Coldplay - Cry Cry Cry Lyrics

Cry, cry, cry, baby
Cry, cry, cry

In a book about the world
Called The Luminous Things
There are trees and flowers glowing
While Jizo Bodhisattva sings

When you cry, cry, cry, baby
When you cry, cry, cry
When you cry, cry, cry, baby
I'll be by your side

(Dum-dum-dum) Don't want us to hurt each other (Dum-dum-dum)
Or cause each other pain (Dum-dum-dum, dum-dum-dum)
(Dum-dum-dum) Don't want to feel what they don't know (Dum-dum-dum)
(Dum-dum-dum, dum-dum-dum)
(Dum-dum-dum) We're in this together, baby (Dum-dum-dum)
We're as singing is to rain (Dum-dum-dum, dum-dum-dum)
So I'll never, never, ever let you go (Dum-dum-dum)

When you cry, cry, cry, baby
When you cry, cry, cry
When you cry, cry, cry, baby
I'll be by your side
Oh, yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah

For your miracles outnumber
All the stars out in the sky

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Coldplay Cry Cry Cry Comments
  1. braxton wilson

    We are here early

  2. Sher Lasseter

    Cry cry cry I love it💋💞🎤🎹🎶

  3. Sue A Thomas

    That's Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters song! From the '60s and Janet Joplin did a cover of the same song! Did the Cold Play Band seek permission! I recognized it as soon as I heard the first stanza! Wow!

  4. chingo41

    The first time I heard it (today), it sounded a little like doo wop. I love it.

  5. Ruth Roberts

    Luv this song!

  6. Annalisa Ravaro

    Non piango... Non faccio... Non vago ma rimango incredula,non faccio nulla...
    E siamo sulla stessa barca e non manca la parola amo. Ma giunge dal cuore e nel letto farei una rivoluzione se potessi avvicinarmi alle corde della vostra canzone💋💋💋💋🚲🚲🚲❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  7. Bob F.

    It sounds so much like a youve heard it before...slower version of Cry Baby (the chours ) by Janis Joplin. Or a 50's doo wop song

  8. Bojana Josipovic

    When we will see video for this song?I heard that Dakota Johnson directed .

  9. Jay Vala

    Best track ever from Coldplay ❤️

  10. 안녕토깽

    Please tell me a song similar to this song
    I like Everglow, too ;)
    I like old school music!!!!!

  11. mayra escamilla

    Chris's voice is so soso fascinating

  12. Captain Hat

    The child's voice kind of ruins the song for me...

    Red Run

    I can understand that. I really like it because it differentiates this song from any others Coldplay has done. It’s just really unique!

  13. Kyle Ladanan

    Alright, this wasn't I was expecting, but hey, it sounds really cool.

  14. skybluecotton

    The Best album ever!! I love everything in it!! 💕

  15. Adriana luz

    Boa música. 05/01/20

  16. WooJu Lee

    이곡이 대체왜 조회수60만이야

  17. sisca sula

    My soul is dancing🎧

  18. Sara Nascimento

    Quero um feat com Norah Jones!!!!😍 É a cara dela essa música! 😱

  19. Thebreakdancingartist

    Norah Jones vibes here ! This song makes me want to slow dance with my lady.

  20. Ondrej Samek

    Love it, i think it may many people leave shocked but its just because too many years people got brainwashed very same kind of music and those who didnt were kind of very happy that coldplay as always little changing, but this album its super change and i like u guys brought u something real, nothing polished, nothing perfect, this is so raw and warm, love it. Thank you thank you!

  21. Mohamed Abdulmajeed


  22. jimi 777

    Cry cry cry baby 😥😥😥😥😥😍😍😍💞

  23. Samuel Valenzuela

    Had finished the glory days for Coldplay, Chris Martin doesn't know what to do nowadays just to make a copy, a duplicate songs of his beginnings albums

  24. Lidya Solomon

    Am obsessed

  25. Habibo s

    This song reminds me of christmas lights and my beautiful city. Never felt so blesssed

  26. Josu Blanco

    Love this song


    You make me smile 🙂

  28. MazBringsby

    Nah. Nope . NO.

  29. Jilsuri Hernandez

    Easily one of my new favorites. A masterpiece.

  30. Emanuel Frozen

    Faltó una cancio sunset

  31. Ottília Berki

    This song is awesome, the album is awesome, thank you Coldplay !

  32. rainbowsunrain

  33. Κλεάνθης Σμαραγδένιος

    Τι ωραίος που είναι αυτός ο Τσαλίκης;

  34. Connie Senk

    Makes my heart smile. Lovely song.

  35. Luciele Silva

    Ô música que não sai da minha cabeça! Ela é tão delícia para relaxar, me deixa leve.💙

  36. 17xyz17

    1:18 to 1:50 is absolutely beautiful

  37. ByGonGa 507


    Jess x

    Shut up mate nobody needs your hate here

  38. Rainkid

    Hello world!! We are a new band called Rainkid and we try to make music haha ♪♪
    Check it out and give us some feedback, that would be so great you guys 😃
    Peace Rainkid 💜

  39. Waad Elsheikh

    You people know that "سلام و حب" that's written in the player means "peace and love" in arabic?

  40. Lina El

    I wish this song was longer

  41. Julio V. S.

    Yo quiero saber de quién es la otra voz que canta con Chris :c

    Roberto Carrillo

    Jacob Collier, de hecho canta también en Everyday Life y Church

  42. Hana Naaz

    Thanks for this's a true song

  43. -cα¡σ

    Shorei ;-;

  44. Pandaw II

    Coldplay been listening to soul music a lot
    I just love this song and this mixed style <3 <3

  45. chouchou 1386

    This song is just amazing ❤

  46. Native Queen

    this is why I LOVE this band....

  47. Ibraheem Mohammed

    Casey Neistat could use this one

  48. Nando Coll

    I’m a huge Coldplay fan and I think Ariana Grande should definitely make a verse to this!!

  49. fenton15

    can coldplay get anymore awful than this. This is a cliche chord progression, with million dollar studio polish.

  50. Fiorella Bouchefra

    Wooooooooooow e che pezzo!!!!

  51. kyawkyaw kyaw

    It made me to deep feel

  52. Alma Stonem

    Se siente como un abrazo para mi alma

  53. Leo

    This song is just perfect. I never comment on YT but this time I had to!

  54. Jo Ann

    The hook reminds of Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters "Cry Baby"

    Anuthama -

    It's actually very much inspired by that song. Coldplay took permission for using that hook.

  55. JohnTigs

    Am I the only one who wishes this song was longer? It ends on the final two lines but I feel it should have gone at least two more. It messes with my head and it's my favorite on the album but it messes with my ocd

  56. Rizki A

    Wtf this is Joker material indeed, man!!

  57. Subham Choudhury

    Ending for a Call of Duty game ♥️

  58. Tatiane Rodrigues

    Adorei esta!

  59. João Leal

    A perfect songn

  60. Teeranan Teerasenee

    To Micheal J. Fox :)

  61. 246 Entertainment

    This old school vibe is everything. Makes you hit the replay button over and over.

  62. salvador avalos

    Coldplay forever por siempre.

  63. irma rajagukguk

    in begin part, i thought they do duet with Anna of the North

  64. Leticia Silva

    Y daft punk?? 😢 😢

  65. Someone Else

    Coincidence, Cause I’m crying


  66. Daniel Wg9

    Don’t know why but it reminds me of the song “Stand by me”

  67. Gregorius Emily

    im cying, this smooth jazz vibe is making me crying. thank u coldplay.

  68. Majdi Houm

    Is it blues? Or pop or rock?? Why the lyrics are so superficial without any sense or meanings? Is it sad or happy song?? A shocking bad album, I think we are seeing the depletion of the musical and writing ability of Chris Martin.


    I think the point is that it as an experimental album. It'd very up in the air and how you interpret the sounds and lyrics. I'll agree the lyrics in some points are uninspired but I don't think it's a sign of anything

    Majdi Houm

    @JohnTigs Every one has his own taste of anything, including music, but I tried so hard to get catched by any song of this album, but I failed, the point is that I am a huge coldplay fan, so I love their music, so,,, for me (personally), it is a very very bad album. Thanks for sharing ideas

  69. MimM

    Best on the album!

  70. Darcy Atkins

    Jacob collier

  71. Nassera DuCre


  72. Bibi Lemus

    Me encantaaaaaaa <3

  73. sidkiler

    wow the album is 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Massimo Chericoni

    Like someone said this song reminds me a lot of norah jones

    Jack Berry

    or Rihana Love on the brain

  75. 쀼쀼

    This song sometimes makes me cozy but when I listen this, I can feel tears will dropping. Maybe reason is the lyrics "WHEN YOU CRY BABY I'LL BE BY YOUR SIDE"

  76. Corina Gutiérrez Álvarez

    Looooooooooooooove it!!!!! This is perfection!!!

  77. Gustavo Ibarra Carrizalez

    It remembers me Janis Joplin's vibes and references to "Somebody to Love" of Queen!!

  78. Mai emad

    Please come to Egypt 🇪🇬 🌸❤️

  79. Fahrian Hidayat

    This sounds like Try Me by James Brown

  80. Lancelot

    Hi everyone, i love so much this song that i've made a cover of it ! (it's my first cover by the way) If you want, i will appreciate your feed back, and also, i wondering if you can hear my french accent or not... (i hope no)
    Love, from France <3

  81. Simona C.

    Chris is a huge fan of Back to the future. I guess "Earth angel" was a source of inspiration for this.

  82. N A Y Landaverde

    Colplay no hace música, coldplay hace ARTE Y TE ELEVE ASTA AL EL CIELO y recodando personas importantes en tu vida SON ARTE 😍

  83. Fernando Cruz ocampo

    Mexico 2019 presente 🇲🇽

  84. Laura Fonseca Cutini

    minha favorita

  85. Linda Perry

    George Ezra brought me here ❤🙋‍♀️

  86. Brillianz Account

    very similar to "short people" by randy newman

  87. Yara AlMostafa

    Nice timing YouTube.

  88. FrostFinn123

    I like the song, but the high pitched vocals are really turning me off... Come on Coldplay, you're not Galantis!

  89. Claudia Carvalho

    I love the vibes of this song ❤️

  90. JeiShian Music

    Cry Cry Cry feat. Jacob "Le Chipmunk" Collier :D

  91. Ferdous Siddique

    Deepest of all....
    Like every other Coldplay songs

  92. Karen Dery

    the baby of "oh!darling" and "don't know why"