Coldplay - O Lyrics

Flock of birds
Hovering above
Just a flock of birds
That's how you think of love

And I always
Look up to the sky
Pray before the dawn
'Cause they fly away
Sometimes they arrive
Sometimes they are gone
They fly on

Flock of birds
Hovering above
Into smoke I'm turned
And rise following 'em up

Still I always
Look up to the sky
Pray before the dawn
'Cause they fly away
One minute they arrive
Next you know they're gone
They fly on
Fly on

So fly on
Ride through
Maybe one day I'll fly next to you
Fly on
Ride through
Maybe one day I can fly with you

Fly on
Fly on
Fly on

Don't ever let go
Don't ever let go
Don't ever let go
Don't ever let go

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Coldplay O Comments
  1. Will Ritter

    I'd be honored if some Coldplay & Chris Martin fans would take a listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performances of SKY FULL OF STARS and VIVA LA VIDA on my YT channel in tribute to the masters of 21st century songwriting & production. Live natural acoustic with no autotune or digital editing. Thanks and peace.

  2. VRBO Ricarte

    Coldplay - The (Fly On) - Extended! One of the best songs of this amazing band! Congratulations on the post! I will subscribe to your channel!

  3. Danilo Souza

    Agora só resta a Jayu saber uma coisa, o significado de liberdade. Seria liberdade
    fazer tudo sem limites. Seria seguir limites e regras. Seria ser quem realmente você
    é ou enquadrar-se em padrões para ser aceito. Seria andar por locais simples e
    viver intensamente com muito amor. Seria fugir para um local melhor ou permanecer
    e ver o lado bom da vida. Seria andar ou voar como um pássaro.
    Mal sabia Jayu que era o significado de seu nome. Agora precisou voar, foi
    encontrar Salang. Foi ser Jayu.

  4. Danilo Souza

    Jayu em um instante começou a pensar em Salang. Na primeira vez que o
    viu, em como os olhos de ambos brilhavam como estrelas no céu.
    A primeira vez que falou com ele, quando cada palavra soava como uma
    canção de amor.
    A primeira vez que tocou sua mão, para levantar-se depois de haver sido
    Como os dois sorriam uma para o outro e aquilo transmitia um sentimento de
    serenidade e conforto.
    SErá que precisavam ultrapassar algum limite para haverem sido felizes.
    Jayu pensa que não e sorri contente, pois sabe que cada segundo ao lado de
    Salang valeu a pena, pois foi vivido intensamente. E Jayu está feliz agora por haver
    amado verdadeiramente Salang. Uma estória de amor perfeito e verdadeiro.

  5. Danilo Souza

    Jayu está agora no barco. Está esperando um sinal do universo para
    encontrar o seu lugar ameno. Mas qual é o lugar ideal? o que significa haver um lar?
    Ora, Jayu sentia-se feliz ao estar com Salang, não importa onde estivera,
    seria como se havesse um lar. E todos os locais eram amenos, como o parque, que
    com toda a sua simplicidade trazia paz e conforto e até admiração por suas belezas
    simples e naturais.

    O autoconhecimento também é um lugar ideal, ele pode ser adquirido
    sozinho ou com a ajuda de uma compania, como foi o caso de Jayu. O encontrar-se
    em simplicidade é um local ameno.

  6. Bekezelaronald Lusinga

    this is even better than the original, just wonderful, you can listen tro this 4 a 1000 days

  7. Awkward Gamer

    This song remind me of home i have never been to, i really wish i could go to Iceland to live there and listen to this song just before dawn, its where and what my heart desire, and i will finally be in peace when i get to my spirit home.🙏🏼

  8. 김상우

    안녕, 누군가, 이노랠 듣고 있다면, 아마 조금 슬픈날인 걸수도있어. 하지만, 걱정하지마. 우리모두 언잰간 행복해질거야, 날아가는 새들이 부럽지않도록.
    넌 소중한 사람이야 .

  9. Bekezelaronald Lusinga


  10. We Optimists


  11. arale sama

    R.i.p mama 💔

  12. Jose Antonio Garcia Pedrotti

    I ended up this year with this song regarding all the things I lost and all the things I've gained. Never change people. Goodbye 2019 and this decade. Forever.

  13. Chadrick Weaver

    Went to the morgue 26 times when I was overseas. One reason I wept to this song is none of them got to spend this Christmas with their families this year because they all died overseas. What am I supposed to do with these memories?


    Death is inevitable for all of us to live, nuture our minds and soul . To actually experience that many friends you have lost , should give you certain meaning to be alive today.

    Chadrick Weaver

    @klone662 Thanks for reaching out.
    I didn't know any of them. Part of my job was to go to the morgue with the chaplain when military personnel died in our region. These memories come back and are difficult to deal with though. It's like funerals that don't end.

  14. Vikash Pandey

    2019 fly on....

  15. Momith Momith

    I lost my dad and my step dad. when I heard this song and "daddy" remember my beloved dad and cried whatever melted to sing a song. so beautiful, its looks my dad knows that I' missed him so much.

  16. Marios Kalliakmanis

    Broke up with my girl today...4 years together...And every time I listen to this song my eyes become waterfalls...


    25 years and 5 kids I'm doing the same. Hang in their man

    Marios Kalliakmanis

    @Andy Respect Man ! I hope life treats you better and gives you many and greater opportunities!

  17. 윤준서

    보고싶다 양이야

  18. Cristina Coro


  19. Jani Mäkinen


  20. Laura Jones

    I really love Gravity , it's really zen

  21. Laura Jones

    Adam Ripon gave a breathtaking performance during the Olympics in Korea to this song. Masterpiece

  22. Priyanka Sinha

    In case you're going through a hard time, I just wanted to say it'll pass. You're strong and incredible! ❤️

  23. kev

    For the toxic relarionships or marriages

  24. Victoria 1995

    Que hermoso es estar acá y sentir tantas emociones

  25. Victoria 1995

    Hermoso y delicado tema

  26. maciej lignowski


  27. maciej lignowski


  28. peter2 cuchor

    Simple but beautiful

  29. jamal mouakah

    Best song , calm & relax

  30. zikzik

    Juste magnifique merci 🙏 I love🌹🌍

  31. Dustin Farrell

    People say there are ghosts. There are ghosts. Just the ones that love you, consider the lovely birds above you

  32. m3L!inda

    ❤️ Magnifique

  33. Kelli Stewart


  34. Nafees Muhammad

    Still Here :)

  35. Martijn Van Der Hoeven

    Their most beautiful song!
    Tears in my eyes...

  36. A M

    This soul. The soul transformed into sound to communicate. And I FEEL IT. And this vibration...feels good. This soul sound communicates healing to MY soul. Thank u coldplay

  37. Joanna Holka

    Please somebody, help me after my death. Macin Kreński is a bad person and liar.Nobody bieleved me.+31 647932685

    Freelance Ghosts

    Are you okay?

    Joanna Holka

    @Freelance Ghostshelp me call to them say that I did not lie my life is over

  38. Wendy Wilkinson

    A Love that Never Was that I Always Hoped it Would Be.....

  39. Javier L.

    These comments gave me the chills🥺

  40. Kenny Vawter28

    Inspire yourself in the solitude that exists in your life...They will appear as moments in the life experience as spiritual beings..If you would as me what to do i would reply live...If you would return and ask me what to do again i would reply live. .Live just to live...Our existence is eternal..Man lived as vibration or energy with frequencies that consist of thought..That energy with thought lived before it appeared as breath...sending frequencies from the past to the present day future...the spiritual bloodline sending frequencies thousands of years ago reaching the new generation today....they know everything...every outcome and every decision...creation of existence lives in the now of past and future.
    Some sent as text today..
    Messages sent as a frequency 300,000 miles away will take 90,000 years to reach your cell phone..
    Pleasure to meet your acquaintance Justen Michael Gibbs...There in my head for a reason...:)
    Kenny Vawter

  41. Kessy Kayiganwa Mugabo

    This is so beautifully unique!!!!!!!

  42. Mark Cookoobird

    Ive decided I don't want to be reincarnated anymore. Im here looking for alternatives

    Mark Cookoobird

    also avoiding housework

    Mark Cookoobird

    Im thinking about coming back as a computer virus or a solar storm but im not sure if that will affect my Karma. Ill sit with it a bit longer..

  43. Bright International

    realy Beutiful

  44. Andriyanto Erlangga

    Aku sayang kamu ummi Hasna 😭😭😭

  45. Manhh Caoo

    I always listen music of Coldplay everymoring before to work and everynight go to bed!

  46. Lance Anderson

    As I sit here, with tears streaming down my face, I remember my Dad (Philip Anderson), Mom (Janet), and Brother (David), who lost their lives in an instant, in January of 1992, when a drunk driver near Las Vegas NM, was passing a bus about 9pm, with no headlights, and hit them head on. My Brother's skid marks were just like 2 feet long, so he knew it was coming. I've never loved anyone, as much as I loved them. Can't wait to fly with them someday.

    ryu kii

    Im sorry... u so strong man, i dont know how u survive how u hold that feeling, thankyou for sharing, u make me feel strong enough too

  47. xotuesday

    #Dicamitutto As I type this, there is still time left to fly on, to soar like never before, together. Oh to be each other's wings again....

  48. うみたん


  49. David John Thistle

    Whta a great song to start the day with. The 1st new day. I pray that someone I love had a wonderful and beautiful birthday yesterday!

  50. Love Me

    🕊Fly on🕊

  51. dalibor benovic


  52. ZoranaR

    ..A1.. Zd-Zg ♡

  53. Maryline Verachten

    So beautiful! ❤


    Miss my mom #gone too soon and my brothers.......#suicide
    It's no world for The Pure.

    Fly On

  55. Rocket Newell

    Maybe one day I could fly with you......🕊🕊🕊

  56. Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel

    I'M totally in love with this song, I feel so lost, missing Him terribly, this song puts me in peace! Thank u!

  57. Fernando Batistella


  58. Kristopher Snyder

    This is a beautiful song! But I really miss how simple times were before social media and everyone’s need to say “look at me. I’m sad, I’ve lost and felt pain...I’m still relevant. pay attention to ME.”

  59. Abdul Peace

    I feel so calm now listening to this such beauty with the music just amazing 🥰

  60. Jackeline Amorim Cunha

    Life is as it is. We always know that this ride has a start and a finish. Every single person that we know and love will go someday. This kind of though scares me a lot. Yesterday was my grandpa funeral and I was thinking exactly that: how much people can change each other and leave some piece of them and take some from us. My grandpa was one of the most happiest person that I know and I feel a hole everytime that I think that I won't see him again in this life. I miss him a lot already. I am also very grateful because I could live with him for 25 years. He died because he fell from a stair and hit his head on the closet but I prefer to think that God wanted him in the sky as soon that I could imagine. Love never dies. Thank you, vô. I hope I could fly with you one day.

  61. Samson Daniel

    Pls go listen to some Killswitch Engage.

  62. Sean P . F Murphy

    ONE DAY,,, ,,,,we WILL FLY, My Angels,,,

  63. Claire Stokes

    My Dad passed away yesterday (3rd December 2019) and I’m sitting on my bed sobbing my heart out listening to this beautiful song ... my heart is broken 💔

    Claire Stokes

    Peter Akpokodje ... Thank you so much, may God bless you x

    Claire Stokes

    Juan Pablo Morales Chaves ... Thank you so much, may God bless you x

    Claire Stokes

    jade brown ... Thank you Jade, May God bless you x

    Trina Revae

    My dad passed away 12-4-19. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I know what you're feeling. I'm crying with you. We will get through this and we will see them again when it is our time. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It will be difficult for a while but we can do this. <3

    ovalba jr

    We don't move on from grief... we move on with it... it will get easier as time passes... treasure the memories... stay strong... my heart goes with you...

  64. Tim Richardson

    Ludovico Einaudi is a great composer. I listen to his songs all the time, especially when I'm down. Please check out Fly, Una Mattina, and Four Dimensions.

  65. Life Isn't Fair

    _I'm losing myself everyday_

    Lina M

    Me too but i hope one day i will find myself too

    Critter Lex

    Sometimes we think we are losing ourselves, and what we are losing is the programming we have been taught about who we are, which isn't true. You CAN'T lose yourself. I know that now. If you feel like you are losing yourself, you are discovering yourself, breaking through the illusions that most people learn when they are tiny and told are who they should be. That is painful, losing illusions, but you come out stronger and more free, like the birds in this song.

  66. Sascha x

    I am so depressed. I dont want to live anylonger

    Lina M

    Don't give up you're not alone 🙂

    Freelance Ghosts

    You matter. Please hold on. Reach out to people, get professional counseling if you need it. I don’t know you, but I truly hope that you are okay. I hope that you find hope and a will to live life to the fullest.

    Sascha x

    @Freelance Ghosts i jumped from a bridge 5 years ago. Became schizophrenie. :(

  67. Henrik Thrane

    Any idea where I can download this version? Thanks

    Freelance Ghosts

    We made this edit, so it’s only this video. You can always try downloading the video or audio.

  68. cooffeeiinnee

    just wanna say thank you for the beautiful much needed extended version of this masterpiece!

  69. Nicole Herrington


  70. Maestro Mozart

    I’ve lost my father more than a year ago, this song literally wrecked me first time I listened to it, RIP dad

  71. AG Designer

    Cade os Brasileiros?

  72. Aurelio Horacio Bujaldón

    Suena inspirador - sounds inspiring.

  73. Annabel Lee

    you were suffering here...i hope you are at peace now...i will live this world where you don't exist anymore...but it's okay, one day i'll fly next to you...

  74. Paola Marshall

    Fly on...?

  75. Shukran Parvizoglu


  76. Internet kid

    I lost in the cover...i'm in love with it!

  77. Susan Bonn

    I've lost both my dad and my brother this year. I can't bear the thought of Christmas Day - my dad loved Christmas and always got tangled up in Christmas Tree lights. These songs/musical sounds are painful and beautiful at the same time. My dad flew away in May, my brother in January.......and listening to the words of O (Fly On) is heartbreaking. Thank you to all those comments that have been made by those who've lost someone........😢😢

    Erwin Leonidas Blanco San Martin

    Hope they found each other in heaven.

    Dustin Farrell

    I lost my little brother to a mental health crisis. I can't imagine losing my father. I'm so sorry for your losses.Take care Susan, you are loved :)

    Henrik Thrane

    Susan Bonn I hear you Susan


    Dear Susan,

    Today is the anniversary of my cousin's death and as I wrote a letter to him I realized:
    The pain we feel after losing a loved one is rooted in love; love for who they were, what they shared, what they taught us and how they lived. So as much as we miss them, the best we can do is feel that pain in it's true form: love.
    Love them as if they are present everyday because I`m sure they are somehow. Maybe a flock of birds, maybe in the spiritual realm but most definitely a part of them lives on within us, who were lucky to cross paths with them.

    Much love & strength,


    Rishi Taneja

    god bless you. love and light from india.

  78. Ian Ashford

    Lets go to the top, and watch our life from above....Lets hold on together,.. and hold together our love,....We will dream on forever,.. we will dream on as one,...We will live on forever, .. We will become one.....Lets sit down together and feel the warmth in the air,..lets hold our hands together and feel the love we share,...We will dream on forever,.. We will dream as one......

  79. Vijeesh Menon

    A flock of birds
    Hovering above
    Just a flock of birds
    That's how you think of love

    And I always
    Look up to the sky
    Pray before the dawn
    'Cause they fly always
    Sometimes they arrive
    Sometimes they are gone
    They fly on

    A flock of birds
    Hovering above
    Into smoke I'm turned
    And rise following them up

    Still I always
    Look up to the sky
    Pray before the dawn
    'Cause they fly away
    One minute they arrive,
    Next you know they're gone
    They fly on
    Fly on

    So fly on
    Ride through
    Maybe one day I'll fly next to you

    They fly on
    Ride through
    Maybe one day I come fly with you
    Fly on
    Fly on
    Fly on

    Nurse Libby

    LOL, I always thought it said " Sometimes the Orion , Sometimes the Agon". Sounds just like it.

  80. TheComShow


  81. Piotr Ekiert

    For those who lost someone , for those who were left by someone, for those who are feeling lonley......

  82. Jhildon Pereira

    Alguien noviembre 2019 ..,,,,,,,Extended

  83. Aysel Kalay

    Demokrat Parti is watching u

  84. Paco A

    Te quiero abuelo

  85. DoctorFixMaster

    Lost my dad a couple of months ago. My mom preceded him 10 years prior. I spoke at his funeral. Everyone goes about their business after services like this, but when it's about your parents, its never over. Not a day goes by when I don't think of them and miss them. This song goes perfectly with my thoughts and feelings about them. A beautiful song for beautiful parents on a beautiful journey.

  86. golem20173

    I just don’t get it... this is the most emotional music I’ve ever heard, how can someone create something this beautiful.. coldplay best band ever💪🏼💪🏼

  87. Joel Fuschino

    I am great new music

  88. Lizberth Ibarra

    Amar en silencio estando tan lejos, como lo explicas!! 😞

  89. Regina Falangie

    I miss you Dad, i can’t wait to see you and hug you tightly again, i love you more than anyone could possibly imagine❤️

  90. Mikaela Mooney

    Adam from Olympic brought me here. Beatiful routine

  91. Mikaela Mooney

    This songs always make me tear up. So beatiful

  92. maria rydon

    beautiful song

  93. ARIEL Pampam

    The extra part belongs to Mattia Cupelli *.*!!!! beautiful

    Fahad Khan

    @Stone W Mattia Cupelli - Ocean

    ARIEL Pampam I couldn´t find the Mattia´s channel video but here is the version :)

    ARIEL Pampam

    minute 3:45 it´s when Mattia´s version starts :) btw

    Coenraad Koster


    Flavia Moura

    Mas a qualidade tá uma bosta da segunda parte. Por isso não consegui ouvir o dela que tá separado.