Coldplay - Ghost Story Lyrics

Maybe I'm just a ghost
Disappear when anybody's close
Go through you when you try to hold
Try to hold me near

Maybe I'm just a ghost
Emptier than anybody knows
Maybe I'm on the ropes
Or I'm not even here

Every time I try to walk through walls
More walls appear
What's the point of feeling love for you
When you don't believe I'm here?
What's the point of tryna raise your voice
If no one ever hears?
Every time I try to pull you close
You disappear

Maybe I'm a ghost
Just a whisper in a puff of smoke
A secret that nobody knows
No one will ever hear

Or maybe I'm a ghost
Specter on a roller-coaster
Thorn without a rose
Something people fear

And every time I thought I'd walk through walls
It's all becoming clear
What's the point of feeling love for you
When you don't believe I'm here?
What's the point of saying 'Rescue me!'
If no one ever hears?
Every time I try to pull you close
You disappear
Every time I try to pull you close
You disappear

And every time I thought I'd walk through walls
It's all becoming clear
Every time I try to pull you close
You disappear
Every time I try to pull you close
You disappear

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Coldplay Ghost Story Comments
  1. Gilsislene Silva

    O som da guitarra é e arrepiar 😍!

  2. James Helvang

    Love this song. 3:17 and on, is absolutely disgustingly beautiful. Wish they had carried on another four bars with the instrumental break though :-)

  3. Daryl Dixon


  4. Leyslainne Quedevez

    Cadê os Brasileiros que amam Coldplay ? #Amooooo ♥

  5. Bhavyanshi Gupta

    Listening to this, I feel like I've discovered a precious gem!

  6. hbishop34

    Why can’t if find this on Spotify? Also, I agree, super underrated. But Coldplay’s most underrated song is Swallowed In The Sea


    Nah, That'll be Cemeteries of London

  7. lakoper 22

    This song and this music video and THIS BAND.. They remind me to keep holding on to life. They remind me of everything i love

  8. Gwendolyn Lisboa

    I hate that we live in a time where this is no longer appreciated. this is one of Coldplay’s most perfect songs. If this had been released back then at their peak, it for sure would’ve gone down in history.

  9. Chekhov

    This video reminds me of The Beatles -- Three Guitars, one Drummer.

  10. Kim

    Just rediscovered this song after 4 years while baked asf. It really can’t get any better than this ☺️

  11. Valou Izbak

    2019 Jordanie why not💛 la musique est fantastique it's now or never✌

  12. Елена Схулухия


  13. Michael Latham

    Every time I try to pull you close..... you F-N disappear!

  14. Suraj Arvind

    this is coldplay’s hidden gem we all have been looking for

  15. Marta Rister

    Esperando el nuevo album la nueva era comienza ,CUANTA ANSIEDAD AMO COLDPLAY ADORO A CHRIS ♥♥♥

  16. linn h

    Ghost stories.. my favourite album at all times, changed my life and my vision on life.

  17. Doug Maclennan

    Such an underrated song glad it wasn't released tho so us coldplayers can enjoy to ourselves 😎😁

  18. Aman Mimi

    A piece of art

  19. carlo gomez

    It's sounds me like Soda Stereo ⚡⚡⚡

  20. Atosfer

    Come to Turkey ulan yeter

  21. Nickta bagheri

    One of the best songs I’ve ever heard. The lyrics is so deep. Love from Iran

  22. SantaRamona :v

    Why this is not in the oficial mix of the álbum Ghost Stories? ?

  23. the Irish man

    This is me with the girl I like

  24. Luna Keller

    I hadn't listened to this song in a while. It's so good. It's a really really great song.

  25. Claude Monete


  26. Stacey Farooqui

    This song is hidden like a ghost. Probably my favorite song from them.

  27. mayra escamilla

    ❤all they're songs are good but this one in particular is awesome

  28. Ahlam Ibrahim

    Where are all those people who always complain about Coldplay's new songs? This song is not so old it's - after 2011 - and it's as good as the ones in Parachute album.

  29. Lucyfer Dea Bellum

    This song kinda sounds like an original that should of been on " Yello"

    Just saying!!!

  30. Steve Thaysen

    You dissappeeeeeaaaaarrr

  31. Kayla Kemp

    When he says yeaahh
    And the beat drops
    I feel that
    The depression 😂
    I’ll leave now

  32. Kayla Kemp

    Everytime I would play this on the way to Vegas and I have pics and vids with this song in it and I just remember it and it makes me cry because something happened and I remember it but then I remember the trip I did with that person 😭

  33. Reuben Balkumar

    Love this it’s so different

  34. maxsocial

    It's like listening to Coldplay for the first time after 20 years.

  35. carlycharlie gillibrand

    F incredible

  36. Diana Na


  37. Jorge Villanueva

    More than a ghost,
    Chris is AN ANGEL!!! ❤

  38. Achmad Giffary

    ghost stories album is a really unique album of them for me.. it kinda reminds me of their music in the 2000s but at the same time it also reminds me of their recent music.. it's best of both decades love it!

  39. Recklezz

    These lyrics always tear my heart in two, but that’s alright! There’s nothing Coldplay’s music can’t fix! 💙


    “...What's the point of feeling love for you when you don't believe I'm here?”

    “What's the point of trying to raise your voice if no one ever hears?”

    “Everytime I try to pull you close
    You disappear...”


    “And everytime I thought I'd walk through walls
    It's all becoming clear...”

    “What's the point in feeling love for you
    When you don't believe I'm here?”

    “What's the point in saying 'Rescue me!'
    If no one ever hears?”

    “Every time I try to pull you close
    You disappear...”

    “Every time I try to pull you close
    You disappear.....”

  40. jordonkry

    this reminds me of arobtth

  41. Leslie Castle

    Ths song is the shit. And I'm just getn here! How many more Coldplay GEMS r out there i havnt discoverd yet?YYaaaayyyyy😁🙃😇!!!

  42. Valou Izbak

    High level music lyrics video need to bring the ghost on tour👻😀✌

  43. JISHNU K

    My favourite part 3:17

  44. Tengku arvin

    I think NOAH- Kupeluk Hatimu insfir. by this song COLDPLAY - Ghost Story.

  45. Cathie Morgan

    Love this song! More than once, I've woken up with this in my head.

  46. Rio Rio

    Who could not Love coldplay.

  47. Angela 1989

    Chris, but why is it so difficult for you and a group to deliver a letter or even an e-mail? I have been writing on the site for years, but I would be glad to know that you were sure you read them. Help me realize my dream. Being able to reach you at least with my words ... you come to me every single day ... because Chris your voice for me is freedom, it's emotion, it's joy, it's strength ... your voice is Life. ... in millions they would like to write to you ... You have a life of your own as we all have in common with this planet ... but I want to be one of those people who comes to you and takes a picture by embracing the own dream. I wish I could reach you even with just a letter. Chris will spend years but I will never stop chasing my dream which is a wonderful reality. Get to you. Thanks for existing! Maybe you came to Italy in Matera in my city ... I'm exaggerated ... but why not ... Chris you belong to my soul ... Coldplay to my heart! To say that I love you is an understatement!

  48. USMCLP

    Jonny adding some layered melody with his guitar at 1:56. It pans on the left side of your headphones.

  49. Leyslainne Quedevez

    Brasil 2019 ? Cadê os apaixonados por Coldplay ✨💖😍 ah ,e qual é o signo de vocês ? Eu sou do signo Sagitário com ascendente em Libra 💙 e vocês ?

  50. Mai Mohamed


  51. Felipe Burgos Alvarez

    Beautiful song. I think that Ghost Stories album is really beautiful but underrated.

  52. Lonis Islam

    Just listen to his soul!! Chris sings his heart out

  53. manofytp

    Gwyneth Paltrow=Destroyed

    Self-Appointed Public Avenger

    Iron Man must have been thinking of this song when he sacrificed himself

  54. David Potvin

    Top 5 Coldplay songs, number 1 in terms of underrated-ness.

  55. Luis Santiago

    Wow this is the real coldplay!

  56. Leyslainne Quedevez

    Não canso de ouvir ... 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  57. Hrach Ayunc

    Who else is doing Coldplay marathon?

  58. Youssef Massak

    Please add this to Spotify so I can repeat the hell out of it

  59. Info Arti

    Когда Coldplay будут в украине?

  60. It's Sanya

    Is it "go through you when you try to hold me near" or "travel over near" ?

  61. Suzy Jaff

    2019 🤘

  62. Kate.42

    this is by far one of my favorite songs by them. it’s played with so much emotion and you can hear the pain in chris’ voice. absolutely heartbreaking, but beautiful.

  63. Melissa Pires

    Alguem do Brasil ai ouvindo esse hino também? 💕💕🇧🇷🇧🇷

  64. 21 Light

    this is gold when im going through their old albums, this song fits seamlessly in those sounds. I miss this

  65. Darlington Makovere

    Yep....Have always felt the same way lol
    Coldplay is amazing

  66. Ivy max

    Use to be ObSseSEd with this haven't seen it in years

  67. 藤野るる


  68. Oficina dos Broders

    This music touch my soul

  69. fatimah zalghout


  70. Salem Alsolme

    All the left of me memories... SAD

  71. Izaac Rivera

    I wish he said this part a few more times "Every time I try to walk through walls
    , More walls appear"

  72. Misha Chilume

    i just found it. im not ever letting it go.

  73. sagar436693

    Coldplay, u beauty!

  74. yulie arellano

    I miss this Era!! 😍😍😍😭 Love This Video So Much

  75. Wire

    2019 yeah

  76. Levi Carlson

    I really wish this was on Spotify 😭

    Frank Schepers

    It is in my country (The Netherlands)

  77. João Vitor

    Não tem como explicar o quão perfeita essa musica é...

  78. DJ Fenske

    Thanks for helping me through some of the darkest moments in my life

  79. vatsal loomba

    What album is this is?

    Frank Schepers

    Ghost stories

  80. Jared Stay

    Wish this song was on Spotify 😣

    Frank Schepers

    It is in The Netherlands

  81. lilynegrete

    Just simply loce Coldplays music

  82. Zydan Achmad

    I would trade Another's Arms with this

  83. keyla revollar


  84. Kate Penglas

    Me encanta esta música :3

  85. Key-Yahna

    I love the Shiver-like aspect of this video; just Will, Guy, Jonny, Chris and their instruments.
    This song just like Shiver is a masterpiece I can definitely feel the emotions in this song, one of my personal favs totally in my top 10 Coldplay.

  86. Camila Muñoz

    Amo esta canción💖💖que bonita Coldplay

  87. Tom The One

    For some reason I can’t find this on Spotify

  88. life 7

    Nardwuar brought me here


    I just had a brkup
    Don't know what to do?

  90. Micaela Zoloaga

    los amo mis amores

  91. Tony Danza

    ive been listening to this album for 5 years not knowing this song existed, until today. today is a good day (i think)

  92. McKinley Reed

    Am I the only one who is pissed off both tracks “Ghost Story” and “All Your Friends” disappeared off Coldplay’s B-Side playlist on Spotify?

  93. mayra escamilla

    Oh God his voice pure perfection I love you guys best band there is