortal NKC;
    however I prefer
    it sung as a ballad
    as originally intended. I read
    your comments
    regarding not being a fan of the
    actresses of your
    parent's era but
    putting up this
    selection as a tribute to your
    parents, which
    was a thoughtful
    thing to do. So
    you got lucky for
    me, and got it right, by using a
    photo of the creme de la creme for me. MAUREEN O'HARA!👏☝. But
    unfortunately it
    went down hill
    after that, mostly
    with all the pics of
    MM & Audrey Hep-
    burn. Kim Novak
    I especially like
    but not so much
    this pic. Rita and
    Gene Tierney were
    good picks but not
    so good pics. Ava
    Gardner was spot
    on! Loren had a
    great face but was
    too bovine; give me GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA in
    her prime any day
    of the week!!! Rhonda Fleming
    was another top-
    shelfer absent.
    Geez!!! I almost
    left out the one and only LINDA
    DARNELL from
    the Oak Cliff section of my
    home town, Dallas, Texas.

  16. Mustafa Jackson

    Great song, cool video.

  17. Lisa Cunningham

    Such a great song of swing. Love the King! Thanks, Marcie! You're the BEST.

  18. Paola R.

    Perfect video for an amazing song! Love it!

  19. Mariette Petra van den Berg



    Happy you enjoyed, TY:))

  20. RafaelGamez

    Old beatiful song, actually a bit weird that it isn't popular

    Dan VanLandingham

    +RafaelGamez Such was the fate of many songs musicians latched on to.Those were great tunes to learn chords from just because they were tough in the first place.The bridgeor realease-of many songs were the toughest to learn.Go back and listen to "Cabin In the Sky","Taking a Chance On Love" and "There's a Small Hotel".There were others like "With the Wind And the Rain in Your Hair" from 1940.I have that one by the Bob Chester band from 1940 and the intro to the tune was a great example of diminished ninth chords.Back in my day,which was the mid to late '60s,no kid would be caught dead playing those songs.I got exposed to it when I was very,very young.I'm 65 now


    I had to look that up because I was so curious as to what a 9th chord sounded like. Not that I know now but what a beautiful gem! Loved it! I started a station on Pandora this past christmas called swinging christmas and ran across some great old songs. "Santa Claus came in the spring" became my new favorite! How elegant and sweet those songs were and are!

  21. Breonna Carter

    why is it just a buncha white bitches?


    +Breonna Carter Put your glasses on, Lena Horn and Dorothy Dandridge.. are in there as well,all are from that era... you need to wash your mouth out... use some SOAP!!!!  Respect yourself*

  22. Jenette Brewster


  23. MarcieLuvzMusic

    We welcome another weekend, Dear Friends:
    Please Enjoy Nat "King" Cole and The Lovely
    Ladies of Cinema~ "You Stepped Out Of A Dream"

    peter .farias

    very  nice  Marcie   and  great  video    thank  you   Marcie   Hugs.....Peter

    Limagolf Limagolf

    you mean WHITE ladies of cinema! Displaying the out right racism of Hollywood using a black man's voice in the!! TYPICAL


    Limagolf Limagolf @ How ignorant can you get, a great old tune and some movie stars from a bygone era.. Who Is Racist ?? Put some glasses on !!!!!!

  24. amd77j

    Ah, yes, Nat King Cole!!! Bravo!!!

  25. 00Daizy00

    Wow, I must say very impressive.  I just love the way you presented this track.  Beautiful.

  26. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Nat King Cole~ "You Stepped Out Of A Dream"


    @Mr Kimmy Hutchins  Thank You ! 

    david pinewhistle

    Excellent movie/music collection ...

    erika maeschalck

    tres bien merci xxxxx 

    erika maeschalck

    merci xxxxxx

    Aaron Aaron

    MarcieLuvzMusic we miss you bro

  27. Heloine conceicao

    Wonderful ^^

  28. Norbert de Varenne

    Who's playing guitar on this recording?


    Good question, I believe that is the great Wess Montgomery... or so I heard,
    have a great day....  M

    Kai Burns

    Definitely not wes montgomery, it is most likely oscar moore as he played with nat king cole a lot.

  29. peter .farias

    love  this   video   nice  job

  30. silvio cpf

    Verdadeira preciosidade !!

  31. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Thank you :))) Mx

  32. MarcieLuvzMusic

    I agree, thanks so much... Bless You, M x

  33. ExWizardry

    Doesn't get any better than Nat!!! ♥*•♫♪•*♥*•♫☼

  34. Dee530 Luvz2BeLoved

    Merci Dany..... xox Marcie*

  35. MarcieLuvzMusic

    So happy that you enjoyed this one Dearest Genia... thanks once
    more for the Lovely words.... You Grace all of my efferts with your
    kind words and comments, have a terrific Sunday, Marcie xxx :))

  36. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Thank You.... returning from YOUR Channel I must admit, in a word~ WOW,
    Please keep up the great work... your editions are stunning, back at you Mx

  37. One UnconditionalLove

    I feel as if I've stepped into a dream. What a very special DreamLand you've created here. I really enjoy your work...
    MuchLove ***Angel*** இڿڰۣ¸♥

  38. MarcieLuvzMusic

    So true... The Essence of Glamour and Talent combined, thanks
    so much dear Karen... Enjoy a pleasant weekend~. Marcie xox

  39. Karen Eng

    Wonderful song and video Marcie! You can't beat the oldies! :)

  40. MarcieLuvzMusic

    TY :))

  41. fredjmp

    How wonderful!

  42. MarcieLuvzMusic

    What a terrific story.... I'm sure it was a thrill to meet her, I bet you were so
    charming... I just had to include Shirley Temple... she was a most adorable
    "Little Princess" in her day... I felt she belonged among these stunning ladies
    A Doll for sure... thanks so much Mike, for EVERYTHING!! Big Hugs, Mx

  43. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Yes, the finest Foxes in Hollywood from that amazing
    time... my pleasure!! Glad you stopped over, thanks, Mx

  44. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Blink, I believe it's Princess Grace Kelly.. classy ladies all :))

  45. MarcieLuvzMusic

    My pleasure dear Terry... I am truly delighted and I await your next
    post.... hugs back for YOU, Marcie xox

  46. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Thanks so much my Dear Genia, it was so much fun, Nat's voice,
    just sensational... I just love the sound of the swinging Nelson Riddle
    Orchestra. The Ladies... each one a Special "Gifted" Beauty, but our
    Marilyn... a Rare Rose among Roses!! Thank you so much for you kind
    words.... Warm hugs, and a Special Smooch... M xox

  47. MarcieLuvzMusic

    Thanks so much, you are most welcome.. Mx

  48. Jack Gauntt

    great video and song,thanks for sharing Marcie!!

  49. terryclary

    Ahhhhh!.......Nat and beautiful women........what more could I ask.......kiss from Terry Marcie XXX

  50. blinko656

    Ahh Shirley Temple at the end :) I met her 10 years ago while we were buying groceries for our shift at the Fire Dept. We also went to her house once when her daughter left a hose on and connected to a water bed. The water bed had about 5 times the amount of water it should of had. lol..

  51. blinko656

    Beautiful video, you always get pics that are not often seen, food detective work. Who is that at 00:38. Tippy Hedron?