Cole, Nat King - O Little Town Of Bethlehem Lyrics

O little town of Bethlehem
How still we see thee lie
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars go by

Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The everlasting light
The hopes and fears of all the years
Are met in thee tonight

For Christ is born of Mary
And gathered all above
While mortals sleep, the angels keep
Their watch of wondering love

O morning stars together
Proclaim the holy birth
And praises sing to God our King
And peace to men on earth

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Cole, Nat King O Little Town Of Bethlehem Comments
  1. Holywowitsamanda

    My grandfather loved listening to nat king cole, and since his passing almost 22 years ago, I listen to this music to feel closer to him!

  2. Alex Gilbert

    2nd best nathan to ever attempt this classic

  3. Curtis Davis

    I would have loved to be in this recording session

  4. Eileen Anderson

    I've always loved him

  5. Bp37625 e827619

    This man's voice is like a cello, so warm.

  6. War Thunder Gaming

    This is talking about the lords son, celebrating the birth of christ, which is what Christmas is about. I have never been good about going to church but the last couple years I have. This is real Christmas music, not talking about presents under the tree. But peace and love that Christ gives every one of us. Peace be with you and god bless you. Merry Christmas!

  7. War Thunder Gaming

    This makes all modern Christmas music look like a joke

  8. Eberneezer Scrooge

    Oh little town of mice and ants, how tiny are the eggs, a volleyball named Wilson came from Mars and moon pies were all around.🎃🎃👽👽👽🐵🐵🐭🐭🐭🐭🐜🐜🐜🐜🎄🎄🎄🎍🎍🤶🤶🎅🎅🎅🧨🎠🎍🎅🎅🎢🐿🐿🥛🥛👻👻👻🎃🎃👾🤡🎄🎄🎄🎄🐭🍯🍯🐭🐭🐭🌝🌝🌙🌈🌜🌛🌕🕛⏳🛸🚀🛎⌛

  9. Hope

    God bless us each and everyone :) May The Lord shine His light on you and your families now and always, I love this song and cherish getting to listen to it with my family and loved ones: the voice of Christmas for me, along with Johnny Mathis and the angel Karen Carpenter! Happy birthday to Jesus our Lord and Savior, and no matter what holidays you’re celebrating this season hope they are wonderful :)

  10. ella elise

    We raise our glass, you bet your ass!

  11. Chris Evans

    The Rolls Royce of singers....🎀🎄 merry Christmas everyone watching 2019 🎄🎀

  12. Gerardus Hencel

    November 2019 anyone ?

    PK Yeet

    yes lol

  13. Menyelek Matthias


  14. Sprite fan 2000

    I love this song and this version!

  15. Millicent Nicholson

    Beautiful ♥

  16. Amélie Ntigura

    2019 anyone? Christmas season is behind us but who cares?

    Pedro Jenking Ortega

    september 23 2019

  17. Meli Pascual

    Peace and love. Happy new Year.

  18. Tom Greenough

    In a time when I use to say Merry Christmas to even my Jewish friends and they returned the sympathy is a time sadly past.

  19. aaron young

    this guy has a great voice great song

  20. Mr. Unknown

    My very all time favorite christmas song, no one sung it like Nat.....

  21. Mary-Louise Preston

    The man with the golden voice.....

  22. Lisa Lee

    Beutiful 2018,

  23. Godlove kwayu

    2019 here we come

  24. Djoko Kabadyo

    Love in natal indononesian

  25. Rhea Case

    Put Christ back in Christmas. Greet people with Merry Christmas during the season.

    Mr. Unknown

    Merry Christmas, to you also!

    Eberneezer Scrooge

    The masses are too retarded to understand this comment so.....

    Occams OX

    Get a grip. Outrage doesn’t help. Patience and love. Forgiveness. Peace on earth.

    Thomas Thomas

    How can there be a Christmas without Christ?   Christmas comes from Christ's Mass.   Blessed be God forever!!!

  26. Vincent Spinella

    He is THE voice of Christmas.

  27. Matthias Motesingh

    Best Version of this song from the amazing Nat King Cole, Christ is the reason for the season, Merry Christmas to those reading this.

  28. Venita Banerjee

    Perfect peace & harmony in Nat King Cole's soothing voice....let the old times role in ...wish all a sublime Xmas season .

  29. Mike Cherney

    Mmerry Christmas

  30. David Tapper

    What a voice and a American treasure.

  31. Cheryl Angel

    Why didn't he sing the whole thing?

  32. Cliff Wessels

    peace to men on earth

  33. Aimee Frorland

    This was my friends favorite song before he died on Christmas day Rip in peace diddles love aimee

  34. Michael Trabucco

    The 51 people who gave this a thumbs down you have no taste to beautiful music shame on you

  35. Michael Trabucco

    This is my all time favorites of nat king cole it is so beautiful it puts tears in my eyes nat king cole thank you for this beautiful song

  36. coashddjj2

    He has the most beautiful voice. This is my favorite Christmas carol.

  37. Mario Eslao

    Bethlehem, a small city to give a perfect admiration, because it's the place where our SAVIOR was born , so that why we had a celebration of CHRISTMAS, happy holidays

  38. Abraham Horowitz

    Bing Crosby and Nat king Cole are the best Singers of Christmas songs of all time. Such a pleasant and calming effect they have. It is infectious.

  39. Julian Garza

    Righteous dude!!!

  40. Kathryn Briley

    Why can't the young people sing like this?  They have to add or hold out a note, Thank God for my Nat King CD's.  in case they ever take him away, I have him.

  41. Hope Chatman

    Love his music it never gets old....

  42. David Moore

    luv his voice

  43. A Liszt

    Beautiful! Here's an instrumental I like.

  44. Maverickcreatedthis

    O little town of Bethlehem
    How still we see thee lie
    Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
    The silent stars go by
    Yet in thy dark streets shineth
    The everlasting Light
    The hopes and fears of all the years
    Are met in thee tonight

    For Christ is born of Mary
    And gathered all above
    While mortals sleep, the angels keep
    Their watch of wondering love
    O morning stars together
    Proclaim the holy birth
    And praises sing to God the King
    And Peace to men on earth

  45. teka m mclaurin

    nobody sings like Nat

  46. Valerina PR90

    Atheists are the 27 people that put thumbs down for this wonderful song


    I'm an atheist and I think this is the greatest performance of all time

  47. C Ramirez

    Jesus is Lord


    God in the flesh, no doubt !

  48. Nicholas DiMatteo

    Nice version.

  49. George Arokia Savariar

    Truly a sacred rendition....

  50. Claudette Boyce

    NO one should sing this Christmas song except Nat King Cole!

  51. iluvbluecookies97

    this makes me feel so calm, like everything in the universe will be ok..Happy holidays to all of you ❤

    Frederick Yamstam

    Merry Christmas X

  52. Deborah Dancy

    Beautiful !!!

  53. Charles Wagner

    Hopefully the Music Choice Sounds of the Season digital TV channel will play this song this weekend, otherwise viewers would have to download their app to hear it.

  54. Lisa Lee

    Good voice nice

  55. rosy palenzuelaardao

    feliz navidad

  56. Soaring High

    Can't wait for Christmas, going to NYC and then to Disney World

    Lena Gaff


    Nicholas DiMatteo

    Soaring High lucky you you'll love them both.

  57. KimPossible

    nat's voice is like nothing else. i listen to his christmas songs when I can't sleep at night.

    John Hansen

    Me too...doing that right now.Wide awake at 12:19 am.

  58. mkl62

    I am an ELCA Lutheran from South Carolina. I play the piano and organ. Today (December 27, Christmas 1), we had a Lessons and Carols service at my church. We sang this after the reading of Micah 5:2-5a. It is #279 in Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

  59. Scotty Simmons

    Ozell Smith, Kari Holtz, Dave V; washed the dust out of my eyes(smile)!

  60. Anne Mott

    one of the best voices ever.

  61. Leigh Stonington

    A calming and beautiful rendition by the smoothest voice of all and my favorite to hear during the Christmas season. A very happy Holiday Season to all.

  62. Bruce Courtney

    Oh to live in a time when songs praising Christ were heard by everyone.


    Yes... 💕

    Paul Bouchard

    Happy holidays everyone!

    Lisa Lee

    Merry christmas everyone

    Zaidi Ademeit

    @S.D. Joe agnostics, atheists, muslims, Jews, pagans, buddhists, and many non-Christians love Xmas music!! Your world-view is VERY SMALL!! Try thinking outside the Bible. There's a rich, multi-faceted and diverse world outside of it!!!

    Little Lamb

    Nope. This was the generation of racism, sexism , sexual assault where the woman was blamed. I lived through some of it. I am so sick of people saying that it was a great time in history. It was NOT, period. Now we have the hate back and we are regressing as a country. Did you know that Nat had a ton of money, but when he moved into a white neighborhood they did not want him. Tell me again how wonderful it was? I am a baby boomer. My generation SuCKS and that time did as well.

  63. Altravis Taylor

    Such a beautiful voice...

    Kathryn Briley

    The Best!!!  He had it!!!!

  64. Anotheryou21

    Simply the most comforting voice ever recorded. If love could be reduced to sound, it would sound like Nat's heavenly voice. He is unforgettable and irreplaceable.

    Tracie Claiborne

    Anotheryou21 your comment made me cry! I agree! His is my favorite.

  65. Ozell Perryman Smith

    Now after listening to mr N.K.Cole's Christmas Carols, I'm now in the holidays spirit. It's really hard on me, my mom was killed by a drunk driver. God has blessed me not to b bitter, so I find myself wondering and praying for the drunk driver. We were so close, more like sisters.I miss u so much. Happy Holidays Mom. Love Always your #3 daughter.OPS

    Kari Holtz

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. My son and grandson were killed by a drunk driver in 2011. I know that pain all to well. May God bless you and give you peace and comfort.

    ForBookLovers Only

    Praying for you.

  66. rextony22

    merry xmas

  67. brian lane

    Merry Christmas.


    merry xmas to you too

  68. Ms.Min.S.

    Had to have Mr. Nat King Cole on Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas everyone and a blessed entrance in the New Year with The Lord!!  Thank you Lord for your Son Jesus!!

  69. Judi Harbin

    THE MAGI were also intellectuals, students of the stars and seekers after truth. It took the learned sages somewhat longer than the unlearned shepherds to find their way to Bethlehem, but they got there in the end

  70. Erin Aubrey White

    My favorite thing to listen to whenever i'm stressed or getting ready for bed. Nat has such peaceful sound to him(:

    Dane Bryant Frazier


  71. Nece Clarke

    I, fall in love with his voice over and over again.

  72. LordWhorfinX2

    With Christmas just around the corner, I always turn to Nat for song. My parents would play the vinyl records in the early 80's for me and my brothers when we were kids. I am so thankful for this music and the awesome parents to have played it. Greatest time of the year. And I play this for my kids now. :)

  73. Doodz the Mentor

    beautiful Christmas song.....

  74. mightbegenius

    His voice was a gift from god

  75. Dane Bryant Frazier

    Nat's a legend.

  76. Jim Butler

    Phillips Brooks (1835–1893)

  77. John Miles

    no truer words were ever spoken or in this case, written!!!

  78. yamagraphy

    メリークリスマス :))

  79. journeystarr

    Truly the best

  80. barfyspitz

    Do we really have to talk about racism on Christmas? People obsess about it all year long.

  81. hermenutic

    memories come back, thank you.

  82. Ramesh Sujanani

    Well Nat is gone, his memory lives on: I remember this song, one of my favorite carols, from when I was a little boy in awe of Christmas, and to this day when I am no longer in awe of Christmas, I remain in awe of this Singer, not the song. What a great singer he was!

  83. 3investigators

    Yes, Nat King Cole is true superstar. No one like him.

  84. almetcalf

    I am going to order a cd of his after listening to this. have been missing out all my life.

  85. WHAT UP?

    Best Christmas album of all time!!! Nat King Cole's "Christmas album"

  86. Harvestar

    We need more songs about the real meaning of Christmas... snow and family and caroling are nice, but it's Jesus, not any of that. Less Frosty and Rudolph (though of course I love them!!!) and more God please.

  87. Harvestar

    fail troll failing.

  88. Harvestar

    I think you're confused about what underrated means... you seem to think he said OVERrated

  89. Numinous20111

    @ohger1 Nat King Cole had a beautiful human gift: that marvellous, rich, elegent, tender, warm voice. It deeply saddened me to learn of how he was treated (especially towards the end of his career ). I would have hoped that people would recognise their common humanity, especially by examples like Nat. Definitely my favourite singer and I'm a white, middle aged Irish man.

  90. Donny Pearson

    Awesome! Thanks for posting! To SmashBrosFan19 and veeseee128: please watch your mouths. Have a Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best in 2012!

  91. WHAT UP?

    Josh groban the sheep voice guy aint got nuthin on Nat, thumbs up if u agree white guys.

  92. John-Del

    @veeseee128 Under rated? On what planet? Nat is universally praised for his timeless voice, and received such praise back in the old days, when brothers endured racism that far exceeds what you've imaged you've experienced. In my lifetime, I've found a universal truth in that those who blame race the most are indeed the racists, even if they don't see it in themselves. Try enjoying this beautiful voice as it is.

  93. WHAT UP?

    underated because of his skin color