Coldplay - A Spell A Rebel Yell Lyrics

As far as I can see
All time and circuitry
Is wrong

As far as poetry
Sit down and sing to me
A song

'Cause all I want in this world
All I want in this world
Is for you to come home
A spell a rebel yell
A spell

Soldier come home to me
You've been away from me
So long
All I want in this world
All I want and deserve
Is for you to come home

A spell a rebel yell

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Coldplay A Spell A Rebel Yell Comments
  1. Roman Kirtskhalia

    Who is from 2019 ?))

  2. carlycharlie gillibrand

    chris voice wow

  3. carlycharlie gillibrand

    thinking buy it on viynl

  4. Diego Sanchez

    This is so good! I love the guitar riffs on it.

  5. Srikanth Menon

    Didn't even know this existed until today.

    Darticus the Great

    I can hear it, kind of

  6. Raspysquares

    this reminds me of Robert Plant's "In The Mood". similar vibe.

  7. Zona Alternativa

    Me recuerda a Death Grips

  8. Léa G

    This is not the real version that is on the album. There is no guitar normally..


    True but for some reason I like this one better...

    Joel Hulsey

    A Spell A Rebel Yell is not on Viva La Vida. I think you're thinking of Chinese Sleep Chant which is an entirely different song.

    Comfortably Dumb

    Joel Hulsey I don't think he's thinking of Chinese Sleep Chant, as that has a lot of guitar, and he said there was none.

  9. i don't know, neon??

    happy birthday Violet Hill , 8 years!!! :D

  10. Omar Sharif

    This kind of reminds me of A Whisper

  11. Rayne

    Oddly enough, this reminds me of AHFOD's Army of One :o


    No clue how you got that from this masterpiece

  12. adza botchway

    this song is an organized mess

    Xavier Divi

    Vull saber el número d'una agència immobiliària de l'escala

  13. Arjav Rawal

    Are you sure this is really Coldplay? WTF is this?

    Arjav Rawal

    @carly gillibrand I can tell that it's Coldplay..I just think it's frankly not what they normally do. I was kinda surprised by the nature of this song when I first heard it, although I have to say, the lyrics are pretty sweet.


    +Arjav Rawal its a B-side. A song never released.

    Arjav Rawal

    @***** I feel like AHFOD is a testament to this.

    carlycharlie gillibrand

    yes it is!

    Sambuu-Yondon Enkhtuvshin

    you spotted every coldplay video :P

  14. Jean Lima

    Never heard this one :o 

  15. 13CaptainPrice

    Happy 6th birthday, Viva! Such a great era in Coldplay music 

    Fischers Fritz

    +13CaptainPrice -- The greatest era of coldplay, imho, and viva la vida or death and all his friends/prospekts march are their masterpiece's. Products in a class of its own.

  16. Fuckboi and Lavacunt

    I know right. His vocals are very similar in this song.

  17. Tim Weber

    i knooowwww he adds so much to their sound

  18. Anna Garofalo

    we <3 you.

  19. Sambuu-Yondon Enkhtuvshin

    it's not their New song B-Side of Violet Hill 7'' Edition

  20. kauztuv

    Reminds me of 'Mothers of the disappeared' by U2..

  21. carlycharlie gillibrand

    sure does. well theve worked with him

  22. Darrrrra

    ah i get it haha

  23. Tim Weber

    this song bleeds Jon Hopkins

  24. Николай Деревенский


  25. Stephen Lawal


  26. Stephen Lawal

    I know right, can't believe in just hearing this ! Beautiful

  27. letsjustnot

    of course i like it, but when i commented there were only 42 likes and i didnt want to ruin it... you must not be on tumblr...

  28. Darrrrra

    You don't likke 42?

  29. letsjustnot

    cant like because 42.... ahhh

  30. Robert Smith

    This sounds like The Stone Roses to me!

  31. Aztec Moons

    so beautiful.

  32. Charles2531

    Brian Eno now controls the electric sounds in their songs I think.

  33. Ashwin Ramdas

    u2 is like my father, while coldplay is like my u2 and coldplay with all of my heart

  34. MikeOwenAdams

    @southafrika101 Who's Lady Gaga?

  35. Connie Senk

    Wow ,that's a great song !

  36. armednation

    awesome demo! unfortunately they've never finished that song...

    probably the awesome big sound was better than the songwriting... always a problem in music producing :)

  37. armednation


    The music is from Brian Eno! The same guy who produced U2 in the late 1980's!
    So u cant compare this bands on that song.. it's the same guy who did the song! ;)

    ever noticed why Coldplay now have the same sonud like U2 in the 80's?

    no u can think about it!

  38. Cole

    ATTENTION EVERYONE- This song is from the Violet Hill single, only released in Europe. You can order it (imported) from Amazon.

  39. dramaticpickles

    @GijoLLa ohohohohoo way way better than U2

  40. aerobat97

    @TheBeserkerProject even if they have, they're still awesome

  41. futurdom

    i cant find it anywhere exept on youtube

    its one if those amazing brilliant songs that slips through the cracks
    and when you do find it its like a magnificant discovery

    I L this song

  42. Lucas Vieira

    @GijoLLa This kind of comparision is pretty much unfair :/ Two bands, two different styles.

  43. Rohan Joshi

    its so much fun saying the name of the song

  44. Rohan Joshi

    was anyone else reminded of 'mothers of the disappeared' by u2 while listening to this song?

  45. MrNickelCobalt

    The reason why Coldplay sounds like U2 is because of Brian Eno. Both are amazing bands and it will always be that way.

  46. Dr. Feel

    @GijoLLa Sorry but i have to disagree with that. I love coldplay too but I wont say that theyre better than U2. Coldplay and U2 sound quite similar and U2 have been making music alot longer than Coldplay. Its even possible that U2 inspired Coldplay because this song sounds alot similar to U2.

  47. uropenbook

    Why are they so good? How?

  48. Superdopetim

    @pqpwow Just coldplay ;p

  49. Alexandra Berryman

    @GijoLLa ..i don't think so...u2 have more experience like a band, i think both are the best

  50. Mayra Rivero

    i love coldplay <3

  51. LaGataRusa

    @kayschoe97 Its a B-side for Violet Hill.

  52. Moises P. Ramirez

    Coldplay is perfection. They're the best band in the world, for me. I'll never stop loving them. I loved them since Parachutes and I will forever.

  53. Andre Gallego

    @GijoLLa its hard to compare ! ^^

  54. Andre Gallego

    u2 and coldplay forever!

  55. Tim Weber

    @kayschoe97 it was on the single Violet Hill. i think... check their website

  56. Tim Weber

    @GijoLLa i liked your comment to give you 100 likes as well as the fact that i believe you! :D

  57. Apple2337

    This is purely awesome! I never heard it before but now I'm shocked! Another proof, that Coldplay creats beautiful B-Sides, which are sometimes better than some of the album tracks.

  58. Bruce Gibson

    Why do you have to say they're better than U2 your just going to start an argument. Both bands are different and both great. End of story.

  59. Flowing Freely

    @AlternativeSasaki and The Strokes, Modest Mouse, Phoenix, Death Cab, Foo Figthers, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against the Machine, Thin Lizzy.... and the list goes on... Basically, Alternative Rock with a dash of rock and metal is what makes music great these days.

  60. AlternativeSasaki

    Coldplay,U2 and Muse best bands nowadays !!!!! :))))

  61. Flowing Freely

    The Ballad of the Soldier's Wife

  62. Flowing Freely

    This song was uploaded on my birthday : )

  63. Kyle Karbowski

    People can't you see that U2 influenced Coldplay? U2, Muse, and Coldplay CANNOT be beat! Best bands out there ever. Coldplay and Muse take alot from U2, and what they take, they turn into their own beautiful music. (let the inflow of angry comments commence)

  64. Sean O'Connell

    nah fuck that Coldplay is miles ahead U2

  65. Flowing Freely

    You can't compare Coldplay to U2, because they are two completely different bands, and while they're both excellent in their own right, they just can't be compared. A lot of people are saying this sounds like U2 - Not at all.

  66. tarecco9393

    @Ramonajunie3 oh well I think they're only one metre to them

  67. tarecco9393

    @Ramonajunie3 and in that comparison coldplay are beatles right?

  68. Stephievm

    This is the loveliest song of their Viva la vida era

  69. Flowing Freely

    @MrFvdb You can like one more than the other.

  70. Flowing Freely

    @GijoLLa coldplay is better than everyone!

  71. Sean O'Connell

    Coldplay is the classiest bant gracing the earth we stand on.

  72. ravsmpsn

    @2moronsonamission It is on the "Violet Hill" single.

  73. GijoLLa

    Coldplay is really beter than U2..!

  74. Schlifga

    @MrFvdb thats the same everywhere, except Justin Bieber fans.
    I believe deep inside even themselves don't know, why they're listening to his crap...

  75. Aaron Tennies

    It's like I've been transported to another world; a better world.

  76. Villads100

    @FedorEight How is it possible to have such a bad sense for good music? You suck!

  77. klappahunda

    @esteban578 U2 without the douchebag frontman ;-)

  78. MrLando76

    Coldplay was inspired by U2, U2's favorite band is coldplay. I think to have those two bands mentioned in the same sentence would make them both feel good!

  79. Villads100

    Crazy ass song! :D

  80. OceanBlueKeys

    neither is better than the other..they're both great in their own i like to view it, is that U2 is Coldplay's grand daddy; both closely related and great in their own time and place :)

  81. KatIveson

    I Like U2 But, Codplay are thee future. Besides I Don't know anyone who is a huge U2 Fan but I Know loads of Cldplay fans.

  82. im8teennow


  83. hecker

    @KieranF1Kimi Because I just don't. It doesn't mean that they're a bad band, it's my opinion that I do not like U2, If you like them, then congratulations, but I just don't.

  84. KieranF1Kimi

    @TwiliticHorizon I love both. Coldplay and U2 are similar. I really don't understand why you don't like U2. Why do you dislike U2?

  85. hecker

    @KieranF1Kimi I don't hate U2, I just highly dislike them.
    No, I'm saying I don't like U2, but I like Coldplay. Like srsly waai are you so stuuuped.

  86. KieranF1Kimi

    @TwiliticHorizon U2 don't suck. Coldplay consider U2 as an influence. Some Coldplay stuff sounds similar to U2, you think some Coldplay sucks then?

  87. hecker

    Bono sucks, Chris is awzum.

  88. mcerda23

    u2 shouldnt even be compared to coldplay. coldplay is way better.

  89. Ennio Meeusen

    I hate almost every part of this song lol, I hope their next album will be a lot better than the viva la vida album, like X&Y and parachutes etc.!

  90. Villads100

    @LiMaBoMiss It should come out November 25th. :D :D :D

  91. Villads100

    @disdainfulpatricia It's the B-side of the Violet Hill single. wich came out just before Viva la Vida, so it's kind of "rare".

  92. disdainfulpatricia

    How come I never heard this until now? X/

  93. Keenan Smith

    How about IS a modern day version of U2.

  94. Lisa- Marie

    anyone heard of it? maybe there will be released a new coldplay album in 2010...i hope so

  95. darkrock2008

    @st3phand4vid ohhhh, thanks for telling

  96. Jay Solo

    201st Comment!!!
    nah but amazing song!!
    absolutely mesmerizing

  97. grundu

    i recon out of all there albums, A Rush Of Blood To The Head is the best, the songs aren't as good as say Parachutes of Viva's, but most of the songs are great, like the scientist, god put a smile, a rush of blood, clocks, amsterdam, wanring sing, green eyes, politik, in my place, that leaves two songs left brilliant band

  98. Roberthenryii

    it is alot like the last song on the joshoua tree by u2. Eno produced both check that song out just to compare.

  99. Roberthenryii

    But if i had to choose reign of love would be my least favorite.

  100. standing here

    wimp! >;]
    fabulous song ^_^