Cole, Lloyd - Charlotte Street Lyrics

I was looking for a rhyme for the New York Times
When I sensed I was not alone
She said, "Do you know how to spell audaciously?"
I could tell I was in love
And so I forced a smile contrary to my style
And she looked into my eyes
She said, "Do you want to go heaven
Or would you rather not be saved?"

Here comes my train
I'm on my way
Will you not see
I don't need your sympathy
I won't read your poetry
Oh, sweetness please

So she took me back to her basement flat
Which was down on Charlotte Street
Though it was never my intention
No, we were not intense not least because
"Well, if you must just take then I'm a piece of cake"
That is what she said to me
And so I gave myself to her charity
Well, at least that's how it seemed

Here comes my train
I'm on my way
Will you not see
I don't need your sympathy
I won't read your poetry
Oh, bittersweets

I was looking for a rhyme for the New York Times when I was distracted
Yes, those were precious times together that we wasted
Now I'm working hard for my union card
I must be leaving Charlotte Street
Though it was never my intention to stay so long
So long

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Cole, Lloyd Charlotte Street Comments
  1. ELXOSE80

    Absolutamente genial...

  2. H Kay

    The intro always reminded me of The Bunnymen

  3. Vytas Rauckis

    Top ten use of accordion in a rock song.

  4. John Hawk

    If you like this, you might enjoy a band called My Dad is Dead. Shine(r) or listen to the song Heirloom.

  5. Marcelo Altomare Carreiro

    a little known band here in brazil. But great...

  6. ldognz

    I fucxking hate grammerly

  7. ldognz

    Joy and heartbresk

  8. steve hewitt


  9. blurocrider13

    most ignored band of that time and space: but truly a gem of the day- days.

  10. Owen Thackeray

    80s student music.

  11. Susanna Patrignani

    Wonderful 1985,discoteca slego di viserba di Rimini,qui c'era la musica stupenda,rock,gotica,new wave,country

  12. Julia Aguillon-Garcia

    He is touring US now... Ill see him in Seattle June 23. SF is June 26 and many other dates. Check it out. Will be my 3rd year in a row seeing him, I cannot get enough.


    2.27 - 2.57 = 30 seconds of.....mmmmmmmmmmm



  15. Raechel Jackson-Ward

    I still love this song, and the whole album as well.  Now remembering seeing them live at Wolfgang's in San Francisco (1984, 1985?).  I have a sweet photo of him wearing a string of beads I handed to him between songs.  Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Sophie -Grace

    Which Charlotte St, though? London, Glasgow or Edinburgh?

    They were all at UCL, right? So I think London...


    +Sophie -Grace He says he was looking to write for the New York Times. Could be in NYC.

    Sophie -Grace

    There is a Charlotte St in NYC, but it's in the South Bronx. Not exactly Bohemian-land. And Lloyd Cole is English. Very English. And Charlotte St in London is close to UCL. Very close. And definitely in London's Boho bit, Bloomsbury.  So. Not conclusive, but persuasive. My main doubt is whether UCL students can actually afford Bloomsbury... but maybe they can if they're in a UCL residence.

    Phil James

    Blimmin London behind Warren st. tube.

    Kevin Boag

    Lloyd met the commotions while attending Glasgow university

  17. Vlasta Vancina

    in zagreb, croatia, there is at least one thousand funs of this amazing writer and the band, but, unfortunately we still wait him to come and make a gig for us.........lojdu dođi, ti to možeš.....!!!

    DraganChe Gagi

    Vlasta Vancina Mislim da je Ante Batinović zaslužan za to. U par emisija "Rock Expressa" subotom na Radio Zagrebu II od 17.32 do 19 h forsirao je Lloyda, snimao sam na kazete. Pozz :-)

  18. EliAlEim

    @betogomez and in the rest of the decades

  19. Dosalt

    @ironmyshirts it is the charlotte street in america

  20. ironmyshirts

    @tinkypoo69 its Charlotte Street in Edinburgh. Nice place.

  21. liverbird 1961


  22. liverbird 1961

    Top band tremendous song. Oh the eighties were so great

  23. lyonslaforet

    With Perfect Skin, it's my favourite one on Rattlesnakes. I love the chiming guitars and the intuitive melodies on this album!

  24. Jose Luis Castillo

    que maravilla de cancion, no me imaginaba que tuviera tan pocos seguidores.
    ¿que es de ellos?.

  25. MrBrummiepisshead

    Heard this song as I drove into snowy Manhattan last January, amazing! :)

  26. Rich How

    quite so, bet..............but surely it's 'charlotte st, bloomsbury, least it alway was to me...because that's where i lived when i was a ucl student in mid 80s....

  27. Junior Fernandes

    loyd Cole Eu estava procurando uma rima para o New York Times
    quando senti que não estava sozinho
    disse d'você sabe como soletrar audaciosamente
    Eu poderia dizer que eu estava com sorte
    e assim eu forcei um sorriso contrário ao meu estilo
    e ela olhou nos meus olhos

  28. aarlevanbram

    those were the days

  29. DrWill33

    Just heard this used on Dragons Den. A nice reminder of a good song.

  30. EliAlEim

    and in all the rest of the decades..

  31. mgparis

    thanks so much for posting this underrated gem of a lovely song!

  32. Dosalt

    "Anatomy of two lovers-down to dusk"

  33. Beto Gomez

    One of the most beautiful songs in the 80s

  34. SyndiCat1

    Bud, you're so right...this song took me to a place, a time, and a person.
    Mulhouland Dr., early 80's, and Christina. Car broke down, beautiful sunset over Malibu and a wonderful girl...we were both've been there. I was a late teen/twentysomething. What did you would be nice to know.


    still relevant today

  35. Zenny Green

    here comes my train

  36. spazbearmn

    Why would it? There's no Charlotte Street in Mpls ... :p

    For those of us of a certain vintage (my age) -- isn't it funny how we associate certain songs wsith whomever we were involved with at the time?? This song makes me think of Katie -- a girl I knew in Duluth (MN) in '86.

  37. Covox


  38. bettybrown922

    thank god for the internet, youtube, and kind hearted people who post music like this. long, long ago i had to sell my record collection out of desperation, and have yet to get all of it back...but now i can find it here. thank you!

  39. iesus68

    it was my favourite from Rattlesnakes... it IS my favourite from one of the best album done in the eighties.

  40. timdalf

    Thanks for this.

  41. 20yearwritersblock

    reminds me of being alone one christmas many years ago. only music can evoke such a memory. wonderful song. not heard it for ages. thanx for posting.

  42. CyllidCastle

    I was surprised to find it on the Tube, thanks for posting that great song :)

  43. dlp2006

    everyone should own this album

  44. chakatroll

    Great album - thanks for posting!