Cole, Lloyd - Andy's Babies Lyrics

Does it hurt to be polite
Or is it just cool to be unkind
Must you always hurt the ones you love
And then get paid back in kind?

Andy is fine but his taste is not mine
Let me tell you I don't mean maybe
I'm getting really tired of Andy's babies

Some say that children should be seen and not heard
That's what I'd prefer

Let's go downtown for a while
I'm sure you'll be forced to smile
When you see Andy's babies
And the bohemian lifestyle

Andy is a saint
But I'm losing my patience
I really don't mean maybe
Don't even wanna talk about Andy's babies

So when says his children will inherit the earth
Isn't that absurd?
In a word

Trudy is in the bathroom
She's trying to clean up her act
And Donald has gone to mass
Yes, we are thankful for that
It's eight in the morning
And still you can't get no sleep
On account of perfect day and
All this white light white heat...
Isn't that sweet?

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