Cole, Nat King - Don't Get Around Much Anymore Lyrics

(Lyrics by Bob Russel, Music by Duke Ellington)
This lyrics are like performed by Natalie Cole

Missed the Saturday dance
Heard they crowded the floor
Couldn't bear it without you
Don't get around much anymore

Thought I'd visit the club
Got as far as the door
They'd have asked me about you
Don't get around much anymore

Darling, I guess my mind's more at ease
But nevertheless, why stir up memories

Been invited on dates
Might have gone but what for
Awfully different without you
Don't get around much anymore

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Cole, Nat King Don't Get Around Much Anymore Comments
  1. Nito Gaming

    This makes me wanna play fallout new vegas 👌

  2. John Barton

    Present-day artists should be made to watch Nat, Perry Como, etc. see singing without stupid cavorting all over the stage. I think they do it to cover up their lack of talent.

  3. jitterbug121

    Love the way he sings this song and all of his music!

  4. Runner Up

    The vocal, the music... pure class.

  5. Ed Rescigno

    I have this on the original album. It's Nat with The Billy May Orchestra. Album is entitled Just one of Those Things. 1955

  6. Ed Rescigno

    My dad bought this album 1955. I still have it almost worn out. A LARGE influence in my Musical Career. No one could touch Nat's style and voice.

  7. ch0701 da

    Nat 'King' Cole did a wonderful rendition, however, Sam Cooke's interpretation is definitely superior.

  8. Everett Wicks

    The best singer to sing this song

  9. Jim Russell

    Sounds awesome. Thanks for posting. Nat had the most perfect sense of pitch I ever heard. IMHO He was never, ever "pitchy, dog"

  10. TFrills

    Ink Spots version is better

  11. Pepper3961

    That picture looks like it could've been taken yesterday.

  12. Joyce Harrison

    And can we talk about that phenomenal Billy May arrangement?!

  13. Francis Alan Wormald


  14. charles carey

    The man is completely untouchable.
    He just masters a song. Mind Blown!

  15. Antonio Fassone

    huh thats lifelol

  16. Bob Bermel

    Mr. Smooth cannot spoil a song

  17. jorgeAlvarado Gonzalez

    Unforgetable !!!

  18. Chana Harris

    This is THE VOICE!

  19. Serge Baron

    It doesn't get better than that.

  20. Trevor Sanchez

    great song

  21. Sebastian Khan

    tight as fuck

  22. Grand Doctor Rabbi Roshinah Benedetta Allen, Ph.Ds.

    This Is my vocation in life to be an anchorite summed up in one short song.  I have found my mate and here we dwell in excitement and a fascinating neighborhood.  You would think solitude would be unbearably boring, but not in this town.  I love it here and do not want to even stand on the threshold of the anchorhold.  I am a writer by trade and I am very poor - but I will not have to deal much with Mammon in Hell because I chose this.  Some more items and I won't need anything more than groceries.  So, who is my spouse?  The God of Abraham, I AM THAT I AM.  Jesus is a close friend; music about him I play all day, plus some particularly beautiful pop/rock/jazz/gospel/classical.  And I play "Fiddler on the Roof" and read the Torah.  Heaven!

  23. rebecca sanchez



    +rebecca sanchez My mom, too. RIP. I feel ya, sis.

  24. Skrylfr

    One of the coolest men ever.

  25. david borrowdale

    'the Club' Nürnberg 1st football club.
    Anyone who hates Bayern München....
    Thank you! 

  26. Tory Imsland

    Emily Bear brought me here, stirred up old memories with her short redition , I 'm 82.
    She realy nailed it, but much, much to short..

  27. Chloe' Steinke

    fuck the voice

    Americk Seow

    +Sappy Salas Fuck you

  28. Celtic Man


  29. joão lopes

    Não sei dizer muita coisa em inglês. Digo apena OUTSTANDING !

  30. Wendy Andrade

    hubba hubba!! what a hunk. loved this version!

  31. PogieJoe

    Wonderful wonderful song. Great remaster too! :)

  32. yankiemog

    This is the best version of this song.

  33. dpetrano

    Recite these lyrics nowadays and you will be pegged as CLINICALLY DEPRESSED. You will be BAKER ACTED + lose right to possess a gun + lose professional license + lose your children.

    Alex Clark

    i got a gun, two kids, a car, a wife and a girlfriend, what you want?

    Steve Marko

    And you're singing along to this great song! :)

  34. Brian Morris

    Daniel..did you record that on chromatic harmonica, and if you did was it a 64 reed or the smaller 12 hole one? I have two of each...when playing Adler's style of The Continental, I use the big fella...more room to move. And if you were not using chromatic, what brand diatonic were you using then? Love the harmonicas but have been playing more guitar than most instruments lately...I try to dabble on keyboard and drums but would not try to make a living out of the latter instruments...hehe.

    Alex Clark

    A lot of people ask me about, considering modern kettle brand salmon, which catch they should buy. The answer to me, as it should be to any monger extraordinaire, that

  35. Brian Morris

    Actually the song last time I heard was written by Duke Ellington and Bob Russell. Billy May may have had his orchestra play it.. I think Nat's is the best version...nice and slow beat.

    Ed Rescigno

    this is Nat with the Billy May Orchestra.

    Brian Adams

    The arrangement is by Billy May. "Charts" are what are stuck in front of the musicians to play for a particular arrangement. It does not imply May wrote (composed) the original song.

  36. Daniel Redding

    I just recorded this on harmonica and guitar!! Please check it out on my channel and subscribe if you like. :)

  37. Raymond Hanks

    hmmmm, harry connick is a good singer for sure,,but plz.,,,N.K.C. WAS LEGEND,,AN AMERICAN TREASURE,ABSOLUTELY NONE LIKE HIM,,EVER

  38. Raymond Hanks

    none like him,never will be,,a true american treasure

  39. James E. Johnson

    Bill -   I am a big, big  Nat King Cole fan... Thank you

  40. louis dailey

    great ; love it

  41. John Bostock

    Why do I consider Nat King Cole to be the best of them all... here is one vital reason... he always respected his lyric writers... his enunciation was always perfect - you can clearly understand what he sings

    Maafa 1619

    John Bostock I love Nat Cole... but go fuck yourself, you smug talentless fucktard.

    Marco Evans

    @Maafa 1619 - I know, what a clueless moron. Doesn't deserve to hear this music

  42. Fernando Fer


  43. mfstudio


  44. lovemachine

    Jazz is best genre, every one else go home.

  45. kittyscratchesboo

    Nat just takes us to a different place and one can listen to his songs over and over again listen to "Pick Up Yourself" by Nat King Cole...this one is so worth listening to when the world is a mess and you need to take suggestions from this talented version on what to do..I do not think that you will be disappointed. Peace

  46. kittyscratchesboo

    SO cheers to you darling and keep maraching to your own beat and let your music play in your sleep and all through your life. I appreciate musicians and singers ( well trained and original). Stay original & there is nothing that you couldn't do w/ an instrument. Please upload your own music for all of us to listen to. I am sure you will be welcomed and celebrated. Cut a demo or whatever you gottta do, but let the rest of us share into your craft. Promise?

  47. kittyscratchesboo

    I am glad that you just love the art of I encourage you ,lover, to jazz rocks and we are losing the best or else the best are hidden from us...please never give up no matter what.musicians are special and you have a talent so difficult for even those who have "made it".

  48. kittyscratchesboo

    What a voice..I am so glad that my parent introduced me to such classics as a child in the early 1970s----this is music and true talent and that is why I just cannot buy into "american Idol" or the "X Factor" or folks who scream out the lyrics who refuse to embrace the melody& the notes & the lyrics. This is when music was respected by the artist and the artist gave it his or her best. We should never forget why these artist are unforgettable. Thank you sweet person for this upload. Blessings

  49. BIGSNAKEguesthouse PhonPhisai

    THank you

  50. John Benn

    I agree 100%

  51. Fatouma Hewitt

    Jazz is my life now.. and Nate king Cole is one of my heart stings, and many others are the rest


    SAM COOKE sings this song way better!

  53. SxFxCxgrind


  54. MongoFreddie

    Must agree -- he was the smoothest singer ever. Ray Charles was a close second.

  55. Gilles Colpron

    Still Love You Eileen,,,,did we ever dance to this music

  56. cathie clinton

    according to some, jazz came from ragtime... which came from mimicking marching bands!!! but I think with music, just like people, there's no such thing as immaculate conception, you've usually got a few parents ;-)

  57. Rosanhelika

    great! indeed!

  58. DivaAnnFisher

    I may be the bastard daughter of some of these great performers. I sing it as well, maybe better than all others. Have a listen by clicking my name in blue, and searching my channel for 'Don't Get Around Much Anymore'.


  59. TinaCarr33

    Or they get around a lot... if ya know what I mean.

  60. Nicolas Marcotrigiano

    5 people don't get around much anymore :P

  61. RSorbyGuitars

    Please check out my classical guitar cover of this !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. mandohat


  63. Lanky M

    Check out those comic modulations!

  64. memyselfandi2311

    Gotta love this amazing voice.

  65. floppybollox3

    @chisler26 Kudos to Harry Conick but compared to Nat 'the great' King Cole!!? No contest.

  66. funklover24

    Swing . Groove. Fun. Great singing. I love it.

  67. Peter McDonald


  68. EWSanimation

    @TheDirtyMongGoose same in music haha

  69. Abiyner Israel

    well done nat

  70. Abiyner Israel

    heard this song on willie nelson and wynton marsalis

  71. T.A. Bright

    Yep, convertible top down - warm sunny day - back roads - ahhhhhh wouldn't be the same w/o Nat :)

  72. adeniji24

    The four people that disliked this are getting around forever!!

  73. Fleeting Days

    God, I love this song.!!!

  74. righteousgroove

    My favourite

  75. Colin Jacobs

    @TheDirtyMongGoose Nice so are we...what school do you go to?

  76. rsrtaipoo

    OHHH wow.

  77. steamyboy69

    does anyone have the version of John stevens ,?

  78. steamyboy69

    hi, can anyone also post the version of john stevens ,?thanks.....,

  79. Gavin Davies

    Great version Nat is the best

  80. 26DanielJ

    A family friend recently died and had this played at his funeral! Good laugh from the other side!

  81. Xiaolong Li

    haha survey of jazz? is that a good class?

  82. Vicki Hadfield

    Just beautiful - haunting lyrics and a smooth voice ;-)

  83. Emma Sparks

    Thanks for posting this! I used to sing this at in choir class, and it sure 'sirs up memories'

  84. Corrie121

    What a great post. Great Ellington music and a marvellous Ellington song superbly sung by the Master.

  85. chisler26

    I agree Nat's version is great, but have a listen to Harry Connick's live version it's just brilliant.

  86. errolflynn1909

    One of the Greatest singers of all Time!

  87. turntapzap

    Who but the King?

  88. Percy Spencer

    I have some of his real early stuff and brother man knew how to handle the 88s

  89. Fredy Wraamann

    Yea. Remember Nat was a great jazz musician

  90. Percy Spencer

    Nobody could sing this better than Nat. Duke must have been thrilled to hear Nat sing this

  91. jazznjava

    king for sure

  92. GL Morticia