Coldplay - Ink Lyrics

Got a tattoo said 'together thru life'
Carved in your name with my pocket knife
And you wonder when you wake up will it be alright, oh oh oh
Feels like there's something broken inside

All I know
All I know
Is that I'm lost
Whenever you go
All I know
Is that I love you so
So much that it hurts

Got a tattoo and the pain's alright
Just want a way of keeping you inside

All I know
All I know
Is that I'm lost
In your fire below
All I know
Is that I love you so
So much that it hurts

I see the road begin to climb
I see your stars begin to shine
I see your colours and I'm dying of thirst
All I know
Is that I love you so
So much that it hurts

Oh yeah yeah yeah
So much that it hurts
So much that it hurts

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Coldplay Ink Comments
  1. Felicity Wu

    always here while feeling tired

  2. Felicity Wu

    My fav song ever<3

  3. Ne el


  4. Faisal Bintang

    Miss old coldplay 😢

  5. Lydie Ninhi


  6. chinoze uwu

    A like this song

  7. Karine Prestes

    uma musica que transmite uma paz! ♥

  8. Dominic López

    My favorite album’s song

  9. Cris *

    this is my favorite song. makes me think that love could exist!

  10. Felipe Isidoro

    the year is 2020 and we are here listening to this anthem 💘

  11. Pitter Jardim

    Gosto d todas as músicas dessa banda mas essa é a melhor pra mim (INK)

  12. Pitter Jardim

    Nunk haverá banda melhor q coldplay 👍👍👍

  13. Lilli Feldeborn

    What if... this song is about selflove? It would fit. Not with the video, but with the lyrics. I heard this song the last time almost a year ago, but today i came back because i needed this song, i needed this album. And at this point were i need selflove the most, it shows me how i can love myself. Thank You.

  14. deathbombs

    Wow! This song really growing on me. The genius and beauty at 2:30

  15. habib ziq

    2020 👍

  16. Astrid Alisch

    Great song ❤️

  17. Ini Carini

    Sad dont you remember ? 😢

  18. Leah Marple

    I love coldplay so munch it hurts

  19. Gwen Aurevior

    all i know is i love you so..

  20. Fieraldy Zulfiana

    mother tongue

  21. Adriana Pacheco


  22. Cristina Coro


  23. ᝣᝣ ᎻΘᎡՏᎬ ᏀᏆᎡᏞ ᝣᝣ


  24. Cristina Coro


  25. Emanuel Carlos

    Minha música favorita!!!! Coldplay eu te amo demais. Brasil inteiro te adora.🙌😄👍

  26. Cristina Coro


  27. Cristina Coro


  28. SeregA SabaroV

    Эх ну где же ты ((,любовь моя всей жизни....

  29. Federica Barone

    This song deserves more

  30. Mariana Zuniga




  32. Ntsoaki Motapanyane

    Almost the end of the decade and still listening!!! Love from South Africa❤🇿🇦🇿🇦

  33. Samilly Vianaa

    essa música mexe tanto cmg.

  34. Spiderlegs

    I know the guy has no face but he still looks like Chris. Same shape of head, same hair, same nose.

  35. Wiliam Matheus

    Eu nao entendo ingles muito bem mais eu eu vou aprender a fala em ingles e conserteza eu vou enterder as musicas melhor mais eu agradeco a deus por ter a banda coldplay na minha vidaaaaaaaa ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  36. Samira Hoseini

    All i know is that i'm lost

  37. мы русские с нами бог

    emerly 2002?

  38. Eliane Assunção

    Q2eevfj buyyyutjhtutbq até hrurhhbryrhhtaurahrvh

  39. Valeria De La Cruz


  40. Natalia Paez Reyes

    Aún me hace llorar cañón :(

  41. Sem Perez

    all I know I love you so much that it hurts

  42. Ankit Patel

    All I know
    Is that I love this song so
    So much that it hurts

  43. Khroma

    There's art like this that keeps me going through life. I never understood love. Never will.

  44. Waqas Tahir

    Listening to everyday life, loving it. But still love these ones the same. 🤗

  45. ANURAG SINGH complete our lives!💓

  46. Amalfitana Lemon

    That guy looks like Mark Zuckerberg

  47. arun r

    My favourite album coldplay

  48. mayra escamilla

    I'm so happy my daughter gets to experience the masterpieces this band makes got to teach them what excellence is

  49. Biplab Das

    How can this video has only 32M views? It should have Billion views by now. ☹️

  50. James Zol

    This song brings back some of the best memories I had with a girl, going abroad to different places. The lyrics and the video are quite fitting in a peculiar kind of way as we have matching tattoos, I've also been getting tattoos done since the break up, wow. Coldplay are brilliant artists and have been apart of my life for some time now. Excellent 🌻🌌

  51. Jordan Mills

    All I know
    All i know
    Is that epstein didn't kill himself

  52. Daniel Fernando Carreon Delgado

    I still remember that beautiful moment when I was in their concert and never expected that they gonna play this song because it is so underrated and when they started to play I swear you that I cried a lot omg!! I remember that moment and i'm crying again 😭😍

    Adrianna Drak

    So envy! I was hoping so much they'd play it in Warsaw 2 years ago, but unfortunately they didn't :( It's truly underrated.

  53. Ana Marília Sousa Tavares

    Adoro as músicas dele

  54. Mr . Bhalux

    The best 😎🤗

  55. Gysa Riker

    Escutar vocês me faz relaxar!🎶😍🙌👏

  56. Pronob Roy Chy

    Coldplay is ...LOVE ...

  57. Zendigt Chand

    این انسان دو پا ابر سلاح برای نابودی خودش نمیخواهد فقط ببینید تا چه اندازه بدبخت است
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    3: بعد از مدتی با خودش میگوید این چه خدایست که ظالم است نفی اش میکند. اینبار فرزند کسانی را که فرزندانشان را برای خدا میکشتند میکشد. و میگوید حالا که احمق هست چرا ما خدا نباشیم
    3: بعد از مدتی که سوادشان بالا رفت دباره به این فکذ می افتند که نه بابا احتمالا جهان خالقی هم دارد
    4: حالا به این فکر می افتند ما که می توانیم مرغابی را در. هوا بگیریم و خودمان هم کس گیر بیاوریم چرا خدا را پیدا نکنیم !!!!!!!
    5: پیدایش میکنم و میگیریمش اگر زورمان بش رسید. که باید بشود گاو تا زمانی که شیر داد زنده میماند نداد حتما گوشتش و پوستش به درد می خورد حالا که مال گاو بدرد میخورد , اگر زورمان نرسید به مردم میگوییم ادم فضاییها به رهبری شیطان به ما حمله کردند و قرار پوست بچهامونو تو رحمه مادرشون بکنند ☝☝☝☝☝☝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Catarina Amaro

    Love It 😍

  59. pamela austria

    before i was singing this to a person .. now im singing this to the LORD, JESUS. yesterday was my spiritual birthday. <3 Oct. 29, 2019. I'm now a christian <3 God bless everyone.

  60. bruna anziliero

    Simplesmente delicioso aos ouvidos. Amo Coldplay desde a minha adolescência 💛

    Renato DDTank

    te amo tanto de chega dói.

  61. Axl Jonathan

    Why Cold and Play word ?

  62. Araf Ahmed

    ^ _^ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  63. Red Orb Pikachu


  64. Md Shal

    sweet song

  65. ilaria bianco

    2019, STILL LISTENING!!!! my favorite band!!!💟💞💖💗💚💙💜

  66. Marija Nikicijevic

    Coldplay is my medicine. They always help me when i am in a bad mood and other. I just love Coldplay, so much it hurts 😊😍🌎😭🔐

  67. Farah Ainan

    highly underrated

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  69. Ronaldo Santos


  70. Fatima Caldas


  71. Stela Closs

    Love It!!! I'd Like to Fly !!!

  72. Ak Bar

    Great song

  73. Anna Flecchia

    Che Splendore di canzone.

  74. Natnael Aklilu

    2022 any one?

  75. Said Attri

    All i know is that im lost

  76. Marcos jose toczek

    Tenho 60 anos de idade e ouço Codplay todos os dias.

    Pitter Jardim

    Tamujunto 👍

  77. Panshul Bhardwaj

    2019 , 12 October ♥️

  78. Bianca Almeida

    queria esse pack de brushes das ilustrações

  79. Manmohan Jham

    soothing music

  80. Karl Simon

    This song makes me tear

  81. Araf Ahmed


  82. Koen Paridaen

    koenp11 1981

  83. Kate Gillet

    I just can't get though the day without any type music.

  84. Yang Isnani

    Got here because of @thecrishdo post :)

  85. Michael Caleb Zabarte

    Who was led here by Chris Do? Hahaha

    Jack Skellington


  86. Anggi Setiawan

    I LIKE IT💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  87. Melanie Lehmann


  88. Leda Vasconcelos


  89. Praveen Thapa

    2019 anyone?

  90. Fatima Caldas

    E quem disse q estou infeliz?
    Outubro 2019

  91. Luciana de Oliveira

    Maravilhosa essa música apaixonada

  92. Steven Gravett

    This song deserves so much more recognition. One of my favourite ever coldplay songs

  93. For your eyes only

    Freddieismyqueen brought me here 💙💚