Coldplay - Guns Lyrics

Take it from the playgrounds and take it from the bums
Take it from the hospitals and squeeze it from the slums
All the kids make pistols with their fingers and their thumbs
Advertise a revolution, arm it when it comes
We're cooking up the zeros, we've been doing all the sums
The judgment of this court is we need more guns


Everything's gone so crazy
Everything tangled in blue
Everyone's goin' fucking crazy
Maybe I'm crazy too

Melt down all the trumpets, all the trombones and the drums
Who needs education or A Thousand Splendid Suns?
Poor is good for business, cut the forests, they're so dumb
Only save your look-alikes and fuck the other ones
It's the opinion of this board that we need more guns


Everything's gone so crazy
Everybody but you
Everything's gone fucking crazy
Maybe I'm crazy too

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Coldplay Guns Comments
  1. Richard Drolet

    Martins got it......stop.....

  2. settingsun34

    Eddie Vedder would like this song

  3. NFSF1McLaren

    Chris Martin: *swears in song in 2019*
    Fans: *Pikachu face*

  4. Lonis Islam

    This song is the second one after "Twisted Logic" highlighting those unjust of the world. I really respect their outlooks.

  5. Tommy Elijah Cabello

    My sister loves the song, but I hate why. She didn't understand the point of it.
    I love it because he pokes fun at our society's obsessions with guns, as well as destroying everything.
    She loved the song because she thought Chris Martin was actually serious that he wants to "cut down forests", "save only the look alikes", "we need more guns" and "melt down all the trumpets, trombones, and drums".
    She hates nature and wants our ecosystems to be destroyed. She really cares about money, and likes violence.
    She's in choir but for some reason she HATES band. She thinks instruments are weird and gross as well as everyone who plays them. (She also hates me for being a Trumpet player) Please, who wants to leave a reply for my sister?

  6. Reiki

    I love the sound he hits when he says « tangled in blue » and « everybody but you », it gives me chills

  7. Jesse Meyer

    I haven't heard anything I liked this much from Coldplay in about 3 albums. It's nice to hear some guitar again!

  8. Freedom Patriot

    Amazing what they can do without synthesizers. They should play to their strengths more often.

  9. The Walrus

    Sounds like silver and gold by U2

  10. Kick Astley

    Damn, this album is awful. Full of songs less than 3 minutes.

    Kick Astley

    @IS I've never considered myself as a fan of Coldplay anyway. I figured I'd give this a listen because artists and my tastes change over time. Listened to some of the rest of the album as well, because there are bands I really like that put out songs I'm not into. I was really surprised how short a lot of these songs are. Maybe awful was harsh. There are plenty of albums that are critically acclaimed or popular that I'm not into. This one's just not for me.

  11. Alex Winck

    Don´t care whqat anyone says, this and arabesque are the best songs of the new album. The sound and lyrics are brilliantly ironic.

  12. Raghad Gibreel

    This hits different post general election

  13. Pablo Lopez

    Finally the old Coldplay is back

  14. Fred and Chris

    Guitare. ..yes...

  15. nicky the cat

    Omg this song is just people lecturing kids about food behavior. Lol.

  16. Javier Martínez De Lizarrondo

    Copy of fast riff from Amarok

  17. Peter Flanders

    Reminds me of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Led Zepplin

  18. J.D problems

    Coldplay 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  19. Maximiliano Herrera


  20. recyclable 72

    the two stops: 0:37 and 1:24 (includes the moments leading up to it)

  21. There are no Problems, only Challenges

    Woke up with this song in my head today 🤷‍♀️ Didn't hear the f*cking swear version before though 😂
    I lóve the honesty in the lyrics; I don't give a sh*t anymore, this is what we think about it, f*ck it 😉 and the STOP is genius!
    Going through a bit of an "everyday life" obsession here, but I'll be 'normal' again soon 😁

  22. Bruna de Oliveira

    Putz, o sarcarmo escorrendo. Amo.

  23. Poilu Paradis

    Yes we need more guns. Bravo.

  24. Subham Choudhury

    This one has the moon lit up... Some has the sun lit up on the jukebox... What's the significance?

    Airlock Studios

    This albumn is a double part one with (Sunrise and sunset.) This song is part of the sunset side which is why it's moon

  25. Nvlogs

    This song is catchy it gets stuck in your head

  26. The B- Factor

    1 billion Club Song 🔥

  27. R x b l s s

    the Pumped Up Kicks Coldplay version lmao

    Red Comet

    On a larger scale that is since Pumped Up Kicks focuses on School Shootouts

  28. Yanic Dansereau-Loiselle

    The guitar sound western, it's like we're in the far west. Which is pretty much what usa is.

  29. Ranadip Saha

    The judgement of the court is

    We need more Coldplay songs like this.

  30. Abdul Mueed

    It's amazing how Chris can change a very serious topic into a romantic number saying 'Everybody but youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu' gosh he sings like an angel.

  31. TheLostReich Private

    I mean to use the songs logic, everyone's gone crazy, and in my opinion that's why sometimes we need guns. And of course there's always the point the finger at Hong Kong as an example card.

  32. Richard Drolet

    Love the album....stop.

  33. 0TTERZ

    Chris: F***
    Christians: I AM OUT OF HERE!

  34. Niralee Patel

    Does anyone else think this sounds exactly like Laura Marling, Devil's Spoke??

  35. zebracakes bigmac


  36. RGB Panda

    We need more guns in England

  37. RGB Panda

    Omg Coldplay swearing


    I prefer when things were yellow

  39. the shire man

    dont have to cuss to be "serious" coldplay did just fine getting their point across for 19 years without cussing in songs. now everyone thinks their sooo serious and mean what they say since they "cuss". coldplay do you thats whats always made you so great you dont have to do things like cuss to be cool

    Sam Geee

    Chris always swears in real life so he said he wanted it in

  40. Mankeerat Singh

    This new Coldplay album is surprisingly enjoyable, seems like they actually put effort into this one.

  41. Ankita Shilpa

    on loop <3

  42. the beginning reminds me of a nirvana song. tbh the other raw songs remind me of kurt's solos a lot.

  43. Caliggy Jack

    I love it when british people talk about gun control.

    Go back to arresting people for carrying spoons.

  44. Arundhati Gaddala

    Wow they sang about A Thousand Splendid Suns


    Can we talk about how this is prob one of their worst albums 😖 I was expecting better

  46. GabZonY

    this ends too soon! i expected a bridge and a final chorus! such a great song

  47. marcia cristina DE SOUSA

    Hold my hand , hug me long... You just need protect me from yourself and I can love you forever...

    the shire man

    marcia cristina DE SOUSA i like that nice

  48. Aaron Snow

    Finally something we can all agree on, we definitely need more guns.

    Donald Trump

    It's sarcasm

  49. anastasia

    fav 🖤🖤🖤

  50. Yuri Esmeralda Gonzalez Ovando


  51. dallin kenyon

    So is he for or against guns lol

    Donald Trump

    Against. It's sarcasm

  52. Ruben Leavell

    *yawn* boring whitewashed and the same nonsense we've heard over and over and over again. Give me one a reason guns are bad, and it's simply guns not the people behind them. Also, this song was a fair bit boring, it's not "artsy" or "quirky" to eliminate instruments and just go vocal and acoustic guitar.

    How weird is that Girl?

    Guns as metaphore of violence??? Not everything is literal

    Ruben Leavell

    @Common Mistakes and? I can carry a gun around outside.

    Ruben Leavell

    @How weird is that Girl? No its clearly a literal message, "take it from the bums" "... fingers and their thumbs" clearly literal about guns.

    How weird is that Girl?

    @Ruben Leavell yeah i know the lyrics but I dont usually give them the literal meaning even if its literal as that. But well, that Just one of my ideas, if you have another one it ok! ❤️

    Common Mistakes

    Humans always seek safe and security while preparing for a war. I just came here to enjoy a great song

  53. Jeremiah Woodall

    Sad Panda, I used to really like them, now they are just propoga machines

  54. Blažys Blaževičius

    more, like, we need more DRUMS!

    Alexandro Ramirez

    I wish i was some percussion prodigy

    Adán González

    I really hate drums. Are overrated

  55. Lupus Malum

    Belongs in Lord of War

  56. Tran Long

    John Wick: "I need guns, lots of guns"
    Chris: "Stop!"


    He could just use acid or knives in London.

    Egenio Jaramillo

    OptimisticCynic715 nah. He can just use guns, because London still has plenty of them.

  57. Daan VE

    Utter shite lyrics. Chris' Hollywood friends spend year after year filming violent films exposing violence to the kids THEN they all whine about gun control.

  58. Johannes_Flamy

    omg, Chris martin just swore omg omg omg


    So what

    Donald Trump

    He swears all the time in interviews and at concerts

  59. David Torres

    0% drugs
    0% naked girls
    1% swearing
    95% Talent


    4% reason to remember the name?

    h e y

    David Torres Where’s the other 4%?

    Donald Trump

    4% autism

  60. Andrassinator

    This is the first time I’ve heard Coldplay curse

    Donald Trump

    You clearly haven't been to their concerts

  61. Cefri Naldi

    Basically coldplay is so done with how stupid american is.

  62. Arwen

    this is GOLD

  63. Davy Jones

    I have never heard Chris Martin swear until now and I been alive for 20 years and listened to most songs if not all

    I don't want to be a part of this BUT

    He swears in practically every interview and he has on some of his older unreleased songs

  64. DEV wastaken

    Gun type: band
    Name: Coldplay
    Shoots guitar


    From Arabesque: "Music is the weapon. Music is the weapon of the future."

  65. Mr Flibble

    While I enjoy the song in general it kinda sounds one of those unfinished demos from the viva era, like the man who swears, or bloodless revolution

    Nour Sarhan

    Yeah it reminds me of those too! <3


    I think it works though, sounds super raw and straight to the point.

  66. Neon Tyler

    Don’t y’all be so Babies , Just because most of the songs have explicitly for the first time you all cry, its all true to life experiences.

  67. originalname

    The swearing makes this song so much more powerful. Coldplay should do it more often!

  68. I am DexterPlay

    Inspirated in Joker (2019)

  69. Marini Noviandri

    I love this song and my favorite part is "STOP!"

  70. fred peters

    I passionately hate guns and people who own them should all be exiled to a desert island but this is a chitty song. Trite, flat, predictable, tries too hard to be edgy. Do better Coldplay.

  71. He Black

    If i give up my guns, how will i defend myself and my family?

    Unmoist Fish

    He Black idc what gun is responsible for more deaths weren’t we just talking about protesting our families well protecting your family and your probably going to do that with a hand gun therefore more widespread usage therefore more deaths it’s simple really assault rifles are less common but more deadly and are you’d seriously asking what qualifies as an assault rifle you can look it up yourself my friend

    He Black

    Unmoist Fish ok well, you are misinformed. An assault rifle by definition is a weapon with a fully automatic selector switch that can fire multiple rounds with a single trigger depression. Those have been illegal since the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986. A handgun is what YOU would choose to protect your family with and that’s great. I would choose to use my shotgun. But who are we to tell anyone what weapon they should or should not use to protect themselves with?

    He Black

    Unmoist Fish ...also, what is “widespread usage therefore more deaths it’s simple really assault rifles are less common but more deadly” supposed to mean? Do you think handguns are less deadly than an “assault rifle”? Also semi automatic handguns use the same operating system as an “assault rifle”. Should we ban those too? Or do you not like “assault rifles” because they appear to look like a military rifle? I’m really curious. I’m not trying to start a problem with you, I just don’t understand your logic about weapons you clearly don’t know much about.

    Raghad Gibreel

    I think you need to ask yourself why you need to defend yourself and your family living in a developed country with no war or civil unrest, with a functioning government....

    Donald Trump

    @He Black Defend your family from who exactly? Youre just a lunatic brainwashed american. Defend yourself with a baseball bat idiot

  72. He Black

    The blacks aren’t giving up their illegally owned guns.

    Si Hopebgood

    I'm just glad I don't live in the US     :)

    He Black

    Si Hopebgood why do you say that? Where do you live?

    He Black

    Si Hopebgood what country do you live in?

  73. Drexel Nartatez

    Sht I can't believe Coldplay are back on the land of music again 😭😍

  74. Nick Rivers

    I bet these soybois wrote this song in their safe space drinking hot cocoa wrapped in a blanket 😆

  75. Logan Sanik

    This sounds like it's the opposite of Guns for Hands by TØP...

  76. ACMental

    Hearing Chris Martin swear really triggers a Fight or Flight response

  77. Isha M

    Such a raw, amazing masterpiece!! 😍😍 They’re just letting their thoughts out freely in this one❤️

  78. V12 Racing

    40000th view exactly
    Such an amazing song

  79. Jacob Drain

    Why are they swearing now?

    Jasmine Habal

    In the album there are two explicit content one is guns and the other is arabesque:))hehe ik it sounds so weird hearing them curse on their songs😬


    Don’t forget trouble in town when it gets to the police part

    Donald Trump

    Why not?

  80. Debayush Barman

    A thousand splendid suns...isn't that the name of a book

    Raghad Gibreel

    Debayush Barman yep by Khaled Hosseini

    Sir Kg

    One of the best books I’ve ever read tbh

  81. McKay Martin

    Chris, what happened to that oath that you will never say a bad word in your song?

    lonely traveler

    Everybody grows


    when the world is this fucked up these days, being clean and family-friendly will not cut it.

    Donald Trump

    What oath?

  82. Valentina Campos

    Incredible song, really amazing. I love you :( I hope you come to Chile some day, great album!

  83. JuanMa HP

    Subtitulé esta canción al español por si quieren escucharla

  84. Luis Santiago

    Man, this song is sooo rocky.

  85. Just A Girl

    This is amazing 💙💙... Only problem is that it ends!! 🎶🎶

  86. MusicMan 655

    Only 2 minutes and just vocals and acoustic, but still one of the darkest songs the band has written

  87. João Lima

    1:25 Best part

  88. Chris Mack

    I need more guns and Ammo too

  89. Common Mistakes

    I love how the music in this song have a WildWest theme to it so fukkin briliant

  90. kathy guerndt

    This one is more lyrically serious and to the point

  91. Jay

    Lol went in

  92. Angie Sánchez Rea

    "Melt down all the TRUMPets"
    I don't know if it was intentional, but it works

  93. Andrew Sliwinski

    In all reality we don't need more guns and we don't need less guns we're so focused on guns that were not focusing on the real problem and that is mental health and the incredible bullying going on the schools. We need to check kids on the mental health and help kids better who are being bullied. And have better gun control for the guns we already have.

  94. Abhishek Gaikwad

    The judgement of this court is: We need more guns,lots of guns!!


    We do have more guns than ever before and more Americans carry than they did and guess what. The homicide rate is dramatically lower than it was.

    Donald Trump

    @Anon54387 nonsense. Mass shootings every week

  95. Danafor

    Kd os br

  96. Alison Murphy-Maley

    This world will send you crazy