Cole, Nat King - A Thousand Thoughts Of You Lyrics

A thousand thoughts of you
Will haunt me ever after
The music of your laughter
Will serenade my heart.

A thousand thoughts of you
Will roam the night and find me
With chains of love, they'll bind me
To dreams that won't depart.

Your face,
Your smile,
The moonlight in your hair

Your lips,
Your eyes,
I'll see them everywhere.

A thousand kisses, too
Will keep me reminiscing
For there'll be no dismissing
A thousand thoughts of you.

A thousand kisses, too
Will keep me reminiscing
For there'll be no dismissing
A thousand thoughts of you.

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Cole, Nat King A Thousand Thoughts Of You Comments
  1. Liz Doyle

    NAT KING COLE TIMELESS ⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚

  2. Peter Thien

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  3. Protoville

    "A thousand kisses, too, will keep me reminiscing..." No walking away from that.

  4. Randall Riley

    I've thought about this for a long time, having listened to Cole for over 30 years now and loving the love affair we've all had with his marvelous voice. He really was the penultimate crooner, that tradition that had started in the early 30's with Crosby, Boswell and later with Sinatra and Como. I love them all. But of all of them, I just don't believe any crooner ever had a smoother, more enveloping voice than Nat. I just believed every word he said, that phrasing that was so perfect. That blue foggy, velvety voice that caressed every note that pass through.. what a marvel.

  5. Bob Cedrone

    How is it that when you hear Nat King Cole sing a song, you think that this has to be the way the song was always meant to be sung? Such beautiful phrasing, such a sweet and mellow voice, and never out of sync with the music.  He was the best there ever was, or ever will be.

    Bobby Jimenez


  6. brownpatfred

    its so perfect its become my wife and i record

  7. Kathy Yansick

    just Beautiful, Gods work inBeauty

  8. gloria mudaliarhutchinson

    I repeat, Nat King Cole is Unforgettable!

  9. Red-Rook

    what is that picture of?

  10. Pat Moore

    When the love of your life has died, this song brings to mind. Once in a lifetime
    LOVE never dies, lives on forever

  11. krister Lindblom

    memories from golden years

  12. Lesley Cameron-Douglas

    Love Love Love Nat King Cole

  13. Irish Patti

    🍀😇🍀. 💝💞💖TYK
    Truly a Fav of Mine....

  14. kirby19711

    Wonderful ballad performed by one of the greatest artists,ever!

    Thanks for the great upload !


  15. kirby19711

    Great upload, Thank You!

  16. brownpatfred

    the master

  17. pa Millar

    His lyrics were always spot on...There is nobody who can sing like he did.
    There was only 1 Nat King Cole and there may never be another...steve m..

  18. vanny tocute

    musivideoparttwo channel this one just blow me over wow

  19. mrob75

    This is from Nat Coles' 1959 album:  "To Whom It May Concern" ...under the direction of legendary "Nelson Riddle & his Orchestra".  What a BEAUTIFUL song but became lost during the teen idol / rock and roll era.

  20. manofmanyinterests

    I dedicate this song to my first love....a girl named Loral, whom I met in high school. I sat at the same table with her in Chemistry class...From the first time I saw her, I was head over heels....She's married now, but she'll always have my heart....

    Abram Ramirez

    this is worse then a break up...

    Asha Sawh

    time & the river

  21. Maria Papadopoulos

    Always reminds me of my 1st love :) I always hope he's happy and remembers me as fondly as I remember him~

    Gunda Tom

    Hey Maria, if I am not mistaken !!!! Did you work for the RADISSON HOTEL in Markham & Hwy 7. If so I m Noel Thomas who was work as the AFOM. Hope you remember was long time ago. Well you picked a nice old time song from Nat...Chow

  22. bazzy3000

    so incredibly beautiful....

  23. Leinonen Janne

    I love this song. Makes me tear up.

  24. bruce macoy

    it's a haunting beautiful. NKC still you are the best! Thank you.

  25. Nita Harris

    Thanks for these great songs by Nat - I love him so much!!!

  26. emsterdemshe

    terima kasih!

  27. Dickiluv

    I had forgotten this song but hearing it again tells me that it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard Nat King Cole sing.

  28. mixischannel

    partilho esta musica com alguem que gosta deste grande nome e mestre da musica nat king cole grande amigo do fundo do coracao saudades atè um dia enfin nos encontrarmos e rirmos falarmos divertirmos

  29. demonicjapsel

    Thank you Mr. Cole for enriching my life with genuine music, that no matter what, always made me smile, it is a true shame that that you left this world so soon.

  30. TheRatpackdeano

    till the stars turn cold xx

  31. andrea j


  32. Jeff Lipinski


    HE WAS..


  33. Antonio Miguel Lagura

    To someone I love, I know that we will never be together, but I wish that you will know of my love, and that one day, you will realize my love for you.

  34. Oz Malo

    Very Nice Mate

  35. spontaneoussam2

    RIP space shuttle

  36. Wendell Williams

    Great song; great post! Nat King Cole was a great singer.

  37. Vaidurya Arts & Culturals

    @musicvideospartsix : thx... just missing him a lot!

  38. Vaidurya Arts & Culturals

    May I use this song to tribute to my belated Dad, his was a biggest fan of NKC! Miss him a lot!

  39. SzokkozS

    Simply brilliant!

  40. Eric Dymond

    Incredible song :) I have to say that you do choose stunning pictures which only complement NKC


    From the superb album "To Whom It May Concern". If you haven't got it and you spot it somewhere on CD - buy it! You won't be disappointed (although it's NKC - so how could you be!).

  42. Grant

    Such a beautiful song! I love the melody, thanks so much for uploading!

  43. MrFeinstein

    I`m playing this lovely NKC song and thinking of my love for Janus604.She is 1,370miles away,but this song brings us together for a little while.Thanks for the post it`s lovely.x

  44. zhouzhzha

    очень романтично...;)

  45. Noyization

    Great music and voice that takes away my problems. Thank you for posting. And thank you YouTube.

  46. tahoe350

    I think this may have become my favorite Nat King Cole song...

  47. Joseph McKnight

    The first time that I ever heard this song
    was in a TV ad for Maxwell House coffee.
    They put a beautiful sunset on the screen with Nat singin " A thousand thoughts of you " in the background . In
    the middle of the screen a can of Maxwell
    House slowly rose to the center of the
    screen , The idea was that the next time
    you were walking through the store and
    saw their product this pleasant memory would return to you , and you would but
    their coffee. It works for me !

  48. Simavi Uluc